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Meet Nathan Bliss, VP of Sales and Marketing at Kinsta, a premium managed Wordpress hosting provider for everyone, small or larger. He has +12 years of experience founding companies and leading teams and has worked at companies like PayPal and Flywheel.In this episode, you'll hear how Nathan joined Kinsta sales team and quickly made a transition to become the VP of both sales and marketing and his new marketing perspective coming from a career in sales and how that is helping him step into the role correctly.You'll learn about the multi-language culture that's embedded at Kinsta and how that has helped them scale into new geographical locations and what is the first step Nathan recommends to any SaaS marketer wanting to expand into other languages.And finally, you'll learn what to do if remote work is a new place for you as a team leader and what you need to be acutely aware of when messaging out during this crisis. Enjoy!Show Notes: 02:55 Born To Change The Status Quo And Create More Robust Solutions For Quality WordPress Hosting04:15 - Joining Sales And Fast Transitioning To Leading Sales And Marketing07:00 Bringing A Background In Sales To A Marketing Role11:05 Carving Out A Niche With A Persona Who Values Performance13:30 Leveraging A Background In Sales To Hone In On The Right Persona14:50 Working A Lot On The Ad Copy15:35 Expanding Authority Gained With Written Content Into Audio And Video Content16:35 A Geographic Expansion Baked Into The Company's DNA20:25 The Challenges Of Multilingual Content Marketing 22:05 An Hybrid Approach To Creating Paid Campaigns In Different Languages23:42 Best Advice For A SaaS Wanting To Expand Into Other Languages25:00 Testing A Webinar Strategy With Long Term Lens29:20 What To Do If Remote Work Is A New Hat For You32:40 Team Leaders Need To Be Really Cognizant Of People's Mental Health34:35 Don't Be Afraid To Make Changes36:40 Be Acutely Aware Of What People Might Be Going Through When Messaging Out38:50 Lightning Questions
Meet Garrett Mehrgutt, the co-founder and CEO of Directive, a next-gen software performance marketing agency. In 2019, Directive ranked in the top 500 in the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. In this episode, you'll hear how Directive was born and found its footing in SaaS. You'll learn how you probably need to reset your traffic expectations, the approach for SEO that creates positive ROI, why vanity metrics can destroy your pipeline, and different approaches for scaling SEO. And finally, you'll learn about SEM ideas for 2020 and beyond. There are lots of hidden nuggets in this episode, including a little tactical tidbit to drastically lower your CPA and skyrocket your results. Enjoy! Notes: 03:25 The Journey To A High-Touch Model Working With SaaS 09:50 How SaaS Should Approach SEO To Have Positive ROI 12:30 Using Really Strong Product Positioning And Messaging 13:55 Looking At Opportunity Cost Not Lead Cost 15:30 The Right And Wrong Approach To Scaling SEO 19:10 Reset Traffic Expectations Based On Total Addressable Market 22:30 A Product-Led Content Strategy For SaaS 26:05 A Little Tactical Tidbit To Drastically Lower CPA and Skyrocket Results 28:00 You Need Trust To Take Risk 29:11 The Process To Change Your Pipeline And Increase MQL's And SQLs 32:12 Actionable Takeaways From Millions Of Dollars Spent In Campaigns During COVIT Crisis 35:15 You Need To Be Building Right Now And Focusing On The Key Things To Still Win In Q3 And Q4 39:00 Lightning Questions
In this episode, you'll hear about the challenges of a new categorical SaaS disrupting a prebuilt industry. You'll learn about piggybacking on search versus defining new languages, how content marketing has been critical for success for Threekit and how their outbound mixed with content has been in an essential step for new growth. And finally looking forward, you'll hear how Hillary sees the changing landscape in SaaS after COVID-19, what she's expecting to play out and how they're working to make sure that they're ahead of the curve. Enjoy and celebrate with us as this is our episode #100! Show Notes: 03:20 Helping Provide The Most Immersive Helpful Online Visual Product Experience 04:55 Coming In To Create And Solidify Brand Positioning And All Things Website 06:05 Emerging Categories And Languaging 11:05 The Number One Challenge When Disrupting A Whole Market 13:15 How To Approach Search Marketing When You're Early In A Category 16:25 The Benefits For Companies Of A Better Visual Experience In This Visual Economy 20:20 Leveraging Content Published By Others 22:00 An Efficient Outbound Process And A Cool 3-tier Campaign 27:40 The Number One KPI And The Reason For It 29:55 Hard lesson: Providing More Deep Technical Content And Product Feature Details 33:05 The Majority Shift That Is Going To Happen Because People Are Now Learning New behaviors 36:35 Lightning Questions
