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A patriarchy is a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. The bad news is, we live in a patriarchy. And what are the effects of the patriarchy? In this weeks segment we asked how the patriarchy affects your daily lives, from from being able to wear certain clothes, to being told to ‘smile more’, to being too scared to travel alone. We discuss how much we relate to a lot of daily occupancy of inequality, and how sad it is that we do. There are many problems with the patriarchy, and infinite ways it shows up in our daily lives. Some things are more deeply engrained: like the emphasis on female beauty standards and expectations that negatively impact women’s self perception and self worth. Other issues are more about what women are taught- to be polite, to be mothers, to be submissive- and the ways in which we adopt these roles ourselves. Touching briefly on family dynamics, we talk about the examples we were set growing up, and the kinds of future we could have when we were older, as well as how perhaps we have internalised sexism, limiting ourselves and our capabilities. We talk about how the patriarchy even affects our sex lives, although perhaps sometimes it won’t seem like a feminist issue or like something that is a result of the patriarchy, like finding it difficult to say no to sex. However, we establish that it impacts everything, especially the way men and women interact. We break down some of the pressures that we felt sexually with men that perhaps we haven’t felt with women, and how with men we fall into a position of submission. Ultimately, even though the patriarchy fucks us in many ways every day, we understand that in order to break all of these systems down we need to ourselves be aware of our misogyny and call men out on theirs. Let’s start now, this Women’s History Month. And let’s go and SMASH the patriarchy!! We hope you're enjoying the podcast, and if you are please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser. It means to much to us! Don't forget to subscribe, and you can find more of us on: Instagram: @sextraspodcast Facebook: Sextras Podcast ( Or email us at Otherwise, we’ll see you next week! Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
So many people don't have a sex life at the moment. Around the world, lockdowns have left people unable to fulfil their sexual desires, and for many women this has meant they struggle to feel sexual at all. This week we discuss what it's like when you're in a sexual dry spell, hearing from our listeners about what the longest they've gone without sex is and how they broke the dry spell. We discuss how long is too long for us to go without sex, and what is considered a dry spell, deciding that it's different for each person depending on how often they have sex normally. We then give some advice about how to manage your dry spell in quarantine, as well as how to end a dry spell if you're not in lockdown. Having a dry spell in a relationship before quarantine was bad enough, but with the added fact that so many people are in long distance relationships, or going through a dry spell after a break up, it's that much harder to stay sexually active or connected to your body, basic human needs and physical needs. Self pleasure is so important, so we encourage you all to try to stay connected to your eroticism in some way, even if you're in lockdown! Dry spells for women are particularly hard because it's so damn hard for us to feel aroused when we're not having sex with anyone, but you can do it! Get a stash of sex toys or flirt with that guy you like over text! We hope you're enjoying the podcast, and if you are please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser. It means to much to us! Don't forget to subscribe, and you can find more of us on: Instagram: @sextraspodcast Facebook: Sextras Podcast ( or email us at We'll see you next week! Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
This week, Morgan Doman, a life and clarity coach joins us to talk about saying no, how people pleasing affects our lives and relationships and how to set healthy boundaries. Sometimes it is hard to know how to set a boundary, or even to know there is a boundary to set at all. Morgan talks us through some ways to go around setting boundaries, as we discuss some of the boundaries that you guys have set in the segment, or boundaries you want to set. We talk about physical boundaries, like being touched, or hugged without warning, and the importance of consent, as well as knowing how to set boundaries with friends when you start feeling like their therapist. We discuss attachments styles and how recognising your attachment style might help you understand what boundaries you might need to set. Morgan tells us about her experience as a recovering people pleaser who helps people pleasers break out of those habits for a living. We talk about how we're not really taught that we can say no, and so that why we struggle setting boundaries sometimes. Especially as women it can sometimes be hard to know how to say no, or feel pressured to say yes, so Morgan advises us to try to start practising saying no to small things, so you are able to when it matters. We all admit it's hard to set boundaries, often the boundaries we need to set are for ourselves, or within ourselves, and that's the hardest part. Sometimes, when someone sets a boundary it can feel like rejection you or an attack, when in reality they are trying to make the situation healthier and better for everyone. Be brave! Go set those boundaries! You can find Morgan on instagram (@morgan.doman) and read her blog on her website ( ! You can find more of us on: Instagram: @sextraspodcast Facebook: Sextras Podcast Email: Website: ( We hope you enjoyed the episode, don't forget to subscribe, review and share! We'll see you next Tuesday. Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
