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Max and David react to the incredible breath of fresh air that was Phoenix's 121-100 season opening victory over the Dallas Mavericks. They go over what they liked and didn't like from the performance. Spoiler alert: They liked many things.
Max and David break down the Suns' offseason overall, including by giving their thoughts on the Josh Jackson trade and Kelly Oubre situation. They also discuss Kawhi's league-altering moves and other leaguewide free agency developments. 3:30 Recap6:30 Josh Jackson Trade17:40 Kawhi/PG13/Westbrook Madness31:30 FA Signings We Liked and Didn't Like39:30 Did You Know47:15 Kelly Oubre Situation55:00 High-Level Suns Offseason Thoughts1:27:35 7SOL
Max and David are back to transition the Suns from the regular season to the real season. The offseason! We as fans have become to used to the hope of the offseason, but here we are!  Discussing all the lottery options, possible draft prospects and how Phoenix would build the team out based on where they finish in the lottery.  David then presents the newest Did You Know segment, before the guys jump into the playoffs so far and several obervations with plenty of Suns tie-ins.  The podcast closes with a customary 7SOL segment. We appreciate anyone who has taken the time to rate and/or review the podcast! -- 03:26 - Key Dates08:09 - Winning The Lottery21:20 - Falling From 2 to 438:55 - Falling From 5 to 744:45 - Did You Know50:48 - Playoff Observations1:17:00 - 7SOL
Max and David do a full Suns season review, including grades and memorable moments from each player on the roster. They also incorporate excellent questions provided by you, the listeners! Then, after a fun playoff-themed Did You Know segment, the guys jump into this year's incredible MVP race. Is it Giannis? Is it Harden? Max and David break it all down. The podcast closes with a brief playoff preview followed by a listener-fueled 7SOL segment. We appreciate anyone who has taken the time to rate and/or review the podcast! -- 03:15 - Recap and News 10:00 - Booker, TJ, JJ, Bender 27:30 - Ayton, Mikal, Melton, Okobo 43:00 - Oubre, Johnson, Holmes 51:00 - The rest of the roster 56:00 - Did You Know 1:01:00 - MVP breakdown 1:13:30 - Playoff preview 1:24:00 - 7SOL
Max and David discuss the month of December, while handing out the usual 5 awards to members of the Phoenix Suns.  After recapping some quick results and news, the guys dive into a whole lot of discussion on the last month. Is Booker or Ayton the MVP of the Suns? Does Igor count as a rookie? Did Jackson put up his hand for Most Improved? Can Bridges get out of his shooting funk? And does Oubre deserve more minutes? All that plus a whole lot more in the main part of the show. David then gives the latest "Did You Know" story, before some league wide New Year Resolutions are handed out awards and then David's turn to ask three "Seven Seconds Or Less" questions to end the show. Thanks for listening and to anyone who has taken the time to rate and/or review. We really appreciate it!  -- 02:35 - Recap & News 06:50 - MVP - The Best Sun For December 11:00 - ROY - Rookie Moment That Stood Out19:30 - MIP - Player Who Outperformed Expectations25:50 - DPOY - The Most Disappointing Of The Month32:35 - 6MOY - More Minutes To Start 201941:20 - Did You Know: Streaking Edition46:30 - Around The Association: New Year Resolutions1:03:30 - 7 Seconds Or Less
Max and David return from a short holiday break to answer your questions! From Booker and Ayton to the future of the roster, this episode touches on all things Suns.1:15 - Recap4:00 - Leaderboard9:30 - Mailbag Part 1: Booker, Ayton, and other current players46:45 - Did You Know53:30 - Mailbag Part 2: The Suns' Future and miscellaneous questions1:22:15 - 7SOL
