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Well I certainly wound up beating off more this week than last. It did help that I’ve been using the recorded audio from some one-on-one sessions as episode material because that led to reliving the events which led to sexy thoughts which led to communication with the parties which led to more sexy thoughts and on and on.Also there was porn again! I did watch some gangbang stuff as I had planned, but only one clip. There was one scene in particular where this group of guys picks the girl up and they’re all groping her while she’s held in the air — that was pretty amazing. However! It was one of those clips driven by the premise of a bunch of well-hung black guys and a [surprise!] blond white girl. The racial aspect turned me off and I didn’t finish the clip or search for much more beyond scrolling through the rest of my “recommended” feed. Whatever, I’d already gotten off and the clip was too long anyway.Basically this week was toys toys toys and lots of lusty musings while in transit or attending events not conducive to masturbation. The exception was last night, when I got in a quick session which I recorded for the sake of Masturbation Month; I don’t know if the pressure of the mic got to me or what, but the toys weren’t cutting it and I relapsed on two porn clips I’ve watched a million times. Also, the vibrator dildo died midway so that did impact the effectiveness of the toys. As it turns out, the Tiger toy is quite effective in it’s own way and I really miss it when it cuts out.Also! There was another cybersex encounter. My ol’ cuckhold buddy across the border talked me through to a pretty satisfying orgasm, the two of us role playing a MMF threesome situation where he’s doing cleanup and servicing me in various ways while I enjoy the much larger cock of the other guy. It was a lot of fun and he has a great voice. Unfortunately he is still working up the nerve to allow me to use our interactions as episodic material but someday…Here are the links from this week…Porn:Interracial gangbang with the superhot lifted groping sceneohmygod why is this clip so short [relapse video 1]I legit wish I was this girl when I watch this, and the choking! Ahh so hot [relapse video 2]Toys:Vibrating dildoCordless Magic Wand
Up until yesterday, this episode was set to be about 5 minutes because ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED.So what turned the tide? Well first of all I was busy and cranky all fucking week; I someone cancel last minute and then another just completely blow me off with no apology or explanation. Aside from those irritations, this has just been a very legwork-heavy 7 days. Lots of reaching out and following up and planning and recording, etc… I felt drained every single day and not all interested in “rubbing one out.” And then — I was back in contact with a younger gentleman I met several years ago (the friend of an ex) and he’s been trying to get together and with very filthy intentions. Well young sir started getting real explicit and it got my mind going and then my body going and then Saturday afternoon I’m beating off in bed watching clips of cunnilingus.It started with a repost on Instagram of a new “Must Have Big Dick And Thick Skin” graphic to which he messaged and asked if it was an invitation to submit. Of course I said yes! He sent 3 pics of a pretty good size dick, nothing gigantic but a solid entry.The pics were shortly followed by: “I got tested last Friday also I’m negative for everything. So let’s fuck pls [kissy face emoji].Next: “At least let me eat your ass? Lmao. Thank you. [I said he had a nice dick] It’s better in person. [winky face emoji].AND THEN we were texting and he sent: “For reals tho. Like I do really want to fuck you and shove my face in your crotch but I also want to hang out as friends and not think about just sex. I’m a perv and a lot of stuff I say is related about sex. But I wanna chill with you as a person… Sit on my face please.”All this talk of faces in crotches! My crotch specifically! Ahhh what’s a girl to do!!! To clarify, this guy is very attractive — banging body, beautiful face, sweeeeeet personality — pretty full package AND we already know each other as people. Anyway, I actually laid down fantasizing about being manhandled by two men at once but there was some pussy licking stuff that came up in my feed and I just went with it.And now I can’t stop thinking about his mouth on my clit…The end.Porn links!The threesome I started with but quickly turned off because meh, whatevsAn accidental click / Threesome action. The music in this one ohmygod!Another threesome — fully intended to watch this but got distracted by the pussy licking clips that appeared in my feed below it…***HOLY SHIT! BEST PUSSY LICKING EVER! Check out the move at 1:25 time marker ***Good rimming, rubbing, pussy licking, etc!
