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Insurrection, Impeachment, Inauguration… January of 2021 loves a Wednesday. Which is why Dan and Maureen are here on Thursday, clinging to the door like at the end of Titanic, trying to explain what’s been going on.In short: a lot.The slightly longer version: the fallout of the Capitol siege, a week of hilarious shitcanning, an impeachment, and a very sad Rudy. Yes, Rudy has been ghosted. There’s more, but who can even keep track anymore.Also… this year’s slogan revealed!Keep your head and arms inside the ride at all times, SaysWhovia. This one goes fast.
It seemed like it was never going to come, but we are here, together, at the end of 2020. Join Maureen and Dan for a little bit of looking back and a little bit of looking ahead and a little bit of that ol' Says Who magic here at the end of the worst year. Plus: AN ANNOUNCEMENT.
It’s the holiday season in SaysWhovia! Dan and Maureen are sitting by the fire, waiting to tell you a story. What’s the story about? Well, it’s about vaccines, and Joe Biden, and spreading cheer. Also, it’s about Rudy Giuliani visiting Santa and Maureen’s issues with wearing pants. It’s a real up and down sort of experience.Come. Join SaysWhovia in this celebration. Get a cup of this nog stuff, don’t visit Santa, don’t ask about the pants, and enjoy!Ho ho ho! HO HO HO. HO. HO. HO.
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The weather is… unremittingly grey. People are… forced to stay apart. And it’s a season of giving… COVID to people who can’t or won’t avoid close situations.Okay, so things could be better. Maureen has turned her book in and is holding things together better than Dan expected. Dan is over the Chicago weather. But what’s this? News from the Trump legal team? Who now ALL have COVID. 100% COVID? Dan and Maureen put on their mystery-solving hats to crack the case of: How Did Rudy Get COVID? Seriously, how? He did everything right! Someone get House on the phone. There’s an admiral mystery afoot!And then Amy Carter’s Shoe comes and sings carols.2020. Not over yet. 
Celebrate the moments of your life, SaysWhovia, that's what Dan says, because it's suddenly December and perhaps we need to remember those moments sometimes. Maureen does, as she's deep in the deadline on her book and doesn't think she's gotten anything done this year, you know other than write three books. So SaysWhovia, if you are listening it means you are here, at the end of the year, and that means you have gotten something major done indeed, so celebrate it!Also celebrate the fact that we've now witnessed one full month of Donald Trump losing and re-losing the 2020 presidential election. November ended with both Wisconsin and Arizona certifying their election results, the latter with Trump calling the governor literally wile he was on camera signing the certification documents. And SaysWhovia, even Amy Carter's Shoe is celebrating, in the way that only she can, which is better left unstated in these notes since there's already profanity in our show title and so Apple's probably already pissed. But mostly SaysWhovia, celebrate the moments of your life... with General Foods International Coffees. 
Gobble, gobble! It’s Thanksgiving week! In SaysWhovia, we celebrate in the traditional ways: cransberries pie, paper turkeys, and gravy made of whatever that was coming off Rudy’s head the other day! Yes, somehow it’s the end of November. Trump’s weird fall continues to fall weirdly, in a perpetual-motion machine of self-own. But Dan and Maureen aren’t going to talk politics at their Thanksgiving dinner table. Not in front of company.Yes! Company! Akilah Hughes has stopped by to have dinner with Dan and Maureen. Akilah is doing great, and has not lost her mind during eight months inside. Not at all. Her very real relationship with TV man Chris Cuomo is going great. They are very happy together. In fact, their relationship is so healthy that Dan and Maureen can be a part of it. Did all three of them inhale plastic fumes as children? Maybe.Anyway, grab a handful of mashed potatoes and join the gang. Where else do you have to be? 
It’s been two weeks since the election, and Dan and Maureen are doing great. Maureen is drinking some coffee in a can that she found. Dan is creeping around his house making tea. They discuss the fact that Dan can’t remember any band from the 90s, because there’s nothing going on and nothing else to talk about! Just tea and Canadians.Well, there are maybe some things. Like the fact that Trump won’t concede the election and keeps losing lawyers. And that the fall COVID spike has arrived. And we have no idea how things are going to pan out in the next few months.Seriously, though, for a guy who edited a music magazine in the 90s, Dan really has no idea what was going on. Maureen will explain, and while she does, she will pour some other stuff into the first stuff. Gross!But that’s 2020. Weird and gross, and not nearly Canadian enough.Get your flannel! It’s SaysWho time! 
Hello again, SaysWhovia! It’s been *checks notes* two days since Dan and Maureen last recorded. What a time that was! The crematorium ash had barely settled on Rudy’s shiny bald head back then. Now, everybody’s been to the Four Seasons.What malarkey awaits? Whither Mark Meadows? Who’s the boss in Trumpvania? And what the hell is going on?Grab a podium. It’s time for a presser. You know where to meet us.
Amy Carter's Shoe is going to have one hell of a good four years.Maureen and Dan are still a little shocked by it all, but they're here, to celebrate, with you Sayswhovia!
Hey Sayswhovia! Dan and Maureen are back with a Friday afternoon update in this never-ending election week. BUT WAIT: MAYBE IT IS OVER????
So last night the election happened. Now it's today. We... maybe know some stuff? Or not? Or maybe? Join Maureen and Dan as they attempt to puzzle it through. There's math!Plus, a very special guest opens the episode. What the actual living f*ck.
