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It’s a total eclipse of my heart on this week’s episode. We discuss eclipse mania and burning out your damned eyes, respecting animals you eat, doing some sweaty putt-putt and go-kart racing. Plus we talk about the classic movie ‘Never Ending Story’, taking about ‘bins’ and ‘sick’ in tents with English Paul, we talk about our subreddit (/r/saveitfortheshow), I regret never being a ‘best man’ in a wedding, VR Porn and old-school Jenna Jameson porn, my wife is a terrible cook and more!
I’m fasting and out of my mind! Eddie’s dad sits in briefly to talk about Mayweather/MacGregor and Beep Ribs! Plus I have a weird run-in with a cop, kids in high school are sad, my son’s school is accidentally racist, shoutout to and Taylor Swift’s new song stinks (and her UPS partnership is complete crap). Plus lots of great bachelor party stories (strippers, squirting, passing out, etc.), softcore porn and shoutout to, I was on this week to talk about Game of Thrones. Make sure you hit up our subreddit at and
Well, here we are. The end of the road. It’s our final show and you are going to love it. Don’t worry - the majority is a normal show! We talk about rituals, the Fyre docs, Monster Jam and lots more. Plus of course we reflect on the show, what it’s meant to us, read lots of listener mail, voicemails and more. And even though the show is ending, we aren’t gone forever. The show will live on, the website will stay online and you can always email us - - or hit me on It’s been real guys. Thanks to you all for the support all these years. When we do something new, you’ll hear about it here first. See you soon!
Brace yourself! It’s our second to last show ever, and it’s an absolute doozie! We talk awful christmas presents and how toys have become science projects for parents or mini, fake unboxing bullshit for children. Plus awful ‘freemium’ games, my take on ‘Birdbox’, representation in movies (and why it matters), I have an ‘accident’ on an airplane, I find a new porn category and get busted, internet randos in the comment section and so much more. In two weeks we are recording what will be our last show (ever?). I want it to have as much listener and fan content as possible, so now’s your very last chance to send us that email or fire in that voicemail. Give us your good wishes, your good vibes, anything. Thank you! or @siftshow on Twitter.
Well, I sure hope you are enjoying your holiday! For this week's show I ramble for 10 minutes about the holiday, discuss the news from our last episode about quitting the show, how to keep tabs on us in the future and more. Then kick back, relax and enjoy a fan favorite Episode 87 'Tender Bones' from March 2014. We'll see you in January. Be sure to tell all your friends you see during the holidays to listen. If the show gets enough new listeners, the orphanage will be saved! ------- Classic show notes: Eddie and I plan our 100th show and play around with our advertising a bit, I give a #tugitfortheshow update, talk about some good/bad Mormon videos for kids about bullying and masturbating, my thoughts on SXSW and the drunkfest it is, my sardine experience and how to eat chicken wings. Plus Eddie tells an epic Church’s chicken story, hobo/coed porn, my conservative political handyman, a woman wanting me to beat her kids, we try out some show SFX, daylight savings time, watching the original Wizard of Oz, playing mini golf and MegaStuf Oreos.
Holidays are in full force and we are feeling the spirit. We talk about me going to see Metallica and Jim Bruer, plus parade pooping, watching porn at Starbucks, choking during sex, karaoke, Eddie gets an accidentally racist smog check, Kevin Hart is an idiot, I get tricked by a hacker, fantasy football update, getting free food from companies and some major show news and an update for you guys. Thanks for listening. Classic show is up next for the holidays. See you guys in January.
The world's most relatable podcasts asks all the big questions like 'how do you wipe?' Plus I have a run-in with a hotel maid, a man dances with my wife, I act like an asshole on an red-eye flight and I get super bladder shy. And then I creep out Antoni from Queer Eye! Someone uses our merchandise as sex-cleanup! Being shamed for using a vibrator! Holy smokes. So many exclamation points. What a show. Tell a friend.
Relatable! I go see "Bohemian Rhapsody" with my wife and pull a dick move and (sorta) break the law. Plus comments on porno websites, I describe our best advice for holiday gift giving (Want, Need, Wear, Read), racist halloween costumes, a guy eating a banana slug, wondering when we’ll get cancer, Filipino music and so much more. Dig it.