An Interview With BlakSyn…We jump in with how they distinguish between the function of the labels they identify with; queer vs. pansexual vs. non-binary and how identity differs from orientation. They mention body dysphoria so we talk about how that plays into their identification as non-binary; what does it mean to have a penis? We dive deeper into the expectations that come with a body with male genitalia and how that affects identity and pleasure. What is it like to have sex with a penis? How does physical presentation affect the experience and expression of sexual pleasure?Next we get into how they got into sex education and how it all began with work at a shop in Philly and a class aimed at people of color and kink. While we’re at it, they clarify the distinction between kink and BDSM before moving on to the practice; is sex always included? They describe how BDSM functions in their life, professionally and personally, and how it can be therapeutic for practitioners.BlakSyn describes how their upbringing and trauma have affected the development of their identity and expression of sexuality. We get into some nitty gritty about family and the struggles that come with being the “black sheep” and using independence and distance as a means of self care.The importance of being the “first domino” and an advocate, and the responsibility that comes with visibility in a marginalized community. They discuss how the work they do has long ago evolved past their own needs, but instead is about others and how they me be of value to others.So many projects! We dive in to all the platforms and work they are currently working on. Writing, photography, porn, education, etc…Race is a big part of all these things for them; especially when it comes to providing representation for people of color in the kink community. We talk specifically about race in pornography and the kinds of porn they are into right now. It just so happens they have a lot of friends who are making kick-ass, diverse and inclusive porn — check out the links below which include the makers they mention.In addition to their personal projects, they are also participating in a number of events around the country — links below to those as well.What a great talk! BlakSyn is awesome — follow them on all their platforms for fantastic content, information and inspiration…***One more thing, this is Pride month and while it is certainly a time for celebration, it is also a time to be mindful of all the work which remains. Rights are being stripped, people are being killed, and the battle for equality continues every day. Here is a list of vetted organizations doing year-round work on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community: consider making a financial donation this month, and every month.***GRAPHICPAINT will be making donations throughout the year but also with every episode published this monthIndependent and Queer Porn:Eva WoAorta FilmsBishop Black Pink and White ProductionsCrashpad SeriesHot Bits Film Fest*Events:The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsel
Show notes:A conversation with Jo about what it’s like being the victim of “stealthing.” And for those of you who don’t know what stealthing is:According to Wikipedia: “…the practice of one sex partner covertly removing a condom, when consent has only been given by the other sex partner for condom-protected safer sex.”We discuss having both recently been victims of stealthingJo describes the circumstances of the event, how things were with the guy before… and then details of the incidentShe considers how her upbringing may have influenced her reaction“Fight, flight or freeze”Talking through the aftermathMen who want families, the women who don’tIs societal shaping of men a cause of such behavior?The confrontation with her stealtherMy experience with this type of assaultOn being women who love sex, feminism, and carrying on after these eventsWhat is the lesson here? Is there a lesson?The piece I wrote about my own experience with this type of assault: I HATE THIS: “Stealthing, A Review”
Two one-on-one sessions!!! 1) Spontaneously on Monday I was texting with one of the party attendees, the self-labeled heteroflexible one, and we made impulsive plans for him to come by in the late afternoon after our texting got a bit hot and heavy. Turns out we were both thinking about the possibility of a MM group sex situation and so we went into some of those details… Once we were in the same room, we went into more details and helped each other get off. 2) The other male party attendee happened to text me that same Monday with the proposal that we also get together for a one-on-one masturbation jam but for the purpose of recording so I could use it in the podcast, that happened Thursday. Again, we helped each other get off but no sex was had. This