Meet Agata Krzysztofik, Head of Marketing of Piktochart which is on a mission to empower people to tell great visual stories that stick. Agata is a startup mentor and a marketing leader with 10 plus years of experience in developing and executing growth strategies at companies like Google, Groove, and SIM scale. In this episode, you'll hear about Piktochart's mission around visual storytelling and what that actually means for marketers. You'll learn the step-by-step process to create storytelling through video and how SaaS companies can tell more engaging stories. You'll also learn how to implement the OKR framework, advertising platform secrets for video, and finally, what you can learn from Piktochart's mistakes in 2019 and why failures are so important for your growth. Enjoy! Show Notes: 03:15 Helping People Communicate Their Stories With The Help Of Visual Formats 07:00 Building A Tool Where People Can Actually Do Graphic Design On Their Own 10:40 The Short And Long Term Demand Spikes Caused By The COVID-19 Crisis 13:05 Joining A Company With A Very Strong Culture And Understand Product Market Fit 16:35 The Two Aspects Crucial Right Now When Investing In SEO 18:35 Implementing The OKR Framework In A New Company 21:30 Visual Storytelling: Our Brains Are Really Good At Remembering Visuals 25:35 How SaaS Can Tell More Engaging Stories 29:00 The Elements You Must Have In A Video So That It Works 32:25 Planning The Video For Each Different Platform 33:55 New Tool Coming Soon To Make Targeted Video Content For Different Social Media 38:05 The Things That Fail Help Us Become Stronger And Learn Based On Our Own Mistakes 42:05 Make Sure To Leverage What You Already Have Before Trying Something New 42:55 The Challenges Ahead For SaaS Marketers 47:00 Lightning Questions
Meet Theresa O'Neil, the CMO for Showpad, the world's leading sales enablement platform. As the CMO of Showpad’s global marketing team, Theresa is responsible for increasing awareness, generating leads, and supporting all channels to grow revenue. In this episode, you'll hear about the stellar year of growth that Showpad had, growing from 30 to 150 employees and the lessons learned from their global expansion. You'll learn about the key experiments that have helped them drive growth over the past twelve months. And what they have learned from new market opportunities; including the lessons, the mistakes, everything. And finally, you'll hear where the sales enablement industry is headed in 2019 and beyond. Enjoy! Notes 03:10 The Sales Enablement Space Has Exploded Worldwide 04:10 Building Out the International Side of the Business 05:20 Cracking the Code of Prioritization 06:20 The Importance of Aligning With Sales on Priorities 07:00 Mixing Digital and Events by Region 08:20 The Transform Conference 09:40 Continual Process of Experimentation, Measurement and Iteration 11:15 Using Own Technology and Building Processes to Support Product Launches and Continual Learning 13:20 Spreading and Rolling Out Information 15:45 Lessons Learned: The Nuances of International Markets 17:35 Same Pain Points, Different Language 19:05 The Demanding Expectations of the B2B Buyers 20:30 The Best Buyer Experience Wins 21:55 Sales Enablement In Industries & Markets With a Lot of Face-to-face Selling 22:50 The Line Between Field Sales and Inside Sales Will Blur 23:30 Hiring and Building Teams 27:00 Alignment On KPIs 29:00 Next: Focusing On Geographical Expansion and Marketing Personalization 30:15 Becoming More Personal In Marketing 32:35 Lightning Questions
Meet Corey Haines, the new Head of Growth at Baremetrics, a tool for SaaS and subscription companies to get the metrics forecasting and dunning they need to grow their startup. In this episode, we change slightly from the usual format around specific experiments or marketing channels that are working today. Corey recently got the position of Head of Growth and we talk about what that hiring process looked like, the tactical side of it, the tangibles of what you need to do to win these positions, who you have to become and what do you need learn. So for those of you who are looking to grow their career or apply to new opportunities, or to build into that head of growth or head of marketing position, this episode is for you! You'll also hear