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Sometimes I like to smell my own farts listening to this podcast. During this episode I was having an especially gassy day. One of my favorite episodes yet, mostly because my farts smelled like burnt hair and rodent piss. Truly blissful. Don't judge me.
Me likey, likey berry much. More Sony Patel please. All hell is definitely in store with Amber gone. Funny chit mon.
This is the first episode I've listened to from Sensible People, and I really enjoyed it! Love the banter between hosts, the humor, and fun pace of the show. Good production and sound, too. I'll definitely be listening to more episodes!
This episode was epic. I very much enjoyed the special guest Sonny Patel. He seemed to add another out there factor to humor between Amber, Rawdog and Tay Tonka. Going to miss Amber but that means nothing will be held back for a next episode.

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57 mins


Monday, May 21st 2018