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095 Daniela Fernandez, Founder & CEO, Sustainable Ocean Alliance
Attending the Opening Oceans Conference, which creates a roadmap for maritime business leaders to explore the new ocean economy options, discover synergies with their existing businesses, meet investment and gateway partners and make profitable strategic decisions, in Copenhagen early May 2018, I met Daniela Fernandez, a passionate young woman who wants to engage young people in innovation, change and new ideas about how to use the Ocean space. Daniela is the Founder & CEO of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance.  After having been invited to several gatherings with Heads of States and people from the United Nations, she asked herself "Why am I the only young person in the room?" and started to think about how the two worlds can come together. Now the Sustainable Ocean Alliance consists of 75 chapters in 50 countries, where each chapter gathers 15-300 youth leaders. Listen to Daniela and give her a shoutout in social media, what she is doing is so meaningful and necessary, so you need to get involved yourself. And don't forget to look into the new buzzwords, incubator, accelerator, and corporate accelerator. You need to know these terms and what they stand for. I am @lenagothberg in all social channels and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for listening!
112 Cecilia Müller Torbrand, Program Director, LLM, MACN Secretariat
Meet Cecilia Müller Torbrand, Program Director, LLM, MACN Secretariat in Copenhagen. She started the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network, MACN in 2011 and have now managed to attract more than 30 pct of the world tonnage.  According to the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network's anonymous reporting mechanism, which was set up in 2011, there have been over 28,000 incidents already reported, confirming that this is a widespread issue. Read more about that in the Maritime Executive  Cecilia claims the initiative has been very well greeted by the seafarers as they feel supported when declining bribes and corruption. It helps them feel encouraged and safe, says Cecilia, every company has a hero like that, find that person and support them and you will be better off in the future. Cecilia is referring to Transparency International which is based in Berlin, whose mission is to stop corruption and promote transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels and across all sectors of society. Thank you for listening. What do you do for the greater good of the maritime industry? Drop me a line and tell me at and inspire me! @lenagothberg  
086 Synne Marie Mossevig, Consultant, Maritime Advisory, Environmental Technology and Compliance, DNVGL
What are the implications and costs of regulations? How can public procurement be used to reduce the environmental footprint?  You need to listen to Synne Marie Mossevig, who works with these issues at DNVGL in Olso. We talk about the impact of regulations, what and who influences the regulators and dives into the "usual questions" about visibility, #nextgen & the future of the #shipping industry. You don't want to miss this! Download, subscribe & listen - that's the mantra. Please help me spread the word about the maritime industry and raise the profile of shipping!  I love shout-outs! I am @lenagothberg in all social media channels. Thank you! 
055 Birgit Liodden, Director, NOR Shipping
Birgit Liodden is the first female Director of NOR Shipping, where she since May 2015, is working towards making NOR Shipping the innovative hub in the Scandinavian maritime community.  She is the Founder and first Secretary General of YoungShip International, has a background with Wilh. Wilhelmsen, consultancy for the OECD and Sea Trucks (Nigeria), numerous board positions and much more. Birgit has a drive for a sustainable & diverse maritime industry, keeps repeating that the future is now and is an Entrepeneur at heart. This interview must makes you want to express an opinion!  Join the conversation in social media or on the website and don't forget to tell everyone that there is a ShippingPodcast, we are aiming for a larger audience! This interview is brought to you by The Swedish Club, a provider of top quality and cost-effective marine insurance solutions and services.  Thank you for listening!
074 Mark Dembitz, Business Development, Spire
Meet Mark Dembitz, Business Developer for Spire, and listen to him discuss how AIS signals can be gathered and turned into interesting input for business strategies in the maritime industry.  Is this industry ready for data analysis+ How long will it take before the 3rd party analysis becomes obsolete? Or will that never happen?  More questions than answers after this interesting conversation that took place at #Shipping2030 in Singapore early September 2017. What do you think? Can we have a chat about this, together? I am @lenagothberg in social media and you reach Mark on @markdembitz on Twitter. Is this a gamechanger? Thank you for listening, don't forget to spread the word to more people about the @ShippingPodcast - it's close to Christmas and it's a great gift to give, tell about where you can listen to the maritime professionals sharing their views <3 Lena   
098 Bjørn K. Haugland, Executive Vice President and the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) in DNV GL Group
Bjørn K. Haugland is a Naval Architect who got the sustainability perspective when he lived in China a few years ago. He started in the oil & gas industry and then worked with quality assurance of marine operations for a couple of years, but when he saw the environmental challenges his social interest became his focal point and today Bjørn is the Chief Sustainability Officer in the entire DNV GL Group. We discuss the changes to the industry today, how innovative the maritime industry is but how we as an integrated part of a longer supply chain needs to step up even more.  Bjørn K. Haugland thinks that the maritime industry needs more female leaders and more female engineers, which will drive innovation and communication and make sure that we attract the brightest minds to our industry.  Thank you for listening, this was the 8th and last interview from the Opening Oceans Conference held in Copenhagen, May 2-3, 2018. What do you think? Have you learned something new? How did you like the keynote speakers? I love feedback! I am @lenagothberg in all social media channels, please tell me!       
