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Ep256 - Putt Putt
It’s a total eclipse of my heart on this week’s episode. We discuss eclipse mania and burning out your damned eyes, respecting animals you eat, doing some sweaty putt-putt and go-kart racing. Plus we talk about the classic movie ‘Never Ending Story’, taking about ‘bins’ and ‘sick’ in tents with English Paul, we talk about our subreddit (/r/saveitfortheshow), I regret never being a ‘best man’ in a wedding, VR Porn and old-school Jenna Jameson porn, my wife is a terrible cook and more!
Ep257 - Heaven's Kiss
I’m fasting and out of my mind! Eddie’s dad sits in briefly to talk about Mayweather/MacGregor and Beep Ribs! Plus I have a weird run-in with a cop, kids in high school are sad, my son’s school is accidentally racist, shoutout to and Taylor Swift’s new song stinks (and her UPS partnership is complete crap). Plus lots of great bachelor party stories (strippers, squirting, passing out, etc.), softcore porn and shoutout to, I was on this week to talk about Game of Thrones. Make sure you hit up our subreddit at and
Ep279 - Chaos Meal
Eddie is colorblind. Which is the worst. We discuss that plus smoking cigarettes out of the long filter stick things. I have a harrowing late-night text experience including what it’s like being drunk on social media (not me, no way!). Eddie tells a great story about putting himself and his passions on full display at work. We also discuss ‘deep fake’ porn, the ridiculous ‘Lady Doritos’ (I have some great alternatives I bring up) and some Super Bowl and advertising chats. Send us in your Valentine’s Day stories and birthday wishes for me! Special shoutout to Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch us live stream the show: And check out for info on merch, Patreon and more.
Ep106 - Nooner
Eddie and I discuss last week’s show with Ben (snowballing), lots of talk about nooners and married sex, Eddie’s Tahoe vacation, the red light district in Amsterdam, @dogboner’s run-in with Neil deGrasse Tyson, new segment “Is That Weird?”, little bit of Robin Williams talk (including my fantasy of meeting him), Eddie invents “fireballing” and is mistaken as Mexican by our in-laws.
Ep102 - #FunDad
Solo show! Fourth of July recap including fruit pizza, a run-in with my drunk neighbor, my kids’ obsession with fireworks, my new ‘sponsor’ Fireball, shoutout to our Canadian and Australian listeners, my take on Robin Thicke, breastfeed shaming in public, some good/bad user feedback (including almost making a car crash) and more.
Ep101 - Daddy Daughter Elevator Love
J-Wunder from is back for more fun. We talk about his awful night out including shitting himself, unintentional porno, embarrassing miss-texts, my supplements having crystal meth in it and I get the world’s worst haircut. Plus lots of questions from J’s fans - like when it’s the right time to talk to your kids about masturbating (and what to say and how to do it), about the awful people on Facebook, if a “thigh gap” is hot (and “Big Johnson” shirts), what’s the oldest/youngest age girl you’d get with and how a short guy can score tall girls. Plus my newfound love of Fireball. I’m ready for you Fireball. You can become the official booze of Save It For the Show. Let's do this.
Ep100 - Special 100th Episode
100th episode! Lots of behind the scenes info on our process, how we make the show, plus an oral history where we break down a bunch of clips from the past two years and our favorite and noteworthy episodes. (Check out for a full listing of all the clips we mention). We also answer a bunch of listener questions including what’s next for the show, where the t-shirts are and more. A huge and hearty thanks to you for listening to the show and your support. Share it with a friend.
Ep90 - John Papageorgiou
Fellow podcaster John Papageorgiou from “In Papa’s Basement” joins the show today and we talk about why we podcast, how it’s a tough gig and why Apple/iTunes sucks, our shared love of “Don & Mike”, using Reddit and getting made fun of for our names. Plus I talk about a confrontation I have with a crazy lady on my street, the James Franco Instagram ‘scandal,’ John taking Propecia and going bald in general, Adam Carolla’s sad crusade for money plus more.
Ep85 - Jon Hendren
Jon Hendren (@fart) joins the show for lots of twitter talk including his own process, how badly brands use it and ‘weird twitter,' Something Awful, how Jon finds the strangest shit on the internet, Aaron Carter’s horny level, Smashmouth, how he eats lots of sardines and some cat chat. Also we discuss my Tea Party Handyman, True Detective, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, our favorite TGIF show, the movie RAD and more.
Ep81 - Mike Drucker
Mike Drucker, staff writer for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, joins to talk about writing for SNL, the inspiration behind his tweets (including the crushing despair), classically awful video games, me being a video-game-dad, and lots of behind the scenes talk about what it’s like to write for Jimmy Fallon. Plus The Meta-Barons, Broad City and my thoughts on the Squarespace logo creator controversy.
Ep79 - MC Paul Barman
MC Paul Barman comes on the show to talk about how he got into hip hop, working with Prince Paul, finding his voice, doing music for kids, being a ‘stingy musician’ and what’s up next for him (including working with Questlove, Michel Gondry and more). We also get into the artistic process, what it’s like being pigeon holed as a “jewish rapper,” blue raspberry Blow Pops, using a fountain pen and more.