time, less about describing an alternate fantasy but touching each other in ways that both got us off as well as the other person.Then I ran into #54 in real life and that sent my lady parts into a tizzy. Also this happened after I had been texting him, laying the groundwork for his participation in a MMF threesome with one of the party attendees, as he is also somewhat heteroflexible. [Previous episodes with #54: Episode 9 / Episode 17]Anyway, with all this real life stimulation, there wasn’t much need for porn but of course I watched it anyway. It was a pretty consistent and heavy week for masturbation overall.Porn links!Meh, girl-on-girl bondage nipple tortureNipple torture bondage thingAmateur nipple licking that was pretty good but underwhelmingRope bondage fucking, also underwhelmingLast resort breast massage
An interview with MasterNeefFirst up, the difference between tone of profile versus tone of personality which leads to a reading of his FetLife profile which is delightfully specific. Next we dive into his experience having slaves and how his kink developed. Discussion about the challenges of exploring the slave kink in public — race and gender make it a dangerous game. Then we talk about specific acts he’s engaged in as his kink has evolved. Introduction to the subject came from porn.We discuss whether or not he is open about this interests with friends and family… and then about what equipment he owns. And then we talk more about race as it relates to his kink, dating and porn in general. Then his firm stance about sex stuff with men, even though he lists his sexual orientation as N/A — confusing??? Then more discussion of his experience being on FetLife. Then some talk about how soon the kink subject comes up when dating someone new and NOT from FetLife and the general struggles that come with the search for relationships and sexual compatibility.And finally, we discuss any double standards regarding judgment of those willing to participate in fantasies and then a bit about my own interests, which of course leads to a dick size discussion. By the way, since I didn’t refer to dimensions in the interview, my preference is 7” to 8” long, 2” wide.Before we close, he tells me he feels like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon having had this discussion. :))Do you want to send a tribute? Use cash app and send to user $NeeFynesse
My interview with Dr. Kerry Kott… join us for a conversation about discovery, communication, healing, experimentation and optimism in the face of trauma.Afterward, check out my guest’s podcast: The Universe Made Me Do ItTo find out more about her work, visit her website and check out her InstagramTill next week, stay safe!
My interview with local sex-positive hero, Effy Blue. We discuss relationship and sexual histories, trauma, healing, and the work she does around relationships and sex.Effy Blue is a relationship expert specializing in non-monogamy and other alternative structures. Her coaching philosophy, Relationship by Design, abandons the one-size-fits-all relationship structure that is heavily prescribed by our society. Instead, it advocates conscious and active design of relationships in service of those in it. Effy guides and facilitates this creative process by fearlessly asking the tough questions while constructively offering thoughtful insights. Besides coaching, Effy builds a growing community of Curious Foxes, leads panels and workshops, and speaks at relationship and sexuality conferences around the country.Find and connect with Effy:Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @coacheffyblue / @wearecuriousfoxeseffyblue.comwearecuriousfoxes.comaloha@effyblue.comTill next week!
The biggest news this week is how the “great dildo experiment of 2019” went, and well, it failed :( The angles, positioning, logistics, whathaveyou, were all against me and in the end I got up and went back to my usual position and placement and of course some nipple play porn.Some partner longing feelings came up, both before this experiment and during, so I get into that… Also the two other instances of orgasm this week [both toy-only sessions, pretty decent].And hey! There’s a young lad [of age!!!] in the midst so I describe his particular brand of “cougar bait-ness” and the odds of our coupling.Also!!! Voting opens today for the proposal I submitted to speak at SXSW 2020! Please vote and spread the word about my idea which is a verbal and visual exploration of “Using Sex And Porn Online To Change The World IRL.”Go here to vote: and please share the link with everyone you know! Voting closes August 23rd.Porn links:The tit massage/mutual masturbation clip from one of the photo shoot modelsDecent but not great quick and homemade breast play / fingeringMeh bath groping Weird long, skin-tag-looking nipplesTill next week!
