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It's 11am, so WHIZZBANG AND THE KID are here to bang your morning into submission. Ezra and Nehemiah follow the Israelites' return to Jerusalem after their exile, but some bloody mishaps occur (if you consider people being in love to be a mishap) Esther is a story of female empowerment and the consumption of liquids. Follow the show on Twitter: @Biblepod And Sean: @SeanMcLoughlin And Eliot: @EliotJFallows Email:
What is a proverb? We don't know. It's like a sentence but more aggressive. Aggressive to the soul. Like a soul knife. But then someone twists the soul knife so it opens up a new bit of your soul. Like a soul door wedge. But then someone trips on the soul door wedge because the door isn't open all the way and your newfound morals rub people the wrong way. So you find yourself more enlightened and in tune with the universe, but ultimately you're also more alone. Welcome to our comedy podcast. Sean's been political and Eliot's been charitable. Check out Eliot's Marvel audition tape here: Follow the show on Twitter: @Biblepod  And Sean: @SeanMcLoughlin And Eliot: @EliotJFallows  Email:
We came. We read. We conquered. Moses is in a sticky wicket wandering through the desert with his pals. Will they discover he's an alien? Can Aaron make it back to the future? Is Jethro going to add more dates to his Promised Land Tour? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to our Exodus saga. Please leave a nice comment on iTunes or tell your friends about us so we can survive. Thanks. Twitter: @biblepod Email:
The final season returns and the boys are bigger than ever.This is honestly the worst bit of the Bible. Man alive, we're basically heroes for getting through this one. If anyone is bored of the holy book by now you should know we take a side-step in this one and actually do a bit of Myths (Romulus & Remus) and Legends (Us, for having a podcast)Keep being fantastic and thanks for sticking with us when the episode schedule gets a bit delayed. We basically want to make sure we record the last one together, so we have to space these out a bit.Have a great day and an awful weekend.Sean McLoughlin: Hail Mary is available on Youtube hereEliot's "Flu & Me" short is right here
Oh boy! (or her!)It's time for our big fall out! This is NOT for publicity or to boost our numbers. We're honestly breaking up and there'll never be another episode ever again until series 3.This is major. This is catastrophic. This is Chewbacco.WARNING: May contain material that could be unsuitable for everyone because it's so dumb and gross and childish, but in many ways, because of the layering of plot, character and meaning it's actually very clever British Podcast Awards.Only review it if you HAVEN'T been convicted of a crime.Follow the show on Twitter: @Biblepod  And Sean: @SeanMcLoughlin And Eliot: @EliotJFallows  Email:
And low! All the citizens of Earth were locked away to live out their darkest days alone. But fear not for your heroes have returned to do a final series...In the first part of a two-parter, we read the story of the first Good Friday, in which Jesus was born? I don't know. We haven't read it yet. Part two is released in two days (on Easter Sunday!) so maybe listen to this one ASAP to get ready!Recorded in self-isolation, just for fun.
It's a special surprise episode! That's right Josiah, the Bible features it's very own clip show, so why the heck shouldn't we? It's time to reflect on everything we've learned so far and ask your family for forgiveness. It's mostly about Disney remakes and blue Will Smith. It's not a proper clip show though, so do please listen and tell your stupid friends to as well. Follow the show on Twitter: @biblepod Email:
Welcome to Sean & Eliot Read The Bible, the official podcast of the Holy Bible. In this special introductory episode you'll meet your guides on this great quest, Sean McLoughlin (Comedian/Catholic) and Eliot J Fallows (Old Man/Heathen) as they go through their plans for tackling this historic text. Follow the show on Twitter: @Biblepod And Sean: @SeanMcLoughlin And Eliot: @EliotJFallows Email:
VERILY, VERILY! Sometimes we read stories. Sometimes we don't. Don't get us wrong, we cover some important stuff, but when the Bible doesn't provide something meaty, we put on a show, Gourd-dammit. A song to unite the world? That's for the courts to decide...
Well tickle my berries, it's another series finale!We wrap up this momentous chapter of our show with some of the most well-known stories about Jesus and his spells. You want some fish and bread? You got it. You're lame? Not any more! Sick of swimming? Walk on that water, idiot!You want series 4? Verily Verily, your wish is our command! See you soon for our Good Friday/ Easter Sunday DOUBLE-BILL...
Well touch my toes and call me a hoe, we're back baby! Series 3 is here and it's super queer. You want entertainment? Well we're serving up some grade-A enter-shame-ment. You want the truth? You can't handle the poops. Boy-howdy, wee-willy-wotsits! Your mother hates your guts!The Books of Ezekiel and Daniel are so hip and cool that we'd be under scrutiny by the HIGHEST court in the gogdamn land if we didn't warn you ahead of time that you will DIE if you don't listen to this red HOT 80 minutes of masterful nonsense. I mean ezekiel is fine and daniel is good buy tickets to the live show.3rd November, Bill Murray Angel Comedy, 18:45, £5.Tickets for the live show: the show on Twitter: @Biblepod And Sean: @SeanMcLoughlinAnd Eliot: @EliotJFallowsEmail: (We want some emails for the live show so get them in!)