Ep75 - Blueberry Fingers
JT Kelley is back to regale us with his Austin adventures. We talk weather, working at a dog hotel, standup, adderrall, his new Facebook mom crush, Silk Road and the ‘dark web,’ plus his methhead roomie, my dating viability, my love of egg nog & hatred of the Anchorman hype, Eddie’s racist encounter and “blueberry fingers,” Elf on the Shelf, us becoming our parents and JT turning 21. Love you.
Ep63 - Drunk Show 2013
Eddie and I get painfully and completely over-the-top blackout drunk in what has to be one of the most rambling, awkward and incoherent podcasts ever made. It was excruciating and embarrassing to edit, so if you make it through this show, you're a true fan and we salute you. Regular show returns next week!
Ep194 - Nose Wax
Eddie and I go to a country western block party! Lots of fun stories from that. Plus our take on the Cincinnati gorilla shooting, we discuss our first porns (what was yours?), some reviews, some questions, masturbation as a hangover cure and lots more! Major shout out to our people. We love ya.
Ep181 - Hitler Dick
Do we bid farewell to Al B. Sure once and for all? We urge the listeners for ‘user generated content’ - a new theme song, ideas for objects we should illustrate on the koozie - shoutout to our and St. Baldrick’s donors, we do some ‘real singing,’ discuss celeb dick size, I talk about ASMR a bit, young Eddie showes naked at the beach, sexy lady in uniforms, Fuller House, green burials and how weird casket viewings are and more. Thanks for listening.
Ep177 - Bootie Tubig
Eddie’s dad is back on the show. Plus I have an embarrassing dermatologist appointment, weird passwords, voicemails, advice for new dads, opening a bar, Sonic / Michael Jackson conspiracy and lots more.
Ep176 - Serious Singing
Hellllo. Another piece of entertainment for you to enjoy. We talk ‘casual racism’, we try out some new segments (What’s Your Story? and Serious Singing), Neil Degrasse Tyson / B.o.B., I share a terrible snow story, lots of questions and fun. Send us your thoughts - and
Ep170 - Data Porn
We’re in the holiday spirit this week. We talk about our koozie survey, how balls are gross, PG-13 movies, SheZow, cheating on your spouse, we really break down the top porno keyword searches (people really want to bang moms), having a work wife, we talk guns a bit and how terrifying they really are plus gift giving advice - want, need, wear, read. Click our Amazon link - or check out our Reach us at Thanks for listening.
Ep169 - Heaven
What’s the deal with heaven? We break it down. Plus I realize I’m not much of a man, my wife’s annoying phone habit and that I’m wearing her deodorant, voicemails, questions and more. Be sure to use our Amazon link if you buy stuff from there - or check out our Thanks for listening.
Ep166 - Hair On An Elephant's Butt
Your favorite podcast yams out another funny show. We talk about zombie apocalypse day dreams, ‘Doggiestylez’, lots of voicemails - going dutch, pre-teen handies, dick tastebuds, and written questions - anal sex farts and dream guests, plus halloween candy, Kung Fury and more. Send us in your questions at or check out our Thank you! Walkoff Song - Death of a City by Ken Stringfellow
Ep161 - Mr. Brian Pee Pee Lawyer Guy
Happy National Podcasting Day! Thanks to all you amazing listeners. Awesome episode this week. We talk about English porno (Despicable Me porn), men vs. women masturbating, my #dickmouth origin story (Ep66 - Meatotomy), Ryan Adams / Taylor Swift, peeing in the sink, my dogs ate a shitty diaper, an armpit / balls mixup and more. Hit up our or send us a note at Thank you!
Ep150 - Lingonberry
Another quality show. My kids are gone for a week (hell yeah), we talk Trump/El Chapo, I “Bill Cosby” my wife (not really), my son is a hacker, IKEA Lingonberries, new segment - “This Week in Siftstory” (dick in a popcorn box), porno web banners, the undershirt controversy continues and much more.
Ep146 - Split Stream
Wow, our 3 year anniversary! Thank you everyone so much for your support. This week’s show has us discussing making new friends, our old porno site that never existed, lots of listener questions (especially ‘split stream’ pissing), some drug stories, i promise to be a “dry guy” for a month, Youtube pranksters, my fave guy on Snapchat named Logey Dogey and more.
Ep140 - Para Sa Filipino
Shirts are here! Go to to order them now! On this week’s show Eddie’s dad is back to talk about the Pacquioa/Mayweather fight and more. Plus, I have jury duty, rag on the weird Youtube guy with the Lambo and books, someone thinks I am inappropriately touching my son and lots more. Thanks for listening and buying a shirt!
Ep138 - Cold Hole
Another raucous and weird show. I get a ticket from the ‘police,’ we talk about ecigs, reminisce about college, Eddie brings up masturbating and road trips (separately), having sex with a dead spouse, my neighbor is not a murderer, shirt and logo update (they are done!), classic porn stars in trouble, we talk about Hearthstone (add me "DanTheBeast#1523” on and more.
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