about Corey's background at Cordial and how he went from a new department to a growing marketing team and set that all up. You'll learn the key frameworks that Corey learned and uses to build into any marketing department, which are key things that you should absolutely know if you're going to be doing marketing, building a marketing team, or any of the sort in your SaaS company. You'll learn a ton on this episode, enjoy! Show Notes: 03:25 Joining a Brand New Marketing Department 06:58 Using Frameworks to Simplify and Prioritize 08:45 A Framework for Customer Research 10:42 A Framework for Product Market Channel Model Fit 11:12 A Framework for Product Channel Fit 12:07 A Framework for Model Channel Fit 12:55 Pirate Metrics 14:14 Robert Cialdini's Principles of Persuasion 15:17 The Right Order to Use These Frameworks 16:45 Context, Transparency and Trust During a Hiring Process 20:14 Knowledge and Key Requirements for a Marketer 22:09 The Balance of Being Creative and Technical in Writing 23:35 The More You Can Show and Not Tell the Better 25:28 The Roles of Language and Empathy 28:36 Next Steps in Baremetrics and Bottom Up Approach 32:14 Balancing Short and Long Term 33:14 Product Development vs Marketing Effort 35:32 The SaaS Industry in 2019 39:59 The Opportunity for Marketers 40:54 Lightning Questions
Meet Sophie Steffen, a Digital Marketer at TravelPerk a next-generation business travel booking & management platform for companies of any size and the world's first and only all-in-one platform for booking business travel that is 100% free. In this episode, you'll hear how TravelPerk became the number 4 fastest growing SaaS company growing 700% year over year. Sophie takes us behind the scenes of the last two years of explosive growth and dives into the marketing strategies and systems her team uses, from Adwords to partnerships, attribution models and optimizing SQLs. There are so many great insights to share. Enjoy! Notes 03:08 All-in-one Platform For Booking Business Travel 10:02 Joining A Rocket Ship Growth SaaS 12:29 Most Successful Channels 14:05 PPC and Optimized SQLs 17:30 Using Your Data To Optimize 21:33 Partnerships and Building Relationships 24:44 Testing Networks 26:33 Turning Roadblocks Into Opportunities 29:26 A Multi-touch Attribution Model 34:28 Prioritization, Goals and OKRs 36:53 Lightning Questions
Meet Lissa Daniels, VP of demand generation, marketing operations, and analytics at Looker. Looker is a unified Platform for Data that delivers actionable business insights to every employee at the point of decision. Prior to Looker, Lissa spent her entire marketing career manically driving leads to the sales team. Over the years, she has worked at companies of all sizes and stages of growth, including, BEA Systems, VMWare, and Medallia. In this episode, you'll hear about the initial steps you need to do when joining an early stage company as the first marketer and how to handle having multiple customer personas - how to manage each one of them and how to look at them from a marketing perspective. You'll also learn the one phrase every marketer must make their mantra, key testing methodologies, how to make budget-driven decisions like Lissa does and finally, what needs to shift for marketers in 2019. Enjoy! Show Notes 02:37 A Platform For Data: A Single Source of Truth for All 04:57 First Full Time Marketing Person 05:33 Putting On Blinders: Finding New Customers and New Business 06:41 Competition and Differentiation 07:49 Finding The Right Customer Personas 11:28 Channels and Optimization 14:39 Using Guesstimations When Starting Out 18:05 The Testing Process 20:26 Testing Metric Guidelines 21:14 Tracking By Channel 21:47 Prioritization In Testing 22:46 Valuable Metrics For Marketers 24:12 Lessons Learned From Roadblocks 27:20 For 2019: Growing Traction and Key Partnerships 30:14 Lightning Questions
Meet Kristen Bryant who works in Partnerships & Production at Wistia - the leader in Brand Affinity Marketing for small and medium-sized businesses. In her role, Kristen leads Wistia’s partnership efforts and supports the creation, execution, and promotion of their long-form video series. In this episode, you'll find out about the new focus on brand affinity at Wistia and the evolution to get there. You'll hear the big lessons that their team learned from the docu-series One Ten One Hundred that has them going all-in on video content. You'll learn how they created and built the Brandwagon show, the metrics they're using to track its growth and all the steps to create a show specifically for building brand affinity at a B2B SaaS company. And