092 Christopher Clott, PhD, Maritime College, State University of New York, ABS Chair of Marine Transportation and Logistics, Global Business Transportation Department
I met Chris Clott at the Opening Oceans Conference in Copenhagen early May and since he has a much experience from the maritime industry after having worked for liner companies, specialised in business strategy and also is one of the co-founders of the Maritime Global Innovation Centre, he gives a crash-course on where the maritime industry is right now when it comes to Industry Revolution 4.0.  With the goal to influence & drive change, Chris sees the necessity of collaboration and he would very much like to have that once he has figured out HOW it's going to be done and then identified WHO can make it occur? If you want to reach out to Chris, he is @CCMaritime on Twitter. Chris thinks that Scandinavia is ahead of the US when it comes to digital transformation but he can see the entire spectra in a true transformation when looking on a global scale. There are the Prospectors, where he counts Scandinavia, the Analysts, the Defenders and the total Reactors. They are all there and even though it's most fun to look at the two first groups, the total reactors, they will probably not be here in a short number of times, things are changing, like it or not. What is your view on what Chris is talking about? Where are you in this development? Can you list some of the true prospectors?  I would like to hear from you. I am @lenagothberg everywhere in social media, and there is a website for you to comment on if you are not into social media, it's 
085 Ingrid Due Gundersen, CFO Hoegh Autoliners
Ship finance, an exciting rare side of the maritime industry. How does it work, where is the capital? Can that capital be accessed by the new start-ups, or is that only for the traditional borrowers? Who is better to answer all my questions than Ingrid Due Gundersen, now CFO of Hoegh Autoliners, one of the 10 women to watch for the future in the maritime industry? We also chat about what it's like to be a woman in a male-dominated industry, where you attend dinners with forty people and you are the only female in the room. What does that feel like?  This is an episode you will learn a lot from. Ingrid is a very experienced and knowledgeable shipping businesswoman, who knows what she is talking about.  Download, subscribe, listen & give feedback - that's the mantra. Download, subscribe, listen & give feedback!  Thank you for listening! I am @lenagothberg in all social channels and there is a website if you rather would like to comment there, reviewing on iTunes is rather complicated - unless you only give your love in the form of stars (love that).  
104 Joanne Kelleher, Corporate Communications Advisor at Jumbo
Joanne Kelleher studied at the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and in her Master's degree study she asked 37 Maritime Professionals what they want from their industry leaders and got some interesting results. Joanne shared her insights in an article on LinkedIn, which I found very interesting, so I decided to try and meet Joanne for an interview and she agreed and that is what we speak about in this episode, the 104th.  Do we have the leaders we deserve in the maritime industry? Traditionally, there has been an authoritarian leadership with clear commands, there is only one Captain on the ship! Is that changing? What kind of leaders does the #nextgen of shipping people want from a leader? How can the industry meet the requirements of the young generation? Is there a new leadership on the horizon?  Joanne and I really get into the nitty-gritty of leadership, diversity, WISTA, female leaders, participatory leadership and being a leader in different cultures. I would really like to start a discussion on this topic. What is your view?  In addition, what do you think of the new logotype and the new artwork? After 100 episodes it was time for an update. New & fresh, I would say.  Thank you for listening. Should you wish to support my job, please visit
111 Per Westling, Managing Director, Stena Roro
In episode 111 we meet Per Westling, Managing Director, Stena Roro, who is passionate about naval architecture but he has gained a lot of knowledge during his time at Stena.  Stena Roro is building GLOBAL MERCY for Mercy Ships and that will be the world's largest hospital ship, which will be serving in African waters. Per explains how they decided to build the ship in China and how many more passenger ships that they are building at the same shipyard now.  When asked what he sees as the largest developments during his time in the maritime industry, Per mentions SAFETY improvements and the developments for the ENVIRONMENT that has happened, which he thinks is necessary.  I am talking about statistics in this episode. The Shipping Podcast is downloaded app. 6,000 times/month in 165+ countries.  The most downloaded episodes have been downloaded ~1,200, which means that this podcast is among the 80 % most listened to. Mindblowing. Thank you for listening! Did you like this episode and wants to help out with spreading the word about the Shipping Podcast? You can do that by giving a shoutout in social media and by speaking to your friends about the content. I am @lenagothberg in all channels, let's continue to build on the brand of the maritime industry! 
