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Joe Ingram explains Questions are they good or bad?

Released Thursday, 16th September 2021
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Closed questions

Useful for: warming up group discussions, getting a quick answer

Open questions

Useful for: critical or creative discussion, finding out more information about a person or subject

Probing questions

Useful for: seeing the bigger picture, encouraging a reluctant speaker to tell you more information, and avoiding misunderstandings

Leading questions

Useful for: building positive discussions, closing a sale, steering a conversation towards an outcome that serves your interest

Loaded questions

Useful for: discovering facts about someone who would otherwise be reluctant to offer up the information

Funnel questions

As with a funnel, these questions begin broadly before narrowing to a specific point — or vice versa.

Recall and process questions

Useful for: encouraging critical thought and in-depth evaluation of a subject in tests, interviews or discussions

Rhetorical questions

Useful for: persuading people, building engagement

A word on tone


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