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Oi! You! You're a Reopening the Wormhole fan! You probably enjoy the music we've done over the years... well you're in luck! A selection of RTW music has been released INTO THE WILD! You can hear 100 classic RTW tracks, spread out over two albu
We know what you’re thinking, you rapscallion! You’re thinking “WHERE IS RTW? I NEED MORE PODCAST!” We got your number pally. Well guess what WE’RE BAAAAACK. The Tongo wheel continues to spin around and around, and where she stopped this time a
The Tongo Experiment ventures into its second outing to talk about the TNG season six episode, Suspicions! In a rare Dr. Crusher-centric episode, she becomes Detective Bevs in order to solve the mysterious murder of a Ferengi scientist on board
We’ve heard your cries, your desperate pleas: “Why won’t this Star Trek podcast just give in and do a Mortal Kombat episode already?” Well the time is here! After years of unexpectedly breaking into tangents about the popular video game franchi
Just a *little* over a month after Sam’s actual birthday, the exciting birthday celebration bracket is finally being released into the world! Barm joins the team to answer fun questions about some of their favorite locations in the show, in ord
The new chapter of the RTW story begins, with our first Tongo Bonus episode! That’s right, our journey through every non-DS9 Ferengi episode in Trek begins here, coincidentally, with the first Ferengi episode! Did we say “first”? We meant WORST
Man, it sure has been a while since this Deep Space Nine podcast has talked about Deep Space Nine. Well, mark this date as the date that the RTW crew is back in business to talk about a newly released limited-run DS9 comic series! Too Long a Sa
2020 was a lot of things, but if there’s one thing it’ll be remembered as, it’s that it’s the year of 3 Star Trek shows. It was just too significant for the RTW boys to not share their thoughts with listeners, so they geared up to have a brief
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good… FRIGHT? The boys are back in their Christmas best to talk about yet another Christmas-based property that has a tangential relationship to Star Trek. It’s the 2015 Canadian horror anthology A Christmas
A birthday just isn’t a birthday unless you spend it talking at length about Deep Space Nine characters with your buddies! (I guess most of our birthdays haven’t been birthdays… that’s gloomy…) Luckily for us, there are enough fascinating chara
As All Hallow’s Eve approaches, the Reopening the Wormhole crew felt a swelling of the Spooky Spirit that could only be expressed by watching this classic(?) somewhat spooky episode of TNG and discussing it for the benefit of you, the listener.
Are you wearing your masks when you go out? We sure hope so! And we hope they’re more effective than the masks worn by Data & Picard in this infamous episode of TNG. Regarded by many as one of the worst episodes of the show, we felt the time wa
RTW will go on forever! In perpetuity, doing random bonuses! And we are BACK, to quote the Romulans. This time, we’re making a big fun celebration to honor the anniversary of RTW host Kevin by taking part in a big ol’ DS9 character bracket! Kev
We wouldn’t let you guys endure an ENTIRE worldwide pandemic without dropping in at some point, would we? Well we almost did…. But we’re finally here, performing for you! Recorded all the way back in the sweet, naive days of April 2020, we are
The wormhole is always going to reopen when you least expect it! And here we are, on Friday the 13th… RTW is taking a look at yet another important franchise reboot movie from 2009 that is in some way related to Star Trek - although the relatio
Will the self-indulgence never end???? That’s right, Sam, Jack, and Kevin are back to indulge themselves in even more wistful nostalgia and self-congratulation in PART 2 of their Reopening the Wormhole retrospective! Like all awards shows, they
What do you do when you just can’t let go of talking about Deep Space Nine, even though you’ve talked about every episode for hours? You talk about the show as a whole, and you talk about yourself talking about it, that’s what! It’s part 1 of o
After a loooooong hiatus punctuated only by Xmas cheer in December, RTW is returning with the long-awaited mailbaggery you’ve all been clamoring for! Technical difficulties held us back for a few months, but nothing can stop us from reading and
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’re back! You didn’t think the RTW crew would let an Xmas go by without a small gift to our fans, did you? After a couple months off, we’re going to be back intermittently with THINGS. OF. INTEREST!!!! For Xmas this year, we ju
A grand finale requires the grandest of episodes. And here it is, finally! After a 4-year journey, we’ve arrived at the thing that listeners almost certainly want: a nearly-five-hour-long, in-depth, off-the-wall discussion with a dog snoring in
This week, the RTW crew decided to postpone their episode about the series finale of DS9, and instead are taking a deep dive into the DS9 documentary. You’ll remember back in May of this year, Sam & Kevin had the privilege to see the film in th
RTW is letting loose the Dogs of War! That’s right! It’s our penultimate regular DS9 episode! And oohhhhh what an episode it is. Our Ferengi expert and friend Kregg Castillo is along for the ride to discuss the end of the Ferengi storyline on D
With the Dabo Wheel spinning its final spin, and only two episodes of Deep Space Nine left, things are getting heated at RTW headquarters. And as the end draws nearer and nearer, the hosts of RTW are taking a somber and serious approach to craf
With only four episodes left of our podcast, the Bashir-naissance comes to a conclusion with this classic season 4 episode. In this one, we spend some time exploring the good doctor’s morality, his arrogance, his strengths, and his flaws, throu
Here at Reopening the Wormhole, we prefer our podcasts shaken, not stirred. But we sure enjoy going STIR CRAZY as we discuss Julian’s big foray into being a super spy in the Holosuite to protect the lives of his pals who are trapped in the patt
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