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Getting Submarined By An Elephant [Season 4, Episode 21]
After three years, we finally made it to Chiang Mai, the hot destination for digital nomads and freelance barbers, apparently. But that’s not why we visited. We here to walk with Elephants on the Twilight Tour from the Elephant Nature Park. We spend the last part of the day with a small herd elephants --  three adults and a couple of juveniles. Rambunctious ones, at that! This was a no-hook, no-ride experience, which was all about our small group feeding, tossing water on, walking with, getting ran over by (true story), and then feeding again these elephants. Very, very cool. Thanks to Bret Love from Green Global Travel for making the recommendation of a great way to spend the day with elephants in Thailand that won’t crush your soul. Got a question for us? Leave us a quick voicemail. And if you want these episodes early and gain access to all of our bonus content, support us on Patreon.
Why We Didn’t Get Rich As Travel Influencers [Season 4, Episode 25]
Today’s show was inspired from Maria, who asked the following: “I wanted to ask your opinion on [NAME REDACTED] travel writer's program. As a travel writer, do you think this program is a good investment?” Without any personal experience with the travel program in question, we decided to reinterpret her question as: “Should I pay good money to take travel-writing specific online course that promises to make me a travel writer rich beyond my wildest dreams?” In a word: No. In more than one word -- an entire podcast episode, in fact -- we’ll break down the cash-flow realities of being a for-profit travel writer/travel influencer. We’re sharing *all* the times we got paid to create travel content over the last three years, so you can decide if this is the life for you or not. (Granted, you’re only getting our perspective.) Here’s what we’re talking about: How we established and how much we were paid during our more-than-a-year working relationship with TravelSmith that ended when the company sold How much I was paid to write a nifty article for a nifty travel app, Findery A paid podcast episode for Ricola, Thailand Evo’s paid gig as the keynote speaker at Nordic Bloggers Experience in 2017. A week-long free and luxurious trip to Chengdu, China thanks to our friends at With Husband In Tow and Nicolo Chengdu Three great days at the Khao Lak Marriott All the great reasons to attend TBEX, including lots of free trips and experiences thanks to the various tourism boards and vendors at the destination Free experiences in Bangkok from Expique and Taste of Thailand Free beer (because we’re clever) from Bottles of Beer and Save Our Souls in Bangkok, and Oskar from Pegasus in Tallinn, Estonia. Not that we have anything against being better writers, or paying money to hone your craft as a writer. But we’re skeptical of any  get-rich-quick schemes. But YMMV. Got a question for us? Leave us a quick voicemail. And if you want these episodes early and gain access to all of our bonus content, support us on Patreon. Silly Transcription Of The Audio For This Episode By A Computer Computers are getting much better at listening to human speech and turning it into scannable text. At least that's the theory. It's not working all the well for us. But we're still using PodcasterPro's free service if only for the comedy value. 00:00:00 I assume they listen to the show what they should have known, the kind of content we produce, and the Czech cleared even been done done. It has good. Oh, that's one time. This one is spend one time this, No, what this morning? This one time. Oh my God, Just one time. Are you my loved had been email cooking? Shoot. He actually was a very long questions rather than the entire thing. I'm going to summarize it. This comes in from Maria, and she basically said in a lot of words, I want to be at travel writer. Should I pay good money to take this online course their promises to teach me to be a travel writer. Thank you. Bye Riga. You are great at summarizing. Thanks, maybe. Thanks for asking Maria. I'm Sheila D and I am Ibo Tara. You are listening to this one time. We are Chievo. I think I got that backwards, but nonetheless, the. Idea is out there. So let me Marie is question was two-fold. The biggest one was kitschy become a travel writer and be should she take this shouldn't sign up for this chorused a teacher had to be a travel writer. Can you answer the second part of that one First for me, honey? Should she sign up to take this course learn how to be a travel writer? I'd say now I say Hell no, rudder way. I I say just jump in If you're going to that, But I will get some some information about that. 00:01:42 Regarding like funds and things like that, it's a it's a hard life as a travelled blogger. Yeah, aged Rich, a heart trouble. But before we go down that road back to the original question, would you suggest someone pay money to take a course to teach them how to be a travel writer? No, but I don't think it's a bad idea to take a writing course. Um, I think everybody can hung up on their they're writing skill Wells. Yes, But However, it makes sense to sign up to become It makes sense to become a better writer. And if you need to take a horse to become a better writer than take a course to become a better writer. But if you think that there is someone out there or if some agency has created a long form email, that makes it seem like All you have to do is take this course and travel magazines, travel, blogs and other travel publications are just waiting for you to send them information and then riches will flow from there yet. It's ruining is not not going to happen. So this. Oh no. Does does what it gets that company rich not exactly want. That's exactly what does that's designed to make them rich, not make you Rich, bring a travel writer. Now, back to question a getting rich being a travel writer. you're that That's good for about. I don't know. Five people I can think of. Yeah, maybe fifty in total. I mean, it's like anything in live. It's the upper echelon. The top point one percentage who make all of the money. Can you make money being a travel writer and do people do it? Absolutely, absolutely happens. Is going to happen for you statistically speaking, No. But Downer. Well, rather than be down, or I thought what we should do, honey, for the rest of this program is tell laid out our people how it worked for me, how it worked for us. I was gonna say, Just you Well, how it worked for us in the life of being war for me being a travel writer. And for us being travel influencer because we have been paid. We have been paid. We have gotten free stuff. That is true. And we have gotten upgrades. That is true too. Now we shall go into the hard and fast reality. So if you wa. 00:04:09 Break at your pencils and start keeping track of this and and accounting mode. We'll have fun. Mr I recommend you do that is going to be a depressing story Spoiler alert. So well run through it. Let's start with their biggest went. Uh, the first biggest when that we get paid for is working with travel Smith as writer. That's correct. Travel Smith is or I should say, was a large travel outfitting company. They sold clothing and bags and other accessories four the travel lifestyle. Anybody that was on your SNT Snapchat remembers the fashion show us fried Africa . A fashion shows on Snapchat. Oh my God, I miss those days. Oh me too. Who is awesomeness? Salmon pants fashion show. So great. So great. You're exactly right. Answer praise. You don't bring this out just on Lake Saturday nights edge Saturday night. I have them about as an act Lot of gestured mightier points. Hold while I put on my salmon pants and Break out the right said Fred. I aim to sixty bore my salmon Pat back back back to what we're talking about, right? So travel Smith, We got very lucky. We met travel Smith. We met a guy named Matt, who at the time worked for travel Smith when we were addi conference, which will talk about carpenters a little bit met him not far into our realization that we're travel bloggers like within a month. Yeah, with realizing a asked, realize we were travel bloggers and got an opportunity to start writing in exchange for goods or Yeah, originally it was just in exchange for goods. Airwaves money. You write me. 00:05:50 The a an article that we agree on a topic and I will send you I think he sent me is they send us five hundred dollars worth of product. Yes. And we get to choose the project, pick and choose the product could be anything that we wanted in the catalogue of travel Smith at the time, clothes, Bags, whatever didn't really matter. So we did that. I think I did that a couple of times more than a couple we lose three. Yeah. Maybe so to wear. And the great thing about working travel Smith as I was working with an amazing editor on the back in. This wasn't just I turn in an article and they publish it. This is I turn in an article and the woman who has been an editor for forty years would then go through and just crush my words to death, which is awesome. I actually loved that when I am work with the professional editor, she made my stuff so much better than it was she did. She did a great job antacid job. So after X number of times. Doing that, they liked it. We like the products, Matt said, Hey, let's let's formalized this a little bit more. Exactly. So the formalized the I'll just lay it on a table because I'm not under any strange India is that I created twice monthly content for them, right. And in exchange, I think we got paid a red notices for an entire year, and I believe the the the payment on each one of those was around two hundred fifty dollars per article who plus we received two hundred and fifty dollars. We're monopoly worth a product. Yes. So what does that Reagan as five hundred bucks a month plus two hundred and fifty dollars worth of products, and that relationship went on. They loved it. They loved with that stuff we were doing. We did some other stuff with. It has to like Sheila mentioned, the the Snapchat stories that I did because we also did some tweets and some blog post what we did our own internal blog post. 00:07:50 Some social media Stephenson video wreck, and the time I got an Snapchat her was doing a lot of Snapchat he stuff. So part of the deal was instead of doing things on YouTube will create Snapchat. She social step forward of this when they come at. So that was a that was a lot of fund that was going really well. But only one thing stood in our way. Capitalism. The company sold to another company, And it sounded like it was going to be great because there's other company was an even bigger company who could do even more, and then what they did was close everything down. All of the articles that we wrote are down, but yet, but now it is strictly e-commerce all the time. Yes, no longer are they using blogs to drive traffic to website. So boo-hoo Matt, who was are the way we got in is gone fired most of the staff. All the editors are guy turned out bad. That was a fun thing. Lasted a little over a year of the paid relationship. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Third Hungary signed it a couple of times. So Yeah, that was the big deal travel Smith. And There you go. Five hundred dollar 250 and article rain plus free stuff. It's hard to riven Piper entered a month. Yeah, But we also you also wrote for fine jewelry. So around the same time that I met, Matt from travel Smith, I met up with the people that run a company, an app called find arri and with fine jewelry. It was a it was a similar situation over there. It was, Hey, we need someone to write stuff for us. Would you be interested in doing so? And so they paid me and I don't think I got paid a whole lot. I think I got paid like maybe maybe this too. I make maybe two hundred what I think was I don't remember. I got to I got paid to Right now, get paid two hundred bucks to write an article four find Orie that wound up on Huffington Post. Yep. So where it was publish was HuffPost but it was written all about find arrear all four find Deary but penned by me. So totally a work for higher. I gotta byline on it, but everything really went back into into fighting for that. So that was a one-off deal one time Hagan your to Article. Yes I can. And that was it Because apps as it turns out also don't have a whole lot of money news must have. 00:10:07 Windows apps don't charge anything to their users, Right? Uh, the free economy strikes again cited that. Yeah. And then we did the pre Golah event. All yes, Yes. So recall a Thailand reached out to me last year. This was partly because we were doing our podcast, but also because I was connected with the Bank, our podcast, right, The other show that Greg and I do. They reached out and said, Hey, we were talking to your partner, Greg host of the bank, our podcast and long-time Bangkok blogger. Yes, he's coming to our event. Would you like to come to our event? So I immediately conduct Greg, and I said, How much of their pain you gave me the number thereby means Why said wrote back to the recall people? I said, Yes, I will do it for the exact same animosity that you're paying rig, which was five thousand Thai baht. . It's still not chump change. Northland Trump figured all five thousand Thai bahts about one hundred and fifty blocks. Yeah, About one hundred fifty US at the time. And for that, we had to go to the recall event, which was very difficult to do is at their rooftop bar in Bangkok, It was in a fully catered event with free boos and free food who Israel. Ezra So rough hanging out with the other influencers of Southeast Asia, and then we you and I did up a podcast about it. We did read Orange, We will link to in the show notes If you missed an actual, really didn't do much of a podcast about recall I which is what they wanted and much more of the podcast about what is shitty job. It would be to be the guy wearing the recall a box. 00:11:44 Yes. I assume they listen to the shows are they knew they should have known the kind of content we produce and there And the Czech cleared even been done done. It is good. What else that I do an EU actually in this as you, you went to the NB? Yeah. Conference, Yes. Oh Nordic bloggers experience in B. E two thousand seventeen they needed a keynote speaker who could talk about with authority, the travel industry as a travel influencer, which I guess I am. I guess we are. And also someone who could speak well and I have done keynote speaking for a fair amount of time right now. So they flew me to Finland last year time listeners may remember and I Keno Did their conference And I was compensated or that they wrote me a check Plus took care of all of the expenses along the way. And I'll share exactly what I was with you. That was five hundred US dollars. And you were gone for like two or three weeks drawing. Drag free trip and five hundred bucks in pocket, which kind of why we went back to his Estonian executive. I had a great time there. So if you're keeping score at home, you know what the number is. I don't know what the number is. A whole lot of what else? Well, that's about it for paid gig. That was that. Was it for paid gigs or two and a half years. So now we're on two freebies things that we got for free Because here's the deal. It doesn't take a lot for a travel blogger or a travel influence her to get free things from companies wreck. 00:13:27 It's hard to get paid. It is hard to get past, has any travel influence our will tell you, especially is just starting out the first two or three years. It's really, really, really hard to gets route. There are a lot of people in the travel influencers space And many of them only want free stuff. Yeah, they just went to endure in exchange, And we have been guilty of that as we're about to talk about right now. We have definitely done some free be tripped some good, some. Great. We're gonna just talk about the big when Lessard about the big ones. Okay. The biggest when we did was in China in Chengdu at with the Niccolo hotel system, It was a big deal. We got a full weeks trip to Changdu which is in this session one area. Yes, yes. Where such one chicken comes from none other chicken itself, but would assess One efforts cut for that first when your at home eating sexual. Chicken, You think that's more talking about It's really not, But him that Little Red peppers that are dry. Those red peppers are probably such one peppers. I love this. And those come from this area of such One China were there handpicked by Panda's if I understand it. Not. Any how we got to go. Uh, thank you very much to our friends. Eric, an amber who were much more serious about this travel blocking stuff of their brand is with husband in tow will link to that in our show noted, lessening notes, if your report check on your app. 00:14:55 They needed some people to go with them, Entrepreneurs. Do we got picked specifically? They wanted photos. Yeah, That wasn't me bringing along. This is the Sheila party right here. Yep. Eric, an amber. Really good taking food photos yet. That's what they're known four but Changdu the Niccolo hotel Wanted pictures of the Changdu area to show people in the western world that there's more to travel in China than I think about yet, And they needed a photograph or long. So they brought their favor photograph her along Sheila. And I got the tag along with Aston yet, so they they Niccolo actually paid for the hotel. They paid for our flights, and they took care of several of our meals. Hear of the on the tour out to the Let's Sean area to see the giant Buddha. That's right. Yeah. They paid for our driver to go to the Panda Research sanctuary. And they just like they really took care of us. Philip and Jonathan were awesome. Mazey's drew related area. We have that was a it was a great time. So thanks for them sometimes freebies or out of the park rain. That was what if somebody says, Hey, can you come to China and your new travel blogging? You say yes? Do you remember when we came back, I think of us from the list churn. Uh, Buddha and our bathtub was overflowing with bubbles And a rose Puddles. Yes, You've been you made that sound like, Oh my God, My bathrooms overflowing. Then you could levels are the rose by us, which is why I do the travel writing photography. Yes. They had set a lovely romantic bath for us. That was all set up only got back on our hose. Beautiful, How awesome that if you're traveling to China and you're going to Changdu state the Nikola hotel, uh, not just because they said as a preferred, but because it was amazing, It was an incredibly showed us the right way to do things. So. So thanks to them an and then we. 00:16:53 We stayed and Co lock at the Marriott Yaohua worked hard to get a trip to the Mary. I'd that almost got totally buggered because we were taking my mom there. It was actually part of a 'nother piece hours writing for travel Smith on multigenerational Travel International. That fell through because Mom got sick, Right and cut income. So instead of mom we hooked Now, we returned the favour we brought our friends, Eric, an amber with husband intoe. We brought them down with us and got several nights free accommodations and tours and packages from the lovely people at the Cadillac Marriott just north of Pook at which is a lovely place. Yes, lovely. They have the longest pool. Thailand, like three kilometers, long wise, all the way through the properties really It was cleared of Regita that on and then we go to conferences. Yeah, Yeah, we get a lot of our free stuff by attending conferences, Ray every talking about t- backs Brazilian Rai I am an we've been we started with them in Spain. We are here in Thailand with them. The Philippines am. We were in Alabama with them last year. Now the great thing when you are a travel blogger then goes to T backs just simply going to D-backs any travel water, go to T Becks you pays your money, you gets your ticket Now with us. We don't pays monies and we gets tickets, but that's that's because we're putting in some time. Yeah, we're we're both speaking, right. So if if you like, I know Maria understands this on the Convention same. If you say I will present rail, you get to attend for free. Well, t- backs you apply, And if you are chosen, then they will take care of your your editor, a combinations. And for us, they even fly us. They fly in wherever away. But then also wrapped around that. You have pre-t backs and post t- back. 00:18:47 Events, which the tourism board and others in that space for that particular location will take care of trips and accommodation. So we've done lots with the just just a real good time. So that's a great time to mingle, meet more people, good industry contacts. You're not going to make any money there, but hopefully you meet people who can help you make money, which is where we met Matt from travel Smith and fine jewelry. So it's definitely a good thing to attend. It is. And we met some lovely people while being there. So just the friend benefit is also amazing. Next, We have tours that we've taken for free and Sylla taste of Thailand errand X peak. Yeah, Those are either to tour companies here in Bangkok that do took took tours and food to his around the city and there are expensive, But occasionally they're looking for travel blogger to help spread the word. And we have been fortunate enough to take a couple of trips with them. So so thanks to the people from taste of Thailand. And also from X peak for letting us letting us travel That's freebies. Okay. So our next one is about upgrades. Yes. Because Beyond getting paid and beyond getting things for free, there's kind of weird thing of the middle to where you can get upgrades as a travel border. Yes, we can't upwards of we have gotten. I could think of three that we had it in. This is going to sound really strange honey, but they also center around Bir I'm shark, This that these upgrades happened when we walk into a place, It doesn't take very long to where we're just were kinda like vegans and were kinda like fitters. 00:20:26 The cabinet will who It takes three seconds before they actually mentioned the fact that there are a vegan recross Better yet same thing happens with travel. Bloggers Manet think we might get free stuff. So we went two bottles of beer, a brand new craft beer store that opened in Bangkok a couple of years ago. Looking around the place, Mitchell proprietors that way we happened to be crappier fans and were a travel. Bloggers may and they sent assault with free beer. Did I per God? And now we're friends with ruin. That's right, big brigade, fat Ram, and we've been to their new spot, the opening of the new spot, leading of free stuff that we got in that we got admitted at the end in just recently when we were in Estonia at Pegasus Yes, mention two lovely Oscar are our waiter there that we were crappier earners and travel bloggers. And I had been at his establishment a year ago, yes, with the tile in the tourism board, visit Estonia people. And we got free beer out of that as well. Yes, Yes. And then also more beer here on our side of the River in Bangkok, there's a little place called save our souls, tiny, very, very, very local Thai. But craft beer location met the proprietor, the first site where their Q casually drop being major beer nerds and major influential travel bloggers and queues break in Africa from the back. So I need been back. I hope Eric, when I turn. 00:21:57 With you right many a time, I don't I don't think I've getting free stuff since then I need to work on the free is not always always get free or upgrades or pay, but sometimes you can. That is our experience as travel influencers making money. Did we attend any clashes for that? No, but I do have publication credits to my name, So I know how to write his true there. There is that we have worked for years to build up our own personal brands, which we have kind assorted tailored into the travel space. So we we are attractive to brands Ray who want to utilize us. Yeah, So here's my my thought on, but we're not we're not getting rich off of it. Odd. That is correct. You have a full-time job, it do the vast majority of full time travel. Bloggers that we know are either massively in debt, living a barely subsistence level life. Even though they are not portraying that in their photos or their blog post or have some other have had multiple sources of income. And that's the reality. Most travel people who rely on the travel space as independent people travel influence much as Call them have multiple streams. Well in It's also not always the pretty pretty pictures that you always see like it's it's a lotta word. He hits it sitting behind your computer and cursing because you can't get the the images, Right, or the words are coming or the Internet has crashed again, Yeah Ito or you can't get a response for somebody, You know, I it's all of that easy. No, this is not an easy life showed it. But as a thought. 