Max and David react to Brandon Knight and Marquese Chriss being traded to the Rockets, for Ryan Anderson and De'Anthony Melton. Did the Suns view Anderson as a more valuable player right now than Brandon Knight? Is De'Anthony Melton the prize for making the deal? Who are the starters now? Does this bode well for Dragan Bender? Answers to all that and more in this immediate reaction episode.  After that, the guys finish the 7SOL Position Pod Series looking at point guard. With no real obvious answer on the roster after the Knight trade, they look at how Harrison and Okobo project going forward. If neither is the answer, then what about trades, free agents and the draft? Plus, a point guard themed Seven Seconds Or Less segment and a "hidden track" Did You Know?  --02:25 Is Anderson More Valuable than Knight?04:45 Is Melton The Prize Of The Trade?08:00 Melton's Contract 10:02 Phoenix Making More Moves13:40 Who Are The Current Starters?  18:45 Seven Seconds Or Less: Impromptu Edition-- 22:30 Shaq vs Okobo Long Term35:20 2019 Free Agent Class 43:20 Trading For A PG Now49:50 2019 Draft Class54:30 Seven Seconds or Less: PG Edition58:25 Did You Know? Hidden Track Edition
Max and David are joined by Josh Eberley, a writer for Hoop and podcast host of Hot Takes & Shot Fakes, to continue the 7SOL Position Pod Series. An American, an Australian and a Canadian break down all things Devin Booker, focusing in on his recent max extension and what he needs to do to earn it. Looking at the last 10 years of these deals, the guys discuss what Booker needs to do next season, how he and the Suns can avoid a Wiggins type backlash and what the expectations should be for both team and player throughout the life of the deal.  Plus, the guys react to proposed rule changes in rapid-fire fashion, David tells a story about Suns shooting guards of the past, and David also asks Max and Josh for some hot takes with a shooting guard themed Seven Seconds Or Less segment.  --Suns fans - we forgot to give credit to Kellan Olson's great article when discussing Booker's stats, you can read it here: 03:43 Rapid Fire News (Proposed Rule Changes)07:27 Did You Know? Shooting Guard Edition11:55 Booker's Extension Situation 16:35 Recent Max Extension History 23:05 What To Look For in 18/1930:45 Avoiding The Wiggins Extension Year 38:55 Booker's Expectation During The Contract 47:10 Can The Suns Get Booker The Required Help?57:20 Seven Seconds or Less: SG Edition
Back on their own, Max and David continue gazing into the future by performing a mock (re)draft of the last four NBA drafts combined (yes, they are insane.) They also cover rapid-fire Suns news, David dedicates "Did You Know" to Jared Dudley, and Max answers three tough 7SOL questions about the Suns' recent drafts.  2:00 - Rapid-Fire Suns News6:50 - "Did You Know"12:00 - The Great Mock (Re)Draft14:15 - The Top 10 19:55 - Devin Booker24:50 - Deandre Ayton33:00 - Picks 11-20 48:10 - Picks 21-3058:00 - 7SOL 
Max and David go solo once again to continue their Position Pod Series. This week, the biggest question surrounding the power forward position: Do the Suns have a long-term solution at PF? The guys look at potential solutions on the current roster and outside options from the '19 Draft and Free Agency crops.  Plus, rapid-fire news on Booker and the schedule, David tells a retro story about a past power forward, and Max gets weird with his Seven Seconds Or Less questions for David. --01:45 Rapid Fire News (Booker + Schedule)11:45 Did You Know? Power Forward Edition16:10 The Ariza Signing23:40 Bender vs Chriss36:40 Bridges' Versatility 42:00 Looking To The '19 Draft 51:00 Is '19 FA The Answer?56:35 Seven Seconds or Less: Weird Edition
After a short break, Max & David are back to talk about everything this surprise packet Suns team is doing. Starting off with a Recap of what they've missed, they then move onto an update on the Vote Leader Board. Using that list, the guys then run through every player in the rotation and how they feel about them so far. Throw in some very unexpected playoffs talk involving the Suns, sandwiched in between the usual Did You Know and 7SOL segments to end. _____Recap/News 3:10Suns Leader Board 4:52Devin Booker 11:40Aron Baynes & Deandre Ayton 23:00Kelly Oubre 34:15Ricky Rubio & Jevon Carter 40:00Kaminsky, Tyler Johnson & Saric 49:00Mikal Bridges & Cam Johnson 1:01:35Did You Know 1:08:00Playoffs In The West 1:14:007SOL 1:28:30
Max and David react to the Suns' heartbreaking loss to the Memphis Grizzlies before breaking down the rest of the week's games. Maybe the Suns aren't that good, but at least they have Devin Booker. This is a therapy session.--2:15 - Recap4:00 - Memphis Reaction23:30 - Did you Know31:30 - Spurs Games40:30 - Indiana Game51:30 - Leaderboard57:30 - 7SOL