finally, you'll hear about where video content is headed in the future. This is an incredible episode and you're absolutely going to love it! Notes: 03:35 Helping Businesses Turn Video Viewers Into Brand Advocates 05:20 Joining To Help Launching A New Product 08:10 What The Inception Of One Ten One Hundred Docu-Series Looked Like 13:30 How Brandwagon Was Born 17:50 Brand Affinity Marketing Metrics And A Webby Award 21:20 The Benefits Of Doing Landmark Content 23:35 Brainstorming Brand Affinity Marketing Campaigns 28:00 Lessons Learned And The Brand Affinity Marketing Playbook 30:50 Choosing The Right Format And Release Strategy 36:50 Exciting Things Through The End of Q4 39:00 Lightning Questions
Meet Keith Messick, the CMO at Dialpad, a business communications company. Previously, he served as the CMO at Lucidworks and also held senior leadership roles at Topsy (acquired by Apple), Get Satisfaction, and SuccessFactors. In this episode, you'll hear where Keith believes video and voice communication is headed in the modern B2B world and for modern companies. You'll learn how to win in a crowded marketplace with creativity and savvy, raising funds for marketing and its importance in today's age. Then you'll find out about the lessons learned by Keith during his tenure at Dialpad and how he works to avoid making big mistakes. And finally, you'll hear how SaaS marketing is changing and where it is headed in 2019. Keith is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience, and it really comes to show in this episode, enjoy! Notes: 02:55 The Big Opportunity and Challenge for Enterprise Communications In The Cloud 06:15 The Disappearance Of The Desk Phone 08:30 How To Stand Out In a Crowded Marketplace 11:20 Being More Creative Than Competitors: The Billboard Case 14:22 That Ridiculous Hold Music Everyone Still Remembers 16:40 Raising Money vs Bootstrapping 21:45 Artificial Intelligence And Smarter Calls 25:20 Creating Unique Experiences On High-value Calls With Voice intelligence 28:10 Lessons Learned: Managing Interpersonal Boundaries And Communications 33:20 Marketing Is Changing: Nothing Is Forever And You Need To Adapt 36:25 Lightning Questions
Meet Patrick Campbell, the Co-Founder and CEO of ProfitWell, the industry-standard software for helping companies like Atlassian, Autodesk, Meetup, and Lyft with their monetization (through Price Intelligently) and retention strategies. ProfitWell also provides a turnkey solution that powers the subscription financial metrics for over ten thousand subscription companies. In this episode, you'll learn about what every SaaS business needs to know about pricing, why pricing can be over complicated and the warning signs that you need to know to put more emphasis on it early. You'll hear about both the tactical and strategic elements to cure churn, running content like a media company for massive results and finally how to find that leverage in your team for maximum velocity. You're going to absolutely love this episode, lots of valuable tips, strategies and ideas. Notes: 03:30 Helping With The Hard Parts of Subscription Growth 04:35 It's About The Quickest Path to Learn Product Market Fit 08:40 Putting Together a Framework to Help People With Pricing 11:50 Monetization Is More Than Just The Number 15:05 Tactical Bits and Strategic Bits of Churn Reduction 19:45 SaaS Are Not Talking To Customers Enough 22:00 A Framework For Content Marketing 25:25 Leveraging Content 26:30 The Network Effects 28:30 Fighting Shiny Strategy Syndrome With Quarterly Sprint Cycles 31:15 Hard Lesson: Getting The People "In The Right Place" 34:10 Next: Launching The Network 36:30 Lightning Questions
Meet Carolyn Mumby the CEO of Eledecks which helps HR managers get their life back by decentralizing HR and enabling managers across the business. Carolyn founded it in 2004 and pivoted in 2016 to a SaaS model for customers to contract with via subscriptions. On this episode, you'll hear how Eledecks had to find a distribution channel when first starting out and how they did that by finding value added resellers or VARs and how they can be an insanely powerful marketing channel to lean on early. You'll learn how webinars and micro funnels will scale the referral process up and how you can implement them as well, how social proof may change the way businesses connect online and also about Carolyn and Eledecks' biggest marketing win after 14 years of running an online company. Carolyn is a regular listener of the SaaS breakthrough show and we discuss her favorite episode and what she has been implementing from it. It's an amazing, amazing episode. Show Notes: 02:33 Starting a Lifetime Ago 04:01 Helpline Pains and Customer Centric Growth 06:50 Growing With Value Added Resellers 09:38 Big Lesson Learned About Growth Through VARs 11:30 GDPR Gives A Break 13:42 Attracting and Incentivizing VARs 17:30 Helping and Controlling How VARs Sell Using Micro Sites 19:32 The Webinars' Strategy Learned Here On a Past Episode 23:48 KPIs, Asking The Tough Questions and Gamification 28:01 Developing The Buying Process For The Customer 28:40 Everyone On The Team Is Responsible For Marketing 29:33 Marketing Changes Coming Up: Social Proof 34:11 Lightning Questions