00:23:45 It is, but it is definitely find so Maria, Hopefully. I think we answered your question. I did. We did. I think we did this time how I'll after we just did that because we've been answering way too many question raised many questions. Hey, if you have got on. If you have a question for us, it doesn't have to be about travel riding a give me about life. It can be about what we did in the stony that we didn't talk about. It can be anything you would like to know about our lives. Lived abroad, Ask him directly of She last directly of me, ask us together. Doesn't really matter. It's easy for you to ask your question to us. Yes, you could send us an email. Yes, you can tweet to us, but the easiest way to do it is to go to XIV O . WTF slash call us, and we will play back your voice mail Ali air, and then respond to you in kind XIV O . W T F slash call us and ask us your question today. We would love to hear your voice. If you think Our show is worthy, Give us your support. Pretty pleased sugar odd. We will take your support or took four takes your any of those pests calling. Go on air. Patriot makes a relatively straightforward for you to support us, even though I'm pissed off at them right now in our patrons. Know why mess nothing that they did other than Mme bungled something crime. But nonetheless, they are still these sole way that we make money because all those things we talked about at this show, Sir, no longer happening. We are no longer being paid by any of those people to do anything travel-related. So the only travel monies we get these days or from lovely people like you. So if you have not yet signed up to become our patron, please do so go to XIV O . W T F slash patriarch on and get signed up a psycho I think we have take like a bucket like super cheap to come and get involved and support us and help this party going Chievo. WTF slash patriae Fire Ruzic is by the way of land. Thanks for listening listener. I an Ibo Tara ten. 00:25:46 For more about us. Well, the easiest thing to do is stay right here wherever you're listening, Hey, by the way we're on Spotify, We are on the I tunes, we're on the tuning in. We're on all the different platforms. If you have not yet subscribed a two hour show, It's free. Podcasting is easy. Didn't you? Here? Podcasting has become easy. So subscribe to our show, And we'll see you guys next chairs.
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Tattoos Over Here Vs Tattoos Over There [S5E11]
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Becoming Gigi and คุณปู่ [Season 4, Episode 28]
If you haven't heard the news, we’re going to be grandparents in the next few months. So of course, the most important thing we have to decide is the names we want this new kid to call us. Today on the program we’ll detail all the names we’ve considered, settling on a few we’d be happy with. We found a few lists of trendy names for grandparents, and a lot of them are just silly. Which we kinda like. Here are the ones what we’re considering, some more or less seriously than others: Ace Bama Bebop Bibi Big Daddy Biggie D Bobo Dabado Dally Faux Mau G-Man Gigi Ginja Gogo Grandiose Granette Granite Grammy Khun bpoo Khun yaa Lala M’dear Mellowman MoreDaddy Nooni NaNa NotherMother Panda Pebbles Rocky Slick But as we’ve no practical experience, we’re asking you, the listener, to chime in on our choices. Maybe you even have something in mind that keeps the special “ShEvo-ness” inside? Listen in and let us know in the comments. You can ask us a question for a future show, and you can get on our fresh new Patreon page to support us the rest of the season and the next! Ridiculous But Funny Computer-Automated Transcription Of This Audio If computers struggle with English, they really have a tough time with Thai. Luckily we didn't use much in this episode, so we probably didn't burn out PodcasterPro's logic board. But as usual, the results are quite funny. Read on and see if any of this makes sense. (Spoiler: it won't.) 00:00:00 Who trusts infants with any effect, let alone naming you that would will be called for the rest of your life. I don't think so. Oh, home one zero This one drawn us one this. No, this morning. This one siree. Oh my God. Just one time. The other question this week, my love, And this one comes from general by the name of net Banjul from Arizona. And he ask is very simple question. What's the one thing that might make us give up this life of living abroad and moved back to America? That's a great question. Nothing new thinks for asking, I'm She Ledee and I am Ibo Tara. We are Shiboh and you are listening to this one time, the podcast. If you haven't figured it out yet, people. And I don't know how you manage to do that, but I guess as possible, maybe you just consume this in podcast warm. I suppose that's pupils. No follow us. Not everybody Follows us. Nerve annual is Our son. He in you might have heard us referred to him has in Jhang. He is our kid and NJ didn't listen to a conversation I had with him some sixteen years ago. I think he did because otherwise he It would this would have happened a long time ago. That is true. How do you want to just quickly answer the question? And then we could get onto the rest of the program. Sure. In July, You're going to be really, really old And that's not your birthday greenery really, really old because you're going to be a grandfather. And that is the answer to the question. The only thing which would make us give up this life of traveling abroad. 00:02:03 Is have been grab marriage and I'm super excited. I'm getting super excited . I am certain learn that, so Yeah. So here's here's the deal kids I we're gonna be grandparents. Uh, which means we're moving back to America. So yeah, we're doing that. But instead of us talking about as moved back to America, what I thought we would do on the program today, my love is come to an agreement on a very important topic. Net very important topic is, how do we wish to be referred to as an additional generation above parent grandparents? I'm sure yours is wet Mac Daddy or something like that. Well, I have been giving it some thoughts on warming up to the idea. My family has a lilies. In my generation, We had a relatively street bore word naming Convention for four grandparents. Okay? Because like like, almost everyone out there listening, although certainly not everyone, but the vast majority of people have two sets of grandparents be biologically speaking you. Every one has two sets of grandparents. You have your maternal grandmother and grandfather, and you have your paternal grandmother and Ron father. For me. Both of my grandmothers were grandma. Okay. And my grandfather's one, My my paternal grandfather was grandad. Okay, and My maternal grandfather was grandpa. Okay, So our And that was it. So pretty straightforward and simple. If you go back, I only had one great grandparent. Okay, That was around. And that was My maternal maternal. 00:03:44 Grandfather So my my my maternal his father was still alive and he was poppa Charlie. Okay, But I don't think he was always pop. I think that came because pop Charlie had 9 kids. At a unlike the age of four and that they all bread like rabbits like right out of the womb. So they had to have some sort of a discerning factors of a couldn't do to be a simple Grandma and Grandpa. My grandparents were each had had Wall Yet. My my mom and my dad each have their own individual sibling. So I have one aunt, my mom's sister, and I have another aunt, my dad sister. So it gets a lot simpler when you have single digit children, as opposed to, you know, a gaggle hits. That's what mind recalled, what were you or what were the grandparents called and your family historically, my love so that they range arm. A lot of times just to one another, It's Graham grandma for me to one another two as I'm speaking to them Obote when you referred to them. Oh yeah, Just call them grandma gas-tank CIA. And so my I want your grandfather's. Well, that's eight gets kinda complicated because I don't have just. One set for each I have step an remarried, and I dunno my family gets a little crazy. So if I were wouldn't get crazy, They just get divorced easily. Do they do? Um, and so I've got I've got one that I called Graham pu. 00:05:17 As it ran, who was a grand who grand pu grand, Which sounds like Grant pu because letters in the Latin after a terrible but that was last week's episode. Sorry. So, um, I also I call my Graham, my my dad's Mon, Graham, An and I also she had a couple of different names. Grandma Lois, grandma Jerry. Well, right. That's also age divorce quickly. And we changed the name a lot. I have no idea what happened that equations. Like, Please continue. Um, most of them though, were were named just with, you know, they're, they're grandma and their name. So like Burma Kathy. Okay. Um, but my debt, my mom's Dad was poppa and nuts that I was the first grandchild. So I, I think I'm the one that kinda gave that. And in his second wife was Granny. Okay. Um, but beyond that I think they were all just grandma icy on my dad's side. All my dad's second wife. Uh, that's that's a Granny situation, right? Her My, my stepmother, Linda, while she is grandma to our son rate, she is granny to my sisters children's yet, that because that's what runs in her family, We took my love of the approach with NJ to just use grandma or Grandpa and throw another name on the yet. And there were the last name. No, there's always the first thing. Yeah, I don't know. The new ones still. Does that? Yeah, I don't. I don't think so. And and I mean there was no double name so late. There weren't two hyphenated majori. No, I mean like two Kathy's are too low. I. Yes, yes. Yes, yes. It. The first name of each of his at grandparents was unique, at least in that sets array of just referred to them. Although he didn't referred to her as grandma Terry. 00:07:16 No, he referred to her as grandma frog because our family as weird as she less edit, beginning his conversation, my mom likes frauds and clearly. Particular name interestingly enough, though. My sister on my mom's aside when she had kids, the first of her child came for a long time listeners of the show notice kid His name is Caesar twisty, mix Pennington . Thank you, definitely. Doc for naming him properly out when winner wind twisty came out and started referring to his grandmother. It wasn't any of those. It was Granny was. It wasn't a grandma was an grams was none of that stuff. It was Markelle. I'm mock. I don't even know the the why? No, one knows why . So what we are doing on this program here is we are heading this off at the pass nipping it in the bud, We are going to select a race. I'm going to select the appropriate moniker that I shall be name from, because who trusts infants with NFA let alone naming you. That would you will be called for the rest of your life. I don't think so. These kids have no experienced literally, no experience. They don't get to pick mining. Can I pick your new? No. 