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Empire's Edge - Ep. 35: Let the Jawas Win

Released Wednesday, 21st April 2021
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A Police Free Future - An FAQ
A straight forward and informative info graph about reimagining public safety.  Easy to understand and easy to send to others.
Defund Police - Video (YouTube)
An entertaining and concise video about dismantling, defunding and abolishing the institution of policing.  Great video, easy to understand, and also easy to send to others.
An easy to understand eight point plan of actionable goals to end police brutality and invest in our communities.  Also easy to send.
MPD150 - Resources
Videos, books, articles, and media.  MPD150 is a grassroots, community based project aimed at shifting the discussion about police abolitionism and providing tools and education for organizers.  This is a great place to look for resources and reading.
Critical Resistance
A national organization focused on building a movement to abolish policing and the prison industrial complex.  Another great place to look for resources and reading.


After escaping from both an Imperial prison and a heavily guarded space port tower, the crew of The Way has made it off Socorro, sowing chaos amongst the controlling factions in and around the frontier planet.  They escaped with their lives and without the consequences of bringing down the crime lords of the Outer Rim world…for now.
With a full crew, and a mostly intact ship, our fearless fringers patch up their wounds, asses their options and plan for the next jump and the next adventure at the Empire’s Edge.

For more info and scheduling follow @RespectTheCrit
Host & GM - Ian Duncan @iduncs
Elo - Jamie Lee-Bonés @jamielee.bones
Beegax Botano - Alex Herrera @aeherrera

Whatever the system, whether it's a miss or a hit, you always gotta respect the crit!

Original music provided with license or permissions by:
"Solo Fan Made" - Luis Humanoide
"Star Wars Epic Cover I" - Parademics
"The Force Theme Epic Mandalorian Version", "Boba Fett Theme Epic Mandalorian Version" & "The Mandalorian Theme Epic Version"- Samuel Kim
"Space Wars Underscore" - Graham Plowman
"Force Awakens Soundtrack Cover" - William Maytook
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