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Phoenix would go missing on December 18, 2011. She walks out of the Coldon family home never to be seen again. Her abandoned Chevy trailblazer is found two hours later with few clues.Did Phoenix disappear of her own accord? Did one of her boyfriend's murder her? Or was she abducted and forced into sex trafficking?
LaVena Lynne Johnson graduated from high school in 2004, she decides to join the military. In 2005 she is sent to Ballad, Iraq. LaVena has some difficulties with certain male soldiers while deployed. One night she is expected for a night run with friends, she would never show up. LaVena's body was found the next morning in a strange and puzzling scene, that many believe pointed to sexual assault and murder. However, it was a ruled a suicide by the military. The Johnson's conti is to search for justice for their daughter
In 1943 Birmingham, England was in the grip on WW2. Four teenage boys are passing through Lord Cobham's estate in the west Midlands. The boys were hoping to hunt rabbits, they had no luck. Instead the boys thought they spotted a bird's nest and one of the boys climbed the tree in search of eggs. Inside the trunk the boys find the skull of a woman. Who was she? Who killed her? Was this a ritualistic witcraft murder? Or was this woman a Nazi spy? 
January 14, 1953 two bodies of young children Who found in Stanley park. Strange clues surround the body, such as a woman's fur coat and a penny loafer, size 7.5. These clues point investigators towards a mother murdering her children. Who were these children? And who killed them? 
A continuation of part one. Sources listed in episode one.
Jane, Arna and Grant Beaumont would disappear from Glenelg Beach on Australia Day 1966, in Adelaide. They were never seen again.Were the children groomed by a pedophile? What could have become of the children? A new suspect would emerge in 2007. He had a connection to a possible burial site was tested in 2013 and 2017, leading to more questions than answers. Possible connections would be suggested with the Adelaide Oval abductions and The Family Murders. Join me as I dig into the details of the case. 
Jessica Wongso, gripped by jealousy plots to kill her friend, Mirna Salihin. Why did she do it? How did she procure cyanide? This is a solved case, however many questions remain. *Trigger warning: throughout this episode there is talks of mental health issues and suicide. Listener discretion is advised*
Dr. Wellman and I touch on the impact these events would have had on Cindy's mental health, as well as the suspects. We also delve into which scenario is the most likely, that Cindy was perpetrating these attacks on herself, or if there was an outside stalker, or perhaps the third option that both scenarios are correct. This is a fantastic episode, Dr. Wellman is engaging, empathetic and impassioned in her answers, you don't want to miss this episode where I conclude the case of Cindy James. 
In this episode Dr. Das and I go into myths regarding Criminal Profiling, the role of the media, as well as head injuries and their relationship to criminality. We also discuss the Macdonald Triad and if it is useful at predicting future criminal behaviors. We also, as the episode title suggests, do a deep dive into the case where Dr. Das shares his opinions on many different bizarre and uncanny elements of the case of Cindy James. Check out Dr. Das's Podcast on Twitter @psychsore. Don't forget to Rate/Review and Subscribe to his channel!
Ladies and gents, I apologize for anyone who heard a half episode on the Mitrice Richardson case last week. There were some technical difficulties. I love Twisted and Uncorked and wanted to share with you an episode 13 on the Beast of British Columbia, notorious Canadian killer Clifford Olsen. If you like this episode, go and check out part two on Twisted and Uncorked's channel.
This is a continuation of Part one. This episode is featuring Katherine from A Few Bad Apples Podcast, don't forget to check out her pod, subscribe, rate and review!
This will be a three part series into the Mysterious Death of Cindy James. Part one and two will feature Katherine from the A Few Bad Apples Podcast. Part Three will have Dr. Das, a forensic Psychiatrist from A Psych for Sore Minds Podcast. Cindy would experience harassment from a phantom stalker, or she would be responsible for escalating and violent attacks, culminating in her death. Whatever you choose to believe about the case, Cindy's death is puzzling. She is found dead with ten times the lethal amount of Morphine in her system, with her hands and feet bound and no needle found nearby. There is a black stocking around her neck and she has no shoes on, yet her feet are clean. Experts say she was dead for a week, this leaves a week unaccounted for, what exactly happened to Cindy James?Cindy prior to her death points to her ex husband, a prominent Psychiatrist, though officials and mental health professionals doubt her claims. They believe she is responsible for the attacks on herself. There are a few people in her corner who believe there is a malicious stalker, including her private investigator and friends and family.
