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10 cognitive biases spoiling your thinking – STP064

Released Monday, 3rd August 2020
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Episode 64 -  Your thinking isn't as rational or balanced as you think. Let us tell you why, and how you can be more aware of what's stuffing it up.

Look at all this stuff we covered:

What cognitive biases areHow they affect usWhy your brain is SO effective - and that's the problemHow not to make a cup of teaOur top 10 chart of biasesThe difference between sharks, selfies and coconutsTHE IDIOT (and his lockdown diary)

Here are the links to the resource where you can find out more:

Buster Benson's image showing 200 cognitive biasesThe Visual Capitalist - 24 Cognitive BiasesThe Scientific American article on the role of luck in success"Thinking Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman The excellent VeryWellMind article on biasesTed-X talk on the Dunning Kruger effectMyles on the Just World hypothesisVicky and her amazing art at EtsyJessica Abel's Creative Focus WorkshopLaura Gassner OttingThe Woo Long Talks podcastRun With Me On This podcast

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