Sensible People

A Comedy and Sports podcast featuring Tay Wagener, Ryan Church and Amanda Broniec
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jstewart1212 reviewed this podcast on Feb 13th, 2019
"Great content and laughs! A new go to for me while at the gym. Looking forward to doing a live show together on 2/26 @ SafeHouse Chicago!"
SeaBrees9 reviewed this podcast on Feb 7th, 2019
"Listener since Season 2 started and can't get enough. Tay and Raw Doggg get me going."
Kjhawk23 reviewed this podcast on Jan 21st, 2019
"This cast is dope!! Mandi you **** rock!!"
DevilsFanAllDay reviewed this podcast on Dec 26th, 2018
"Funny times boys and girls"
BretHuntsman reviewed this podcast on Dec 10th, 2018
"Those mfers rock. Need to go back and listen to old ones. I'm about 3 in to season 2. So funny."
DBeck reviewed this podcast on Dec 5th, 2018
"I binge listened to every episode in about 2 ish weeks a few months back. I couldn't stop once I started. I love it. I still go back and listen to the older episodes quite often. Especially the "power hour" episode. I belly laugh every. single. time. So thank you guys for being awesome and making me laugh. 👍"
Hogwarts1996 reviewed this podcast on Nov 29th, 2018
"I work in the same office as one of the hosts and started listening after they sent me the link. Makes me laugh a lot. Good work, keep it up."
Bargainzandfun reviewed this podcast on Nov 16th, 2018
"My friends all listen. Now i do!"
krdr70 reviewed this podcast on Nov 2nd, 2018
"This podcast... is the perfect storm of awesomeness. I hope this is the future of podcasts. The chemistry the 3 display is second to none and I feel like I am sitting with them as they story tell. Yes, they are outrageous, but who doesn't need laughter and great comedy in their lives? The sound quality and production value are perfect including the movie and tv clips they throw in there to reference their conversations. Keep it up guys! You gained a subscriber for life!"
pantini222 reviewed this podcast on Oct 24th, 2018
"Does she really play slots in strip malls? WOW"
AlexMack reviewed this podcast on Oct 24th, 2018
Cgiz reviewed this podcast on Oct 19th, 2018
"Cantt remember how found them... But glad I did. **** myself."
Jfak1028 reviewed this podcast on Oct 14th, 2018
"Really funny content. Your personality’s complement each Other. Instantly addictive!!"
fwprj reviewed this podcast on Sep 27th, 2018
"I listen for Rawdog. His unique take on life keeps things interesting!"
Secretspiceoflife reviewed this podcast on Sep 27th, 2018
"Awesome content with great hosts!"
Turbo reviewed this podcast on Sep 20th, 2018
"You guys are so awesome and soo funny. Every episode has made me crack up. I LOVE listening to Sensible People. RRRyan, you make my vagina melt. Especially when you sing 😉😉"
script2screenpod reviewed this podcast on Sep 4th, 2018
"Here I am giving you a F***ing Review! This podcast is a good dose of 'merica Chicago style! Great to listen to while having a beer so like you feel like you're hanging with the hosts! Fun, Unfiltered, Absolutely Entertaining!"
Pcar1441 reviewed this podcast on Sep 4th, 2018
"Awesome beginning to season 2! Mandi B. Is hilarious and sounds super hot. The only way this podcast could get better is if she had a twin sister co-hosting as well. Keep up the good work! Oh, and Mandi, feel free to DM me playgirl! 😏"
Heathermarie001 reviewed this podcast on Sep 2nd, 2018
"Funny and entertaining!"
LivinEZ reviewed this podcast on Aug 25th, 2018
"This podcast is beyond entertaining. Mark my words, Sensible People will take the industry by storm! Raw Dog is born to be a star and and the banter and friendship between him and Tay is second to none!"
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