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Dr. Lindsey Doe, clinical sexologist and host of the YouTube show Sexplanations, chats with special guests about the fascinating and hilarious world of sex.

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Among the many influential people and experiences in my life, my mother has been responsible for a great deal of the permission I've had to be exactly who I am. She instilled me a belief that it's okay to call out sexual abuse, to express my passion for sex, and to be sex curious. I asked her to …

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Last year I met charismatic wonder woman on the plane returning to Missoula named Princess. We both had similar fast-friends personalities and joie de vivre so a year into our friendship I asked her to be on the Sexplanations podcast and talk about mania with me. How do we as passion people …

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Dustin and I met on a rideshare and talked about love and relationships on that drive together. Then he spoke on a panel in my human sexuality class, photographed me for a calendar, and acted out 30 orgasmic sex positions in a green-suit for a Sexplanations episode. The two of us have a very …

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Learn at least one new sex term for each letter of the alphabet, all about tucking technologies, the history of A. Mick, a co-founder of polyamorous programming in Montana, and now founder of an undergarment company goes through every letter of the alphabet from Z to A sexology-style. This episode …

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On the Sexplanations YouTube channel there are three episodes about HIV which I’m really proud of. As someone who served as the the HIV prevention coordinator of an AIDS council doing what I can to encourage that people get tested and protect themselves is important to me. To revisit those episodes …

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