For some people, Valentine's Day is overrated, simply an excuse to spend money and say 'I love you' for the sake of it. For other's, it's a day filled with magic, when love fills the air and it feels like we have all the time in the world to set aside for the people we love. On this week's episode, we talk about the things we love about Valentine's Day, like the fact it's a day completely set apart for love. But we also talk about the things we don't like, how a lot of pressure can build around the day leading to stress and disappointment. During COVID, the expectations surrounding Valentine's Day look a little different: we can't go out, a lot of people can't even see their significant others, some people may feel even more so isolated. But there are a lot of ways to make the day still feel special. In the segment this week, we share some ideas on what to do for Valentine's at home, like picnics and blanket forts. It might even be as simple as getting your favourite food delivered. If you're not with your partner, you could facetime and eat at the same time. And if you're single, you can spend it with your flatmates or your friends. Valentine's Day can people feel even more 'single' or alone, when the day is really about love, of all kinds, and that includes friendship. We talk about some of our Valentine's Day stories and experiences, and note that some of the best Valentines were those spent with friends and memories with parents, and some of our bad ones are when we actually had a valentine. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if someone is going to kiss you this Valentine's or not, because we all have a Valentine somewhere, and that is anyone we love! Happy Valentine's Day you beautiful people! We love you! Show us love here: Instagram: @sextraspodcast Facebook: Sextras Podcast Email: Website: www. (
This week we're joined by Bing Fraser, who attempts to provide us with some insight into the male psyche. We begin the episode with some questions our listeners have for men, such as 'when does sex end?' and what sex feels like for a man. Bing explains the male anatomy to us and explains the best thing a girl can do is to have fun and be fun. We then move on to hearing how Bing came to be a sexual being. He tells us the story of how he got over his fear of rejection, and we speak about how society often teaches men that they must be masculine, which doesn't really give them many clues, but not really how to flirt or how to have good conversations, which can have a major impact on their confidence and self-esteem. Bing tells us his tips for how to get laid, as well as some more stories from his upcoming book 'Unprotected Treks.' Thank you so much to Bing for teaching us some more about what it's like to be the male of the species, we got some invaluable insight. If you want to buy Bing's book you can find it here: (, and you can check out his website ( or instagram @kingbingfraser for more. You can find more of us on: Instagram: @sextraspodcast Facebook: Sextras Podcast Email: Website: ( Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
In this week's episode we discuss a very curious phenomenon: the ick. Where does the ick come from? No one knows (although we theorise it might be a manifestation of your intuition telling you to get away from that person). Here on this podcast we're terrified of the ick and the power it holds over us. You can get the ick in a long-term relationship, or even when you're dating, and there's no knowing if if the ick will, or can, go away. We begin the episode by speculating how to describe the ick, and how it's different to simple turn offs and annoyances in dating. We then go on to a segment where we hear what gives you the ick, from people actually liking you back, to someone trying tooand tell our own ick stories. We try to dig deeper to understand what the ick really is and why we get it, but conclude that, ultimately, it is intangible, and laugh and how ridiculous the reasons for the ick ending a relationship can be. The ick is real!! Don't underestimate it's power- you could get the ick for anyone and everyone, and there's no reversing it once you acknowledge it. It will soon be downhill from that moment on. We hope you enjoyed the episode, and we appreciate all your support so much! If you want to see more of us, you can find us on Instagram: @sextraspodcast Facebook: Sextras Podcast Email: Website: www. ( Don't forget to rate, review (on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser), share and subscribe, and we'll see you next Tuesday! Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
