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In today’s episode, you hear Tina’s own compelling story about how she took her life from sucky to sassy.  She has battled Obsessive Compulsive Disorder her entire life but she didn’t let it get the best of her.  She offers help and guidance to
Today’s episode is dedicated to the love of Jen’s life, Stanley.  Sadly, he passed on Feb 16, 2018.  Jen is absolutely crushed and heartbroken.  Before his passing, she turned to pet psychic, Terri Jay.  She’s a psychic and medium but prefers t
Have you ever received a note from a deceased friend? Jen has.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss one.  Now there’s something to meditate on.  Today’s Sucky to Sassy guest is Heather LeRoss.  She is an author, wr
Jen & Tina’s grandfather was a close and personal friend of Jim Beam.  In fact, their mom grew up in Jim Beam’s house in Kentucky.  Pass the bourbon!  Today’s episode is all about Jen & Tina’s mom.  She led a peaceful life of music, guitars, an
Do you really know what it’s like to grow up in a cult?  Jen and Tina sure do.  Well, no they don’t.  In fact, they know nothing about it at all.  BUT, today’s guest, Aideen Finnola, actually grew up in a cult and has a fascinating story to tel
Low fat, gluten free, no carb, red juices, bananas and milk.  Wait.  Bananas and milk?  In this episode, Jen and Tina try to make sense of the wide, wide world of dieting.  Pass the Hot Tamales, please!  Our guest is Tracee Gluhaich, an integra
A Christian mime, a porn star, and a bloody murder scene – Tina’s real life true crime story.  Wait, did we say ‘mime’?  Yes.  We did.  Today’s Sucky to Sassy caller is Kelley Wolfe.  She went from corporate hell to a life of serenity with life
Tina was a slob in college, and Jen was forced to use the bathtub as a toilet.  Throw in some cockroaches, a very aggressive plant, and a stoned dude with tampons up his nose, and you have today’s episode.  The caller is John from Colorado.  He
We’ve all had our embarrassing moments.  Some more so than others.  Tina gives new meaning to Baby Got Back, and Jen is thrown into the theatrical spotlight with nothing but a Peter Pan costume and a brain swimming with rhymes.  Boy, we could r
HHHEEERRREEE comes Cute Thing!!!  Yes, Tina & Jen’s father makes his official debut!  He talks about his years as a school principal which includes a story about “the boy in the box” and a parent who used the alias “Elvira”. He also talks about
Pet peeve:  Something that is a bit annoying to some people but is very annoying or upsetting to others.  We all have them, right?  Take sneezing, for example.   A sneeze can produce 40,000 droplets and travel 5 miles.  And if you sneeze around
Embarrassingly, Jen & Tina literally know nothing about farming even though they grew up in Iowa.  Or is it Idaho?  Or Ohio?    Doesn’t matter.  They’re all the same, right? What they don’t know about growing veggies, however, they sure make up
What do you get when you cross one pregnant sister (Tina) with another sister who just came out of the closet (Jen)?  An accidental marriage between Jen and Tina’s baby daddy.   No, this isn’t the latest episode of Teen Mom.  It’s Jen and Tina’
Christmas is the happiest time of the year.  Unless, of course, Santa doesn’t love you anymore.  But, there’s never a shortage of gifts since Tina knows her way around a phone book and a department store customer service.  Who needs Santa, anyw
Everyone has a vacation disaster story, right?  But this one could win top award.  Jen may have thought it a good idea to buy her parents a cruise for Christmas, but things take a sour turn mid-cruise.  A night of martinis and karaoke led to li
Tina may have hula hooped her way through Hooters back in the 90’s, but she was no push over.  Have you ever been confronted in the parking lot by your wait staff?  No?  That’s strange.  And Jen has had some nutty experiences working at Perkins
Has anyone ever told you that you have a big head?  Today’s podcast will bring a whole new meaning to that phrase, and it will be accompanied by a visual that you will never forget.  Sorry about that.  Oh, and then there’s the story about the n
Jen and Tina are clearly more than just sisters.  They are the real-life Wonder Twins.  Activate!  Shape of:  an eyeball. They’ve had some strange synchronicities throughout their sisterhood, and no one can stop the magic between them.  Not eve
Tina and Jen have nothing for Vegas, so they’re packing up their coffee pot and gettin’ outta there.  BUT, it wasn’t a total loss.  The lip synching phenomenon, Britney, and the sisters’ lumberjack seatmate really saved the day, jazz hands and
You think Tina had bad luck in the dating department (see Episode 5)?  Well, Jen has been to hell and back with not one, not two, but THREE stalkers over the years.  Crazy, right?  After listening to this episode, you’ll be sure to learn what N
Well, wouldn’t you know that of all of the eligible teenagers in 1987, Tina would settle on a real weasel.  But, who could resist an Iroc Z?  Buckle your seatbelt for this drag race to the finish line.  You’ll be lucky to get there alive.  Toda
What is the true meaning behind Halloween?  Jen and Tina certainly don’t know.  BUT they do love a good ghost story.  And their cousin, Kari, does not disappoint.  Moving objects, an airborne pup, and a growling demon with an affinity for fresh
Despite their lack of enthusiasm for gambling, or shopping, or anything Vegas, the sisters are headed to Sin City in November to see Britney Spears.  In the meantime, they can’t help but reflect on some of their more memorable vacations togethe
Just a few of the things Jen and Tina touch on in this episode are The Brady Bunch, cherry pie (hold the cherries), failed tap dance lessons, cataracts, and talking Dothraki. Oh, and we can’t forget Jason Bateman.  Theme of the episode, you ask
Forty-something sisters, Jen and Tina, may have just turned a year older, but a tragic birthday party memory soon leads the way to stories of sisterhood childhood antics that are far from exemplary.  And, clearly, Tina has never been to the Ham
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