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The party just got spooky! Ghosts! Skelemans! Witches! Evil apples! Join us for the first annual Halloween Review Spooktacular. It's sure to be a scream!  On today's Spooktacular the boys discuss: empty headed beanbag chair children, Cro-Magnon magicians, turnin' tricks, Magician Lennie's Cup of Gore, vaseline,  more of a boo-hoo than a boo, Eddie Murphy's Worst Years, Jack-o-Lantern: Origins, glow ups, The Brain Man, Danny Devitron, My Girlfriend's Sister, people saying "dead meat", human muscle slug situations. Want more party? Head over to
How many different kind of crackers can go on a platter? Ritz and those rectangle ones are good enough, right? I dunno, I'll ask my uncle. Today the boys discuss hotwifes, sushi, mimosas, orbital funerals, cookie crust apple pie, being like Brucie from Matilda, hindenburgers, pretending to brush your teeth, 2 dollar Trump impressions, and Professor Matthew McConaughey. Want more party? Head over to
Bringing books to the party may seem a little drab, but after you give this little episode a listen, you may think twice about that. Or at least, learn some G DARN respect for those bad knowledge bringing boys. Today’s topics include The Last Blockbuster on Earth, Newman’s Own question costume collection, a duck saving vigilante, the legendary Craig-san (REDUX!!!), Galaga: The Movie, wet booby scenes, and that one Seinfeld episode.
Welcome to the party, Mr. Owl. How many licks does it take to get to the center of this episode? ... Yeah? Well, however many it is, I'm not sticking around to see the aftermath. Get away from me, dude! GET AWAY! GET OUTTA HERE! In this episode the boys discuss nard cream, the fastest AND most stressful moment of your life, The Tricycle Puppet, Battlebot tangents, Jeff's Gordon, hit and run bullying tactics, feral plains children, the cowbell and the percussion's arsenal, a beer and a freestyle, the Hindenburg, a legitimate foodgasm, playing house at Best Buy, and dongles.
This guy really knows how to break a leg! Today's topics include: Neptune Ass-Kicking God of the Sea, Beautiful Men, the opposite of The Giver, the burrito pregame technique, The Gabagool Compilation, Diddy Kong Racing, Real Gamer Hours, World War Wolf, Lucky Charm milkshakes, and gluttony. Want more party? Find it at
Three weeks from now, I will be harvesting my crops. Imagine where you will be, and it will be so. Hold the line! Stay with me! If you find yourself alone, riding in the green green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled. For you are in Gamer Girl Heaven, and you’re already fragged! Today the boys discuss Legend of Zelda noises, going on a People Tour, barehanded casserole scoopin', being comfy & slutty, vegan puns, hand farts, Teenage Mutant Ninja Skin Care, the green pill, Three Wolf Moon and The Mountain Dot Com, and of course: The Great Gamer Girl in the Sky. See you on the other side, Gamers. Want more party? Find it at
The best hangover breakfast? Some say an "eggy in a basket". But just how does the hole get there?  You don't WANNA KNOW, MAN! YOU DON'T WANNA KNOW! In this episode the boys ponder such topics as: noodle legged bears, a rain of stuffing, The Parable of the Stolen Tylenol, The Mouse and the Ambulance, entire packs of lies, how to write the number four, Brad Pit's abs, Billy Blanks' Wikipedia page, and how we owe absolutely everything we have to the Wayans Brothers. Want more party? Find it at
Brent's in the corner raving about God knows what again. Is he repelling all possibility of corporate sponsorship, or attracting them with some sort of foaming-at-the-mouth reverse psychology? I dunno man, at least the pizza's here. Today's topics include: taking a walk on the wild side, drinking with the boys a la the Fellowship of the Ring Prancing Pony scene, just leaving me alone to eat my reuben, doing the homework, locally sources Panda March Cook'ems, The One Named Bullethead, hankerin' the mango habanero, and some Jetsons-level sh*t. Want more party? Find it at
Which oatmeal is the GOATmeal? I'll give you a clue, it's the kind with g-darn dinosaurs in it, big dawg! "WOOOOOOOOOO!"- Rick Flair In this episode you can find topics such as skunkmen, glorious Nippon steel pizza slicers, Adult Yoda: Pro Skater, Asap Ferg, the cat that eat the butter, and being a big spoon boy. Want more party? Find it at
I think it's time for a little break from partying! Everyone grab some orange slices and suck down a little B and C vitamins, electrolytes, what have you, and get ready for round two. On this episode the boys discuss 10,000 rats and how much Brent likes them (it's a lot), [galloping noises], the finer points of liking seaweed snacks, The Chocolatiest Catch, soup, Billy Eyelashes, and The Gatorade Squeeze Bottle Games. Want more party? Find it at
I feel like I'm just rolling through this party, not in a bad way, like I'm on a rigging being pushed through with a camera in front of my face so its like I'm floating through the party blissfully. We had to pay the fx team extra for that. Today's topics include the lies capris tell, being a toad person with a giant tongue, shark leather, switch blade combs, The Bozo Buckets of Bad Celebrities, and the Lizzie McGuire tongue scraper episode. Want more party? Find it at