'cause I can had import. That's why we're to do on the program here I got. I think we should ask for listeners to call and not here, and we'll go through over there. This might be a washout window Oliver our favorites. Feel free to chime that what you think I wanna start with you First. My love because that are the best You are the first most important thing. You're always them the right Chandler people's ears. There's a reason for all these lenses. 00:09:01 I want to start with you, So I found a website that shows not just you know, we had baby books twenty six years goes like a ruined us today, but now there are grandparent books, and there are sites Now that list not just traditional names, but also trendy names. I saw those. So that's what I went through. I don't know how we chat about a few of those. So so I have you ever use thrower there at relatively long list. So there are first off, If you if I am about to pick your name and skewer it, I'm going to apologize in advance, but it's one of those, sorry not sorry situation. This is what I'm trying to avoid. There is a reason why we typically talk about things before we go on this show and we didn't this. How about how about Obama for a grandmother name Bama? No buyers because I am not from Alabama. We would just call you roll. You can't have that. You can't be from a Middle America college football center of world, but our family is still in and use Bama. No, unless you happen to be from Alabama ice on Obama. No Bammer How 'bout Dally or doll Let's not Dolly's D A L L Y, which I can only assume is pronounced Dally. Now it's too close to its a shorten way of saying Dallas. So now bowel. Wasn't even thinking about that. Okay Dally dilly-dally whose when I understand what you Tehran mayor yachts be called Dally Dally wide Delhi. I don't understand why makes no sense whatsoever. Now, here's this. Why do like gin jet, G, N J A gin jet, which I assume this out brands ginjinha. I kinda like that when jet injure Ghenda. IT that I could begin jet. Yeah. And then when they could get all of gyping me, the gander. 00:10:56 Had been situation boy bring McGinn SIA's rheumatism medicine. Waterbombing Ginza injure. How about Go go, go, go. I I don't hate it. It's not my favorite. We'll take that. Get the tide land. Show one Agung at all about go or her. What are what is going to be alright, vague. One of the courageous ones, I've seen it as looked in your eyes when you're saying over lentil layer of these are completely insane. Grandiose that I could do. Who wants to be Listen, I I had an ego, Do not be misunderstand the factor. I have an eagle. I do not expect a child. The call me grandiose and how are they pronouncing it? Because seriously, a two year old pronouncing grandiose. Well, they can they're all there are they control their tongue? You can't. But take a rather Tom liberal There are grandiose, so they can make all this out. And the OECD pre pig word I love it. It's pretty pick were lower level of. And then there's now this is also a possibility. It's kind of sound funny, but let it sink in for a minute. GrandMet or grand debt. So not a grandma, but like a grand little grand because you're a little. You're not big grand that. No ran debt. Granite, No. Grand mini. No. Okay. Grand net Noil move on. Okay. How about mid-year? Miss . Dear him, a posture of the D E A R meant the you're okay At the guy like at four the grandchild to call me that you are meeting. 00:12:38 ICI icy I say I have two others. I have three others, which I'm relatively certain on. You're not going to go for a one is a full ma. And it was spelled O f AU ex ? Hey, you folks fake mother? No. No, no, no, no, no. How 'bout mother, mother . Your Chun's when to reappropriate three culture not happening there or finally pebbles, pebbles, pebbles, as in like, bam, bam. Bam. I guess where you have Bama and then pebbles, but pebbles is on the list as a grandmother name. Why did it slip in from a toddler name? I don't understand why don't you there. So no, you know, like any of us Now what? What? What do you like Then? So I have a list of a couple that are couldn't interesting. And La la, your mom mentioned La, La, La, La. She did mention that. I like that one. Nana. And I my not solely as though only owes right in town yet, China Chinatown Nana not soy Naina. Banco. And I don't mind Grammy Grammy Really. I don't mind Murray. Okay. Who I know that has users the Grammy. I think Debbie. Oh, that's writer is dead water. That's who is GAM. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Moasher M G G, which is a Ukrainian Way of Saint grandma, unfamiliar with the GG So yes, I believe that Ueki George, Rob has talked about this before as GG or at least I know someone else of easily. The NSA is dissent. The Simpsons used CGI offer in less her moms name, Israeli duty. 00:14:18 April. Yeah. Okay. Maybe so Atarot apes Douglas Dillon, new new Ni. I like that one because it's very similar to Neuner. You can have your new he had once I have my Neuner. Emily Lau maybe were gonna skip that one. And uh Bibi is Soir Healy Bibi is SWAT Healy. Bibi. Bibi. Bibi. Bibi Yeah. Yeah. Maybe. Maybe maybe yet it's easy to say. Yes, very simple, easy pushes. I also thought maybe we could look at like the Thai words. Oh yes. I actually have a couple of those, Linda. What did you come up with? I would. I would. I can't wait to hear your pronunciation of these tie words. I can't wait for you to make fundamental, make fun of you. I'm just wanna correct. You. Same thing for you anyway. So the maternal is ya. Y, yes, it at Yarra Yarra nets If wits maternal But paternal. So it would come from 'cause it'll be Yeah, I if it was the maternal maternal, Oh nearby Nicaragua. Ya wa is a right one accurate. Yeah. So then I didn't write down with the male. That grandfather, Why have that? Okay Woodward out online yet. We're on you right now we're talking about that's it. That's all I have for me. So he is anything stick out as what you should be. I liked GG Aliji. And I like Bibby Emery Lake. Lola best. Those are your choices listener. I'm gonna go through my listed a moment when world than we'd love to hear feedback from you. One which one of these names You think we should? I had two for you. Well, let's get to me. You wanna do you first unity me first who who is going to go through that list First, You only have to show your simpler. So let's a I think you should go through your first, so some of these are amazing light. 00:16:10 Ace No delays. I I tried to change one aimed As when I was like seven. You Kelly. You're going to near fifty bigger the kiss army of that also wanted to be called eight days Call me ace. Not that go over that, not called ace. So. How 'bout big daddy. I like the concept, the big daddy when I first I want all. That's cool, big daddy, because it makes sense at one level up. I mean, it's not signed who terribly strange armies. These kids going to have a daddy, And I be one over one Lamenting a big daddy. But then I remember that I've watched Django one chained one or terminate on us. I rate and I don't want to be big that is getting away and be shot med wreck. We bed. So big, daddy is probably not out. There is also a similar one of the big ED. I don't think you're in the culture. Forget, I don't think I'm Street And after PERA or not, the beginning Look. How about Dabbagh do DAPA do as in the Yaba? You can be Jaba. Could be had added. Do. Of course, Jaba in Thailand has methamphetamines were published news that were to happen at a new Avenue that would limit to start calling need Abedee do. Now the obvious one was Ji-Man. But I was t- man, for a very long time, So Ji-Man man will be right there together that Melo man. Now that was like I'm selling the kid, We'd mind a grand apparent, And by the way, you are not Melo middleman, The Ghalmi man, yellow, That's right. You now move on more daddy. 00:17:53 More daddy, his listed on the trendy list of grandfather names more daddy. That's ridiculous. I'm with you. How about Rocky . Are you gonna fight or slick? Having a rock slid Aldo into one category when east Iraqi loose slick These are all like, you know, seven hilas east side of Manhattan, name somebody wants to be Rights EMU At Ace, Rocky and slick some great cigarette. Sandra Now, a couple more. That are interesting and I I'm kind of onto a little bit a granite. No grand not not granite. That would be you, but I be so I think if I am granite as in stone and you are grand, That would be awesome. We're going to go see granite. Granite and granite. Granite and granite. I think that's great. There's some symmetry, their works. No one would have any idea what the kid was saying. It's great. No. How about Panda? I liked Panda. It starts of the PA and into the dog, and I think you know, you got some ones that we can mixes together, make Panda out of it, and then wrote pendants penned. Definitely an option to the moon started me though. Now, give me, give me your options. My I have two Okay. I have Bobo Bobo That clown or the push him When there. And my last royal G. Is bebop bebop twist at buffet for yank it or whatever that a close game was bebop. Peba. I I didn't really play that much bebop music back in the day. So I don't know that matter You are now bebop. Are going to get back the type things. So element here because we have spent a couple of years in Thailand as part of the who we actually get OBEs tattoo from Thailand at him. And also with my grandfather incorporated into said tattoo from Thailand So there's there's something here with that. So yes, you are correct. Yours is Ya. Ya Ya Scott camp to age and they're going to transport them. Yeah. And the version for a tunnel grandfather in Thailand is pool who pool almost like a P but only hit the P really Horn. But here's the cool thing. It's not I mean extra shortened version. But the more formal version, anything in Thailand as you put Kuhn in front of it, right. So I would be qu'une pool which almost Grandpa who who Mboup annual. 00:20:19 Be KUNA Young Hwa at whole coin Yongam poll. Oh and updates the get to say a properly later I going to do. Whoo. Teach them the right way to say it will be an an an aim Here's a cool thing. We can teach them how to write it. I didn't hear it. I didn't hear it while I could. I could do it at. Yeah, I'm Mike in this idea. That's gonna be interesting, So that that is my first thought. But I might think my fault if I get to really make a choice You want to do in in in our kids because we have to deal with what, what our child, once he's gonna be the father of this thing to a certain degree, Quicken obviously. You know what form of words sub circular other goodness of Burt, but he on an adorns Milton rubbed with. But I think my default is going the other way I'm thinking of leaning heavily towards is just simply grandfather. Okay. No grandpa, no grand dad know Grant snow grandpappy. He's none of those things. But that's a very grandma bother. It's very formal entered, don't think you're in it has to be said with the gravitas like that every tire grandma father hold on. Hold on yet. I'm getting a message. You're foolish. That's what I'm thinking. We should stay where it's either ACL. Ooh, look when Ja grandfather and G G, you don't even say Your name right? Grand friend father, G G G, G, G, and when Paul. 00:21:56 Yeah. Well, there you go Kids, we're going to be grandparents and in July, and we would like for you to help us figure out what did name we should be called is an don't mistake. What's happening here. We're going through all of these and we completely get that the child may not make this choice, and that's fine. We will force this choice armed Chad. I . Because what other purpose do we serve other than forcing children to do what is right and good? Weird all the time crazy. Hey, if you have questions for us. Like Now what Ibo I'm assuming I'm going to get a lot of Well now what happens with the show evoke questions next week's Don't sweat. The show is continuing. We will continue to do podcasting even though yes, we are will eventually be leaving here. We are not leaving Thailand yet. We have weeks if not a couple of months that are still here. So we will continue to We will roll out the rest of this season. You those of you have been listening for a long time. No, that we change format every thirty shows issue. So we will hit our thirty in a show of our fourth season And in season five will follow along right behind that with a slightly different format or maybe a vastly different format. Hell We don't know yet, but I promise you that show will continue. So if time this departure pretty nailed it . 