Lots of toy play and porn this week, but no partner stuff…Thankfully I’ll be spending the weekend at a sex conference hosted by the hotel where I’m booked so I have faith next week will be a different story!Porn [all bondage-nipple porn] links:Bondage-nipple tickling, not terrible Decent all around but the lighting is awful and it’s way too slow Absurd “bondagette” 1, redhead Absurd “bondagette” 2a, blond Absurd “bondagette” 2b, same blond Absurd “bondagette” 3, brunetteThis one looks great but it’s too short!Another super-appealing clip but super-short
Mammograms and a sex conference! So much fun!I’m lying, the mammograms were awful. But the conference was wonderful!Hear all about both in this week’s episode.
The origin of today’s interview is this specific critique from a listener:“Hello I’ve recently been listening to your podcast and I like it - I’m very sex positive, I’m a sensual man. Like you, I seek higher and better orgasms although I have been kink shamed in past relationships and turned down for having a high sex drive but I’m dealing with that - here is my issue, your podcast says it is sex positive and non shaming yet I’ve heard you speak in a negative way of men not having a big dick isn’t that shaming? Isn’t everyone positive in their own way? No one is perfect, u call urself a size queen ok but all the positive podcasts I hear tell me size doesn’t mater - if anything this is why guys send unsolicited dick pics cause either it does or it doesn’t.”I shared my response to this in Episode 63: Listener Questions And Comments, but I also offered this listener the opportunity to hash this topic out in a specific episode, hence “The Great Tiny Penis Debate.”***Here’s the article referenced in our discussion: “Must Have Thick Skin And Big Dick”…and here’s another about the penises which have let me down: “The Most Disappointing Dicks I’ve Ever Encountered” [btw this list includes several big cocks!]
My notes for the past week: RAGE. The end.Ok fine, there were other things like STRESS and INSECURITY. Listen for the details on how feeling like shit about my outsides keeps my insides sex free! Specifically what it was like attending a fancy schmancy event while feeling like a hideous troll and how this all connects to my shaved head and vanity and needing outside validation to make up for the lack of internal validation. Blah blah blah!OH WAIT! Actually something amazing did happen but I had so much rage I forgot! SXSW!!!! I AM SPEAKING AT SXSW AFTERALL!!! A slot opened up and I am now giving the 15-minute solo presentation I had applied for! THANK YOU to every single ounce of support, I am so fucking humbled and blown away that this is happening, so much so that I fucking forgot in my rage!!Until Thursday…
Improved sexual activity! I masturbated Thursday and watched someone else masturbate Saturday… Also! The bad porn I watched while beating off Thursday has inspired a new segment: “UNSOLICITED ADVICE.” Do with it what you will because it may very well be bad advice as it is based solely on my own opinion and personal feelings. But also it may just save you from some future embarrassment so give it a listen?As to the subject of said segment of “UNSOLICITED ADVICE,” the topics at hand are: sunglasses on naked people doing sexy things and young men bringing magnum condoms to new sexual encounters.Now for the porn…Inspiration for my PSA of unsolicited advice, i.e., here is a dude wearing sunglasses and ruining an otherwise decent clip of a man sucking on some natural titsA ridiculous storyline, decent looking male participant, and unfortunate presence of breast implantsProbably a decent clip of nipple sucking but I was so frustrated at this point I turned it off after a few seconds
Throwback episode featuring archival sound footage of a pre-play conversation with “The Brit,” who has appeared in four other episodes from the early days of this show:Episode 3: Yes Daddy Audio—A Husband Dominates His WifeEpisode 7: Interview 1—”The Brit”Episode 13: Play Session 1—”The Brit”Episode 27: Play Session 2—”The Brit”This recorded discussion documents two people navigating the terms of an internet-based Dom/sub (D/s) relationship as well as a reverse interview of sorts… here “the Brit” asks me the types of probing, private questions I typically ask of guests in other episodes…Till Monday!