This week we have a lovely guest, Mary, joining us to talk all things mental health and being single in lockdown. We begin the episode by hearing from what our listeners think the best part of single life is. We then dive into Mary's experience with being single, and having never been in an established relationship at 21. Some people think being single is lonely, but we discuss how sometimes being single is better as you can do some self-reflection, focus on your mental health and discovering what you want from a relationship. Mary explains that, while she's slightly bitter that covid began as she was ready to begin dating, she's grateful that she's single during lockdown, as maintaining a long distance relationship would be extremely difficult. She also tells us about how being single during covid has been difficult, and how she thinks her mental health would be affected by being in a relationship. We conclude that of course it's difficult to be single sometimes, especially during covid-19, when you can't get the intimacy (both physical and emotional) you need for your well-being, but that ultimately it's being single is best if you don't feel as if you're able to be in a relationship because of your mental health. Thank you so much to Mary for joining us, we hope you enjoy the episode! You can find Mary on Instagram @mazza.h99 and TikTok @mazza.h, and you can find more of us on: Instagram: @sextraspodcast Facebook: Sextras Podcast Website: ( Email: Don't forget to rate, review, share and subscribe! We'll see you next Tuesday! Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
In this week's episode we ask if you can be friends with your ex. We begin by hearing from some of our listeners' opinion on if exes can be friends, if they're friends with any of their exes, if they'd be okay with their significant other being friends with an ex, or if their significant other minds if they're friends with their ex. We then move on to explaining how we came to be friends with our exes, and what to do if your ex wants to stay friends and you don't. There are often so many reasons not to stay friends- they're your ex for a reason, after all (!)- but sometimes losing someone from your life forever is unnecessary and not worth it. Of course there are wrong reasons to stay friends with someone you dated, like you still secretly have feelings for them and you're hoping they'll change their minds and regret dumping you, but we truly believe, after some time and reflection, exes can be friends. You probably can't be friends straight after a breakup, though. We wouldn't recommend that (from personal experience). And you definitely, definitely, can't be friends with someone you love. We also discuss how we feel about our boyfriends being friends with an ex, and if it's ok for them to be friends with their ex-lovers, even if they don't have feelings for them. If you're going through a break up, we really feel for you. We know how difficult it can be, but maybe you'll get a friend out of it eventually! Just don't stay friends with them and lie to yourself about not having feelings for them, and you'll be fine! We hope you enjoyed the episode, we love making this podcast for you! If there's anything you'd like to see, any advice you'd like, please do reach out and make any recommendations you might have. You can find us on: Instagram: @sextraspodcast Facebook: Sextras Podcast Our website: ( Email: Don't forget to subscribe, rate, review and share, and we'll see you next Tuesday! Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
Happy new year!!! If you're listening to this- congratulations on making it to 2021 baby- I can't believe we did it. Let's hope the new year brings the end of the pandemic and a lot lot more joy and freedom than 2020. We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and celebrated new years safely, and you're all wrapped up at home working on your new year's resolutions. Even though starting the new year doesn't mean you have to set goals for yourself we think it's always important to be do some self reflection. It's easy to look back and be critical of what you achieved during the year, but maybe setting small goals for yourself like how you want to improve your relationships or something you want to explore in your sex life, like a new kink, will be more realistic than deciding you're going to cut out sugar forever! We encourage you set intentions if you will, or rather just resolutions you can keep. In this week's episode we discuss what we want from 2020 in our careers, relationships and sex lives, from learning to integrate exercise into our routine to wanting to have a threesome, and also hear our listeners' resolutions. We wish you all a happy 2021 and we can't wait to spend it with you and see you next Tuesday! Don't forget to subscribe, rate, review and share. We dedicate a lot of time to creating this podcast so if you listen regularly it would help us out a lot! You can find more of us on: Instagram: @sextraspodcast Facebook: Sextras Podcast Website: ( Email: Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
