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Case 005: The Silicon Valley Witch Trials

Released Tuesday, 25th February 2020
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The latest case for Ricky and Tony involves the crazy world of SIlicon Valley and whether rapper Azaelia Banks was asked by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to make an amulet to ward off evil spirits, specifically, ISIS.                 
The story goes that in 2016, the Twitter boss sent some of his beard shavings to Banks so that she could make him an amulet that would protect him from ISIS in return for her promoting one of his apps. Firstly did this actually happen and if so does Azaelia Banks actually have the necessary magical powers?
To try and crack this strange case Ricky & Tony need some real experts, who better than an actual witch, ‘witch-for-hire’ Katrina Rusbold and someone who knows all about the strange goings on in Silicon Valley, undercover reporter and author Corey Pein.
It’s one of the more unusual cases to land on the desks of the Pop Detectives but if anyone can solve it, it’s these two!
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From Globe Productions  Producer: Gareth Evans Creative Producers: Will Nichols, Geoff Lloyd Researcher: Eloise Carr