All aboard l'arche de Noé! Part two of our Genesis trilogy is here and we tackle the wettest story in the whole book (so far) as our famed protagonist God literally kills billions of people. Also we find out about the tower of Babel and ask just how old all these motherfuckers are in this book? Twitter: @biblepod Email:
And so, it came to pass that Moses' story did end. It is as sad, mystical and violent as the rest of it has been. Plus there's a talking donkey! Also Sean has a brush with Hollywood and Eliot campaigns for the mental health of a beloved Disney character. Please leave a nice comment on iTunes or tell your friends about us so we can survive. Thanks. Twitter: @biblepod Email: (Facebook page coming… soon)
G'night and welcome along to a special announcement from Sean and Eliot, separated by oceans and various emotional walls. Due to Sean's career and Eliot's finances, we've been delayed slightly but a brand new proper episode will be with you soon. Until then, please enjoy this mini-thing and maybe go back and listen to some of your choice faves!  Have a wonderful life before we see you time (in two weeks, as usual) and always remember - MURDER IS LEGAL IN EVERY COUNTRY. GO FOR IT.
Santa Claus is coming to town and the holidays have mounted us. The New Testament is finally here and we're celebrating with an actual famous story! The nativity one! We're meeting the new guy and embracing the next chapter of our adventure. It's a crucial moment the show's history so Come Let Ye Adore Us.Merry Crispmas and a Happy New etc. x
While you're celebrating Easter (what even is it?) we're doing a big ol' pranks with our APRIL FOOLS' DAY episode!!!!!!!1!!!! It's a bloody rollercoaster this week, as Ecclesiastes goes on about how dire and pointless life is right before the sexy Song of Solomon is all like "Love and Sex and hard necks are the best and most pointingful." Thanks for the lovely reviews. Follow the show on Twitter: @Biblepod  And Sean: @SeanMcLoughlin And Eliot: @EliotJFallows  Email:
Before we crack the spine of the messiah, we've done our best to make some very thoughtful and insightful guesses into what's to come in the New Testament...
It's the third and final part of our Book of Genesis trilogy, and boy do things get saucy. We are introduced to a little fella called Abram (or is it Abraham) and find out all about his family and his strange dealings with Gord. We also visit the horrendous cesspools of Sodom and Gomorrah, plus are shocked to our core by the most bizarre plot-line we've come across so far…. Also Eliot has been in an incident which could be described as Biblical and Sean is tired and just wants to go to a birthday party. Twitter: @biblepod Email:
Surprise! It's been a long, hot, wet summer and we're here to towel you down and get you up to speed.After the events of Series 2, we thought it best to catch you up on everything we've been up to in preparation for Series 3, which starts on 6th October...Plus we're doing a LIVE SHOW and we need to promote it... It's on 3rd November at the Bill Murray Angel Comedy Club in London. 18:45. £5.Get yourself a ticket and come and join us.
Now here's the thing. Both Isaiah and Jeremiah go over things we've already done. And I know what you're thinking:"Nobody's MAKING you read the Bible" And you're right. Our only response is this:"These books may have been tough to get through, but by JOVE, we love it. Sometimes we love the things that hurt us most. That's what makes it the most powerful force in the universe."Also we do some legally questionable things.Only review it if you like it and can PROVE you can count to five.Follow the show on Twitter: @Biblepod  And Sean: @SeanMcLoughlin And Eliot: @EliotJFallows  Email:
After Moses left the story, the producers of the Bible were forced to find a new lead character. Will Joshua measure up? Will audiences find his David Spade-esque nonsense endearing or pointless?  He's pointless.  Also Sean has big personal news and Eliot demands bacon. Please leave a nice comment on iTunes or tell your friends about us so we can survive. Thanks. Twitter: @biblepod Email:
In this very special episode of your favourite podcast, Sean and Eliot discuss the many complexities of life. Get yourselves prepped and propped ready for the most invasive and possibly even painful episode of your actual favourite podcast. We do go deep, so if you're not comfortable at any time, just say and we can adjust as necessary.  Again, thanks for those reviews and please don't question your actions or look yourself in the mirror. Hashtag Fleabag, Michael Jackson, Alan Partridge, Brexit. Follow the show on Twitter: @Biblepod And Sean: @SeanMcLoughlin And Eliot: @EliotJFallows Email:
Kevin Spacey. Dustin Hoffman. Eliot J Fallows. All great actors, just doing some great acting. Bit of a weird one this week, not going to lie. Eliot's desperate for work and he's not above begging or writing in the third person. He'll do ANYTHING. So come along for a powerful masterclass and showcase in acting. Pay attention, Marvel/ Disney/ anyone else. You might learn a thing or two. PSean does the sound effects, but he already has a career, so no bother there. Follow the show on Twitter: @Biblepod  And PSean: @SeanMcLoughlin And Eliot: @EliotJFallows Email:
We're starting from the very beginning, with the creation of (almost) everything in the universe through the introduction of our enigmatic leading man, God. Then we visit Adam and Eve, and try and figure out if they are as dumb as their offspring. The scale of this task is hitting us in the face. Please enjoy. Also Sean is a hero and Eliot has a feature. Twitter: @biblepod Email:
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