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A Comedy and Sports podcast featuring Tay WagenerRyan Church and Amanda Broniec
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If you listen, you will laugh… and probably cringe. Sensible People brings you your bi-weekly dose of outrageous observational comedy and life advice from the minds of three unfiltered Chicagoans. Each episode they share stories, discuss taboo topics, play amusing games, interview guests from all walks of life and perform entertaining comedy skits. New episodes every other Monday.

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Raw Dog’s appeal is finally heard and Sensible People’s first live show is near! This episode we dive into some of our staple segments and find out what the hosts would rather dabble in. Then with the Oscars around the corner we find out who each host is taking to the red carpet. All this plus some good ‘ole “Sensible or Not?” Kick back and ride the growing wave of sensibility. Follow Sensible Pe…
Would you ever try Jenkem? Did Tay encounter a wild boar recently? What does Mandi call her lady-parts? These are the sensible topics discussed on this week’s episode. Also, NFL legend Mike Pantazis joins the trio to discuss the most historic fan moment in the history of sports. During a 1995 Chicago Bears game Pantazis leapt from his seat in the stands and caught a kicked ball mid-air before fal…
As Raw Dog’s appeal of the Viagra punishment is taking time behind the scenes, he’s got some single tips and bar tales to share. Mandi and Raw Dog detail their 10 year pact to Tay and the boys come to a realization regarding her after watching Showtime’s Escape at Dannemora. Then the trio dive into discussing the fascinating world of ASMR and are joined by expert and Youtube sensation Lilliana De…

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Kjhawk23 reviewed this podcast on Jan 21st, 2019
"This cast is dope!! Mandi you **** rock!!"
fwprj reviewed this podcast on Sep 27th, 2018
"I listen for Rawdog. His unique take on life keeps things interesting!"
ceflora reviewed this podcast on May 21st, 2018
"I have grown quite fond of this podcast over the past year. Most recently, I was three episodes behind while facing an almost five-hour nighttime drive. I turned on the three episodes and let Taytonka, Raw Dogg, and Miss Amber accompany on my drive home. I'm not sure if it was the caffeine, the lack of sleep, or that they were actually funny, but I laughed out loud numerous times and yelled at my radio when Taytonka was just being ... well, not sensible."

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