This is the last feature episode until Wednesday, when I drop a special episode featuring Katherine from A Few bad Apples pod.Check out a more relaxed, but still well researched approach to True Crime with Twisted and Uncorked. Hosts Alecia and Kaitlinne in episode 12 'Tibias and Torsos' go through the case of Mitrice Richardson in a frustrating run down of a Police Department who failed a young woman and what could be either murder OR Mitrice succumbing to the elements. You decide!  
Join hosts Alex and Loretta as they dive into the weird, spooky and disturbing. In this case episode 14, they cover the Coast to Coast Killer and the Hinterkaifeck Murders. 
Join Dr. Stacey Hughes as she explores slayings in the sooner state. In this episode Stacey does a deep dive into the Girl Scout Murders, calling into question if the man who many believe did it was railroaded by police or if he was the likely perpetrator of the triple murder. 
I am going to be featuring teaser episodes in the future from some of my favourite creators, to allow you to try some new content. Today's feature is Once Upon a Nightmare, host Lorraine is fantastic and in episode 7 she digs into Serial Killer Arthur Shawcross. I hope you enjoy! Don't forget to subscribe/rate/review! 
19 year old Faith Hedgepeth's body would found brutally raped and murdered at Hawthorne on the View aparments in Durham North Carolina. A strange note would be left at the scene. A pocket dial with a possible incorrect timestamp may have captured her murder. Who killed Faith? 
This is a continuation of part one. All sources listed in the EpisodeThis is a link to Ian Yarwood's YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMZyomEp8Qij6a9Sa-Ptgog
Hannah and David were both from England on holiday with their mates when they met in Koh Tao, party and became fast friends. On the evening of September 14 going into the 15th there was a full moon party. Sometime during that night Hannah would be viciously raped and murdered and David killed. Many elements of the case are a cause of contention, including the conviction of two Burmese illegal immigrants, Zaw Lin and Wai Photo. 
In the early morning hours of Valentine's Day 2000, 9 year old Asha would slip out quietly from her family home with her book bag, locking the door behind her. She would brave the dark and stormy weather, walking nearly 2 miles from her home down highway 18, where she was last seen by motorists. Candy wrappers, a hair clip and other belongings were found in a nearby shed. A year later her backpack would be unearthed by a construction worker. It was clear that someone had disposed of the bag on purpose, as it was wrapped in plastic. Why did Asha leave her home? Was she running away because of a basketball team loss? Or had a predator groomed her? 
On New Year's 2008 Amy Fitzpatrick would vanish while walking the short path to her home In a gated community in Malaga, Spain around 10pm. Her mother Audrey and her partner Dave say the never made it home. This would be called into question when Amy's cell phone would be found in her room during a police search. Later on in the case a laptop and phone connected to the case would be stolen from the family's lawyer's home. Was Amy taken by sex traffickers? Or was the culprit closer to home? 
On July 31, 1986 the body of Keith Warren would be found hanging from a tree in Silver Spring MD. The woman who called 911 originally said the body was in her boyfriend's basement. The clothes Keith was wearing were too large and not his own. A manilla envelope would show up at his mother Mary's home. Inside were copies of police photos from the case and a note warning her that Keith's friend Mark would be next. Mark contacts Mary, he wants to unburden themself and the two make plans to meet. Unfortunately that would never happen. Mark. then mysteriously dies in an accident on his bike. Mary and the family decide to have an autopsy, and the case gets even stranger and less likely to be suicide the more they look at it.
Sources are listed at the beginning of part one.
On May 3rd 2007, 3 year old Madeline McCann would go missing from her family's holiday condo at the Ocean Club Resort in Portugal. What happened? Was this an accident and a cover up? Or did a pedophile abduct Madeline? 
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