#102 Long Distance

Released Thursday, 27th July 2017
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Ryan Stock reviewed this episode on Oct 4th, 2017
"I loved this episode. The fact that they come across as more than just journalists trying to chase a story helps to get them a unique point of view on the scamming industry that other journalists just couldn't get."
Wanderlust reviewed this episode on Aug 30th, 2017
"An answer to the question of 'what if you stay on the line with one of those telephone scammers?'. Really remarkable drama and absolutely fascinating. Who scams the scammers? Alex Goldman, apparently."
patrickloonstra reviewed this episode on Aug 15th, 2017
"This is what you always wanted to know about scammers that call you."
Mike reviewed this episode on Aug 12th, 2017
"Alex Goldman's childlike way of understanding the world manages to confuse scammers."
thisisdonovan reviewed this episode on Aug 9th, 2017
"This is the best episode of this podcast, and one of the more interesting podcast episodes I've ever listened to. Good job guys. Reply all has been a pretty mixed bag with issues in maintaining a consistent level of quality.....but this episode knocked it out of the park. "
itsivana reviewed this episode on Aug 7th, 2017
"Wow! What a podcast! I couldn't stop listening it was so fascinating. This is truly the power of not giving up (and also working for such a great company). "
zhutao reviewed this episode on Aug 4th, 2017
"deep and interesting"
maru reviewed this episode on Aug 3rd, 2017
"Best episode ever. Can't believe how far they took the whole thing, they kept going and going. Ready for part 2."
AdvisablyRed reviewed this episode on Aug 1st, 2017
"This is one of the best podcast episodes I've heard in a long time. It is a great example of how entertaining an episode can be with the right resources, story, and intrigue."
gibbonsdna reviewed this episode on Aug 1st, 2017
"In-depth reporting on a topic that everyone is familiar with, but few take the time to explore. It really gets into the humanity behind scammers. "
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