00:23:24 But he ducked questions and you want to ask them. We got two more shows to do our three more shows where the number happens to be when he questions from the audience. So pretty pleased with sugar on at go to XIV O . WTF slash Call us and leave us a voicemail with your question for us. What played on the show and will answer on the next week's program deal deal XIV O . W T F slash Call us. Our share this when time would not be possible without support from people like you, if you think Our show is worthy of your financial support. He churn mix at CPAC. And then I mentioned the shows not going anywhere. So those of you who have been supporting us for a very long time. Thank you. Your gifts went out in a male it yesterday by way. For those of you who have thought, Well, now is a good time, but I'm not going to because now they're leave new show again, No. Listen, We're not stopping the show season four will end in a few more episodes in in season five will resume If you want to support us. And we really wish he would because now we have to go back to America where things are really damned expensive pretty please. With sugar on a give us a small amount of money, a buck couple of box, five bucks a month, whatever it is, And we'll give you early access to this program. We record bonus content and other cool swag. I'm dreaming up right now XIV O . W T F slash patriarch. It's a newish site that I've set up. So as if you're on the other one, Go to XIV ODA WTF slash patriarch today and get signed up to give us some support as we keep the party going in season fi. 00:24:50 Are these against by the label? Thanks for listening listener. I on Wall also known as pivo Tara And I G G also now as she Ledee for more about us, it's coming up next week, get on the Badri on listened to your questions, And we'll tell you more about our crazy stuff and maybe answer some of your Now what the hell of questions Up next week by.
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Funny things you’ll hear in this episode of our comedy-travel-relationship advice podcast: Tittering over Porn (capitalized on purpose) When putting ice in a beer is a good thing Encountering a maître d in a food court The extra organ Thai women are born with How to get even more podcast episodes about life in Bangkok And the source for all of this? An article posted on the Bangkok Post. Ask Us Your Question! This week’s episode aside, season Four of This One Time is driven by listeners like you. You ask us a question and we’ll give you the answer in the form of a humorous (?) anecdote from our travels around the world. It’s sorta like Dear Abby meets Anthony Bourdain, only with less amazing food. Or swear words. Show Your Support For The Show We simply couldn’t produce This One Time without support -- financial support -- from our fans. Patreon makes it easy to support us for just $1 a month. While the advice we share may be questionable, perhaps you’ll feel the stories we share are worth that. Or a little more. Every little bit helps, so thanks in advance for your support. And to sweeten the pot, patrons get early access to the show and bonus content. You reward us; we reward you. We’ve released bonus content the last two weeks!  
A Clean, Well-Moistened Place [Season 1, Episode 4]
Full Show Script [Jesus Christ, more farmland photos?] EVO: We’re officially one week into our grand tour of, well… the world. If you’re just joining us, we’re currently in France. Specifically, we’re about as far northwest as you can get, in the middle of a small peninsula of land known as Brittany, or Bretagne. Yes I mean France, not the UK, though this area does share some history with Britain. But you can look all that up on Wikipedia. You didn’t come to us for a history lesson. We’ve been referring to this as the French country side. Which is really just a fancy term for farmland. Really, really clean farm land. [Clean] SHE : And it’s not only clean, it’s moist. Like, really, really wet. We’ve had rain or drizzle at least half the days we’ve been here. The soil is soaked, and I’m not sure I packed the proper footwear for such a boggy place. My boots have seen better days. Water does more than stand and soak. It flows. At every turn, it seems there’s a brook, stream, or some other type of rushing water. [Water] EVO: Here’s a tip: when recording sounds of water, make sure you’ve emptied your bladder. Because… wow. SHE: All that water is why it’s so green here, even in the dead of winter. And it’s also why my sinuses are vastly improved. [sinuses] EVO: On this oddly rain-free day, we decide to walk the road north. We’d been south -- that’s where the actual town of Corlay lies just a few blocks away -- but today we were exploring La Haut-Corlay, which isn’t much more than a handful of houses high on a hill. That’s what La Haut-Corlay means “the high” Corlay. Not quite the upper east side, but you get the picture. Anyhow, we had studied a few Google maps from the house where we had internet connection -- internet connectivity on mobile devices is spotty just past the outskirts of town -- and knew basically where we were going. All we had to do was head north and turn left on a road that I was pretty sure had the world “river” in it. [not lost] EVO: Yes, street signs are helpful, but only if you know how to read them. Mon francais is pourri, and it wasn’t long before self-doubt crept in. [Joan Rivers] SHE: Evo is one of the more confident people I’ve known. But he’s not infallible, especially when it comes to reading signs in French. As it turns out, the road we thought we were on wasn’t actually a “road” at all... [not the same thing] SHE: But clearly we weren’t too lost, as we were able to make it back and record this podcast episode. But signs aren’t the only thing that’s tripped us up since we’ve been in France. Even simple things, like a trip to the grocery store, has it’s own little quirks we’ve had to discover in the moment. The Super U contained the same things we expected to see, except for one thing: [shopping cart trek] EVO: No, it wasn’t Screw With The Americans day. We thought the parking lot looked rather devoid of stray shopping carts. Upon further inspection, we found that everyone actually returns their carts to the parking lot corrals. Not because they’re courteous, but because they are incentivized to do so. To unlock a cart requires a one Euro coin. When placed in a small slot on the handle, the cart disconnects from the rest. But it’s not a vending machine. Your coin stays peeking at you the whole time you’re shopping. To get it back, you have to return the cart to the corral and re-chain it to the mass of carts. When you do -- and only if you do -- your coin pops out. Brilliant! SHE: One last bit before we go: We were entertained by the ethnic food section of the French supermarket, which was probably more comical to us than it should have been. [Ethnic section] EVO: As it turns out, there was no American section. Which is probably for the best. But we have food for the remainder of our time here. We’ll have one more episode from France for you next week, then the following episode will be assembled in Denmark. You know, where speak even less of the local language. That’ll be our fifth episode, at which time we’ll probably ask you to tell a few dozen of your friends about our show. Five in the can, that’s the rule before promotion begins. At least that was the rule when I started podcasting 10 years ago. I suppose it would be OK if you told just one friend about us right now. Sure. That should be OK. Jusqu'à la prochaine fois! (That means until next time… I think...) [outro]
We're Schengen Out! [Season 1, Episode 2]
Full Show Script [Speculating] EVO: Did I mention we’re not quite the world travelers you might imagine us to be? Sure, we’ve done plenty of travel to other countries in this half of this hemisphere. But never for anything more than a handful of weeks, and never one with multiple country stops. So as you might imagine, there are a lot of things we don’t know. We need to educate ourselves. Which is leading us to some interesting learnings: [Discovery] SHE: Italy, as it turns out, is part of the Schengen area. According to Wikipedia, The Shangin’ Area is comprised of 26 European countries that have abolished passport and any other type of border control at their common borders. It mostly functions as a single country for international travel purposes, with a common visa policy. EVO: That policy allows us, two US citizens, 90 days of travel in those countries within one hundred and eighty days. If that doesn’t immediately make sense to you, it didn’t to us either. In fact, there was more than a little disagreement between the two of us over that interpretation. As it turns out, it’s something best explained with an analogy. Consider, for a moment, an NBA game. (That’s pro-basketball in the US, for those unaware of that particular TLA. And no, neither of us are basketball fans.) In the 48 minutes of a pro basketball game (which sounds like an odd number, but I looked it up) a player can make no more than 6 fowls (which I thought was five. Did I mention we’re not basketball fans?) After that, they’re not allowed to return to that game. SHE: In our case, our clock starts as soon as we enter any country in the Shangen Area, and it keeps ticking for one hundred and eighty days. For us, it starts on January 17th, when we land in France. And it expires on August 16th. During that one hundred and eighty day period we’re allowed to accumulate up to 90 days in those countries. Consecutive, non-consecutive, all in one, or a couple in all of them… it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that if we go over 90 days, even by as little as a single day, we face fines of 1200 euros, deportation, or some other harsh penalty. Ouch. EVO: Making it more complicated is the additional 90-day get-the-hell-out period that has to expire before we can again visit any of those countries. For us, if we managed to stay until August 16th without blowing our collected days, we’d have to wait until November 14th to return to most of Europe. How handy. But that’s something we’ll deal with after we get through our first leg of our tour, which actually starts with just trying to get out of this country. Here’s Sheila telling you -- and blaming me -- all about it: [Nightmare booking] EVO: I’m the “somebody” she was speaking of, in case you’re curious. [Nightmare booking, continued] Evo 5: And that sell off has largely happened. Which is good, as we depart on the 11th of January. You’ll hear from us -- and I mean that literally -- once we’re situated in the French countryside. Our plan, such that it is, is to produce a mostly-weekly audio podcast, of which you are listening to. I say “mostly”, because I’m the worlds laziest podcaster. For more regular updates, be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter. I’m also a lazy writer, but writing is much faster than producing a podcast. And if you want the full fire hose, check out our blog, where we’re trying to post daily. You can get to all of that -- and much more -- at I’m Evo Terra. À la prochaine! (Gods, my French sucks.)