It's election day. Uh, yay?  No, that doesn't sound right.It's going to be a long day, so join Maureen and Dan with some ideas on how to fill the time so you don't spend it all just furiously refreshing FiveThirtyEight.See you tomorrow!
It’s just ONE WEEK until the election, and Dan and Maureen are ready. By ready, this means they are not ready. They are sort of ready. They are as ready as they will ever be, which is not that ready, but ready enough. So, not ready.It’s time to talk about final moves, coping, and who might be hiding in your toilet.SaysWhovia…assemble! 
It’s the calm before the storm, SaysWhovia. Or the eye of the storm. Or it’s not a storm. Or it’s not calm. Dan and Maureen are no longer sure. It’s 14 days until Election Day, except it’s not even that because people are voting already so…DAN KNOWS, HE KNOWS.Maureen feels that the quiet is eerie. She has been working a lot. Dan is happy to hear it, because he has a story he would like to tell her—a story about Rudy and his Magical Repair Shop. A store of a pile of wet laptops, a sticker, a sad man, and what it means to be 50% sure of something. This story has it all. Mostly, it has Rudy. So much Rudy.We’re in the chute now, SaysWhovia. WHEEEEEEEEEEE 
It’s 21 days until the election at the time of recording. Dan and Maureen have gotten into the groove, now. They’re battle hardened. Do you think those two chumps from 2016 could have handled COVID Trump? They could not. This new Dan and Maureen can.Kind of. Well, they aren’t crying as much as usual.The President is on a lot of drugs and is flying around the country, like some kind of 70s rock star. Maureen knows a lot about those. Trump has big 1973 energy. Also, Maureen would like to know how election night is going to play out, but Dan will not tell her. Goddammit, Dan.Pass to the left, SaysWhovia. It’s almost time to vote.
Maureen has had enough of everything and needs Dan to talk her down. Dan is fine with that—also, he has some facts he would like to share about who has COVID in the White House. Hint: almost everyone!Then Maureen taps out and orders a weighted blanket.That’s pretty much it.Into the blanket fort, SaysWhovia. Cuddle up.
A lot of things happened between checks notes Thursday and Saturday. A lot. 
What more do you want?
It’s Tuesday again or something! Dan and Maureen aren’t sure. They think it is Tuesday. Anyway, things are fine. Dan is dealing well with Zoom Kindergarten, and Maureen has good news to share! Really good news! She had an adventure.Of course, there are things that have to be discussed, like the passing of RBG and failed COVID policies in two countries. And the debates next week. Oh, that’s right. The debates next week. And Dan, because he is a jerk, won’t tell Maureen what will happen in the aforementioned debate. She wants to know. It’s all a lot, so why Dan is keeping this information to himself isn’t clear.We’re really in it now, SaysWhovia. Time to stick together. Follow the big metal finger.
It’s here! The day that was never supposed to come! It’s the FOURTH ANNIVERSARY of Says Who! And, as with every other Says Who anniversary, our very first guest, Ana Marie Cox, returns to reflect on the year passed and the year to come.Dan and Maureen are fine. They’re great. They’re definitely not coming apart at the seams. Maureen has been to Philadelphia and has a story about a turkey in a hat. Dan has given in to Zoom Kindergarten. Somehow, the phrase “emotional dump” come up and that features a lot, so watch out for that. Anyway, they’re fine. Four years! Here’s to the next four! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 
Splish splash! Dan and Maureen have washed up on the shore of another week. Dan is feeling better, partially because of his Thicky Chex dinosaur arms, and partially because Zoom Kindergarten was canceled today. Maureen is having fond memories of airplane coffee. It’s all about lowering your standards.There’s a lot to discuss, but obviously, when life gives you a boat parade, you watch it sink to the bottom of a lake under the weight of twelve Trump flags. Michael Cohen wrote a book. And Trump has been looting a French embassy. So, pretty normal stuff as we approach the four year anniversary of the start of Says Who, and the nearly six month marker of whatever this pandemic thing is now. Dan and Maureen no longer know.Ahoy, Says Whovia! We’re going right to the bottom!
Look. Dan's five-year-old has started kindergarten on Zoom and it's not going exactly what anyone would describe as, well, "well."But don't worry, Maureen's got just the thing thing to cheer him up.What could possibly go wrong Sayswhovia? Nothing, that's what. No thing. 
Maureen and Dan are fine. Just fine. Once Dan duct tapes this mic, and Maureen makes sure she hasn’t taken the dog’s medication, they’ll get right to it. Because things are great. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.Because today’s SaysWhovia is RETRO. Russian interference? Check. Steve Bannon arrested on a boat? Check. Weird tapes with people talking shit about Trump? Check. Kellyanne Conway ripping her go bag from under the floorboards and disappearing into the night? Check!It’s everything we thought 2017 would be, but now with a crunchy outer layer of 2020! And again, Dan and Maureen are fine.Get into this boat. We’re beating on against the current events, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
It’s that wonderful time of year when either all students or some or none go back to school for an unknown period of time until everything closes down again and Dan is fine with it. Dan’s own Danlings are staying home, which means turning the house into a school. But all of this makes sense. Loads of sense.Meanwhile, Joe Biden picks a running mate, the DNC starts, the post office is under attack, and Maureen has decided that maybe she doesn’t want to talk abut news anymore. Maybe there shouldn’t be news. Talking about school is okay, though. Or books. Or maybe not books, because she didn’t sound to happy about that either.Can Dan and Maureen muddle through? Can Dan teach kindergarten? Can Maureen write? Are they… okay? Why do they keep laughing?Buckle up, SaysWhovia. The bus is leaving.
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