Today’s interview is Part 1 of a 2-part series — next week’s episode will be audio porn featuring the same guestThe conversation I have with “BlackKnight” centers around the reality of attending sex parties. It just so happens my guest has been to quite a few and as a self-identified shy and anxious person, I think a lot of folks out there will relate to his perspective.Our talk also covers race play; the first event my guest attended was an interracial swingers party. Race also factors into his personal explorations and porn use.Till next week!
Heyyyyy! Guess who spent hours editing an interview only to have it lost in a program crash? So much fun and not at all frustrating on the eve of my 40th birthday. Anyway!To save the publishing schedule, I have turned to another recording with #54; this is a briefer total session because there was no little blue pill involved but still a good time was had by all! There were handcuffs, a belt, some spanking, orgasms; all the good stuff.If you’d like to hear more from me and this guy, check out this 3-episode collection documenting an epic 2.5 hour session: Episode 9 / Episode 17 / Episode 59***Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but #54’s use of a little blue pill has been to satisfy me after I told him our first time was underwhelming. Since then he has been very mindful of satisfying me and when our encounters are less spontaneous than the one in this episode, he uses the assistance of medication to provide me with the hours of sex I require. He works hard and I REALLY appreciate all his efforts.***ALSO!!! I’m collecting listener questions and topics for next week’s episode! Do you have something on your mind you’d like covered? Send me an email to and let me know. I will cover as much as I can.Till Monday!
Welcome to the third and final installment of the epic 2.5 hour session I recorded with No. 54! You can catch up on parts 1 and 2 here: Episode 9 / Episode 17If you’d prefer to just jump in with today’s episode, we pick up just a few minutes after the anal sex in Episode 17. My partner had taken a little pill which allowed him to maintain his impressive erection for as long as he did; in this clip he finally cums. I had been cumming the whole time but the orgasms I had in this last part were probably the best of the whole session. As with the previous portions, there’s some spanking and a lot of vocal expression. Enjoy!***PLEASE NOTE: I only barebacked with this guy because we both got tested beforehand - he even had his papers like a good boy. I believe strongly in safe sex and only bareback under circumstances like those I’ve just described.***Also! Community voting ends tomorrow [August 23rd]. If you’d like to support my bid to speak at SXSW 2020 on the topic of “Using Sex And Porn Online To Change The World IRL,” please visit the proposal page to vote/comment. Many thanks my dears :)
Show notes:[HAVE YOU LISTENED TO PART 1?]Part 2 of the 2.5-hour fuck session started in Episode 9. It’s hot, try not to get pregnant when you listen to it.***PLEASE NOTE: I only barebacked with this guy because we both got tested beforehand - he even had his papers like a good boy. I believe strongly in safe sex and only bareback under circumstances like those I’ve just described.***Foreplay with fellatio and rimming (me to him)He threatens to fuck my assThere’s some deep vaginal fuckingMore rimming (him to me)We lube up for anal sexI bring in my Magic Wand to assist with the accommodation of his generously sized cockWe have the anal sex
Show notes:The first play exchange with “the Brit”Am I willing?Negotiating what his options are for punishmentDiscussing what am I envisioning for the what’s about to go downHe tells me to do various thingsSlap my faceTouch my breastsCall him “sir” [I won’t call him “daddy”]He wants to know what my extreme desires areHe interviews me about various experiences and interestsHe informs me of the things I need to ask permission forHe finally starts yelling at meMore interview, more use of toys, more yellingFinally orgasmPost-op discussion
Remember the mention of Mr. Baggy Magnum Condom? [Episode 56] Well here is the audio of me going two rounds with that guy, showing up like a champ to get mine as best I could despite the underwhelming material I had to work with. A big plus: this guy is VERY vocal and enthusiastically expressive so that was fun. He’s a good kid just not the one for me. Take a listen.Do you have underwhelming experiences of your own to share? Hit me up: sex@graphicpaint.comOn a more serious and urgent note, this episode is airing the day after Transgender Day Of Remembrance but it’s worth duplicating the remembrance given that there were at least 331 murders of trans and gender-diverse people between October 1, 2018 and September 30, 2019. Please take the time to acknowledge their passing and the work that remains end the violence. You can view the full list of reported deaths here along with more information on the importance of this day.Till Monday…
