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CW: Suicide. Homuda Wake is dead.  As we transition to a new reign, we'll give an overview of what has happened and the changes in the archipelago, and try to add some perspective in regards to the story of the succession that followed Homuda W
Come with us as we finish up with the life and times of Homuda Wake.  So much to cover in this episode--finish up relations with the continent, including the Wa helping Prince Jeonji of Baekje return to his country. Then there are the divisions
This episode continues our look at some of the figures surrounding Homuda Wake and the royal family.  In this case we look at one of the few people in the Chronicles from this period that we can see referenced by name in the excerpts from the B
This episode we revisit that ancient Prime Minister, Takechi no Sukune, and take a look at the latter chapter of his extremely long life.   For more, check out the podcast webpage at
This episode we finish up the story inscribed on the stele of Gwangaetto the Great, covering largely from 391-413.  We'll discuss the role the Wa played in two major conflicts on the peninsula, and about how Prince Misaheun came to be a hostage
In this first of two episodes we take a look at the 5th century stele of Gwangaetto of Goguryeo and what it says about the actions of the Wa on the Korean Peninsula at that time. For more, check out the podcast webpage at https://sengokudaimyo.
This episode we talk about how writing and horses first came to the archipelago, as well as touching on the theories of Professors Tsuda Sōkichi and Mizuno Yu, who greatly influenced our understanding of this area of history. For more, check ou
In a shrine in Nara prefecture there is an odd sword with seven "branches" whose existence would seem to confirm some of the stories out of the Nihon Shoki, and at the very least demonstrates a link between Yamato and one of the peninsular stat
Last episode, we followed Tarashi Hime's campaign on the peninsula.  This episode we'll see just what happens when she comes back--it seems not everyone was ready to welcome her back with open arms.  To make it back she would need to fight. For
Here it is:  Okinaga Tarashi Hime (aka Jingu) is heading for Korea, launching an attack on the famed country of Silla.  But did it even happen?  We'll look at the story as well as the controversy and what the various sources have to say about i
This episode our Japanese history podcasts dives into Korean history, talking about the birth of the Three Kingdoms of Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla.  This will be important background as the Yamato court will deal with all of these entities in t
This episode covers the lives of the 13th and 14th sovereigns, Seimu and Chuai, as well as the Prime Minister through both their reigns, Takechi Sukune.  We also mention Jingu, the sovereign/regent, and wife of Chuai.  We'll save most of her li
This episode we're taking a break from the chronology to highlight some of the amazing women of Ancient Japan--and most of those just up through the end of the 4th century--there are others that we'll get to in the Chronicles, but I think we ar
CW:  Discussion of sexual assault This episode looks at a couple of the so-called "romantic" episodes in the life of the twelfth sovereign, including one found only in the Harima Fudoki, and starts to ask some serious questions about the seemin
Here we cover the second part of the story of Yamato Takeru, following his path back from the northeast and through the mountains of Kai and Shinano, taking on the gods of the mountains as he did so.  This episode we cover perhaps some of the l
Here we start the story of the Brave of Yamato:  Yamato Takeru.  The archetype for later heroes, and the primary story told about the early conquest of Japan.  In this episode we take a look at his early years and victories and follow him out t
This episode we start the reign of Ōtarashi Hiko, aka Keikō Tennō.  Specifically, this episode we will be focusing on his campaigns in Kyushu against the people known as the Kumaso, as well as others:  so-called "brigands" and "tsuchigumo". For
This episode we go into a variety of seemingly unconnected things from the reign of Ikume Iribiko:  The founding of sumo (and haniwa), the founding of various shrines (Ise and Isonokami), and the founding--finding?--of oranges, or tachibana.  I
CW:  This episode deals with some aspects of suicide as historical phenomena. For all the history, here we have a real story for you, and I think you'll enjoy it.  It is the romance of Saho Hime, the wife of the 11th sovereign, Ikume Iribiko. 
Getting into the reign of Ikume Iribiko (aka Suinin Tennou) and we'll briefly cover the state of the Korean Peninsula as we will deal quite a bit with the stories of travelers who are said to have come over at this time--Sonaka, Tsunoga, and Am
So this episode we continue with the reign of Mimaki Iribiko, and look at why the Chronicles refer to him as the August Founder, even though he is also the 10th sovereign.  We'll look at how he is said to have "pacified" the rest of the land. 
This episode we finally have some seeming correlation between the Chronicles and some of our historical and archaeological data.  So let's take a look at the 10th sovereign, Mimaki Iribiko, and his aunt, the female shaman,Yamato Totohi Momoso H
This episode we will go through the first nine legendary sovereigns.  Having covered Iware Biko, aka Jimmu, in the last several episodes, the following eight sovereigns are likely completely fictional--possibly famous names in the stories of Ya
This episode we go into some of the people and things around the court of Iware Biko, aka Jimmu Tennō.  We'll talk about his queen, Hime Tatara Isuzu Hime, as well as some of the members of his court, including Umashimaji--that son of the other
In many ways Japan traces its "founding" as a nation to the story of Iware Biko--aka the Sovereign Jimmu--and the establishment of his court in the central land of Yamato in the Nara Basin.  This is the story of how Iware Biko is said to have m
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