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Established in 2005 if you want to learn about podcasting this is the show for you. It's been described by many as the most entertaining and unique of all the "Podcast About Podcasting." Dave Jackson gets to the point and talks about podcasting. We discuss ways to plan a successful launch that will get you ranking high in iTunes, finding the best gear on a budget, developing content that leaves people wanting more. He has been helping people understand technology and has been called "The Analogy King." His style is "edutainment" and you will always walk away with useful knowledge and insights. Dave Jackson is the original, and if you don't like the first episode you hear - give him two more and he'll change your mind.

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Three Opinions on the Rode Rodecaster Pro
Three Opinions on the Rode Rodecaster Pro
The Rode Rodecaster Pro has caught the attention of many podcasters, and some have pulled the trigger. Jim Harold (Paranormal podcast) and Jeff Bradury from Teachercast have purchased the unit. I want to thank Rode for shipping me a unit to play with. Their first impression was amazing. Is It Worth the Money? If purchased a four channel mixer a popular mixer is the Behringer Q1202USB is $119 A Mackie Headphone Amplifier is $40 A Jingle pallet can cost you $10 (Backpack Studio on iOs) but you'll need a phone or a tablet A portable recorder at its cheapest is $119 for a Zoom H1N The Aphex processing would cost you $345. Total Price: That would be $120+40+10+120+345 = $635 The Rodecaster Pro clocks in at $599 and you avoid all the cabling all over the place. You don't have to learn about "Gain staging" and if you're using a half decent microphone, you're going to sound great. Spec Sheet PDF Quick Start Guide Jeff Bradbury of Teachercast 9:51 Jeff Bradbury from the Teachercast loves his Rodecaster Pro Jeff had a situation where he needed to interview someone over the phone and it turned out great. Jeff points out that if you're using something external for mix-minus, you might hit a snag He also wishes it came with a Micro SD card. He has worked with it on Skype and Zoom. Jeff is using a Mac If you're a teacher, check out everything Jeff has to offer at Jim Harold From the Paranormal Podcast 14:21 Jim Harold has been podcasting since 2005 and produces the Paranormal Podcast, Campfire, Crime Scene along with being the author of many books (all available at ) Jim loves the ease of use and enjoys having a noise gate to cut out room noise when he's not talking. He really loves the sound the unit is producing. At the time of the recording, Jim had used it for 4-6 new episodes. Jim has used a Sound Devices Mixpre-3, and a Zoom L12, but really loves the sound he is producing with the Rodecaster. Jim also records a show with his wife called Soulmate Stories and it makes it super easy to pull in people who want to share their stories check it out at Jim also hopes in the future there is a way to access recording without having to take the micro SD card out. Jim is also on a Mac. Jim also feels that while he doesn't miss having separate tracks for each person, it would be nice to offer this option in the future. Dave Jackson's Rodecaster Review First of all, I was blown away by the package that was sent to me from the Rode people. This was my first interaction with this company, and I'm not sure I've experienced such a great first impression. I love that you can configure this in minutes. You simply pair the unit with your phone and you're off and running. I used it on Saturday for a live show using Google Hangouts and also on a Group Coaching call using and while Rode says it's not set up for the USB to be "mix minus" it appears to work. I like that you can reset the timer if you make a flub and want to start again without stopping the recording. I love the built-in headphone amplifier (don't miss the 3.5mm on the front if you are flying solo). I have my headphones plugged into one, and my studio monitors into another. I am having a slight playback issue (I'm the only one of the three using a new Windows machine). I also hate the MicroSD Card and would love to drag and drop the files to my computer without having to take the card out. I wish there was a pause button so if something goes wrong you could pause the recording. I also wish there was a pause on the jingle buttons so if you wanted to stop and comment on something and then resume your could. In my tests using the TRRS cable made myself sound better to the caller, but decreased their volume. The blue tooth option made the caller louder, but I sounded "not as good" to the caller (but still usable) While  Dave doesn't miss separate tracks (but admittedly he is interviewing podcasters who have decent audio quality) he does wish there was a tad more control over the tone. A Weird Playback Issue on Windows 46:18 I had a weird