Meet Matt Stone, a marketing operations and demand generation veteran with experience in both transactional and enterprise sales cycles, currently with Gainsight, the leader in customer success software and #102 on the 2017 Inc. 5000. In this podcast episode we talk with Matt about Gainsight's amazing brand recognition, thought leadership, product evangelism, and how that was created to give the company so much traction. We also talk about how he runs the marketing operations' team and how he built a very, very powerful demand gen engine that brings in MQLs and easily translates them into SQLs, as well as what he sees happening in marketing in 2018. You are going to love this episode. Notes: 03:48 Customer Success Benchmark 04:45 The Periodic Table of Customer Success Elements 05:50 Growing Like Gang Busters 07:01 Coming In to Build a Traditional Demand Gen Engine 08:20 The Power Of Thought Leadership Across The Board 13:13 Speeding Up Demand Generation 18:31 Metrics Top And Down The Funnel 20:39 Converting MQLs Into SQLs 22:27 A Thoughtful Approach For A SDR Team 24:47 Marketing in 2018: More Personalization 27:30 Lightning Questions
Meet John Bonini, the Director of Marketing at Databox, a software company making performance insights more accessible to everyone. In this podcast episode, we learn how they just broke the 1 million ARR mark and go deep into how they use things like content marketing, using specialized systems like polling of user generated content to create amazing articles that have created a wave of traffic to their website, referral marketing using partners, and how they've been able to bring a Hubspot style agency model into their business to really push their growth in a great way. We also talk about the focus that they had to do as a younger company and what it meant for the marketing department. The key lesson is how they learned to stayed focused, but also created innovation inside of marketing systems. You'll love the honesty and the openness about the bootstrap journey. 02:51 Access Deeper Performance Insights Quickly 04:03 The Initial Beachhead Market 05:31 Crossing the 1 Million ARR Mark 06:32 Week One, Day One: Rebrand and Reposition 08:43 The Value Of Talking With Customers 11:08 Testing When You Have Low Website Traffic 14:11 Content Creation Using Surveys 17:08 Adding Content With A Podcast 18:27 Long Term vs Short Term Marketing Strategies 19:56 Continually Disrupt Your Way Of Doing Things 20:51 Innovating In Referrals And Co-marketing 25:17 Referral Marketing Strategies 29:21 Marketing In 2018: Continue To (Re)Invent 32:50 Lightning Questions
Meet Ahin Thomas, the VP of Marketing for Backblaze, an 11 year old player in the cloud storage space with the unique model of having both B2C and B2B and entrusted with 600 Petabytes of data from customers in more 160 countries. In this podcast episode, you'll hear what it's like to find positioning in a very crowded, competitive marketplace like cloud storage. You'll learn how company values can make or break your marketing and how they have to come from the top. You'll also learn how they make social work and what you need to do to get an actual ROI out of it, the KPIs that really makes sense for your marketing on a large scale all the way to the very nitty gritty campaigns, and how WWE can make you a better marketer! Show Notes: 02:05 600 Petabytes of Data 05:05 Scaling Up Challenges 07:20 What Systems Come First 08:47 Competing With Giants: Being Customer Focused 11:53 Helping Cut Through The Fog Of The Cloud 13:58 The ROI Of Transparency 15:44 Marketing Experiments: Social 18:58 Getting ROI From Social 24:10 Marketing KPIs 27:39 Wins In Marketing: Migrations From Competitor 29:50 Marketing In 2018: Staying Customer Focused 33:00 Marketing With Stories 35:13 Lightning Questions