Max and David react to the craziness that was the 2019 NBA Draft & everything leading up to it. In order of how it happened, the guys give their initial reactions to the two pre-draft trades, selecting Cam Johnson and trading back into the first round of the draft.    02:00 - TJ Warren Trade  06:00 - Jarrett Culver for Pick 11 & Dario Saric 10:30 - Selecting Cam Johnson 18:00 - The Ty Jerome/Aron Baynes Trade 24:00 - General Feeling At The End Of It All  28:00 - League Observations  35:30 - Final Thoughts 
2018-19 Phoenix Suns starting point guard De'Anthony Melton joins the show to break down the roller coaster start to his professional career, including his time playing with the Suns. De'Anthony discusses his unique pre-draft process, what it's like to have already been traded twice, and how he thought his rookie season went. And of course Max doesn't let De'Anthony get away without answering three Seven Seconds or Less questions prepared by David! Before that, Max and David go over every Suns move so far this off-season, starting with this week's signings. The guys scored each individual transaction to get an overall score, plus looked at some rotation questions and win predictions for the season.  Enjoy!  02:52 - Recap: Recent Suns Moves25:50 - Free Agency: Oubre, Rubio, and the Melton/Jackson trade46:05 - The Draft: All the Picks and Trades1:04:30 - De'Anthony Melton Interview
Max & David are joined by a special guest for the first time on the 7SOL Podcast. Kellan Olson joins the guys, to break down what we saw at Vegas Summer League. The guys discuss every Suns roster player, while David tests out both Max & Kellan with the usual "Did You Know" segment plus two 7SOL quizzes.  2:15 - Did You Know with a SL flavour. 7:00 - A game of Ayton Over/Under12:40 - Impromptu 7SOL Vegas Edition 23:05 - Deandre Ayton39:20 - Dragan Bender51:15 - Mikal Bridges54:10 - Josh Jackson1:01:05 - Elie Okobo1:04:40 - Shaq Harrison/Davon Reed 1:08:10 - George King 1:09:30 - 7SOL on the Suns roster. 
Max and David review the first full week of Phoenix action. After the hot start, the Suns came crashing back down to earth. The guys dissect the three blowout losses, look at what went wrong and identify some small bright spots from early on.David brings back "Did You Know" before they take a look around the league. Hot and cold teams, tracking their predictions and looking at the 2018 rookies. The guys then finish off with a customary round of "Seven Seconds Or Less". -- 04:35 - The Good & Bad of Devin Booker 11:30 - Are The Suns Missing A Leader? 17:28 - Can't Defend The Indefensible22:19 - Igor Struggling With Rotations 28:38 - The Suns Still Need A PG 37:14 - Hot Start For Deandre Ayton 40:25 - Did You Know 45:30 - Around The Association 56:02 - The '18 Draft Class1:06:45 - 7 Seconds Or Less
Cole Zwicker joins the show to help Max and David break down the Phoenix Suns' Small Forward position, including Mikal Bridges, Kelly Oubre, and Cam Johnson. Cole also shares his takes on much of the rest of the Suns' roster.2:30 Free Agent Redos6:00 Kelly Oubre11:15 Current Mikal Bridges15:00 Kelly and Mikal Together25:30 Did You Know33:30 Mikal vs. Recent Lottery Wings38:00 Best, Worst, and Average Mikal Outcomes40:00 Building Around Booker/Ayton/Mikal48:00 Mikal's Near Future50:30 Cam Johnson54:15 Ty Jerome and Jalen Lecque58:00 Mikal's Shot and Improvement1:08:00 7SOL
Max and David are joined by Kellan Olson, who covers the Phoenix Suns for @EmpireOfTheSuns and is an editor/reporter for @AZSports.  The guys talk about Kellan's interviews with James Jones (Interim GM) and Igor Kokoskov (Head Coach), which highlighted a number of key points around the Suns coaching, development & franchise pieces in Deandre Ayton & Devin Booker.  After a quick Did You Know focusing on Ayton's appearance at All Star Weekend, the trio then look at: Jones' comments on the upcoming Summer, the Zion Williamson debate and the rest of the 2019 Draft Class.  Thanks to Kellan for joining us and thanks to everyone listening. We appreciate anyone who has taken the time to rate and/or review the podcast! -- 03:38 - How Much Is Igor Kokoskov's Fault? 08:32 - What's Best For Deandre Ayton Long Term?19:00 - When Will The Suns Help Devin Booker?33:50 - Did You Know: Rising Stars Edition 40:07 - What Will Summer 2019 Bring For Free Agency & Trades?46:44 - Just How Good Is Zion Williamson?59:31 - What About The Rest Of The '19 Draft Class?1:11:10 - 7 Seconds Or Less 