playback issue that apparently does not go into the recording. It is somewhat like a "buzz" that only I hear (not the people on the call. As I just recently got my unit and started putting it through the paces I am the only person I know having these issues. I have contacted Rode support to see if there is something on my end. I have found that whatever program I'm using if I temporarily switch what I'm using for a microphone it goes away. Microphone Shootout The Rode Procaster vs the Electrovoice RE320 52:54 The Rode Procaster has a very warm sound to it. While I didn't have a pop filter on it, but not talking directly into it I had no popping issues. The RE320 has a nice clear sound and really there is no bad choice here. For me, I've been using the RE320 for years. I enjoy the clarity, and the tone doesn't seem to change much if I get close to the mic. The Rode Procaster is $189. The Electrovoice RE320 is $299. If you are looking for the warmth of a Heil Pr40 without the $327 price tag, you might give it a shot. There is a WS2 Windscreen for the Procaster if you want one. Best Uses Of the Rodecaster Pro If you are doing a podcast where up to four people are in the room, and you want a very short learning curve through the technology, this is the unit for you. You just need to: Do your best not to talk over each other (although channel one can be set as the "top dog" with a ducking feature which turns everyone down) There is no way to tell how much time is left, or how long a jingle will be playing. With this in mind, don't have music you have to "talk up" and then have the music fade in. This would take some practice, or the music you are talking over has to be OBVIOUS when it's time to fade it back in. With the above items, with a little planning ahead you can sound like an old radio pro in minutes. So if you have a co-host(s) and occasionally have a guest who wants to call in via the phone - this is THE solution. How I Managed Live Calls on the Ask the Podcast Coach Last Week Last week I used the Rodcaster Pro to take phone calls on a live streaming program. I used Google Live (formerly Google Hangouts on Air) for my video. I if you just want audio you can use a tool such a to stream your audio to your audience, or which also will stream audio. To create a call queue, I use I attached my phone to the Rodecaster Pro via Bluetooth, and called my host number at and gave out the phone number for the callers. I monitor the calls via and can add them to the call, or drop them if needed. They came through and sounded great.
Smarter Podcasting - Avoid These 7 Time Wasters
Smarter Podcasting - Avoid These 7 Time Wasters
This is another episode where I share some of the "mistakes" that I see people are making in the podcasting space. We need to focus on our audience, not the technology. There are times when we focus on the technology because you are using the wrong tool. Here are things some thing that may be burning you out, wasting your time, and stopping your podcast from being successful. Sometimes Obsess Over Details that Don't Effect Our Episode As a tech support person, I see people obsess over details that will have little or no effect on their episode or podcast growth. I want to know how many people listened in Mongolia on December 12, 2017. Unless you're going on tour, why? The music in my add is of beat The video on Facebook that NOBODY is watching more than 2 seconds. Using The Wrong Software to Create Your Podcast I often refer to this as painting with peanut butter. When you use the tool for the job, you make creating your podcast a hassle and you are likely to get burned out and quit. If the tool you are using to create your audio doesn't allow you to create an mp3 - it's the wrong tool as you will have to use a different program. I see people who use the wrong software go to Facebook groups trying, and trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole. I recommend Hindenburg Journalist (I use Pro), Audacity, and Adobe Audition. I'm not saying all video programs are bad, but they need to be able to export as an mp3. If you need help turning a WAV or AAC file into an mp3 I've got a free tutorial for you. Troubleshooting Trying to Get Something Bright and Shiny For whatever reason, I could not use My computer would lock up. I had tried a couple of things, but it would always lock up. Again, this was not their problem, it was a problem with my machine. I could have wiped my computer clean, and reloaded all my software, backed up all my files and spent a TON of time. This is where you need to ask FOR WHAT? Lower thirds on my video, and video switching. This is where you need to ask a question, has my audience asked for the feature I'm trying to add? Is this really something that is going to help me grow my audience? Missing the Off-Ramp to Happy Town There are times when you want technology to work, and it doesn't. Then someone alerts to a solution, but