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Living 100% Caffeine Free - Benefits and Withdrawal Symptoms - Episode 39
We interview Sean Russell of the website Menprovement to talk about how long it takes to recover from caffeine addition, what are the benefits to being 100% caffeine free, and how to make the change.
Interview with Chef AJ: From Fat Vegan to Skinny Bitch - Episode #48
In this episode Frederic interviews the famous Chef AJ. She talks about her recovery from being a Junk Food Vegan and her road to being a healthy and vibrant vegan.
The Anti-Inflammatory Diet - Webinar
This is an audio replay of a webinar Frederic Patenaude presented about the Anti-Inflammatory diet for Renegade Health. For the whole replay please visit our article and watch the video and slides here:
The 10 Superfoods We Eat the Most - Episode #33
  Hear the truth about fish oil, how it really does impact the environment, and learn about a more sustainable alternative. 5:55 Learn how to easily prepare these two green superfoods to delectable perfection using basic cooking techniques. 8:08 Why black beans (and all beans) are truly superfoods and how you can easily prepare them yourself and include more in your diet. 11:31 How to prepare pomegranates: this superfruit might even be growing in your own backyard! 15:00 Why we may be learning in the coming years that specific levels of antioxidants as a sole judge of nutrition may have been overhyped and why it might just be more about the food as a whole. 18:55 How fermented foods have earned their rightful place in peoples history and are a great example of a traditional food now being a modern superfood. 20:22 Understand that while they may not be strictly plant-based, some animal-based foods traditionally prepared are very concentrated in nutrients and can effectively be used medicinally today. 22:48
Top Ways to Overcome a Virus - Episode 37
Frederic and Kevin are back after a well-deserved vacation. Kevin talks about getting sick. We discuss the top ways to overcome a virus.
Answers to Common Health Questions - Episode #18
Why people so often ignore what their bodies are telling them and how this can spell disaster for their health.
Staying Social While Eating a Healthy Diet - Episode #15
Today we cover the important topic of keeping a healthy social life while eating a diet that may be different from everybody else.
Book Review, Food Rules by Michael Pollan, with Shelli Stein - Episode #49
Shelli Stein and Frederic Patenaude talk about Michael Pollan's book, Food Rules: An Eater's Manual.
Our Beef with the Paleo Diet. - Episode #19
Yes, the Paleo Diet is more popular than ever. While it has some good to offer, we think it's totally off track in some very important ways.
The Top Health Hacks: Habits With The Most Leverage - Episode #14
Our list of health habits that will give you the most benefits for the least efforts
Low Carb vs. Low Fat, the Latest Research - Episode #30
In this episode we discuss the latest research on low carb vs. low fat: A new study made headlines recently, and found that low carb works better than low fat. But is there something behind the study that most people missed? Hear why there are so many arguments among the low-fat and low-carb diet groups. Hint: could it be because they are more similar than they are different? (at 10:23) Find out what really causes people issues with eating carbs and fat and why they aren’t as big of an issue eaten individually. (at 13:13) How insulin can be the determining factor when it comes to how much fat you actually store on your body and how blood sugar affects this. (at 14:44) Where most people end up running into issues on raw food diets and how this comes down to the simple equation of fat and carbohydrate. (at 16:30) How unbalanced levels of insulin in the body can lead to everything from pimples, weight gain, and hormonal issues and how you can manage you insulin levels. (at 18:00) When sugar may not actually be fattening and what needs to be present with it to cause weight gain. (at 20:31) Understand how calorie-dense combinations of fat and refined carbohydrates can act just like a drug on the brain. (at 21:30) Hear how the sugar found in fruit is just not the same as refined sugar from a bag. The fruit-shaming can stop! (at 23:28)
Renegade Health Radio Episode #41 Digital Detox
What is a "digital detox" and what exactly are the benefits? The three tools we recommend to take a much-needed break from modern technologies such as smartphones and constant Internet access. How to sleep better and lower your stress levels using this one simple tip. Plus: Frederic comes back from one of the most remote corners of the planet and tells his story of being away from civilization and the BIG insight he had there!
The Mistakes of Natural Hygiene - Episode #28
- Understand how ideas are spread among people and how this relates to ideas spread in the natural health community. - Sometimes the contrarian idea can be the right idea! 4:04- Hear why early Natural Hygienists were thought of as crazy for their "radical" ideas like fresh air and bathing. 6:00- Why "black and white" and idealistic thinking can sometimes do more harm than good and hear Kevin's experiences with this and a potentially life-threatening experience. 13:12- When certain pharmaceutical drugs can actually be the safest form of treatment, and why it's important to make distinctions when choosing treatment. 15:55- Enlightening information on the germ theory and Natural Hygiene's take on it. Spoiler alert: yes, you can actually get sick. 16:44- Why it's natural for the body to slowly start breaking down. We have to die of something! 20:20- When genetic mutations can actually be beneficial evolutionary processes, as in the case with polar bears as we know them today. 21:21- Why sugar isn't the sole cause of diabetes and what Natural Hygiene had to say about it. 25:00- Understand why excess fat in the diet can be particularly damaging when following a raw food diet.28:01
The Ex-Vegan Chronicles - Episode #35
Hear just a few of the emotional and physical struggles people experience when changing diets. 1:52 Learn why some people experience an "identity crisis" when switching from a vegan diet or raw food diet. 3:39 Understand the differences between the all-or-nothing approach and taking a moderate stance on certain things. 7:44 How to decipher between when your body is adjusting to eating certain foods again and when something actually isn't good for you. 9:53 Learn why so many people are confused about what to eat and believe that "the truth" is always found in one place, and how you can learn what's right for you. 11:36 Understand the process that so many people go through when re-identifying themselves and removing the attachments to their diet. 13:23 Why looking at making decisions and thinking of them with a long-term scope can make the changes you'll inevitably make later much easier. 16:39 Hear Kevin's experiences with "coming out" as an ex-vegan and some of the struggles he and many others have experienced. 16:44
How to Fast On Your Own - Webinar
This is the audio from a webinar Frederic Patenaude did all about Fasting for Renegade Health. He answers many questions about fasting and has a Q & A session at the end with the participants.
Book Review: The Maffetone Method - Episode #51
Get more fit and avoid injury by working out slower! In this podcast we review Dr. Phil Maffetone’s method for health and fitness with his book “The Big Book of Health and Fitness.” This method has completely changed Frederic’s life — from repeated back injury and over training to enjoying exercise injury-free! Dr. Phil is an old-timer in the fitness world, but more people are discovering is work nowadays. It goes against the grain of the current trend of Cross Fit and “high intensity training” (HIT). Why do people give up exercise shortly after signing up to the gym? Find out more in this podcast.
The Truth About Dental Health - Episode #47
How to make your own mouthwash that works better than the leading brand and is 100% non toxic The reason why health-foodists have more dental problems Foods to eat and avoid for perfect teeth
Train to Maintain Your Brain - Episode #26
Learn how brain metabolism impacts your overall health and personality and hear Kevin's personal experiences with getting his brain scanned.
The Truth About Food Combining - Episode #22
Why oversimplifying food combining can ironically spell disaster for your digestion.
The China Study Examined - Episode #20
Why the China Study isn't necessarily the end-all be-all nutritional study, and why many vegans ignore this critical element in the study.
The Italian Mafia May Be Selling You Fake Olive Oil - Episode #17
Exactly which olive oils to avoid and the ONE brand you can easily find that is 100% safe
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