We have finally made it to the final week of 2020. There is no beautiful, poetic, amazing way to bring up everything that has happened during 2020, and we by no means try to do that. We know that this year has brought challenges, pain, struggle in a way we have never in our lifetimes seen before, and in all of that, there is a lot of room for growth. Being quarantined and staying home for most of the year provided us, and people all over the world, with nothing but time to really think. Lockdown has forced people into really thinking about their priorities and what they want, and if anything we hope all this time to yourself has given people time to think, and maybe even learn. For this week's segment we ask our listeners what they learned this year, with answers ranging from valuing themselves to missing your job. We relate a lot with some of the answers, and talk about how in our own ways we've learnt to say fuck it and be happy. We tell you some of our best lessons learnt, from believing more in our own abilities, to learning how to really dress up for ourselves and not for others. All in all, we pat ourselves (and you guys too!) on the back for really just doing our best even though this year has been hard. We wanted to share some of our 2020 favourites and what really got us through the year, from TV shows, to Podcasts, to books, which will all be available to find in our website. We hope you can find something positive to say about the year, even if only small! Please don’t forget you can leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser, and you can subscribe and rate us, too, wherever you get your podcasts! You can find more content on our social media, below, and get in contact with us if you have any recommendations or feedback: Instagram: @sextraspodcast Email: Facebook: Sextras Podcast Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
In this week's episode, we take you through our experience as bisexual girls. We talk about the first times we ever heard of the term 'bisexual' and how we first started identifying with it, or questioning our sexuality. The bisexual identity can be difficult to come to terms with because often you are left in a limbo, of not being 'straight enough', nor 'gay enough'. This can bring forward a lot of confusion, we share how we often have felt like impostors, how maybe we are just saying we like girls for attention, and similar internalised biphobic tendencies. Since we have both been in relationships with men, we speak about how that can be difficult when identifying with our bisexuality, how the 'gay world' and the 'straight world' seem to fail to coexist sometimes, and how someone who is part of both, it can sometimes feel like the world doesn't have a place for bisexuals. We talk about how dating men and women can feel so different, and how lucky bisexuals are that we get to experience both and whether we fear 'missing out' on dating girls or dating guys once we settle down with one person. Ultimately, we complain about all the hard stuff that comes along with being bisexual, yet we both agree we would not want it any other way. Love the way you are! No matter who you love. We love you. Please don’t forget you can leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser, and you can subscribe and rate us, too, wherever you get your podcasts!  You can find more content on our social media, below, and get in contact with us if you have any recommendations or feedback: Instagram: @sextraspodcast  Email: Facebook: Sextras Podcast Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
We're joined this week by the lovely Pup Anarchy (aka Amir) who talks to us about kinks and how to pay attention to what you really want, whether that's during sex or just in your day-to-day life. We begin with a segment where we hear what the kinkiest thing our listeners have ever done is, ranging from peeing on someone to smelling people's underwear. Amir then tells us about his job as a shaman, and how he found out what kinks he's into (spoiler...he's into puppy play). He tells us how his work and his sex life are similar in that he has to pay close attention to what he really wants, making sure he knows what sort of energy he expects to receive from his interactions with others. We also dive into the BDSM community and what kind of space it provides people with kinks, as well as aftercare, with Amir teaching us about how submissives and dominants are really not that different when it comes down to it. We hope you enjoy this episode! You can find Amir on instagram @anarchy_flow7777, And you can find more of us on: Instagram: @sextraspodcast Facebook: Sextras Podcast Email: Website: ( We now have stickers! We'll be giving one away every week to our favourite submission for the segment. Keep an eye out on instagram to see when we post the prompts for the segments, and you can also submit your stories anonymously through our website. Don't forget to review, rate, subscribe and share our podcast if you enjoy! See you next Tuesday. Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
Why do we have such high expectations of our romantic partners and not of our friends? Do we just have a deeper connection with our significant others than with our friends or are our expectations setting us up for failure? In this episode we discuss whether expectations are good or bad, where they come from, and what they tell us about our relationship. We begin with our segment where we hear what our listeners expect from their significant others but not from their friends. We try to unpack how expectations have hurt or disappointed us, as well as wondering what to do when expectations in relationships lead to resentment. Sometimes we place more meaning on our relationships than our friendships because we love and care about someone, but communicating your (frankly sometimes impossible to meet) expectations can help both parties clarify the reality of the situation. What are your expectations? We suggest trying to understand where they come from and compromising with your partner to find a level of happiness and understanding. If you enjoy this episode please leave us a review, rate us, subscribe, and share with everyone you know! You can find more of us here: Instagram: @sextraspodcast Facebook: Sextras Podcast Email: See you next Tuesday! Produced by Mable Productions Original Music by Sacha Puttnam