you don't like it. Instead, you decide to go back and bang your head against a wall. Different platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn change how they handle podcasts on a somewhat frequent basis. You want it to work one way, but it doesn't. You can manually post to any of these places taking the same steps. You found success - follow it. Maybe you're trying to do something and it won't work with Safari, but it would work with chrome. Instead of using Chrome you decide to band your head against the wall using Safari. You just discovered a solution. You can move forward using a new tool, or troubleshoot Apple's product for free. Working Outside Your Zone of Genius I spent some time playing with the Divi WordPress theme on one of my sites, and I hit some issues that is probably with the Media host. It might be a problem with some plugins. I am working with the tech support team, but web design, in general, is not my best skill, and it might make more sense to let an actual web designer take over, and then let me maintain. Confusing Activity with Productivity I was spending hours listening to podcasts about podcasting that were not bad shows. However, I am blessed with my students, my audience, and lots of contacts in the podcasting space. With this in mind, I'm not learning anything from these show. For the investment in time, I'm not learning anything that I can share with you. Meanwhile, I'm reading books that have me thinking, and coming up with new ideas for episodes. Creating Garbage Audio to be Cleaned Up Later If you are doing a podcast with Interview is have the potential guest record something and send it to you. This will help separate the good from the not so good. If this is not a strategy you want to follow I would urge you to make sure the quality of the recording is the best you can get. Recently I've been having people with what we call "Popping P's" where they have the microphone positioned in the wrong place. If you have this situation,  stop the interview and have them reposition the microphone and save "Happy Peanut Butter" if they can do that without causing a pop (technically called a "Plosive") then you are good to go. It not, you or your editor has a long day in front of them. Think Long Term I realize that some of the things we mentioned today cost money. Everything in life will be paid for in one of two currencies: time or money. While I could take the time to brush up on the Web Design skills, it might be smarter to pay someone. It might take money (although Audacity is free) to buy the right software (or to buy a pop filter). Most of the ideas here are based on two things Focus: Know the audience Action: Take steps to serve them and deliver value. My Favorite Podcast Is Rewind I had two people Fred Castenada of the Podcast Reporter and Kim Krajci from Toastmasters 101 send in files for last week's My Favorite Podcast is.. episode that I do every year." Fred loves the No Agenda show for information you can't get any place else and Kim loves Forking Bullshirt as it makes her laugh. New Backpack Studio Replaces Bossjock Studio Backpack Studio is a $10 app for iOs only that makes creating a podcast on your iPhone or iPad super easy. You can even add your image, and show notes and publish them to Libsyn using FTP (are you listening people). A HUGE amount of slots for sounds for you to play (great for anyone looking for a jingle pallet A nice help screen when you start the app Ability to export in many formats The audio while recording still has a weird echo, but this is not on the recording Buy it in the Apple store Mentioned in This Episode Podfest in Orlando in March Podcast Movement in August Logical Weight Loss Podcast Let Me Be Your Podcast Guide
My Favorite Podcast Is 2018 Edition
My Favorite Podcast Is 2018 Edition
Sponsor: Focusrite [1;23] I got to play with a Focusrite 2i2 and if you are looking for an easy to get your microphone into your computer (and have the option to have a co-host as well) without having to look at a TON of knobs, check out the Focusrite 2i2. As I'm on a PC, I downloaded a driver, plugged in the unit, and was ready to record. If you're on a Mac computer, you just plug it in. If you want a backup copy of your recording, plug a cable into the monitor out and send the signal to your portable recorder. It's built like a tank and is a lovely shade of red. Check out the interface selector tool that helps you pick the right model for you at their website. My Favorite Podcast Is 2018 CLICK HERE for a PDF featuring expanded descriptions and links to all the shows mentioned Thanks to everyone who sent in their submissions. These are in no apparent order: 2:57 My Dad wrote a Porno - Sent in from Anna Seewald from Authentic Parenting - Parenting From the Heart 4:44 Assumptions Podcast (with an Atheist and Christian co-host a show ). Sent in from Alexander from Dear Subjects  (help Alexander build the new nation 5:32 Hardcore History Sent in from Arnie Chapman the Football History dude. Learn about the history of foot 6:57 Films on Trial (which has great debates, and is very unique) -Sent in from Brad of the Cinema Guys (they love movies!) 