Kellan Olson joins the show for the first episode of the 2019 7SOL position preview on the Suns' shooting guard(s). The guys start by *raving* (seriously, we mean RAVING) about Devin Booker before trying to figure out whether the Suns have another shooting guard. * * * 4:00 High-level Devin Booker Assessment8:30 Devin Booker's Health17:20 Raving About Devin Booker29:10 Booker's Negatives42:00 Best/Worst/Average Booker Outcomes Next Season49:30 Did You Know?58:20 Who Else Can Play SG for the Suns?1:20:40 7SOL
Max and David react to the league-altering Anthony Davis trade before giving their final thoughts on the 2019 NBA Draft, including the Suns' options at #6, their personal draft boards, and their draft predictions. Plus: Did You Know, 7SOL, and brief discussions of possible Suns FA/trade targets. *     *     * 3:30 Recap6:00 AD Trade Analysis - Lakers19:00 AD Trade Analysis - Pelicans and the #4 Pick29:00 Did You Know33:45 Suns #6 Pick Rumors47:00 David's and Max's Big Boards and Mock Drafts52:00 More Draft Predictions56:00 D'Lo Rumors1:03:35 Blake Griffin1:11:30 7SOL
Max and David continue their positional preview series with the Suns' power forwards, focusing on Dario Saric, Frank Kaminsky, Cheick Diallo, Kelly Oubre, and potential PF trades. 2:30 Schedule Talk4:20 Dario Saric25:00 Power Forward Trades39:00 Did You Know47:30 The Other "Power Forwards"1:06:30 7SOL  
Max and David return for Episode 27 with an hour dedicated to the listeners. After recapping the last week quickly, Max reads out the 39th podcast review. Then, a giant Mailbag episode. Immediate Suns questions, longer term Suns questions, a little bit of rapid fire and some general NBA too. All with the usual Did You Know and Seven Seconds Or Less segments thrown in. The guys cover all the main Suns topics of the moment & more. In an episode curated by the 7SOL listeners, the episode ends with a few more shout outs to those reviewing the show.    -- 02:30 - Week Recap & A Listener Review04:20 - Immediate Suns Questions 24:00 - Long Term Suns Questions45:30 - Rapid Fire Suns Questions48:15 - Did You Know?54:00 - General NBA Questions 1:06:50 - 7 Seconds Or Less1:11:30 - More Listener Reviews
Move over, Ryan McDonough! Max and David each try their hand at building the Suns' roster through free agency while the other acts as the players' agents and other 29 teams. As it turns out, they have different visions of what the team should look like going forward...
With a third of the NBA season down, Max & David run through how the Suns have looked and if they still have a shot at the playoffs. Starting off with a Recap & the Suns Leader Board, the guys then move onto discussing how Deandre Ayton's return will help the team. They then discuss the biggest surprises and disappointments so far, before looking at how the rotation might look with everyone healthy. After Did You Know, the episode ends with a look at the upcoming schedule and bubble team competition, for a discussion surrounding the Suns playoff chances. _____Recap/News 2:33Suns Leader Boards 6:05Deandre Ayton Returns 9:15Grading The Roster So Far 21:30How Will The Rotation Shake Out 42:30Did You Know 51:15The Remaining Schedule 58:10Bubble Team Watch 1:05:457SOL 1:17:45
Gerald Bourguet joins the show to talk all things Center Position with Max and David. The guys go in depth on Deandre Ayton, breaking down what he showed in his rookie campaign on both ends and what we can hopefully improve upon next season. After the usual Did You Know segment, the guys move onto Aron Baynes' influence on and off the court, plus other options at C. Finishing off with a customary 7SOL segment. ---01:40 - Recap/News06:00 - Ayton Offense 24:10 - Ayton Defense42:30 - Where Does Ayton rank? 54:10 - Did You Know? 1:03:22 - Aron Baynes Off Court 1:08:15 - Aron Baynes On Court 1:13:30 - Other Backup C Options1:18:30- 7SOL
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