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Episodes of Restless Shores

Lorna Rios and her grandson Uriah Roupp drive to the hospital and await news of Elise Geltz's baby. Dr. Lily Belo's plan for Elise Geltz and Regina Miranda to keep the baby goes into effect.
With Agnes Brody's help Regina Miranda finds a "Lucy Brown". Milton Roupp has an unpleasant meeting with his ex-wife Lorna Rios. All interested parties are at the Adoption Board meeting.
It seems that Dr. Bello's plan for Elise Geltz's baby has run into an obstacle until Regina Miranda calls in a favor. ADA Jordan Fry tries to offer Milton Roupp and his lawyer a plea deal.
Police Chief Agnes Brody asks the impossible of Regina Miranda. Rhonda Roupp meets one of the drug trial volunteers. Regina has a change of heart and Elise Geltz some good news, but Dr. Lily Belo says her there is a new problem.
Regina Miranda tries planting a bug on Alan Woodward's laptop. Agnes Brody asks Judge Benbrook to authorize a warrant  to bug Ivan Bulgakov, but the judge points out a flaw in her plan. Mulling it over with Officer Kowalski, Chief Brody has a p
Alan Woodward receives an unexpected late evening guest. Operation Moonshot moves into phase two while adding Miguel Rios to the team. Lily Bello shows up unannounced at Luna Cosmetics.
With little forethought and no planning Alan Woodward and Dr. Lily Bello rush into Judge Benbrook's chambers to persuade him to perform their marriage ceremony. Of course there were a few snags.
Governor Milton Roupp is interviewed live from jail by Piper Wells. Reaction from his wife Rhonda Roupp with her lover Miguel Rios and from his ex-wife Lorna Rios with her grandson  Uriah Roupp. Police Chief Agnes Brody makes plans with Officer
Miguel Rios is back behind the bar at Distractions as Uriah Roupp and Rhonda Roupp stop in for after work socializing. Then Lily Bello and her intended, Alan Woodward, arrive putting Regina Miranda into a panic.
Miguel Rios and Rhonda Roupp discuss the challenges that lay ahead. Rhonda Roupp considers a recent offer. Regina Miranda and Elise Geltz contemplate options for Operation Moonshot. Miguel Rios goes back to where he started.
An unexpected turn of events for Miguel Rios. Arthur Klint cuts a deal with the ADA Jordan Fry. Governor Milton Roupp is visited in jail by his ex-wife Lorna Rios. 
Elise Geltz meets with Dr. Lily Bello hoping to get a better understanding of her plan that would allow Elise and Regina Miranda to keep Elise's baby.
Governor Milton Roupp is visited in his jail cell by his ex-wife Lorna Rios. Regina Miranda and Elise Geltz look for evidence of Alan Woodward's misdeeds. Milton receives an unwelcome visitor.
Uriah Roupp tries to enlist Rhonda Roupp's help with his next big project. Regina Miranda and Elise Geltz have an unexpected and unwelcome visitor as does Milton Roupp and Lorna Rios.
Miguel Rios has a meeting with his attorney, Arthur Klint is questioned by the Assistant DA, Uriah Roupp is interrogated by an FBI agent, and each one of them points a finger at Milton Roupp.
Alan Woodward hires a new assistant. Regina Miranda has a good surprise for Elise Geltz. Has Operation Moonshot found a clue? Elise Geltz defends herself against Veronica Zeller at a custody hearing.
Governor Roupp and his ex-wife Lorna Rios drive to Gamote Point General Hospital to deal with the damage caused by John Carlisle and Arthur Klint. Miguel Rios is arrested, again. Uriah Roupp stuns his grandfather.
Rhonda Roupp discovers a clue as to where the Roupp Pharmaceuticals money is going. Lorna Roupp Rios listens to two revealing interviews. Ivan Bulgakov becomes threatening.
Miguel Rios and his new bride Lorna Roupp Rios are living in the Governor's Mansion, just not with each other. Governor Milton Roupp keeps a surreptitious eye on John Carlisle and Arthur Klint. "Operation Moonshot" get underway. Alan Woodward a
If this is Miguel Rios, then who is in the hospital bed and who did Lorna Roupp just marry? How is Lorna Roupp, Elise Geltz, and Regina Miranda getting Luna Cosmetics back and who is helping them with this scheme?
Luna Cosmetics Board votes on Uriah Roupp's motion to install Alan Woodward as CEO. Police Chief Agnes Brody briefs Governor Milton Roupp concerning ongoing investigations. Lorna Roupp gets married.
As Lorna Roupp prepares to submit her proposal to the Board of Luna Cosmetics, her grandson Uriah Roupp interrupts to purpose a very different plan as to who should be at the helm moving the company forward. 
Milton Roupp informs his wife Rhonda Roupp concerning the man who was brought into the ER. Arthur Klint maintains that he simply does not remember anything. Governor Milton Roupp comes up with a scheme attempting to cover all of the bases.
Milton Roupp accompanies his ex-wife Lorna Roupp on her post-op visit. Marla Redcorn and Agnes Brody question Arthur Klint as he awakens from his coma. An unidentified patient arrives at the emergency room but is recognized by Governor Roupp.
Lorna Roupp learns that her grandson Uriah has installed his college buddy Alan Woodward as CEO at Luna Cosmetics. Lorna is having none of it. Uriah tries convince his grandmother that ELise Geltz is a evil person and should not be trusted.
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