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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, Cireon, and Questcaping The Lore Diggers reunite to pull back the layers of Senntisten. We go from utopia to the excess of empire with Empty Children, theatrical reviews, and the secrets of the Inquisition. This all lea
Hosts: Shane and Tanis We open the September Skilling Bundle to see whether or not it’s a pandora’s box. The leads Q&A was cancelled and we have the real reason why. Tanis unpacks the accessibility issues of the Arch-Glacor. Then, we also s
Hosts: Shane and Tanis We open the September Skilling Bundle to see whether or not it’s a pandora’s box. The leads Q&A was cancelled and we have the real reason why. Tanis unpacks the accessibility issues of the Arch-Glacor. Then, we also s
Hosts: Shane, Bears, and DramaFreee The Glacor Front chills PvM cold with its massive Arch-Glacor. We thought Kerapac was the boss for all but this Glacor is just what the doctor ordered for teaching PvM. From expert to beginner there’s dro
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and The RRMan It’s Yak Track week and this one includes a hefty XP boost. We ask, what are the problems with this and what does it mean for future Yak Tracks? Also we get our first look at the Glacor Front with its new
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Thaxy We got our hands full with Archaeology and spades in Senntisten. There’s nothing micro about this update. We also detail nerfs to Greater Ricochet and Greater Concentrated blast. And, delve into more shady Eld
Hosts: Shane and Tanis Solak drops Grimoire pages for all who can slay him, we delve into the recurring trend of buff over nerf, and preview the Senntisten Archaeology mini digsite. Then we wade into the questions of server population and g
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Questcaping We cover the rest of the Nodon Front including: God banter, Slayer, cannon upgrades, and big questions about the role each God will play going forward. Of course there’s also lore with the Nodon themselv
Hosts: Shane, David, Thaxy, and Zant The Nodon Front brings Kerapac, the boss for everyone and one of the best in RuneScape. Magic has a blast with some sweet upgrades that level the playing field... but who has noticed? We have and share a
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Questcaping It’s Time for the Nodon Front. Improvements for magic are on the horizon with RuneScape’s first T95 weapon, the Staff of Armadyl. We run through all the hype, take Nodon a lore Q&A, and share our expecta
Hosts: Shane and Cireon The beach is back with cocktails and new outfits. We share our favourites. It’s also a combat bonanza featuring new bank presets, scrimshaws, and the ability to Cease. Then it’s documentary time when it comes to Elde
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Thaxy We delve into the latest chapter of Once Upon a Time: Fortunes. Relomia’s character begins to take shape and we question where she may show up in the future. Also, just what is up with emerald bolts? We explai
Hosts: Shane and Tanis Ninja Strike 23 is truly legendary allowing us to do what we’ve wanted for years. There are also changes that are much needed for people with big fingers. Then we discuss the economics of ancient magicks, fire, and wa
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, Earth, and Questcaping It’s quest week with City of Senntisten, picking up the pieces from Battle of the Monolith. The Elder God eggs are hatching. We explore the City of Senntisten and the characters’ true intentions.
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, Bears OP, and Zant RuneScape Mobile launches. We run through launch celebrations, words from Warden and Pips, and the new user interface. Not to be outdone this week, Battle of the Monolith week 4 wraps and we get ready
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and 1Ryb It’s Battle of the Monolith Week 3 and we get help from an unexpected source: The TokHaar! We unpack what their arrival means and what’s truly going on with The Codex. RuneScape’s new marketplace is live and we
Hosts: Shane and Tanis Seren makes her and the elves' presence known in Yak to the Light. She also confronts Zaros at the Battle of the Monolith and we delve into the week 2 battle report. Elite Dungeon abusers are unbanned with no wealth r
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Questcaping The Battle of the Monolith begins and we bring light to accessibility and length. Mahjarrat rumblings of discontent and our first battle report bring the lore home. Then we share our Inventor’s Wish perk
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Cireon We deal the sentence on Elite Dungeon abusers, detail RuneScape’s wishes, and share our biggest wishes of all. Then we have a look at Reiniger’s notes and preview the Battle of the Monolith. For detailed
Hosts: Shane and Tanis It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and we discuss the new meditation promotion and what it could mean for the future. Mod Iroh and team are back for another look at the Player Avatar refresh showing off reflections, li
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Bears OP Improved Divination has arrived and XP rates are off the chart. From a five fold XP rate increase to wisp clustering and the economic impact we question the future of Divination. Mobile has also received a
Hosts: Shane and Tanis It’s D&D&D week but the D’s depend on your disposition. We run through the trojan horse showcasing how important it is plus we detail next week's Divination update. Will it devalue your divine energy? Then Double XP L
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and David The Rex Matriarchs are finally here providing an entry level PvM experience. We have a full rundown of mechanics and drops. RuneScape mobile arrives this summer and we gain a first glimpse at what wishes may b
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Pyrnassius Awesome April continues with Skilling Week delivering boosts to gathering skills. A major Elite Dungeons bug has been patched. How should the abusers be punished and what constitutes responsible disclosur
Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Questcaping Once Upon a Time continues with the next chapter, Flashback. We visit Ava, Ozan, and some Draziw’s on our way to a leads Q&A. Mods Warden and Liam take stock of where we’re at and where we’re going in Ap
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