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#71.With R' Moshe Schwed of AllDaf discussing various Seforim & Meforshim on Mesechtas Yoma.To purchase Siach Yitzchak: purchase the Shita Ksav Yad: watch the episode: questions or comments, please email
#70.With Prof. Martin Lockshin discussing RashbamWe discuss Rashbam's bio, his works and style of pirush on chumash, Prof. Lockshin's critical hebrew edition and English translation, and more.For more information or to sponsor a show, please email 
#69.With Pearl Herzog discussing her father, R' Tovia Preschel, and his collected writings that she published (Ma'amarei Tovia).We discussed her father and his, his varied writings on a vast amount of subjects and more.The seforim are publsihed by Mossad Harav Kook and  should be widely available. Currently 6 volumes are available. 
#68.With Dr. Pinchas Roth discussing Medieval Jewry of Provence (South France).We discuss the communities history, its overall "hashkafa", famous Provencial Rabbinic figures like: Ra'avad, Ibn Tibbon's, Kimhi's (Radak, etc.), Meiri, Ralbag, and more. We also discuss his new book, " In This Land: Jewish Life and Legal Culture in Late Medieval Provence".To order the book and get 25% off, use code SC21 (valid until 4/30/21) via email: 
#67.One year anniversary episode: About how the twitter account and podcast developed and some reflections on the past yearPlease email any questions or comments to
#66.With Prof. Shalom Sabar (Prof. Emeritus of Jewish Art and Folklore at Hebrew University) discussing the Sarajevo Haggadah.We discussed an overview of illuminated manuscripts and Haggadah's, the Sarajevo haggadah: Its history, the popularization of it, and much more. To purchase the 2 volume set of the facsimile and Prof. Sabar's study of the Haggadah:
#65.With Prof. Benny Brown (Prof. of jewish thought at Hebrew University) discussing the Mussar Movement.We discuss Rav Yisroel Salanter, the movement overall, various mussar yeshivos (Slabodka / Novardok / Kelm, and more), mussar seforim and literature, why the movement "ceased" to exist, and much more. To purchase Prof. Brown's book on the Mussar movement:
#64.With Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank discussing his "Illuminating Jewish Thought" book series (2 out of 3 volumes have been published thus far).We discuss his style, sources, why he is writing this series and is trying to accomplish, and much more. To purchase volume 1: purchase volume 2: more information or to sponsor a show, please email
#63.With Prof. Yerachmiel (Robert) Brody discussing the Geonim of BabyloniaWe discuss the period of the Savaro'im, position of Gaon and what it meant and included, where the name comes from, the Yeshivos of Bavel (Pumpidisa & Sura), the yarchei kallah, famous Geonim & writings, Rav Sa'adyah Gaon, and much more.To purchase "The Geonim of Babylonia and the Shaping of Medieval Jewish Culture": more information or to sponsor a show, please email
#62.With R' Dovid Cohen of the cRc discussing his new book, "Alcoholic Beverages: The Halachos of Alcoholic Beverages, wine, and grape juice as they apply in the modern era arranged according to the order of the Shulchan Aruch".We discussed Sherry cask, mevushal, kiddush on grape juice, grape juice from concentrate, light grape juice,  Starbucks, Teavana, why he chose to self-publish the book in a print-on-demand way, and much more.To purchase the book: purchase the other books: www.kashrushalacha.comFor more information or to sponsor a show, please email
#61.With Mitchell First discussing who Achashverosh & Esther were historically, and the origins of Ta'anis Esther.Most of the discussion is based on essays from his book, "Esther Unmaksed: Solving Eleven Mysteries of the Jewish Holidays and Liturgy". A few of the other chapters of the book are referenced as well. To purchase Esther Unmasked: purchase Roots and Rituals: First can be contacted at
#60.With Dr. Gabriel Wasserman discussing Piyutei Arbah Parshiyos ("Yotzros"), Krovetz for Purim, and Piyutim in general.For more information or to sponsor a show, please email
#59.With Prof. Cedric Cohen-Skalli (Prof. of early modern and modern Jewish Philosophy at the University of Haifa) discussing Abarbnel (1437 - 1508) and his new book, "Don Isaac Abravanel: An Intellectual Biography"We discuss Abarbnel (or is it Abravanel?) and his background,  an overview of his many writings, the expulsion, Rav Meir Arama's charge, and much more.To purchase the book:
#58.With Rabbi Elchanan Adler (Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchak Elchanan [RIETS]) discussing Anim Zemiros and his new books, " Anim Zemiros: A Poem for All Ages; Elucidating, Demystifying, and Appreciating the Shir HaKavod". We discussed who wrote it, differences with Shir HaYichud, when should it be said, and more.We also discussed his Rebbi, Rav Dovid Feinstein ZT'L.To purchase the book: more information or to sponsor a show, please email