Meet Kevan Lee, the Director of Marketing at Buffer, a social media management tool for brands, businesses, and marketers. In this podcast episode you'll hear the exact steps Kevan and his team took when they decided to pivot their blog's focus, how they set voice and tone in the content marketing and how they learned just how transformative that can be for marketing, for building a community and really getting the right people to look at your content. You'll find out about why content matters in 2018 specifically, and how they changed their blog to go from that 400,000 unique views to 1.5 million monthly uniques, which is one of the major, major traffic sources that they used to grow Buffer to the great company that it is. We also talk about which marketing experiments have worked, which failed, and where Kevan believes they are going in 2018 and beyond. 03:30 Why Working At Buffer Is Fun 04:53 From Content Writer to Director of Marketing In 4 Years 06:46 Pivoting The Entire Blog Focus To Social Media 09:44 Brand: Voice and Tone in Content 14:23 Social Media Marketing: Shifting From Pure ROI Channel to Engagement Channel 14:35 Big Marketing Wins: User Generated Content, Partnerships and Product 15:58 The Product Hunt Launch Matrix 16:54 Factors When Choosing Partnerships 18:13 Lessons Learned From Failed Marketing Experiments 20:39 Squads and KPIs 22:10 Optimizing The Acquisition Funnels 24:06 2018 Marketing: Becoming a Multiproduct Platform Buffer and An Engineer For Marketing 26:13 Beating Overwhelm With Marketing Priority Frameworks 28:55 Lightning Questions
In this episode, you'll hear how Rippling is becoming the Salesforce of HR operations and the lessons that Matt learned and brought from Zenefits to Rippling.You'll learn about creating messaging for a wide product that works for any business and Matt's strategy to do that, the process behind their creative campaigns, and how to come up with something truly unique for a new marketing experiment.And finally, you'll hear about the core cultural DNA you need your company to have to push yourself to experiment faster and fail more often. An incredible episode, enjoy!Notes:- 03:00 First Way For Businesses To Manage And Automate Everything That Touches The Employee- 06:00 Lessons Learned At Previous Fast-Growing SaaS- 07:55 The Mistake Of Having A Growth-at-all-cost Attitude- 10:15 A Stack Ranking System To Decide Where To Put Your Focus- 13:00 Finding The Message That Works When You Have A Product That Is Everything To Everyone- 18:10 Using The Language Each Audience Uses- 18:55 The Process To Come Up With Creative Campaigns That Cause Abnormal Growth- 22:45 The Pizza Box And The Billboard Campaign- 28:05 Using Creativity To Get An Interview For A Job With Google- 30:00 KPIs For Creative Campaigns- 33:10 Having An Organization That Is Able To Adapt On The Fly And Move At Lightning Speed- 38:05 Lightning Questions
Meet Jason Bay, the Chief Revenue Officer at Blissful Prospecting, where they help sales teams remove the mystery of what to say in their outbound calls and emails. In today's episode, you'll learn how Jason does not believe that prospecting is just a numbers game or that it has to suck. You'll hear about the outbound strategy that he created to become a sought after resource for SaaS teams and the critical cross-department strategies to streamline messaging and communication. Then you'll learn Jason's REPLY method and hear how he breaks down some examples of good and bad outbound campaigns to showcase how you can effectively write campaigns for response rates. And finally, you'll hear about the key KPI benchmarks you should always shoot for. This episode is a little bit longer because is FULL of examples and actionable information. Enjoy! Notes: 03:30 Growing Outbound Sales 07:15 The Three Buckets Of Outbound For SaaS 12:00 The Problems In Cross Department Communication In SaaS 16:00 Two Practical Ways to Improve Cross Department Communication 19:00 The Right Mindset For An Outbound Campaign 20:10 A Framework For Approaching Messaging: The REPLY Method 22:00 The Balance Between Automation and Customization 23:50 A Testing Strategy 31:25 The Little Hack To Make Your Emails Shorter 34:00 Analysis Of A Bad Outreach Email Example 36:00 Analysis Of A Good Outreach Email Example 39:30 When To Choose Automation Vs Personalization 41:50 KPIs and Benchmarks 44:00 Lack of Empathy Is The biggest Missed Opportunity 44:55 2020 and Beyond: Outbound 3.0 46:50 Lightning Questions