In this episode we have a lovely guest, Matilda, telling us all about her fairy-tale-like experience with falling for her friend and moving to another country to be with him after spending only ten days as an 'item'. We begin the episode with a segment where we ask our listeners about their craziest one night stands, also sharing ours. Matilda then moves on to how she and her boyfriend met; how she realised she had feelings for him and what it was like when they first kissed. We discuss the changes in going from friends to lovers, and what it was like saying 'I love you.' We're shocked with how certain she was- enough to then move half way across the world to be with him. She tells us what moving during coronavirus was like, the difficulties she faced, and having to tell her family she was going to be moving to France. Ultimately, she says, being in quarantine together really solidified their relationship and their feelings for one another. We end the episode with a brief discussion about the differences between sleeping with someone you have feelings for versus a one night stand, and how intimacy and closeness can make sex that much more special. We're so happy for Matilda and we wish her so much luck in love- and to all the rest of our listeners negotiating love during COVID-19, we hope this story brought you some joy and optimism! (We know not everyone can be with their loved ones right now, check out our episodes 'Sex, Love, and COVID-19'; 'Sanity, Love, and COVID-19' and 'Does Distance Make the Heart Grow Fonder?' for more.) We hope you enjoyed the episode, as always don't forget to subscribe, rate, review and share, and we'll see you next Tuesday! For more content or to contact us you can find us here: Instagram @sextraspodcast Facebook: Sextras Podcast Email: Or check out our website- ( Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
The coronavirus pandemic has restructured the world as we knew it, with restrictions on who we can interact with safely, and how we can interact safely, many people have been pushed into a very strange kind of isolation. In the UK we're in the middle of our second lockdown, and more curfews and restrictions are being introduced worldwide every day. Not to mention all the people that have lost their lives or loved ones, and all the people that have lost their jobs. Life is always unpredictable, but we have never experienced unpredictability like this. There is so much uncertainty that has come with the pandemic: about when we will return to ‘normal’; about when you’ll get to see someone again; whether you are infecting or harming people you love; or whether someone or something is worth all the time apart. We understand, and so this week we wanted to sit down and update our previous COVID-19 episode (Sex, Love and COVID-19), as well as outline, through your submissions, a diverse range of experiences and coping mechanisms. We asked, ‘What have you been doing to look after yourself during the pandemic?’: from making the bed to listening to wise Buddhist monks, we shared some of your self care tips. We also asked how many people’s mental health has been affected, with the majority admitting that it had been affected negatively. Lastly, we get an update on what everyone's dating lives have looked like during the pandemic, from long distance relationships, to break ups, to sexting, nudes, and difficult marriages. Sex and relationships have been hard during the pandemic, particularly in lockdown, and we wanted to get an update on what they look like now versus before. We ultimately discuss how people have changed during the pandemic and how we have seen ourselves change. We celebrate our listeners' achievements and remind everyone that even though lockdown can make life feel very monotonous it’s important to take a look at what has been going on and what we have actually achieved, and congratulate ourselves and our listeners for having the strength and patience to take this experience in and remind everyone that it’s okay not to be okay. Let us know what you’ve been doing to stay sane during the pandemic! You can find us on: Website: ( Instagram: @sextraspodcast Facebook: Sextras Podcast Email: Don't forget to rate, review, subscribe and share, and we'll see you next Tuesday! Produced by Mabel Productions Original Music by Sacha Puttnam