#57.** Sponsored by Gluck Plumbing - Service Division. 732-523-1836 Ext 1. **With Rav Yehoshua Hartman (Rosh Beis Medrash Hasmonean in London and editor of Sifrei Maharal - Machon Yerushalayim).We discussed Rav Hutner, the biography of the Maharal, style of Maharal's writing, Me'or Einayim, what Rav Hartman set out to do in his edition, and much more.To listen to the Jewish Philanthropy Podcast episode where Rav Hartman discusses Rav Hutner ZT’L: contact Rav Hartman: jdhartman120@gmail.comThe Seforim are available in any Seforim stores or websites, or from Machon Yerushalayim American site: more information or to sponsor a show, please email
#56.With Prof. Elisheva Carlebach (Baron Professor of Jewish History, culture, and Society at Columbia University).Discussing Pinkassei Kehillot of pre-modern Europe. To purchase "A Window on Their World": purchase "Colonial Justice and the Jews of Ventian Crete" by Rena Lauer: links for other books discussed in this show or to sponsor a show, please email
#55.With R' Nechemya Sheinfeld discussing the Ibn Ezra and his commentary on the Ibn Ezra, "Daas Ezra" (6 volumes, Mossad Harav Kook)We discussed a basic biography of Ibn Ezra, controversy around the Ibn Ezra's Pirush (Maharshal, Karaites, against Chazal, etc) what Daas Ezra seeks to do and how he did it, Pirush Aruch & Katzar on Shemos, Hakdama on Bereishis, Shittah Acheres on Bereishis, and more
#54.With Prof. Marcin Wodziński (Prof. of Jewish History and Literature at the University of Wroclaw, Poland).Discussing his various books about Chasidus and his Historical Atlas of Hasidism. Historical Atlas of Hasidism: Key Questions: Hasidism: A New History:
#53.With Daniel Klein discussing Shadal (Samuel David Luzzatto. 1800 - 1865) and his new translation of Shadal on Chumash.We discussed the biography of Shadal, his works, his opinion about Koheles & the Zohar (Kabbolah), his Chumash translation & Pirush, Dan's translations and what went into producing them, the introduction to each volume, the forthcoming volume on Vayikra (Leviticus), and much more. Use code Shadal10 for 10% off 1 volume, and Shadal20 for 20% off all 3 at KodeshPress.comTo purchase Bereishis: purchase Shemos: preorder Vayikra: more information or to sponsor a show, please email
#52. With Prof. Ephraim Kanarfogel (E. Billi Ivry University Professor of Jewish History, Literature, and Law at the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies, Yeshiva University) discussing Rashi on Shas.We discuss various aspects of Rashi: Different Mahaduros, the order Rashi wrote, Rashbam & Rivan, Rashi on Rif & Ein Yaakov, and much more.
#51.With Rav Aaron Lopiansky (R'Y Yeshiva of Greater Washington, Tiferes Gedalyahu in Silver Spring, Maryland) discussing his (Hebrew) Seforim & the Rishonim.We discussed his Siddur Aliyos Eliyahu and what went into it; Tefillah L'Moshe on Siddur (collection of Pirushei Rishonim) and what went into it, why he compiled & published it; Sefer Yesodei HaTorah Al Hatorah & Yesodei HaNevi'im on Nevi'im Rishonim, what went into compiling & publishing them, which Rishonim were included, the Mailos of learning Rishonim, and much more.To purchase Siddur Aliyos Eliyahu: purchase Tefillah L'Moshe: purchase Yesodei HaTorah: purchase Yesodei HaNevi'im: purchase all the other Seforim: code VirtualTalmid for 5% offFor more information or to sponsor a show, please email
#50.With Dr. Martina Mampieri discussing her book, "Living under the Evil Pope: The Hebrew Chronicle of Pope Paul IV by Benjamin Nehemiah ben Elnathan from Civitanova Marche (16th cent.)"We discuss the Jews of Italy in the 15th & 16th century, the Pope's and the Jews, Pope Paul IV and his harsh decrees on the Jews (starting with the Bull Cum nimis absurdum), the burning of the stake of the conversos in Ancona in 1556, the chronicle and its author, Isaiah Sonne, and much more.To purchase the book: (Code 71292 should be 25% off until 1/31/2020)To read her new article:;jsessionid=4fbhs387oq8h6.x-ic-live-02#For more information or to sponsor a show, please email
#49.With R' Simcha Lauer discussing his book, " Learning the News: Halachic Perspectives on Current Events".We discuss Gedolim's outlook on reading the news, how he approached writing the book, and a few examples from the book. To purchase the book:
#48. With R' Alex Hool discussing his new book, "Pharaoh: Biblical History, Egypt, And the Missing Millennium" about the biblical Pharaoh. R' Hool explains the background of the Egyptian dynasties, his hypothesis, who was the biblical pharaoh and who was the pharaoh at the time of Yosef, and much more. We also discuss his first book, "The challenge of Jewish History: The Bible, The Greeks, And The Missing 168 Years" and his 2nd book, "Searching for Sinai: The Location of Revelation".Also mentioned was his recent article in Ami magazine about the location of Gan Eden.To purchase Pharaoh: purchase The Challenge of Jewish History: purchase Searching for Sinai: more information or to sponsor a show, please email
#47.With Prof. Lawrence H. Schiffman (Judge Abraham Lieberman Professorship in Hebrew & Judaic studies at NYU) discussing Chanukah and its historical sources.We discussed 1 Maccabees, 2 Maccabees, Megillas Ta'anis, Megillas Antiochus, Josephus, Josippon, and more.  Their history, who wrote them & when were they written, Nes Pach Shemen, and more. 
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