Of Fast Trains and Poor Decisions [Season 1, Episode 3]
Full Show Script [.50 well spent] EVO: As I write this episode of the ShEvo Studios On Tour podcast, I'm hurtling -- literally hurtling -- through the French countryside on a super comfy train. Waze tells me we're clocking in at over 230 KPH, which is -- and I just checked this -- pretty damned fast, especially for an American who typically drives faster than trains. About every five minutes, another high speed train goes rocketing by mere inches -- OK, maybe mere feet -- in the opposite direction. When that happens, the sounds goes from idyllic -- like what you're listening to right now -- to this: [loud train] SHE: Yeah, I never heard it. In the last two "biological" days, we'd been through four airports, three busses, and miles of hiking through some of the less desirable places State-side. When you add in drinking and dining with good friends during that time AND zero sleep, the comfy chairs of Eurorail had me out before we pulled out of the station. EVO: You totally missed out on some beautiful scenery while you were sleeping, baby! But I'm happy you were able to catch some much-needed shut eye. I'd have joined you, by my poor choices we're to compound on top one another. Too much coffee kept me up -- and gave you this new episode -- but it's the least stupid decision I've recently made. Unlike.. [Train no lingo] EVO: But we'll manage. And I'll get some sleep. Perhaps tonight. And then it's a few blissful few weeks of rest and relaxation in the French countryside. Except for the three business meetings I scheduled for next week. Man, je suis un idiot doesn't seem to quite do it justice. [HOU layover] SHE: But by next weekend, we should be on a routine. Of sorts. Which means you can probably expect another episode of the podcast. It might even be longer. In the mean time, be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter and subscribe to the blog for daily updates Also, we'e both been posting lots of in-the-moment items on our various social properties. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... whatever you're into All of that is on EVO: WTF, indeed  Now, I need some sleep. Cheers! [outro]
WTF Were You Thinking with That Domain Name? [Season 1, Episode 1]
By now you know -- or you should know -- that we’re leaving. Not just Arizona, where we’ve made our home for the last 18 years. But the entire country. For at least a year… or until we run out of money. Which is a distinct possibility, as we’re certainly not independently wealthy. But we are crafty. And we tend to land on our feet. So we’re good. It’s probably another safe bet that you know of our new website,, where we’re documenting this grand experiment with blog posts, gear run-downs, checkins, photographs and podcast episodes, more or less like this one. OK, probably less. Because this one is just to give you a taste. Don’t get too caught up in the format, as that’s sure to change. We’ll figure it out as we go along. But I digress. This episode is all about one thing: how we decided on just the right domain name -- WTF, indeed. Best of all, it’s not a re-creation. It’s the actual conversation between the two of us. Enjoy. (Oh, and that crazy noise you here underneath from time to time is a mix of airplanes flying overhead and cars driving outside. Our recording environment will change due to the nature of our travels, so have a heart.)
Castles, Castelleres, & Culinary Delights of Catalunya [Season 1, Episode 20]
Full Show Script [Friendly] EVO The coastline of Costa Brava --- all of coast of the Mediterranean, in fact -- is lousy with castles. Piracy was a big deal (like the Salt Stealing Pirates from Africa we mentioned on last week's show) just a few centuries ago. Fortifications to defend against attacks were built along almost literally every turn of the coastline. Amazingly, many are still visible today, in various states of ruin. SHE: A few weeks ago, we took a half-day boat tour out of Blanes, Spain with a company called Charter Lloret. It was just us and six other TBEX attendees, as well as the captain and his assistant, on a leisurely boat tour up the Costa Brava shoreline. As we boated along the beach of LLoret de Mar, Evo asked about the story behind the oddly well maintained, almost brand new looking castle right on the edge of a cliff. [pre made] SHE How disappointing. A "fake" castle, decades, not centuries old, built just to give tourists something to take photos of. EVO: But the other guests on the boat hadn't even noticed the fake castle, let alone Marcos' explanation. My turn... [castle story] SHE: Taking a boat tour of the coastline was a great way to see more of Costa Brava. Great views, a great guide, and great folks to chat with, and this surprise:  [20 minutes on a boat] SHE: Drinks? Snacks? This was shaping up to be a most excellent cruse.  EVO: Unlike the poor souls we saw on that other tour boat. Clearly, they didn't have Captain Marcos at the helm, or even seem to like the people they were traveling with, as Nate from Winter Wonderlust pointed out. [not as much fun on a boat]  EVO: 20 minutes is apparently a relative term in the Mediterranean. And I thought that was just an English thing. [two minutes five minutes ago] SHE: Attending TBEX gave us lots of exposure to Catalonian, or Catalunyan, culture. During the awesome opening event on the grounds of the Hotel Santa Marta just to the west of Lloret de Mar, a troupe showed up to create human towers.  [castelles] EVO: They were part of a colles castellere, and building these human pyramids is, well... what they do. With the sounds of the Toc de Castells urging them on, the dozens of stocky men (usually) grasp arms shoulder to shoulder, and a slightly smaller number of slightly less-stocky men and women climb on top of them, also grasping arms at shoulder height. And then another layer is added. And then another. Until, at some point, a pre-teen wearing a safety helmet -- the only member of the troop to sport one, scampers up this living ladder until she reaches the top, just as the band reaches their crescendo.  SHE: It's an impressive sight, with lots of appreciative oohs and ahhs from the crowd. And it's a lot safer than the running of the bulls, for both the tower builders themselves and spectators alike.  EVO: The food in southern Spain is outstanding, but the seafood really can't be beat. If muscles and oysters are your thing, it's worth the train ride down to San Carlos de la Rápita. From there, you'll take a water taxi or charter a boat out to The Musclarium, an amazing restaurant sitting on top of the mussel beds.  SHE: Apparently, the combination of warm water and nutrients from the river make the most amazing combination for these filter-feeding tasty critters.  [mussels and oysters]  SHE: I'm not so sure I've ever seen a ""beautiful"" oyster, but he had us intrigued with the claim of the best tasting in the whole world.  EVO: These oysters are rumored to fetch between $5 and $10 each -- per oyster -- so it's not surprising they're all over them in Paris.  [eat them] EVO: Ha! I knew I'd find a way to work a ""that's what he said"" line in the show. Except I though it would be that's what she said, and I thought i'd be the one to say it. Thanks for staling my thunder, Gabi! SHE: You're such a child. Coming up next, scenes from next week's show. But first... EVO: This is out 20th show. I know. 20 shows. That's kind of a big deal. As you've heard, if you've been listening since the beginning, we've changed things up a bit, but hopefully are staying true to our mission of bringing you good audio story telling. We may not have the staff of Gimlet Media or Radiotopia, but we like to think we're producing shows that at least come close to the bar they've set. If you like what we're doing let us know. Like, right now. Pull out your phone and send us a tweet at @OppTravelers. Better yet, send a tweet telling your friends to check out our show. If you're on Facebook, tag us in a post. That works, too. And if you're on Google+, Plus mention us. Tell us what you think. We love hearing from our listeners. SHE: Here's what we're working on for our next show: [next week] EVO: More beer. Go figure. Cheers from Costa Brava! We travel the world as The Opportunistic Travelers largely because of our generous listeners. EVO: People all over the world pledge as little as five bucks a month, and in return, they get a hand-written postcard from us sent from wherever opportunity has taken us, every single month. Sign up today at SHE: We also stay for free most of our journey. No, we’re not super-stars or anything. We eliminate hotel costs and stay in some great cities by housesitting all over the world. Get our complete list of the actual housesitting sites we use every day at, and stop spending money on hotels when you travel, too. Thanks for listening to this episode. I’m Sheila Dee. EVO: And I am Evo Terra. Our theme music is "On the Ground" by Kevin MacLeod at All other sounds, voices, and odd bits you hear were created by us. And this podcast is just the start of the audio, video, images, and written content we’re producing as we travel the world. Got an idea on how we could work together or a place you like for us to visit? Visit to get in touch. Now would be good.