The neighbors are crashing the party. Hey, brotherly love. Let 'em scream it makes the humidity better. On this episode, Brent has a head cold, but the boys still manage to chat about badass Kentucky kids, The Christmas Orgy, rubber ducks, Sissy Goodman, Segwaying too close to the sun ala Icarus, some cool nouns, Dunston checking In, and Weekend at Bernie Sander's. Want more party? Find it at
I was talking to my buddy Ricky and he says "HEY, how about we kick this party up a notch?" and reveals a bag of popsicle sticks. I said, "Ricky, are those some kind of drugs?!" He says, "No, get a load of this, Bubbaloo," (Ricky calls me Bubbaloo) and he just starts sticking 'em in things. Now we got a stick in the punch, we got a stick in the keg, we got a stick in the pool, we got a stick in the sound system, we got a stick in the whipped cream. I said to Ricky, "How is this making the party better?" He says to me, "Just listen to the episode and find out, Bubbaloo!" Besides putting sticks in things, the boys also discuss being a little sad about swords, Cloudy with a Chance of Vehicular Manslaughter, all the goo, Godzilla and his inability to handle spice, and Jimmy the Wave Baby. Want more party? Find it at
All this partying is getting me hungry. Anyone have some korn on the cob? I mean corn? I mean coЯn? Man, it's that time of the night I guess, everyone's getting a little loopy. We should probably cut back on the ooze. Today's topics include (but are not limited to) Brisk Half and Half: Secret of the Ooze ASMR, just boring sausage, cold smoke kisses, feeling like (dot dot) jumping off a cliff, dumbass little lions, being as Florida as it gets, Shel Silverstein, Gustav the Goose Kisser, and then everything just sort of devolving into Spongebob impersonations. Want more party? Find it at
Oh no lads, the party is getting absolutely mental.  Did you see Brent's microphone take a gainer off the balcony right into the neighbor's pool? Jeez, that's no good. Please bear with us while he sorts out that situation, I'm sure he'll be back to normal quality next week. In the meantime, lets bring things down with some of the dulcet, other worldly tones of Joey Coco, accompanied by what looks to be the coolest B-movie scorpion I've ever seen on marimba. Far out! Today the boys discuss sausages with no seat belts, The Angry Gamer, Boxer Jr. and getting details wrong about classic American lit, gushing about things with a second, smaller, scarier mouth, The Unmentionable Son of a Bissel, and accidentally an entire Ring Pop. Enjoy! Want more party? Find it at
Here at Review Party Dot Com, when we say "spin that Bible, brother!" we, of course, are referring to the trailblazing album Sorry for Party Rocking (Deluxe Version) by the late, great LMFAO. This is the fifth episode of our humble party-on-tape, which corresponds to the fifth track on said album, Champagne Showers. Yup, it's gotten to that point of the night, people… Grab the soap and grab a pal, 'cause we are hittin' the bubbly showers. Today we cover such topics as swanky steel-toed sleeping bags, Gummy Bear Banzais, The Roughest Goat in the Petting Zoo, what NOT to do in a vampire movie, Craig-san's annual pilgrimage to Carl's Jr. Tokyo, and grabbin' dills in outside space. Want more party? Find it at
Here lies Fuzzy Boy, Village Layabout and Expert Snorer. Do not weep for him, instead, enjoy a nice afternoon nap tied to a horse post in his honor. Then join us as we raise a glass.  In today's episode, topics include (but are NOT limited to) Harriet the Hedgehog, chicken flavored baseball bats, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Shorts, Mad Max: Iowa, the finer points of diesel exclusivity, Crazy Legs Daniels and The Scarecrow Kid, Intellectuals Anonymous, being a bad, bad boy and getting all the ladies, and the infamous Silicon Valley Samurai Gang.  Want more party? Find it at
Everyone is getting a lot closer the more time we spend together. And like any great party, this one only gets better the longer you stay. Jaws are dropping, robes are dropping - even the walls between us are dropping - but the beat. WILL. GO. ON.  In this episode we examine feral wolfchildren, snoozebooks, unenjoyable nudity, some sweet biscuits, a twist for Fagin, cologne-izing the air, and house jokes for your folks. Want more party? Find it at
Welcome back to the Party! Sit back, relax, and if the mood strikes, take a nice dip - we mean the pool, not the queso - while Brent and Matt provide the entertainment.  In this episode we discuss water wigglers for your Wii, Dominope Rally, satisfied or a satisfiend?, fixing it in Post-it, the gator foot rabbit hole, and pining for grandpa. Want more party? Find it at
Thank you for coming to the first episode of Review Party Dot Com! There are some hors d'oeuvres on the table, try the punch, watch out for Yelp, he's pretty cranky.  In this episode: The New Abraham Lincoln, the ghost Truck, No Target No Cry, VietSlinky, Ute-R-Us, and "Now This is a Knife Fight!". 5 STARS! Want more party? Find it at
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