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Where better to start than the beginning? This week, Jacqui and Jennifer take on the 2-part pilot episode of Star Trek: Voyager, “Caretaker.” Nothing is sacred… not Captain Kathryn Janeway’s porn-tastic reveal… not Ensign Harry Kim’s lustrous hair… not even Lieutenant Tom Paris’s sweaty 90s bad boy chest.
Chakotay gets his day in the sun as Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang break open a bottle on the hull of the Chakota-centric Star Trek: Voyager episode, “Shattered.” What happens when the U.S.S. Voyager is fractured into different timelines and our favorite first Commanding officer has to traverse the past, present and future to save the day -- armed with nothing but his wits, his loyalty to his Captain, and his crazy, crazy face tat? Ohh! Chakota-no we didn’t!
Star Trek: Voyager... Live and on stage for one night only! That is, if Lt. B'elanna Torres can't inspire a young poet to write a play so good that a war mongerer can be swayed from his... war mongering... ways. This week, Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang are back and reviewing "Muse", the episode where our favorite half-Klingon crash lands on a planet where she's a hot enough ticket to fill stadiums (or rather, amphitheaters). Feeling inspired? Your thoughts to our thoughts here:
We have to go back... to the future! The future where the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager go back... to the past! This week, Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang take on the massive 2-parter that transports our favorite spacefarers to a war-torn city in France and pits them against Nazis. Does Janeway get to punch one? What happens when Tom Paris and Chakotay are in a tent together? If Betty Grable came around that corner, what part of her would you be staring at? All this, and more! Have thoughts? Don't heil Hitler. Hail us on all frequencies instead:
Computer! Play "Careless Whisper"... because it's about to get sexy by the fireside up in here. Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang recap and review the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Heroes and Demons", where the Doc takes on Grendel in a deadly Beowulf holodeck simulation, meets a sexy warrior lady with terrible aim, and learns that there's more than one way to stay warm... We'd be very pleased to "mead" you, friends, so email us here:
In their most controversial episode, hosts Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang take on the most controversial episode of STAR TREK: VOYAGER, “Retrospect”! When on-board borg Seven of Nine gets triggered during a trade negotiation, Janeway and the Voyager crew find themselves face to face with a case of assault. Join us as we unpack this episode and see how the Star Trek writer’s room dealt with the subject of #metoo in 1998. It’s a timely sandwich with a side of conversation you don’t want to miss! You know what’s not controversial? A little inbox love from you! Hit us up at:
When mysterious photonic beings get caught up in a fictitious war that's being waged in Tom Paris's 1930s sci-fi holonovel, it's all hands on holodeck! This fan favorite (and arguably most meme-able) episode of Star Trek: Voyager, "Bride of Chaotica!" sees our dear Captain Janeway on a mission to boldly act where no one has acted before... Chaotica's mountaintop base of operations, as the deliciously fiendish queen of the Spider People! But first, coffee. Can "Arachnia" seduce and cleverly dominate this intergalactic evil? Will Tom ever get over the embarrassment of everyone finding out how he spends his free time? Will Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang be able to polish off the rosé they've selected for the occasion? Find out on this week's episode of Seven of Wine! And as always, it would thrill us to hear from you. Quick! activate your Imagizer and beam us an electronic gram:
Our Season 2 rap is here! Check out our latest rap about our favorite captain.
Exclusive teaser clips from the first episode of SEVEN OF WINE -- a brand new, edgy "Star Trek: Voyager" podcast.
Exclusive teaser clips from the first episode of SEVEN OF WINE -- a brand new, edgy "Star Trek: Voyager" podcast.
Did you ever want to bear witness to the thrilling erotica of the Q? Well look no further, as Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang take on STAR TREK: VOYAGER’s “The Q and the Grey!” Brace yourself for fifty shades of face tattoos, mic drop comebacks, and a peeping Janeway. So put on your hoop skirt and grab a puppy! We’re heading back into the Continuum on this episode of Seven of Wine! What’s more thrilling than being caught betwixt supernovas? Inbox love from you! Drop an E in our I:
Exclusive teaser clips from the first episode of SEVEN OF WINE -- a brand new, edgy "Star Trek: Voyager" podcast.
What happens when Harry Kim does all of the math? Hosts Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang find out as they take a look at STAR TREK: VOYAGER's 100th episode, “Timeless”! In this celebratory episode, Voyager's crew is looking to get home super fast with some brand new tech adapted from the Borg and not at all road tested. What could possibly go wrong? We're talking slipstreams, mullets, and a TNG/VOY crossover that has Jac and Jen pouring some STAR TREK: PICARD wine. What does space cream have to do with any of it? Listen in and find out! Got any future transmissions for us? Hit us up at:
It's the episode that has Captain Janeway casting away science! Oh no! But also the episode that has Captain Janeway casting aside her clothes! Awwyeaaaah. In "Sacred Ground", Kes walks into a big shiny hole while on an away mission and gets zapped into a coma. Luckily, Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang drink a big shiny bottle and get buzzed into drunks... all while doing a deep dive into a rare STAR TREK: VOYAGER episode that pits science against spirituality. And if you have thoughts, feel free to send them into the big shiny hole that we call our inbox:
Seven of Nine finally struts into the spotlight in the latest episode of Seven of Wine! In this new and riveting installment, hosts Jacqueline and Jennifer take on one of the most poignant episodes of Star Trek: Voyager ever: “Drone,” wherein all attempts to resist crying prove futile. Listen as Jac and Jen pair the episode with a specially selected wine and an imaginary Viking feast, then make a strong case for why the Borg are pretty much the worst college frat, and Seven of Nine is tiger mom of the year.
Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang are both mostly female, and -- what a coincidence -- so is the planet that our crew chances upon in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Favorite Son". And as if things couldn't get any more awkward, it turns out that everyone in this female-dominated society wants a piece of young Ensign Harry Kim. We're going to need more wine for this one. By the way, you know what's a great hangover cure? Emailing your favorite Star Trek: Voyager podcast with your thoughts. Don't believe us? Try it:
It's only logical that Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang would try to mind meld before reviewing the episode of Star Trek: Voyager where Tuvok uses his Vulcan mind magic on a murderous psychopath. Do they succeed? The wine certainly makes them think so. It's Star Trek: Voyager meets "The X-Files" meets "Se7en" on this week's episode, where space DNA is used to solve space crimes, Janeway is Clarice Starling, and what's in the box is a really, really effed-up Betazoid. But what's in the inbox? Hopefully an email from you:
In our Saint Patrick's Day special, Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang catch up with the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager on the holodeck, and witness Captain Kathryn Janeway experiencing the luck of the Irish. And by "luck of the Irish" we mean some hot Irish bartender's face on her face. While discussing our fair captain's long-overdue holo-decking in the Season 6 episode "Fair Haven," Jac and Jen delve into the complexities of falling in love with artificial photon-based beings, and the ethics of modifying holograms to be suitable lovers. At least they attempt to, as the wine takes effect. Eventually failing that, they just end up describing/hypothetically programming their perfect holograms. H.I.L.F.'s, you might call them. So listen in and prepare to be sham-rocked.
This Valentine’s Day, listen to Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang being really, really immature about “pon farr” — the irrepressible Vulcan mating impulse — as they review what is arguably the sexiest episode of Star Trek: Voyager ever… “Blood Fever.” Witness what Jacqui describes as “the unraveling of Jennifer Zhang.” Things get hot and heavy as your two hosts discuss violent Klingon foreplay, B’elanna Torres’s heaving bosom, and Tom Paris literally being commanded to administer sexual healing. If Star Trek has never made your heart race at warp 9, prepare to have that change.
Love conquers all, including any revulsion one might feel toward rotting flesh! That's the lesson Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang learn when they review the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Lifesigns", where the Doctor learns that there's no cure for an achey-breaky heart. And if flesh-eating disease doesn't get your blood pumping at warp 9, how about two of Voyager's manliest men in a chest-beating contest? You know what really gets us going, though? Your feedback:
Imagine an alternate reality where Tom Paris and B'elanna are no longer together because B'elanna is dead, and Chakotay is captain of the U.S.S. Voyager because Janeway is dead. Now imagine a current reality where Jennifer Zhang has to watch this episode and wishes she were dead. Good news! You don't have to imagine it, because you can listen to it... right now. On this episode, Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer review the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Before and After", where Kes slingshots through time and faces erasure from existence. Earth angels, earth angels, drop us a line:
It's the episode of Star Trek: Voyager that's so disturbing, so unappetizing, so unsettling... that you'll feel the whack factor down at the molecular level. When our resident Vulcan and our friendly neighborhood Talaxian get fused into a new hybrid being, heebies get fused with jeebies as... it... starts to make serious moves on Kes. Will Captain Janeway welcome this new being to the crew, or do the right thing and kill it with fire? Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang discuss the effects of this abomination aboard the ship while drinking an abomination of a wine. Seriously, listen in as everyone suffers. Two to beam out! And maybe one email from you to beam in?:
B’elanna Torres can sit her Klingon ass down because this week, it’s all about Tom Paris and Harry Kim, and the Star Trek: Voyager episode that placed them in prison and launched their epic bromance: ‘The Chute.” BROton torpedoes. Full spread. FIRE. Jacqueline Lopez’s and Jennifer Zhang’s passion for the wine they’ve selected pales in comparison to the love Paris and Kim put on display as they protect each other against bloodthirsty inmates, cling to each other for dear life, and then talk about steak and the Delaney sisters, so you don’t think they're gay or anything. Gaga ooh-la-la! Want your bad bro-mance… and your feedback! Hail us:
Get ready for a goop-tastic episode that starts you on a drinking game you will desperately want to end. Hosts Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang take you down a wine waterslide of sadness, into a deep pool of ‘what’s the point?’ as we revisit the Kinko’s copy crew of “Course: Oblivion.” Not even Chakotay and Tuvok Detective Sleuths can save you from pervy Neelix, Susan’s choice, and an Eric Clapton sing-a-long. It’s the kind of episode that makes STAR TREK: VOYAGER hurt soooooo good. Know what makes the pain go away? Some love in our inbox:
Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang strap in for the emotional roller coaster ride that is the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Memorial", where the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager gets to experience the thrills of committing major wartime atrocities. The only thing that would complete the experience is funnel cake. But in all seriousness, this one is heavy, folks. The Star Trek: Voyager treatment of a serious subject is so beautifully poignant, that even Jac and Jen can't ruin it with their wine-drenched analysis.
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