No More Bad Beer & Shirt Swapping Mexicans [Season 2, Episode 16]
Season 2 - Episode 16 Somehow we managed to again put together a show where beer -- too much of it -- take center stage. Try not to lose your shirt from the surprise and shock you’re now experiencing. Happy Sheila’s Birthday from Thailand! Coupled with the big Makha Bucha celebration (actually a fairly large Buddhist holiday, it’s a banner week for us. But enough idle chit chat. You want to know what’s in this week’s podcast episode, don’t you? We share two other stories on today’s program, one from Thailand and another from Mexico: No More Bad Beer Music credit: Upbeat Forever by Kevin MacLeod The beer flows freely in Thailand. Just so long as you don’t try and buy it from 2:00 - 5:00 in the afternoon. Or expect it to have a pleasant flavor. Or not give you a massive hangover when you drink a liter or three. Don’t get us wrong, good beer does exist in this country. You just have to find it. And then cough up a little extortion money. Oh, did I say extortion? I meant a 400% import duty. Shirt Swapping Mexicans Music credit: Cuban Sandwich by Kevin MacLeod Stop me if you’ve heard this one: “Hey, wanna go to a bar? Just follow me away from the tourist area, down a dark alley, and into this garage so I can literally steal your shirt off your back!” Apparently neither Sarah from Live Dream Discover or Nathan from Fit Living Lifestyle had, because that’s exactly what happened to them. And that’s the show! Our kid is coming out next weekend, so there’s a greater than zero chance next week’s show will be delayed. Or we might get him on with us. Either way, we’ll probably have some great stories from our week stay in Koh Samui when we return. Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod of for our theme music Upbeat Forever and all of the music used in this episode. Funding for this podcast and all the great content we produce is made possible by listeners just like you. Visit to pledge your support, and get a hand written postcard each month as we travel abroad. Additional funding provided by TravelSmith. Inspiring people to go places they've never been, and keeping us looking smart and well-outfitted on our journey. And if you want to travel the world… it’s cheaper than you think! Visit for more details, and click on the Housesitting link to find out exactly how we afford to travel the world in style. New episodes of the The Opportunistic Travelers Podcast are available every Tuesday. Of course, Tuesday can be a very different thing depending on where we are in the world. Cheers!
Shoeless In Siam & Scratching The Travel Itch [Season 2, Episode 12]
An unseasonable cool front nailed China just as that nasty snowstorm hit the eastern seaboard of the US of A. We got awesome, sub-70s weather in Bangkok, which was a welcome change. And no, we don’t spend the whole show talking about the weather. Because boring. We share two stories on today’s program, one from Bangkok, Thailand and one from Puducherry, India: 1. Shoeless In Siam Music credit: Upbeat Forever by Kevin MacLeod Bangkok is a shoe-obsessed city. People spend thousands of baht (do the conversion yourself) on shoes of all shapes and sizes. Which is weird for Evo, as he’s happy wearing his Chacos everywhere. And which is weird for Sheila, because wearing shoes inside is a no-no. Even in a job interview, as she soon found out. 2. Scratching The Travel Itch  Music credit: Leopard Print Elevator by Kevin MacLeod We hadn’t considered the effect of peer pressure on helping people to travel, but Smriti Modi is counting on it. That’s the gist behind her travel startup, The Itch List. As she says, it’s sort of like a bucket list, but filled with things you’ll actually do. She also shares one of her favorite places to travel in her own home country. We’re off to Kuala Lampur in a few days, so we’re sure to have stories to tell you next week of that adventure. But we’re also going back to Pattaya Beach with some friends who have a drinking problem (we may be that drinking problem) so there’s a chance we’ll forget. Or have something even more interesting to related. Such is our new life! And That's The Show! Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod of for our theme music Upbeat Forever and all of the music used in this episode. Funding for this podcast and all the great content we produce is made possible by listeners just like you. Visit to pledge your support, and get a hand written postcard each month as we travel abroad. Additional funding provided by TravelSmith. Inspiring people to go places they've never been, and keeping us looking smart and well-outfitted on our journey. And if you want to travel the world… it’s cheaper than you think! Visit ShEvo.wtffor more details, and click on the Housesitting link to find out exactly how we afford to travel the world in style.
Aussie Animals That Haven’t Tried To Kill Us & Breaking Out Of A Finnish Prison [Season 2, Episode 5]
Hello vicarious travelers and welcome once again to Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia! We have made friends here both in the wildlife and human life. Evo needs to start the show with a huge mea culpa to all our Periscope followers. He’d promised you a scope of the flight over the Great Barrier Reef. And scope he did… but from the wrong account. Oops. You’ll have to live with the images and blog post. For now. Sorry. We share two travel stories on today’s program, one from Australia and one from Finland: 1. Aussie Animals That Haven’t Tried To Kill Us Music credit: The Lift by Kevin MacLeod We’ve been in Australia for almost a month now and have seen a wide variety of wildlife. And like anyone not born here, we’ve been told all our lives that every creature in Australia is deadly. So cautious though we’ve been, we’re a little disappointed that nothing has even tried to kill us. Maybe that’s because we’re not trying to lick them. 2. Breaking Out Of A Finnish Prison Music credit: Sticks and Ticks by Kevin MacLeod While at TBEX in Bangkok we chatted with Skye from Skye Travels. Skye is a solo traveler who seeks adventure and is on a quest to get to every country. He tells a great story about an original sea fortress in Suomenlinna that’s a Unesco World Heritage Site -- and also a now prison. Somehow, he managed to break his way into a prison. That’s a first. And that’s the show! We’re wrapping up our final week in Airlie Beach and really would like to thank our friends Steve and Emily for the use of their beautiful vacation home in the Whitsundays. Next week Cassie and Evo discuss one of the best inventions ever for digital nomads, Skype. And we’ll do our best to recant the tale of flying over the Great Barrier Reef. Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod of for our theme music Upbeat Forever and all of the music used in this episode. Funding for this podcast and all the great content we produce is made possible by listeners just like you. Visit to pledge your support, and get a hand written postcard each month as we travel abroad. Additional funding provided by TravelSmith. Inspiring people to go places they've never been, and keeping us looking smart and well-outfitted on our journey. And if you want to travel the world… it’s cheaper than you think! Visit ShEvo.wtffor more details, and click on the Housesitting link to find out exactly how we afford to travel the world in style.
Can Beer Boost Your Language Skills? [Season 1, Episode 39]
Full Show Script EVO: Gotta say, going through all this old, unreleased audio has been a lot of fun. I get a chance to relive some fun memories and pick out the choice bits for you. I hope you're enjoying it. Thanks for giving us a chance to spend our time collecting audio for our second season. SHE: When we were in Galcia, we spent some quality time with Jose and Manu, the two guys who run Beer Lab in Santiago de Compostela. We've featured audio of them before, but this never-aired clip is about regional languages, not beer. Though we might have all had a few pints at this point in the evening. We pick up the conversation where Jose was talking about how much longer the US has been a part of the craft beer scene than Galicia... [Language barrier] EVO: I've no idea what Manu was talking about towards the end. ¿Habla español?, I got. The rest? No idea. But we share the language of good craft beer. Cheers from the road! SHE: Funding for our endless world tour is provided, oddly enough, by postcards. EVO: Give us five bucks, and we'll send you a postcard from our travels abroad every single month. Get on the list at  SHE: And we save a ton of money by housesitting. It's free and beats living in hotels. Want super cool people like us looking after your pets and property while you're traveling? Visit to register, either as a housesitter or a home owner. We do it, and we love it! Thanks for listening to this episode. I’m Sheila Dee.  EVO: And I am Evo Terra. Our theme music is by Kevin MacLeod at All other sounds, voices, and odd bits you hear were most likely created or captured by us. Visit to get more goodness from us and to see where opportunity will take us next. Thanks for again for listening and tell a friend about us. Now would be good.