8:13 The Nolecast: Florida State football analysis - Sent in from of the Brandon of the Florida Focus Podcast ( A College Football Podcast) 9:26 The Art of Manliness - Sent in from Chris Nesi of the House of Ed Tech Podcast (changing the way teachers teach ) 10:43 Imaginary Worlds ( Sci-fi genre narrative ) Sent in from Dave of the DC Onscreen podcast (A podcast about the DC Universe, specifically on screen)  11:49 Meet the Holifields ( a great, fun, entertaining behind the scenes of a married couple) Sent in from Eliquitie of the Travel Gluten Free Podcast (Enjoy Food, Enjoy Travel, Enjoy Life ) 13:29 The Model Health Show  (variety topics in addition to fitness)- Sent in from Ernie of the Snooks and Lovey podcast (insights into a new married couple)  15:10 Crime Writers On  (cause Haley just wanted more Serial talk) - Sent in from Haley Radke of the Adoptees On Podcast (Where Adoptees Discuss the Adoption Experience ) 17:49 Cliff Ravenscraft Show Sent in from Josh of the Corner Cutters Podcast (all about Solving the Rubik's Cube in record time 19:04 Dave predicts Cliff will be a life coach back in 2014 20:00 The Remnant with Jonah Goldberg Sent in from Josh of the Saving Elephants Podcast ( conservative values with a mercifully modern twist )  21:39 Bill Bur's Monday Morning Podcast (it makes Josh laugh, best ad reads ) - Sent in from Josh Liston of the On the Bubble Podcast 23:39 Jody Mayberry Sent in from Josh Rivers of the Podcast Experiments Podcast 25:28 The Feed the Official Libyn Podcast -Sent in from Justin of the Optimal Living Daily (The Best Blogs Narrated for You Daily) 26:27  The Big Story ( In Depth look on Canada, in quick chunks) Sent from Mark Des Cotes of the Resourceful Designer Podcast (helping graphic artists/ web designers) 27:28 Uncivil Podcast ( an amazing mix of storytelling and conversation) Sent in from Mark Shapiro MD  of the Explore the Space Podcast (Examining the interface between healthcare & society) 28:52 The Newsworthy (a great short podcast with the latest news) Sent in from Matt Rafferty of The Author Inside You Podcast (encourage authors to write and publish their first book). Hear Erica on Podcast Junkies 29:58 Reply All (a show about the Internet) Sent in by Max Prescott from of the Aviation News Talk Podcast (General aviation podcast) 31:11 Free Field training - Sent in from Mike Wilkerson of the What Cops Watch Podcast (Go behind the badge).  Hear the review of What Cops Watch on the Podcast Review Show.  32:40 The Bill Simmons Podcast - Recorded when Monica Rivera from the You Wanna Do What? (giving you the nudge you need) guest hosted on the Ask the Podcast Coach. 35:37 Philly Who? ( Amazing Interviews from Philadelphia People ) Sent in from Miss Ileane Smith of the Ms Ileane Speaks Podcast ( great social media tips) Ms Ilean might check out Twisted Philly 37:54 Online Marketing Made Easy (Amy Porterfield) Sent in from Natalie of the Unreserved Wine Talk.  40:00 Without Fail Sent in from Randy Cantrell of the Grow Great (short business advice delivered daily)) and Leaning Towards Wisdom Podcasts.  41:20 The Jeff Ruebin Jeff Ruebin show ( unique guests with great discussions) Sent in from Sandy of the Made in Museums Podcast (curious museums for curious minds) 43:05 Security Now Sent in from Garret of the Good Patron podcast (on supporting musicians)  43:43 Case File (true crime) Sent in from Scott Johnson of the What was that like? Podcast (Real people in unreal situations) 46:08 Podcast Rodeo Show Sent in from Scott Orr of the Code 3 Podcast ( Firefighters Podcast)  47:41 On Being - Sent in from Gregory of the Collected Clan (conversational biographies of relatable people) 49:40 School of Podcasting (you'e looking at it) - Sent in from Stephen of the Mind Over Stress 50:33 Stacking Benjamins Sent in from Steve Stewart at 52:00 The Thomas Jefferson Hour (history podcast)  Sent in from Terry of the Discovering America 54:07 School of Podcasting - Sent in from Todd of the Keto Confidential (about the Ketogenic Diet) 56:13 You Wanna Do What? Sent in from Zack Demopoulos of the Rasing (pa) Rents (tips for Caregivers) 58:38 Speaking Your Brand - Sent From Zita of the Ritual Recipes 59:14 School of Podcasting - Win Charles  Podcast Talent Coach - Sent From Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting 1:01:10 Broken Record (behind the scenes of music) submitted by Eric K Johnson from the Podcast Talent Coach show (helping you create engaging content) Let Me Help You With Your Podcast If you want to learn at your own pace, join the School of Podcasting If you have specific questions or are looking for a Podcast Mentor check out

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