Meet Pia Riquelme, the Head of Global Marketing at Talkpush, the first Conversational Recruitment Platform for high-volume hiring companies. In this episode, you'll hear how Talkpush found their perfect product-market fit with enterprise volume hiring companies. We don't often have in the podcast the bigger companies that are doing enterprise sales, so this is an interesting new conversation. You'll learn the brand questions you need your team to review when looking at strategic branding and brand positioning, how you craft thought leadership and a strategic brand position for long term sales cycles, what that actually means, what it looks like for their dedicated ABM team and the constant organization they create to nurture enterprise clients. And finally, you'll hear about how small events can become global thought leadership growth hacks. Enjoy! Notes: 03:00 Using AI Powered Bots to Automate Screening on High Volume Recruitment 06:50 Coming in to Help With Branding and Messaging 08:50 The Internal Benefits of Having a Brand Message Unified 10:12 Words Are Really Nice But You Have to Deliver Value 12:30 The Importance of the Research Phase With Bigger Enterprise Clients 15:00 Adding Value to Every Single Decision Maker 16:15 Case Studies: Tell the Story Behind the Numbers 18:15 The Recruitment Hacker Series 20:00 Creating an Event Manual for Worldwide Events 23:00 Product Feedback From an Advisory Board with Current Customer 24:00 Using PR to Strengthen Brand Perception 27:40 Bootstrapping: Decisions Have to Be Very Data-Oriented 30:30 The Balance Between Taking Chances and Pulling Back 31:55 Making Recruitment More Conversational and Easier for Everyone 34:20 Lightning Questions
Welcome to a special episode of the SaaS Breakthrough podcast. As 2020 reveals itself to be full of surprises, challenges, also new opportunities, we felt it would be helpful to collect the top marketing insights we heard so far from our amazing guests to help you with SaaS marketing in these uncertain times. We collected the best marketing advice for challenging times given by 19 incredible SaaS marketers that we’ve been lucky enough to host on the podcast. Hear from: Micah Rowland at Fountain Aazar Ali Shad at UserPilot Pulkit Agrawal at Chameleon Aaron Krall at SaaS Growth Hacks Ahin Thomas at Backblaze Andy Baldacci at Groove Sid Bharath Keith Messick at Dialpad Theresa O’Neil at Showpad Sophie Steffen at TravelPerk Jake Braly at Highspot Adam Ruhland at Hubstaff Tasks Pinja Virtanen at Advance B2B Kasey Bayne at Olark David Ly Khim at HubSpot Adrian Maynard at Refersion Bob Sparkins at Leadpages Hailey Friedman at Improvado Aashish Dhamdhere at Skilljar Enjoy!
Meet Marcus Svensson the Head of Growth at Albacross, a software that makes B2B lead generation easier. Marcus has a background in mathematics and previously founded Marketplace Startup. In this episode, you'll hear about Albacross’s journey to create the best free lead generation tool ever and the marketing pivot that took them from a free tool into a paid tool. You'll learn the marketing lessons from a freemium model and then from a paid model, and the transition that was necessary to get there. And finally, you'll learn Albacross’s secrets to maximizing your results with lead generation. Enjoy! Notes: 02:50 Focusing On Making B2B Lead Generation Easier 06:05 The Story Behind Joining The Company 08:20 The Evolution Of The ICP 11:20 Swapping From Free To A Paid Model 13:10 Doing Facebook Advertising 16:55 The Importance Of Setting Up Processes For Growth 18:35 Making The Decision To Focus On Content Marketing 19:55 Content Promotion Strategies 21:45 Link Building Tactics 22:20 The Lead Estimator Tool 24:00 Lead Qualification Processes 27:30 Leveraging The Albacross Tool For Personalization 29:20 Insights About Page Usage And Segmentation 31:20 Hard Lesson: Proper Planning For Lead Growth 32:50 Exciting Things Coming Next 34:45 Lightning Questions
Meet Michael Brown the CEO and founder of nDash, a content creation platform backed by the world's top writers. In this episode, you'll hear how nDash evolved from Mike's freelancing business to a thriving SaaS company. You'll learn about the priority process of marketing to users and consumers at the same time, even when bootstrapped, the referral strategies that attracted great writers to the nDash writing team and the marketing language required to attract the right agencies and businesses. And finally, you'll learn what's next for nDash looking into 2020. Enjoy! Notes: 02:45 Helping Agencies And Companies Scale The Written Content Creation Process 03:45 Pivoting From Agency To SaaS 04:30 Leveraging Early Business' Data To Find The Right Direction To Launch The SaaS 05:45 Knowing The Use Case You're Going After 08:15 Marketing To Writers By Creating a Platform That Empowers Them More Than Elsewhere 11:15 Creating Education Content To Help Users As They Signed Up 13:20 Adding a Referral System As Part of The MVP 15:00 Marketing To Agencies Using The HubSpot Ecosystem And LinkedIn 19:55 Should Be Paying Very Little For Software But Paying a Lot For Content 21:45 Writing Strategies: Author Authority And Answering Audience's Questions 26:50 Product Emails Personalized To User Activity On The Platform 29:40 Hard Lessons: Launching a MVP Way Too Robust 32:20 Next: Getting a Little Bit More Data-driven On The Marketing Side 35:00 Lightning Questions