Listen to a woman cum many, many times as her partner licks her feet, sucks her toes, massages her with oil, eats her out and uses multiple vibrators over the course of 20+ minutes…Btw, this is a couple married for 28 fucking years. Don’t even try to say married sex can’t be hot AF!Many thanks to the sexy listeners who submitted this clip!Here are the two toys used in the audio:Njoy Pure WandMagic Wand**Update on SXSW: the event was cancelled (thank you to all the listeners who wrote in to comfort me!) but unfortunately the trip was non-refundable so I’m still flying to Austin, heading out today. I’ve been working hard to arrange alternate events to get some value out of the excursion — I will be doing a webcast (or two!) plus I’ve booked an in-person slot at Grit Daily House for tomorrow, Friday March 13 at 12:30pm at this event:Grit Daily House Live!More to come as things become definite… I will be sharing the webcast with you all so stay tuned!Till next week…
An interview with Andrew Pari, LCSW, a licensed clinical social worker, and psychotherapist. He is also the founder of Sexual Assault Awareness, an organization dedicated to treating and raising awareness of sexualized violence. I met Andrew earlier this year at the Positive Sexuality Conference in California where he gave a presentation titled Guided Rape Exposure Treatment, A Proposed Model.Andrew focuses his work on the controversial & taboo topics that most in his field won’t address, including specialized populations in the sex trade and human trafficking. He is also writing the first book on the arousal experience in sexual assault to help rape victims and therapists understand this response, hence the subject of his conference presentationAs you might expect, given the nature of his work, Andrew and I have a shared interest in discussing the things most people won’t - so who better to interview for this show!We talk in depth about his professional work but of course, we also get into the intimate nitty gritty of his personal, sexuality as is customary on this show. LINKSSexual Assault AwarenessCenter for Positive Sexuality
Show notes:Audio of me watching porn and masturbatingThis is the recording I made for “the Brit” prior to our vocal play, cyber domination session via SkypeI wasn’t feel so sexy so I used porn AND my sex toysTwo clipsUnderwhelming porn that I rejected2 guys/1 girl porn that ultimately got me off“How I Got Off,” with soooooo much porn!It started rough…Redneck rough stuffAmateur “slapping my girlfriend aroundRough sex slave stuff (starts slow)Then got soft [and foreign] **MUSIC IS AWFUL**AmericanCubanItalianRussianMore RussianThen I felt bad about myself…But I still got off!
In honor of George Floyd's memorial, I am using the platform of this show to support those protesting systemic racism around the world. Today's episode features a segment of audio recorded at a peaceful protest in New York City followed by 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence dedicated to George Floyd. This fight needs your support. Below is a list of organizations battling racial injustice; please donate your time and funding.The Bail Project: A national non-profit organization designed to combat mass incarceration by disrupting the money bail system, one person at a time.Black Lives Matter: A global organization in the US, UK and Canada, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes. Campaign Zero: Utilizes research-based policy solutions to end police brutality in the U.S. Color Of Change: The nation’s largest online racial justice organization. The Innocence Project: Exonerates the wrongly convicted through DNA testing and reforms the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.Movement for Black Lives: Supports Black-led rapid response efforts and long-term strategy, policy and infrastructure investments in the movement ecosystem. NAACP: NAACP’s mission is to secure the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons. National Bail Fund Network: A full directory of bail funds by stateNational Bail Out:  A Black-led and Black-centered collective of abolitionist organizers, lawyers and activists building a community-based movement to support our folks and end systems of pretrial detention and ultimately mass incarceration.***Don't forget June is also Pride month -- visit GRAPHICPAINT for links to LGBTQ+ organizations supporting people of colorTill next week...
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