Sak Yant Wai Kru 2018: Thailand [Ambient Audio #1]
As a special treat to those of you who stay subscribe to our podcast, we’ll be releasing some special, long form audio over the coming weeks as we travel to Cambodia, China, Japan, and Korea before landing back in America.Today, you’ll hear a long-form ambient audio recording of one of the most bizarre -- at least by western standards -- religious events in Thailand. It’s called the Sak Yant Wai Kru. It takes place every year at a temple called Wat Bang Pra, which is about 50 km NW of Thailand. Each year in early March, more than 10,000 afficiantos of the sak yant tattoos gather at the temple and well… go a little crazy. The reason for the gathering is to get the tattoos recharged. In the strange amalgamation of religion and mysticism that is Thai Buddhism, sak yant tattoos imbue their owner with special protective powers. And just like it’s a good idea to reboot your computer or update the apps on your phone once and awhile, the tattos need a little recharging.Or a lot, as you’ll hear.What follows is just over 2 and half hours of un-cut audio I recorded at the 2018 event, my third time attending. Sheila took a bunch of pictures and has them on Flickr. She also has a great video from the 2017 event on YouTube. In the audio, you’ll heave me interacting with some of our favorite people that we’re going to miss a lot when we leave Thailand in just a few days. Ric, Jack, Karina, Ian… and a bunch more. You’ll also hear me clearing my throat a lot, as I was just getting over a cold. And from time to time, you’ll hear my reactions and Sheila’s reactions to the quite literal insanity of the event.If you can’t make it through all 2 and a half hours, I understand. The first three minutes of the audioclip gives a fairly good representation of the rest of the audio. Of course you might be sucked in after that. IT happens.So here we go. Thanks for listening. We’ll be back from time to time with more audio. And eventually, season five of our podcast will start up again. Whatever we decide to call it. Cheers!
Mooless Island Life & Bridging the Gap [Season 2, Episode 28]
Holy cow how did we make 28 episodes of our second season? Clearly we did, and you must like it, so I guess we’ll keep going. So without any further ado... We have two more stories on today’s show, one from Thailand and one from America: 1. Mooless Island Life Music credit: Upbeat Forever by Kevin MacLeod We’re stoked that Thailand’s rainy season has brought cooler temperatures to Bangkok. But they also bring… well, rain. And that’s not what you want when you visit an island for a three day weekend. Nor do you want to have to deal with allergens in your pillows. All you really want is pork, which is a stupid thing to want when you’re surrounded by Muslims. Someone will never learn. 2. Bridging the Gap Music credit: Lewis & Dekalb by Kevin MacLeod Our friend Ben Patch spent his formative years traveling The States doing children’s theater. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it also leaves one with plenty of time to get out and explore their new surroundings. For a budding photography, it’s a great chance to see the world. But just because one has an eye for photography, doesn’t mean he can judge distance very well. Don’t jump, man. And that’s the show! We need to apologize to our Patrons -- those who support us financially with a buck or two each month at Our tight travel schedule hasn’t let us get caught up enough to send you the link to our episode a day early. Sorry about that. But we should be caught up, so your next shows will come early, just like we promised. Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod of for the songs used in this episode. Funding for this podcast and all the great content we produce is made possible by listeners just like you. Visit to pledge your support, and get a hand written postcard each month as we travel abroad. Additional funding provided by TravelSmith. Inspiring people to go places they've never been, and keeping us looking smart and well-outfitted on our journey. And if you want to travel the world… it’s cheaper than you think! Visit ShEvo.wtffor more details, and click on the Housesitting link to find out exactly how we afford to travel the world in style.
Bangkok Movie Madness & Kicked Out Of Kiribati [Season 2, Episode 24]
Just a quick follow up to the blighted phone booth cleanup show from a few weeks back: That crazy Bangkok notion looks like it’s going into action! But that’s not what we wanted to talk about with you on today’s program. Instead, we have two travel stories to share, one from Bangkok and one from Kiribati: 1. Bangkok Movie Madness Music credit: Upbeat Forever by Kevin MacLeod Bangkok maybe of the more diverse places to watch first-run movies. Sure, you can have your run-of-the-mill theater experience much like you would in any Western city. Or you can opt to live like a fat cat, soaking up (and paying for) the personal privilege of a VIP movie experience. But our favorite? The gritty throwback theaters of Lido and Scala. They’ve the best popcorn in town! 2. Kicked Out Of Kiribati Music credit: Thief In The Night by Kevin MacLeod Gary Arndt’s made a career out of travel. But it almost ended just a few months after he got started, thanks to an overzealous immigration agent in Kiribati. Then again, having a challenging experience early might have made him the cool cucumber of a traveler he is today. And you can all thank him for single-handedly (my words, not his) getting a stupid law changed. And that’s the show! Our travel calendar is starting to fill up again. Next week, Evo’s taking a solo trip to Vietnam. After that, we’re headed to a rocket festival in northern Thailand, a beach getaway after that, and then he’s off to Sri Lanka. So much for settling down. Remember, you can follow along with those events as they happen. Facebook Live, Periscope, Snapchat, Instagram… there are all sort of ways we document travels as they happen, rather than waiting for a once a week show to come out. Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod of for the songs used in this episode. Funding for this podcast and all the great content we produce is made possible by listeners just like you. Visit to pledge your support, and get a hand written postcard each month as we travel abroad. Additional funding provided by TravelSmith. Inspiring people to go places they've never been, and keeping us looking smart and well-outfitted on our journey. And if you want to travel the world… it’s cheaper than you think! Visit ShEvo.wtffor more details, and click on the Housesitting link to find out exactly how we afford to travel the world in style.
Phone Booth Infestation & Space Cake Smuggler [Season 2, Episode 21]
It’s hot in Bangkok. Like… always hot. Which is why so many tourists and expats walk around in shorts and tank-tops all the time. But now that we have an actual closet, it’s rather nice to wear clothes that we actually care about. That, and we don’t want to get mistaken for backpackers or sexpats. Still, it’s a little strange for Evo to declare his undying love for a pair of pants. (Thanks, TravelSmith!) But he does seem to genuinely love wearing them, which makes Bangkok that much more beautiful by not having his chicken legs strutting around in public. And speaking of beautiful things, we’ve two to stories on today’s program, one from Thailand and another from The Netherlands: 1. Phone Booth Infestation Music credit: Upbeat Forever by Kevin MacLeod As much as we’re enjoying living in Bangkok… it’s not the cleanest city on the planet. Sure, it has it’s moments, and we’re by no means living in squalor. But like any big city, blight is an issue. Recently, the Thai government launched an initiative to get rid of the single biggest eyesore in the city. Uh… phone booths? Huh. OK. 2. Space Cake Smuggler Music credit: Spy Glass by Kevin MacLeod Love it or not, societal norms and legality issues over marijuana are changing. If you still live in a repressed area of the world, you may wonder about the appropriateness of this story. But for the rest of you, don’t make the mistake Gabor from TapeWrite made when leaving Amsterdam. Remember, consume before you get to the airport. They sort of frown on smuggling dope into the Vatican, even for personal consumption. And that’s the show! Next week, Sheila’s on a much-needed vacation, so we will not release a show. It’s Songkran, or Thai New Year. Yes, we celebrated Chinese new year a little over a month ago. And there was the whole “real” calendar-flipping a few weeks before that. Hey, we have lots of calendars in Thailand. It’s work. Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod of for our theme music Upbeat Forever and all of the music used in this episode. Funding for this podcast and all the great content we produce is made possible by listeners just like you. Visit to pledge your support, and get a hand written postcard each month as we travel abroad. Additional funding provided by TravelSmith. Inspiring people to go places they've never been, and keeping us looking smart and well-outfitted on our journey. And if you want to travel the world… it’s cheaper than you think! Visit ShEvo.wtffor more details, and click on the Housesitting link to find out exactly how we afford to travel the world in style.
Hobos From Hanoi & Bali Biking Boo Boos [Season 2, Episode 7]
Greetings once again from Brisbane, Australia! After five weeks “down under”, we’ve noticed an interesting fashion trend. Maybe it’s the warm climate. Maybe it’s the carefree nature of Australians. Or maybe they just like tops a size or two too big, because there’s a lot of sideboob going on down here. We share two travel stories on today’s program, one from Vietnam and one from Bali: 1. Hobos from Hanoi Music credit: Pyro Flow by Kevin MacLeod In all seriousness, taking the North-South Reunification Line for a slow, scenic way down Vietnam is a great idea. Overnight trains are much more comfortable than overnight flights, so if you’re not in a hurry and want to spend a couple days in Hue, Da Nang, and Nha Trang along the way, it’s a great way to get from Hanoi down to Ho Chi Minh City. However, under no circumstances should you elect to take the straight-shot back from Ho Chi Minh City back to Hanoi. Because that way lies 33 hours of madness. 2. Bali Biking Boo Boos Music credit: Fretless by Kevin MacLeod Seasoned travelers like Nathaniel Boyle from The Daily Travel Podcast know several “tricks” to ingratiating oneself with the locals. For Nathaniel, carrying a guitar is a sure way to make friends with other local musicians. Another tick he’s learned: Getting emergency medical services from the crowd after crashing a motorcycle into a brick wall. Great ideas, Nathaniel. We’ll stick with the guitar. Oh, and best of luck on the launch of Holocene! Break a leg! (Not that we want you to crash into a wall again, but you get the idea. And that’s the show! With the holidays just around the corner, we know you’re struggling for that perfect gift. Might we suggest postcards from abroad? At under $10 a month, they make a perfect stocking stuffer! Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod of for our theme music Upbeat Forever and all of the music used in this episode. Funding for this podcast and all the great content we produce is made possible by listeners just like you. Visit to pledge your support, and get a hand written postcard each month as we travel abroad. Additional funding provided by TravelSmith. Inspiring people to go places they've never been, and keeping us looking smart and well-outfitted on our journey. And if you want to travel the world… it’s cheaper than you think! Visit ShEvo.wtffor more details, and click on the Housesitting link to find out exactly how we afford to travel the world in style.
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