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Neha Narula on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and the Future of the Internet

Released Saturday, 8th September 2018
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For something of such obvious importance, money is kind of mysterious. It can, as Homer Simpson once memorably noted, be exchanged for goods and services. But who decides exactly how many goods/services a given unit of money can buy? And what maintains the social contract that we all agree to go along with it? Technology is changing what money is and how we use it, and Neha Narula is a leader in thinking about where money is going. One much-hyped aspect is the advent of blockchain technology, which has led to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. We talk about what the blockchain really is, how it enables new kinds of currency, and from a wider perspective whether it can help restore a more individualistic, decentralized Web. Neha Narula is the Director of the Digital Currency Initiative at MIT. She obtained her Ph.D. in computer science from MIT, and worked at Google and Digg before joining the faculty there. She is an expert on scalable databases, secure software, cryptocurrencies, and online privacy.
This was actually the first episode I listened to, having seen the podcast as a recommendation from r/podcasts. I'm interested in blockchain technology but have often struggled to understand some basic questions, such as why blockchain and cryptocurrency? This episode really explained it in layman's terms, and I found Sean Carroll to ask really pertinent questions that I had been wanting to ask myself. I ended up not just understanding what blockchain technology is, but even the hashing algorithm and how it works.
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