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A Film, TV and Arts podcast featuring Alistair Pitts
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edwardrussia reviewed this podcast 5 days ago
"As an English speaker and film fan living in Russia, this podcast is an outsider's way into Russian cinema, picking out what's worth watching and helping you understand it. With Ally's understated but informed presentation, and a procession of guests from various backgrounds, ranging from enthusiastic dilettantes to hardcore cinephiles and experts in esoteria, this is definitely worth a listen for anyone with in Russia, cinema or both."
tracy.tan103 reviewed this podcast 6 days ago
"As a guest, this was one of the best experiences I've had podcasting yet--it was great fun recording and I always felt listened to and respected by (the much more knowledgable about Russian film than myself!) Alistair. And as a listener, I can tell that doesn't apply to just my experience. Alistair has picked such a wide array of films to cover that you really can learn quite a bit about Russian cinema and, as a result, culture, and his pairings of guest to content are outstanding and really enhance the episodes. Highly recommend giving it a shot, whether or not you've seen the films covered!"
moviekessler reviewed this podcast 17 days ago
"Fearlessly delves into the world of Russian and Russian-affiliated cinema. One of the best film podcasts out there!"
setchkopf reviewed this podcast 18 days ago
"Always interesting, often entertaining. Worth a listen if you're at all interested in films and/or Russian culture. "
lydiagkapp reviewed this podcast 25 days ago
"Love it!! Glad to have a place for my Russophile film heart."
Spatz reviewed this podcast 26 days ago
"It’s a great way to learn about Russian culture through cinema. Ally and his guests always provide tremendous insight and humor."
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