It's normal to feel nervous about introducing your girlfriend or boyfriend to your family. Sometimes they don't get on, or your parents don't approve of the person you're dating, and sometimes you scare your partner by suggesting they should be introduced 'too soon'. But it doesn't necessarily have to be a big deal, even if your family (and your partner) are extremely important to you. We begin the episode with our segment where we ask you guys 'What's something you would hate for your significant other's family to know about you?,' agreeing it's probably not the best idea to discuss anything related to your sex life or how many drugs you do around your s/o's family. We discuss what we wouldn't want our significant others' families to know about us, like our religious views, being bisexual, and the fact that we have a podcast where we talk about sex and relationships (we would die if they listened). We then move on to talking about the results to the polls we asked our instagram followers, with people saying it is a big deal to introduce your significant other to your family; it's important for them to like you and it's important for your family to like them. Our followers voted that it's also not important for someone you're dating to be close with their family, and we discuss what those situations would look like, such as your partner not telling you a family secret or not helping you to feel involved with their family when visiting. Overall, we conclude all of these questions depend on the type of person you want to date. We both want to feel involved in our partners' lives and past lives, so it's important for us to feel close with their families, but we also discuss what we would do if that wasn't the case (try and convince them to change their minds.) Let us know your thoughts and tell us your stories about your s/o's family. You can find us on: Instagram: @sextraspodcast Facebook: Sextras Podcast Email: Don't forget to rate, review, subscribe and share, and we'll see you next Tuesday! Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
This week we are joined by our good friend Miranda, who we talk to about the harm trying to fit into labels can have on your sexual and emotional freedom. We begin the episode by hearing about some of your sexual fantasies, from joining the mile high club to having your wrists and ankles tied to the bed.  Miranda then tells us about her own experiences of sex and being labelled as sexual growing up, explaining how often young women can try to fulfil labels that are imposed on them. We try to unpack how sex can be used to escape emotional vulnerability, even though it's often more rewarding, and how that takes away from individual sexual power. We also agree that our sexuality should not define us as women, but how it can be empowering if you're using it in the right way. We then move on to our own role in perpetuating gendered sexual roles, and how this impacts not only women but men, too. We explore the idea of blurring the boundaries of 'male' and 'female' in sex and how that can open up a whole new way of experiencing sex and relationships. Sometimes labels are helpful in categorising people, but being able to look past labels and not be fixated on them is important. As always thank you so much for listening! You can rate us, subscribe, leave us a review (Apple Podcasts and Podchaser) and please tell everyone you know about us! You can follow us and engage with us more on: Instagram: @sextraspodcast Facebook: Sextras Podcast Email: See you next Tuesday! Produced by Mable Productions Original Music by Sacha Puttnam
What are your first memories of hearing about sex? This week, we reminisce and examine the very first memories we have about sex, our attitudes around it and the things we were taught. We dive into the way our parents talked about sex, if they did at all, and the way we were initially taught what it was. Sex education is unfortunately lacking in many ways, and as we describe our experiences we definitely find some gaps in our knowledge, for example we wonder how we learnt what gay sex was and when we were first conscious of gay people existing. We try to dissect our emotions and attitudes towards sex when our peers were first talking about it or when we started seeing it or experiencing it ourselves, to try to understand and break down the way we think and feel about sex now. We talk about what we wish we could tell our younger selves and what we wish we'd learnt that we didn't. During the segment we asked you what myths about sex you believed when you were kids, and we laugh about the misconceptions we all have when we’re young, like thinking that sex is just a naked hug. At the end of the episode we advise someone who posted on our university confessions page of what to do if you catch feelings for your friends with benefits. Please send us your suggestions and stories! We love to hear from you. Get in contact with us on our Instagram: @sextraspodcast Facebook: Sextras Podcast Email: Please don't forget to rate us and review us and tell all your friends about us! It helps us out so much. See you next Tuesday! Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
