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Episodes of Road.FM

According to Biblical accounts, something extremely large roamed this land. Are they making a comeback? #RoadFM #FJB #RedNexus #Nephilim  ▶ www.Road.FM
If you haven’t figured out the biden administration is ushering in socialism, perhaps you’ve been living under a rock. Are we too far gone? #RoadFM #FJB #RedNexus #Socialism  ▶ www.Road.FM
Imagine a world with no vehicles. How would you get around, or buy food and supplies? Was this all part of the plan? #RoadFM #FJB #RedNexus #Demobilization ▶ www.Road.FM
Over half a million cargo containers are offshore waiting to get into US ports. Is this all toilet paper and canned foods, or are we being invaded by someone or something? Do you trust this biden administration? #RoadFM #RedNexus #Watchthewater
LBJ was a staunch racist democrat. Not to mention while he was in office JFK, MLK, and Malcom X were all assassinated. He didn’t believe in equality at all. Matter of fact, one of his most famous quotes was “If we can keep them from owning a pi
Nature has its own system to keep things from getting out of control. Alpha’s rule the animal kingdom, well maybe it’s time to bring back a little bullying to keep these libturds in check. Not the hurtful beat you up in school kind, but the kee
If you’re ever in a down mood and need a bit of realistic comedy, just take a trip to your local Walmart and look for the absurdities of the Walmartians. You’re bound to find something to laugh about. #RoadFM #Allegedly #RedNexus #Walmartians
It’s no mistake that Florida is shaped like the handle of a gun. This is the last free Republic. From hunting, fishing, the beaches, to just enjoying God’s creation. However, the libturds are after Florida to break the will of the people. #Road
Everything done by this biden administration is just absurd. Unfortunately, all his failures are going according to plan. He was handpicked to be the fall guy for the destruction of the United States. #RoadFM #Walmartians #RedNexus  ▶ www.Roa
Biden is creating Ameristan and making Freedom loving, God fearing Americans second class citizens. Will the freedoms we’ve lost ever come back? Is there a Republican Revolution on the horizon? #RoadFM #Ameristan #RepublicanRevolution #LauraLoo
Now biden has mandated all companies with over 100 employees must get the vaccine. Not to mention, liberal judges are overturning freedom orders from conservative governors. This vaccine is the mark of the beast. The line in the sand has been d
On more than one occasion in the United States, muslim men that broke our laws were set free because they only follow sharia law. So when it comes to muslims, do they get to live by a different set of rules in America? Is political islam being
During the final 2020 Presidential debate, Joe Biden leaked operation “Dark Winter.” It’s a code word for a bio-attack simulation conducted by Johns Hopkins University back in 2001. It includes a virus attack, food shortages, vaccine mandates,
Hey Nomads, don’t forget to take a moment of silence for those lost during the 9/11 attacks (inside job allegedly). Plus, because we keep getting banned on traditional platforms over-and-over again, we now have a Members Only Area. You'll have
Have you noticed how many power elites end up with black eyes? Is it some sort of cult ritual? The Godfather has lived a pretty ruff and tumble life as a Bull Rider, but managed to avoid getting a black eye. So what the heck are these celebriti
We know they are bleeding America’s wealth dry, but take a look at the congress roster and see how many actually resemble vampires? Plus we have a special surprise guest, the Godmother. #RoadFM ▶ www.Road.FM/members
Well folks, we got banned from another mainstream platform. Enough is enough, we are going to create a Members Area where you can hear us speak freely as guaranteed by our Constitutional Rights. #TiggerPlease #RightSupremacy #RoadFM ▶ www.Road
Joe freakin Biden just armed an actual terrorist organization, but wants to take away our gun rights? Don’t think it was by accident folks, this is all part of the evil elites plan from 2016. Yet they impeached Trump over an alleged phone call,
Did you hear Donald Trump is back on twitter posing as the Taliban Spokesman named Donhammad Trumpistan? Relax, it’s just someone’s parody, but still pretty funny. Plus, Godfather may have cracked the elites domination code. Are they all vampir
If you watch the lame stream media, they thrive on your fear. Want to know how to lower your blood pressure? Turn off the damn TV. No more Fear. ▶ www.Road.FM/follow/
Well folks, if bidenism gets a foot hold, we will never get our freedoms back. This idiot is stripping away everything our country stands for in less than 1 year, and all this fool can say is “My Butt’s Been Wiped!” God help us. #RoadFM  ▶ www
Don't be fooled for one minute folks, this Afghanistan takeover is all part of the evil elite's plan. Biden’s infrastructure deal is going to pass and pay for the new Afghan war for the next 10 years. Plus we know it’s filled with more gun cont
With all the nonsense going on in the world, from Cuomo stepping down, to another Hunter Biden laptop scandal, it seems like we are living out our fears. Stay positive Patriots, this isn’t over yet. #RoadFM ▶ www.Road.FM/follow/
As the Olympics are winding down, let’s take a look at the nonsense that went down. From kneeling, to trannies competing and losing, it was a laughing stock for many. Plus some bonus content of what these United States would look like if Rev an
Join us in welcoming back the Godfather, as we discuss breaking news about the new A.U.R.S. (Anonymous Unvaccinated Reporting System) to turn in your friends and neighbors for $2,500. When does this madness end? #RoadFM ▶ www.Road.FM/follow/
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