We had a blast on the show this week talking about drugs, drinking, privacy, conspiracy theories and more. I go camping and ‘over do it’ on a bunch of levels (including a big accident), we discuss my dad’s “horn levels”, fantasize about the powerball lotto, ponder what makes our show special and a whole lot more. If you enjoy the show, leave us a review, tell a friend, eat some candy corn!
My wife goes on a ‘girls’ trip’ and I’m Mr. Mom for nearly a week! I’m a freaking hero! We discuss that plus how it’s 100% NOT a scary time out there for young men, I go deep and break down an Al B. Sure song, watching porn on a mobile phone, how cool ‘Screentime’ is on iOS, some tweets from Dan you might have missed, we talk about ‘pecker tracks’ what is a ‘number three’ and much more!
The world might be ending but your favorite podcast is here for you! We talk about the president’s mushroom wang, I get a new cat (her name is Lollie) and she’s full of maladies (which leads to us concepting a brilliant business you can steal), Eddie and I both have embarrassing and potentially ruinous experiences at home, I get into it on the train with someone (he started it), we discuss American candy, wearing hats, stolen valor and so much more. Hit up with your questions. Thanks again for listening! Tell a friend. Shoutout to as well.
Very exciting show! I go see Bill Burr do standup and it’s great. I break that whole thing down plus we talk about urinal etiquette (including how to properly pee), Kanye West creative directing the YouPorn awards, pet scams online, shout out to the podcast “Things We Hate with Amanda and Daniel”, plus “Tweets From Dan You Might Have Missed," some Fantasy Football tips from our friend Josh and people love wanking in front of English Paul.  Hit up with your questions. Thanks again for listening! Tell a friend. Shoutout to as well.
I start meditating and can’t stop talking about how much I love it and how it’s having all sorts of great side effects for my life. Plus I offer a blistering hot take on John Mccain, talk about my vacation to Seattle and Idaho, a little Fantasy Football, voicemails, questions and Hit up with your own questions. Thanks again for listening! Tell a friend. Shoutout to as well.
It’s our 300th show extravaganza! We share lots of listener voicemails, questions and so much more. We discuss how much the show means to us plus our favorite moments and the future of the show. If you sent us a voicemail or a question that we didn’t play, fear not! We received so many good ones, we’re going to continue playing them for the next couple episodes. So keep them coming - Also - if you want to play in the 3rd annual Siftshow Fantasy Football League, make sure to email us asap: Thanks again for listening! Tell a friend. Shoutout to as well.
As we near our 300th episode, we're getting a lot of emails and voicemails, and wanted to make sure people had extra time to send us their thoughts. So for this week's show, check out a repeat of our classic 100th episode. It's full of fun clips from some of our fave episodes, including Al B. Sure, Dan ‘The Beast’ Severin, the ‘Drunk Show’, my favorite clip of my dad and lots more. We'll be back on August 16th with our 300th episode, so be sure to get us in your notes a few days before that.  -------- Original show notes: 100th episode! Lots of behind the scenes info on our process, how we make the show, plus an oral history where we break down a bunch of clips from the past two years and our favorite and noteworthy episodes. We also answer a bunch of listener questions including what’s next for the show, where the t-shirts are and more. A huge and hearty thanks to you for listening to the show and your support. Share it with a friend.
As we prepare for the 300th episode, we urge all of you to send us in your questions, voicemails, everything. Let’s have an extravaganza! This week we talk about the achievement of doing 300 shows, pooping your pants in public, staring at a breast feeding woman, we go deep about our plans to get vasectomies, there’s an SOS emergency on the Next Door App and lots more. Go to or email us at with what's on your mind!
It’s a holiday week so we are in a great mood and it shows! We talk about being on business travel (including working out in a hotel gym and terrifying someone), we ponder why on earth anyone would ever be a professional legal judge, a strip club story of a very unique dancer, being a struggling female country star, if the movie “Big” holds up, special shout out to our people (except one guy), getting a plea deal for being on ‘To Catch a Predator’ and so much more. We go down some rabbit holes on this one. Thanks for listening. Tell a friend on a road trip to listen to the show!
Father’s Day came and went, and Eddie and I are feeling the love. We discuss the fun and silly things we did. Plus we discuss Anthony Bourdain, hanging yourself, returning things to the store, selling drugs, Kim Jong Un’s poops, talking to your partner about trying ‘butt stuff’, choosing/regretting to get married and so much more. Thanks for listening!