Meet Jake Braly, the VP of Marketing at Highspot. Jake is responsible for market development and global growth. Highspot is a sales enablement solution loved by sales reps. Previously, Jake led product marketing and go-to-market strategy for Apptio’s top grossing products through to its successful IPO. In this episode, you'll learn why understanding market awareness is essential for the perfect product-market fit. Jake also tells us how to use your own product to showcase results and get great product innovation ideas. You'll hear how a combination of Account Based Marketing and direct mail has produced amazing results for Highspot. We go into detail about how they create powerful call to actions with those direct mail campaigns. Finally, you'll find out how marketing is evolving for Highspot in a competitive and changing marketplace, and what's their focus for the rest of the year. Enjoy! Show Notes 02:44 A Sales Enablement Solution that Sales Reps Love 04:03 Awareness and Rapid Maturing Market 06:06 Built with The Seller's Experience in Mind 07:32 Evolving the Messaging and Positioning 11:41 Creating An Urgency Factor 14:01 Leveraging Own Platform to Make Informed Marketing Decisions 16:20 Organic Channels and Personalization Via Direct Mail 20:42 Direct Mail CTAs 22:59 Experimenting: Prioritize on A Continuous Basis 24:04 Kanban Boards, Objectives and KPIs 27:14 Next in 2018: More Testing, Extending and Amplifying Thought Leadership 29:01 Running the Largest Sales Enablement Industry Event in the World 30:01 Lightning Questions
Meet Ronii Bartles, the Director of Marketing at VROOMRes where she leads overall branding, marketing planning, and strategy. Her strong background in consumer behavior research gives VROOMRes an edge on understanding its customers to meet organizational goals. In this episode, you'll learn about the critical things that you need to think about when starting an early stage SaaS company in a crowded and competitive marketplace and the long term and the marketing choices VROOMRes had to make. You'll hear about the SEO strategies that have produced direct ROI to their business and how they are using Instagram to reach a unique customer persona for their business, outside of their primary persona, to generate MQL's. Finally, you'll find out about the really exciting things coming up for this company in the next few months. Ronii brought a ton of great energy and enthusiasm and we go through a ton of great information. It's a really cool conversation to hear! Notes 03:12 Joining From The Start 04:53 Founder's Vision: Marketing From Day One 06:08 Classic Mistake: Software Developing Takes Longer Than Expected 07:24 First Step: Early Conversations With Customers 09:12 Early On Strategy: Heavy Content Creation Based On SEO 10:50 Finding Out About The Name Problem 11:47 Research for Rebranding 14:09 Finding The New Name 16:08 Seeing Results From SEO 18:11 The SEO Strategy 21:01 The Instagram B2B Strategy 23:52 KPIs 27:35 Biggest Win: Proving Branding Message 29:20 The Power of Focusing on One CTA 30:23 Coming Soon in 2018 32:16 The Numbers So Far 33:13 Lightning Round Questions
Meet Ty Magnin the Director of Marketing at Appcues. In this podcast episode you'll hear how Ty uses brand as a primary differentiator and than doubled down on content marketing early to grow Appcues (which is now at $8M in ARR). We also go over how they create a solid UX based on honest feedback from their drunk users testing events and the importance of their User Onboarding Academy. Find out also which the right moment to start hiring a marketing team. 03:40 How Ty Went From User To Team Member 06:31 Doubling Down on Content Marketing 07:59 An Acquisition Approach 10:16 Results Focused and KPIs Evolution 11:48 Laser Focus to Umbrella Expansion 13:49 Challenges Of An Evolving Brand 15:16 Segmented Sales 16:17 Drunk User Testing 19:00 Big Win: Building a Team 20:19 The Right Moment To Start Hiring a Marketing Team 22:52 Product Market Fit and Scaling 23:50 Bottom Up Focus Strategy 24:15 Lightning Questions
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