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Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine

A Comedy and Health podcast featuring Justin McElroy and Sydnee McElroy
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Sarah Breau reviewed this podcast on Mar 13th, 2019
"This one needs way more editing. It's goofy and slow. If you know some medical history, it's also pretty boring. I love medical podcasts and I wanted to like this one, but it is just not tight enough to hold my attention. Not recommended."
Navano reviewed this podcast on Aug 3rd, 2017
"This is a long running favorite that's not slowing down on the awesome content and professional quality. I'm a huge fan! My favorite episodes always mention family favorite Pliny the elder. "
HogSandwich reviewed this podcast on Aug 3rd, 2017
"This is my McElroy entry-point. I think I'd prefer it to be more in depth?"
darkaegis reviewed this podcast on Jul 13th, 2017
"Great blend of info and humor on all sorts of medical subjects. Justin plays a great "clueless guy" to Sydnee, who is generally pretty knowledgeable about the stuff they are discussing."
Emily reviewed this podcast on Jun 10th, 2017
"One of the first few podcasts I ever listened to which sucked me in to the world of podcasts. Sydnee & Justin always pick interesting topics and they're informative and funny. If you like Sawbones, make sure you check out other McElroy shows!"
AdvisablyRed reviewed this podcast on Jun 10th, 2017
"Great podcast and one of the few my SO will listen to with me. Sydnee really shines with her medical knowledge while Justin's humor provides a necessary levity. Worth starting from the beginning; episodes are consistent in quality. "
Sicasera reviewed this podcast on Jun 2nd, 2017
"Awesome show"
Ryan Stock reviewed this podcast on May 27th, 2017
"Great & informative podcast!"
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