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Scrubcaps: A Health and Medical Podcast

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Episodes of Scrubcaps

Sickle cell is a dangerous disease that can lead to many scary side effects. Today, I talk about what it is, its symptoms, treatments, and one patient's experience with sickle cell!Tune in to learn more! ScrubCaps: A Health and Medical Podcast
Positivity can be hard to come by, but there are some easy ways to help yourself find it! Today, I talk about 3 things you can start doing right now to boost your mindfulness, happiness, and positivity!Visit my Meditation Site! https://www.hori
WE've had some pretty weird medical cases. These 3, in particular, are pretty strange... but interesting!!! Tune to find out more about the lady who's brain started leaking, and more!https://www.brainontheloose.comhttps://www.horizons-app.comRe
It’s a brand-new season of ScrubCaps! That means more scary and cool diseases, health tips, and now interesting medical cases!  I’m your host, Nathan Hidajat, and this season will cure your desire to live healthier! Unsolved medical mysteries?
This is, unfortunately, the last episode of the season, but we will be back in August! In the meantime, learn about upcoming events and projects! Thank you, everyone, who has supported me, and I look forward to hearing from you when I come back
Hey guys! Today I'm reposting one of my favorite episodes. It's the episode on Kuru AKA the laughing death disease! I am currently working on a project that is really cool and have decided to put my entire effort into it for this week. I hope y
Today I have a special guest on the show. He's a good friend who has just started his own podcast, Saif Mahmood! Join us as we talk about early school start times, their drawbacks, and how to fix it! Tune in for more! ScrubCaps: A Health and Me
So many weird things have occurred in the medical world. So today, I decided to cover 3 bizarre and lucky medical cases involving the invention of a new surgical technique and some windmills. ScrubCaps: A Health and Medical Podcast Every Monday
Kidney disease affects 200,000 people in the U.S. every year. It's a dangerous medical condition that, if left untreated, will lead to death. So how does it occur? And how can you prevent it? Tune in to find out!Visit my Website! https://braino
Although we are still fighting against COVID19, some states have eased their policies regarding quarantine, allowing us a bit more freedom to do some fun stuff! But, we should still be safe when out and about, so here are 6 tips to help you sta
Happy Memorial Day! Today I talk about Tin man's syndrome, a weird name yet surprisingly fitting! This super rare disease only affects 1 person out of every 40,000 and has a surprising set of symptoms! Tune in to find out! ScrubCaps: A Health a
Thalassemia is a dangerous condition that has the ability to cut off some oxygen from reaching the body. Learn how it does this and more in this week's episode!https://www.brainontheloose.comhttps://www.horizons-app.comLeave an Review on Apple
Today I talk about the healthiest drink in the world. This drink helps keep so many people going and energized. Can you guess what it is? Tune in to find out! ScrubCaps: A Health and Medical Podcast Every Monday!Check out Horizons! My new websi
In celebration for the 50th Earth Day this Wednesday, I explain 5 secret powers of nature! Being in nature can have so many positive effects on our mental and physical health and now is the perfect time to get started! Studies have shown that s
Today, I talk about emphysema, a dangerous lung condition that is unfortunately quite common. Emphysema harms a certain part of your lungs that helps get oxygen to your body, and it can lead to myriad other health complications. Tune in for mor
Bi-Polar Disorder is a crazy mental health condition that affects about 3 million people in the U.S. each year. It can severely impair one's ability to sleep, interact, and it leads to mood swings with depressive episodes. Today I talk to Trist
In this special episode of ScrubCaps I have Dr. Robert Bednarz, the host of The Patient Will See You Now Podcast on to talk about the spread of COVID-19 and SARS. These two diseases stemming from viruses in the coronavirus family are remarkably
Intermittent fasting has been all the craze in the past few years, with tons of people claiming that its effectiveness is amazing. Today, I talk about what intermittent fasting is, different ways to do it, potential concerns, and how it can mak
Hey everyone! Ulcerative colitis is a mysterious disease that we don't yet know everything about. We do know that it attacks your bowels and can lead to dangerous complications. Learn all about this interesting bowel disease, its history, and t
Virtual Reality is on the rise, with more and more companies pumping out headsets and cool games. But, could this new technology be used in the healthcare industry? Recent studies by researchers in China and other places have been looking into
Hey guys, I've been swamped with homework these past two weeks so sorry for the lack of new episodes, but this week I'm talking about Chromotherapy, which is a method of healing your body through the use of different colors, light, and their fr
Fatal Familial Insomnia is a genetic prion disease in the TSE family (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies). It can lead to severe trouble sleeping and death. However, could a recent study prove to be an efficient method of diagnosing FFI?
In this episode of the New Discovery series where I talk about recent medical breakthroughs, I go over how the Polio Virus could be an unlikely ally to our efforts to end brain cancer. The poliovirus works by destroying cells. Can we use that t
A recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has taken over the news. This group of viruses can range anywhere from mild to severe symptoms. As it spreads to other places, we should be prepared to protect ourselves from it. Today on ScrubCaps, we break
Progeria is an extremely rare genetic disease that practically speeds up time. It affects young children who get it due to a mutation from a very specific Gene, the LMNA gene. Tune in for more!ScrubCaps: A Health and Medical Podcast Every Monda
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