The idea that money equals success surrounds us. Instagram models with huge mansions, endless closets and trips to the clearest blue waters all year round. That's become the epitome of success; of envy. But does money really make us happy? For our segment this week we asked our followers a series of questions revolving around how important money is in comparison to love. We sit down with our guest Theo Whitmore, who, in his 20s, thinks that we should prioritise money, even if that means sacrificing the promise of love. We discuss whether success really comes completely down to making lots of money. He shares his view that actually, in order to optimise one's chances on finding the best possible partner one must first focus on themselves and building their wealth. We ask each other how big of a role money plays in choosing a partner- does having money make people more attractive? Would we date someone that has a lot less/more money than us? Theo confesses some of his worries that someone may be after him for his money, or that he may feel emasculated if his partner has more money than him. Ultimately, even though our views differ a lot to Theo's, we enlighten each other on why someone might choose to prioritise love whilst others may choose money. And as Theo said, sometimes we don't have to choose between the two, as there is such a thing as loving money. You can connect with us through: Instagram- @sextraspodcast Facebook- Sextras Podcast Email- Please don't forget to leave us a rating or review if you enjoyed, and share and subscribe. See you next Tuesday! Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
Everyone suffers in love sometimes, but what would love look like if either party were unaware of what makes them insufferable to be around? We think it's important to be aware of what makes you difficult, even if only occasionally, and who knows? Maybe you won't be quite so offended next time someone you love points out something you need to improve in yourself. It can never hurt to notice the small things about yourself that might bug a partner, and it's so easy to overlook these things if you're used to being alone. But you're not alone! We're all difficult to love in our own way. This week we start the episode by reading what our listeners think makes them difficult to love, diving into whether being picky makes you difficult and discovering that a lot of people think being insecure makes them difficult in love. Then we break down what we think makes us difficult in love, using our attachment styles as a way of understanding why we are a certain way, and laughing at the fact that we are complete opposites in love. We learn that Honey thinks she's too independent and can't rely on others, which Maria confirms she can find annoying in Honey and in people she loves, and try to understand the dynamic between anxious and avoidant attachment styles by attempting to understand ourselves as partners a little better. If we learnt anything at all, it's that having compassion for those who live and express their love differently to you is always helpful. You might think you know why someone doesn't know how to comfort you when you cry- they clearly don't care- but really this plays a bigger part in them attempting to understand you and worrying they might disappoint you. We hope we open your minds and inspire you to contemplate your difficulties in love, or to have a conversation with your partner about their attachment styles and love languages. This video was inspired by a video by The School of Life. You can find it here: ( Don't forget you can write us a review on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser, and please share us, rate us and subscribe! Feel free to connect with us on: Instagram: @sextraspodcast Facebook: Sextras Podcast Email: See you next Tuesday! Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
In light of the upcoming US presidential election, we welcome our first American guest, Alex Turner, a dear friend of Honey's and a passionate activist. To open the episode we play another game of Stereotypes, where we discuss your views on Americans, Republicans, and Democrats. Alex later breaks down how the voting system works in America and deconstructs why it's so important for everyone to get out and vote for Biden in the 2020 Presidential election. Alex informs us of the harsh truths about the impact of Trump's administration and the potential damage it could further have on women and minorities should he be re-elected. Alex highlights that people, and particularly women, of colour are adversely affected by climate change and prejudices in the healthcare and justice systems Then, we dive deeper into the history of discrimination that women, particularly women of colour, face in terms of the healthcare that is accessible to them and the rights that women have (or too often don't have) over their own bodies. Ultimately, we inform people of the reality of their vote and its impacts on individuals' lives. We want to remind people that there is hope for change, but there is work to be done to get there. And just because this is happening in the US and not where you live, beware, because it very quickly could be happening to you, where you live. If a man like Trump can be President, anything can happen. Don't forget to vote! #Biden2020 Special mentions in this episode: New Books in Gender Studies, ep.98: 'Michele Goodwin: "Policing the Womb: Invisible Women and the Criminalization of Motherhood"'. You can find Alex on Instagram @al.williams.turner You can find us on Instagram @sextraspodcast or Facebook at 'Sextras Podcast'. Feel free to message us or email us at Please don’t forget you can leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser, and you can subscribe and rate us, too, wherever you get your podcasts!  Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
