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In this episode, Gretchen Felker-Martin joins us to talk about her gritty post-Apocalyptic trans novel Manhunt (spoiler free) and how an idea becomes a traditionally published book. The post How Books Happen, With Gretchen Felker-Martin by Matt
Are superheroes a modern mythology, or is this a way to flatten the complexities of traditional art while giving commercial media a spiritual significance it does not deserve? The post The Tragedy of the Creative Commons: On Superheroes and Mod
Jack from Bad Books for Bad People joins us to pay tribute to art that isn’t here to teach right from wrong—what some might call degenerate art. The post In Defense of Degenerate Art by Matt Keeley appeared first on Kittysneezes.
A story is a type of conversation with the reader. If you don’t leave room for the reader to speak, you’re a terrible conversationalist. The post This Is My Hole, It Was Made for Me: On Negative Space and Leaving Room for the Reader by Matt Ke
Genre is safe. Genre is comfortable. But do we rely on genre conventions too much? Can genre hold us back? Is genre busting good? The post Genre Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good by Matt Keeley appeared first on Kittysneezes.
On this very special NSFW episode of Rite Gud, goth girl correspondent Matilda Lewis and veteran tijuana bible cartoonist Bitter Karella (creator of The Midnight Pals, co-host of the A Special Presentation podcast) join everyone’s favorite audi
In today's sci-fi/ fantasy community, it's fashionable to dig up H.P. Lovecraft and put him on trial as the avatar of everything wrong with speculative fiction. The post Why We Can Stop Flogging H.P. Lovecraft’s Dead Bloated Corpse by Matt Keel
In this episode, middle grade horror/fantasy author Celine Kiernan joins us to talk about writing fiction for young people. The post Writing for Young Audiences with Celine Kiernan by Matt Keeley appeared first on Kittysneezes.
In this irregular episode, audio gremlin Sid Oozeley talks shop with returning guest Mario Coelho about fantasy and science fiction’s long-standing vendetta against dialogue writing.    The post Talk Gud: A Dialogue about Dialogue by Matt Keele
Does hopepunk really offer meaningful hope and revolution, or is it just a way to numb yourself and hide from the world?  The post Hopepunk? More Like COPEpunk by Matt Keeley appeared first on Kittysneezes.
If you’ve spent any time talking about geek culture, you’ve probably seen one word come up over and over again: gatekeeper. The post Meet the New Gatekeeper, Same as the Old Gatekeeper by Matt Keeley appeared first on Kittysneezes.
What makes a writer? Is it coffee and cats? Is it a good author photo? Is it having a screenname like @JaneDoeWrites? The post So You Think You’re a Writer? by Matt Keeley appeared first on Kittysneezes.
It's normal to look for people who share your interest in pop culture. But what happens when you only know how to be queer through fandom? The post Queerness Is Not a Fandom by Matt Keeley appeared first on Kittysneezes.
Instead of learning from books, too many fledgling writers learn to write primarily from movies, television and video games, and their writing suffers as a result. The post Books Are Not Movies: Writing the Invisible by Matt Keeley appeared fir
As the world looks grimmer and grimmer, Millennials and Gen Xers retreat deeper and deeper into childhood nostalgia. The post To Be a Great Writer, You Must Defeat a Thousand Babies by Matt Keeley appeared first on Kittysneezes.
Why do we love horror so much? On the surface, it makes no sense. Why would anybody enjoy media that focuses on upsetting, grotesque topics? The post Finding Beauty In Darkness by Matt Keeley appeared first on Kittysneezes.
Cultural criticism has always been an essential part of our media ecosystem, especially when it comes to geek culture. But is any of this really meaningful, or is it just another part of the big corporate content marketing machine? The post Sav
There are many writing advice columns that won’t help you write good—that will actually encourage you to write bad, or at best mediocre. The post Bad Writing Advice by Matt Keeley appeared first on Kittysneezes.
Filthcore queen Gretchen Felker-Martin returns to talk about unlikable female characters. What makes a woman unlikable? The post I’m Not Here to Make Friends: On Unlikable Female Characters by Matt Keeley appeared first on Kittysneezes.
SFF author and professional translator Mário Seabra Coelho talks to us about the art of translation. Writing translations, even only as an exercise, can open a writer’s eye to new perspectives, new devices, and new poetic turns of phrase. The p
Horror writer G. Emerald, who has a background in the medical system, joins us to talk about the healing power of stories that leave us with a bad taste in our mouths. The post The Bitter Medicine of Unhappy Endings by Matt Keeley appeared firs
Sci-fi/fantasy author Karlo Yeager Rodríguez joins us to talk about the relationship between storyteller and in-universe audience. The post Who Are You Talking To? by Matt Keeley appeared first on Kittysneezes.
In this episode, Mistress Snow, PhD joins us to talk about sex work in writing. What do writers get wrong? How do writers promote inaccurate and harmful stereotypes about sex workers? How can writers do better? The post Writing About Sex Work b
Villains in fiction tend to fit a certain template: erudite, aristocratic, queer-coded, monologuing and vaguely British. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it gets a little old after a while. The post A Wretched Episode of Scum and Villainy b
In this episode, filmmaker Shannon Strucci and critic Leslie Lee of Struggle Session were kind enough to join us to talk about why we need to tell our own stories instead of waiting for someone else to tell it for you. The post Telling Your Own
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