NEW SHOW! Your boys are back in town and absolutely rocking it. Feels great to be back in the hot seat making jokes and telling stories. We talk about Eddie’s new baby (including umbilical cords, sex, being in heaven and watching people crank one out etc.), I have a ‘bird’ experience in Home Depot, a huge ‘live photo’ mishap, buying a diamond and a ton more stuff. Biggest change after a month off? Nothing. We are refreshed and happy, but we are going to move to a bi-weekly schedule. Keep the questions and comments coming: We love you.
In our last classic show before Eddie and I return for a brand new episode next week, we go WAY back to March of 2013 when the show was just starting out. This is a fun one, and a bit of a turning point for the show, because it was one of the first episodes where I shared a personal and gross story that has become the hallmark of what we do. Which of course we have leaned into and that's now our bag. Thanks again for hanging in there during our vacation! We can't wait to get back in action next week. ------ Classic show notes: I loved this show. Eddie and I talk eating placenta, Paul Rudd, March Madness, “Team Moms”, I pick up a “Felt Rose”, my son getting the game ball, Will Sasso on Vine, Nathan for You, a new segment “What’s Getting Your Goat” and more.
Nothing like seeing what your parents are working with downstairs! For this week's classic episode I dig back to episode #126 - Dad Dick from January of 2015. It's a really fun one, I know you'll dig it.  ------------ Classic notes: One of my most favorite shows yet. Tons of funny in this one. Eddie and I discuss holiday drinking, he’s doing “Biggest Loser” at work, my father-in-law gifted me deodorant, I saw my dad’s dick (spoiler: it was pretty big), Eddie and I play Lazer Tag and bully a bunch of kids, I describe a “Bubbie Butt”, I give an update on my “yeard” (a beard I’m growing for an entire year), I share a filthy story about my dog and the toilet, our new sponsor “Nature Box”, I discuss my newfound enjoyment of “ASMR” and how it lead to a poor buying decision for my wife and more!
Digging out one of my favorite interviews from the past! This one is from Feb of 2014 and has me talking to Jon Hendren (notorious as @fart on Twitter) about all sorts of things. As we move through our month of May vacation, I thought some of you new listeners might enjoy an older interview episode. This show brought on a bunch of new fans, and was our most popular interview. Maybe we start having guests again? Let me know your thoughts. Enjoy and if you are a fan of Jon's and new to the show, thanks for checking us out. --------- Classic show notes: Jon Hendren (@fart) joins the show for lots of twitter talk including his own process, how badly brands use it and ‘weird twitter,’ Something Awful, how Jon finds the strangest shit on the internet, Aaron Carter’s horny level, Smashmouth, how he eats lots of sardines and some cat chat. Also we discuss my Tea Party Handyman, True Detective, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, our favorite TGIF show, the movie RAD and more.
Rejoice! Eddie had his kid! And baby Remy and his wife are doing just lovely. While Eddie is on paternity leave, the show is going to take a breather for the month of May as well. I am going to post some classic shows, maybe some solo bits, etc. But we're going to use this time to recharge our batteries and consider the direction of the show. It's been nearly 6 years and 300 episodes! And it's time to make sure we are as proud and as happy with what we're doing as ever. I urge you (whether you've been listening for 3 days or 3 years) to reach out to us. Let me know what you like about the show and what you don't what you wish we did more of, etc. Thanks for your support and listening! / ------------------ Classic show notes: New show about my daughter Quinn’s birth, and all the fun, weird stuff that happened at the hospital. Plus I begin my quest to start a feud with local awful radio personalities Rob, Arnie and Dawn.
Eddie’s lovely wife is going to have a baby any day! We talk about that, giving birth and more. Plus a little on the Boy Scouts, Kanye West, and a huge fajita scam that blows my mind. A listener has some serious accusations against me and we get an update from our tea friend Geoff. It's a fun one, thanks for listening.
Eddie and I discuss how our show is super relatable to everyone! And what would happen if one day it wasn’t because we were famous and had a butler. I’m back on keto and pissed about it. Plus avoiding a sunburn and the three ways a man can go swimming, being a dad with a sport cart, I teach my kid some new bad words, some great voicemails, re-stealing your own property, pee stream logic, being an RA in a dorm is weird, why reading books is cool and oh so much more.
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