Long distance relationships can be hard. Nobody - or very few people - thinks to themselves wow! I would love to live far away from my partner and only be able to see them once in a while or maybe not even once in a while and our whole relationship will basically be on the phone. Yet, many people still find themselves embarking in long distance relationships because they’ve gone to university; they can’t move because of work; they can’t get a visa; or more recently because of whole-country lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic . As one of our listeners put it, it’s very easy to say you wouldn’t be in a long distance relationship until the person you love has to live away from you. And it’s true- we do many stupid things for love, and long distance may be one of them. But how hard are long distance relationships really? We tell our personal stories and what we find difficult, such as being sexually frustrated, feeling jealous of not being involved in our partner’s lives, irrationally worrying that they’re cheating, or feeling depressed when they leave after visiting. But we offer advice on how to get through these, and also talk about the benefits, and how sometimes it can really help the relationship grow. People in long distance relationships really have to work on their communication skills, meaning they maybe even have better conversations (because, let’s face it, that all they do even when they’re sexting or having phone sex) and develop their trust in ways people in normal relationships will never be able to experience. Sometimes they’re healthier than normal relationships, as codependence isn’t allowed to breed where it otherwise would. Long distance relationships truly do test your love for your partner, but they’re worth it. So, does distance make the heart grow fonder? We don’t know, but we do think it helps!  Please don’t forget you can leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser, and you can subscribe and rate us, too, wherever you get your podcasts!  For more content or to contact us, follow us on Instagram: @sextraspodcast  Facebook: Sextras Podcast Or email us at Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
In the progression of your life, you may one day be confronted with The Elusive Female Orgasm. The likelihood is: you either have a vulva yourself, or will one day want to sleep with someone else who does. And yes, these two things sound kind of scary but we’re here to tell you that they’re really not. We open with a segment discussing some polls, in which we asked if people were having orgasms and whether that changed if they were with a partner. We break down why there might be an orgasm gender gap and how we can reduce it. We share some tips on how to find out what gives you pleasure and break down specifically what you can do, as well as how to communicate those things with a sexual partner. We have a brief input from our friend Sam, in which she tells us about her journey to orgasm along with some very wise advice. Our friend Violeta also joins us and answers some questions about her own path to masturbation and how that helped her in her sex life. We’re not experts in any way but we have vaginas, and we also didn’t know that they’re actually called vulvas until way too late, but we know that now, and we learnt how amazing they are and how much there is to do! Special mentions in this episode: The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow on Netflix As always, please don't forget to share, subscribe and rate and review! You can follow us for updates, more content, and to contact us here: Instagram: @sextraspodcast  Facebook: Sextras Podcast Email: Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
We have the wonderful Tori joining us this week, and we dive deep into bi girl stereotypes during our segment. We break down the harmful effects of being seen as slutty, greedy, fake, ‘just hopping on a trend’ and how the ‘bi girl’ identity is so often invalidated. Tori shares her experience as a queer person joining and leaving the church, and the difficulties in coming out and finding one’s identity. To end the episode, Tori tells us about the reality of having a following on social media and the negativity she witnesses everyday, as well as giving us advice on how to rise above the people that are choosing to spread harmful massages. We end up having a full discussion on social media and its potential but also its power for destruction.  You can follow our lovely guest on: Tiktok: @toriskingdom Instagram: @toriskingdom And you can follow, dm, and support us on: Instagram: @sextraspodcast  Email: Facebook: Sextras Podcast Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
Getting naked in front of someone can be pretty scary. So much so we end up spending the entire time thinking about whether we groomed our pubes to perfection rather than actually enjoying the sex itself. This week, we have a chat about the little pressures and insecurities that build up when in sexual situations, like whether your body looks good, or whether your vagina is ‘normal’. We talk about our personal struggles with finding confidence during sex and being able to feel sexy. In the segment, we mention when you guys feel your most sexy and acknowledge that feeling sexy doesn’t necessarily involve being sexual. Perhaps, what leads to better sex is recognising your own sexiness and letting that play out when you’re being vulnerable with someone else.  Instagram: @sextraspodcast  Email: Facebook: Sextras Podcast Produced by Mable Productions Original music by Sacha Puttnam
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