078 Mikael Lind, Associate Professor, Research Institutes of Sweden, RISE Viktoria
Port Collaborative Decision Making concept (Port CDM), part of the Sea Traffic Management Validation Project - STM and the winner of the Digital Enabler Award 2017 -meet the Project leader, Mikael Lind, Associate Professor, Research Institutes of Sweden, RISE Viktoria, who now has been bitten by the "shipping-bug" and loves Ports.  How can the ports increase their efficiency by becoming digital? That is the question that Mikael Lind is answering in this the 78th episode of the Shipping Podcast.  The Port CDM group made a map of all stakeholders involved in a port call, they call it "the metromap", you can find it on the Facebook page of the Shipping Podcast.  When looking at the #metromap it becomes obvious that if all parties involved had the same information about what and when things will happen, a lot of time will be saved. And time is money. I love feedback! Social media, email, comments, anything you think is important to me. And that you share the Shipping Podcast with your friends and colleagues, we are on a mission here!  Thank you for listening!  @lenagothberg      
083 Nina M Hanevold-Sandvik, Senior Lawyer, Wikborg Rein
Nina M Hanevold-Sandvik, Senior Lawyer at Wikborg Rein in Oslo, is an expert on litigation. She is part of the emergency response team that goes out if there is a casualty with a vessel involved.  Nina has got tips for young people entering the industry and she is a vivid advocate for the Maritime Trainee Program set up by the Norwegian Shipowners Association, which you can hear more about in episode 81 with Tom Kleppesto.  Did I say that this is the 83rd episode? Listen to the maritime professionals sharing their passion for the shipping industry and give you insights you don't find anywhere else. Thanks for listening. I love feedback! @lenagothberg 
093 Matthew Duke, Chief Business Process Officer, Grieg Star
Meet the environmental scientist who fell into IT, which made him fall into the maritime industry focusing on digitalisation & innovation, Matt Duke, Chief Business Process Officer, Grieg Star.   Matt started his maritime career with Odfjell, where he became Global Head of IT and built up a fascination for the shipping industry, which he wanted to become better via IT and to save money by a more structured way of working.  When it became time to move on there was a choice between shipping & digital - and he found somewhere he could combine those two passions, at Kongsberg Digital where he was one of the minds behind Kognifai.  Matt was one of the keynote speakers at the Opening Oceans Conference in Copenhagen, early May, where this interview was recorded. With birds singing in the background (!). Remember the mantra? Subscribe, download and listen - and then go and tell everyone that you meet that they need to listen to the Shipping Podcast!   
099  Sofia Fürstenberg Stott, Business Development Manager, Nor-Shipping
Meet a true Scandinavian, a female leader from Sweden, living in Denmark and working for a Norwegian company, meet Sofia Fürstenberg Stott, Owner of Fürstenberg Maritime Advisory and Business Development Manager at Nor-Shipping.  With a background as a Chemical Engineer, she has already spent time in many of the well-known organisations in the maritime industry, such as DNV(GL), Maersk and now Nor-Shipping. She is a force to be reckoned with and she has a very special talent for making visions into something tangible. Sofia is the brain behind the concept of the Opening Oceans Conference.  I seized the opportunity to discuss some topics that have been weighing on my mind for a while, and maybe I was too hard on her, but I think we agreed on some things when it comes to the visibility of the shipping industry.  Thank you to Sofia and thank you for listening. This conversation needs feedback, what do you think? Please give us a shoutout in social media or comment on the website  @lenagothberg 
079 Patrik Berglund, CEO and Co-Founder of Xeneta
To be able to learn and gain knowledge, see the things that could change an entire industry and make it more transparent, that is what Patrik Berglund, CEO, and Co-Funder of Xeneta, is talking about in this the 79th episode of the Shipping Podcast. Hear him speak about the journey that took them from an idea to a success and what obstacles they had to face to reach the place where they are now, at the top of mind with both executives and venture capital.  Xeneta is an ocean freight rate benchmarking platform, crowdsources price comparison - in an industry that has been very close and secretive. This is a gamechanger and it's so encouraging the hear Patrik describe how he sees the developments going forward. Thank you for listening, don't forget to recommend the episode to those that need to hear this. And please give a shout-out to Patrik at @Xeneta_AS and or me @lenagothberg   
040 Carleen Lyden-Kluss, CEO Morgan Communications, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association, NAMEPA
Carleen Lyden-Kluss, CEO Morgan Marketing & Communications, Co-Founder and Executive Director of NAMEPA (North American Marine Environment Protection Association) and Ambassador of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Carleen is a member of WISTA (Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association) where she serves as Press Officer for the International organization, the Connecticut Maritime Association, the Marine Society of the City of New York, INTERTANKO, The National Press Club and is a Past-President of the Propeller Club Chapter of the Port of NY/NJ, as well as a Trustee of Sea Research Foundation and is a Board member of the Working Harbor Committee of New York. Carleen Lyden-Kluss is a marketing and communications professional specializes in identifying, developing and implementing strategic marketing and communications programs that increase the visibility and effectiveness of NAMEPA as well as the development of educational resources promoting marine environment protection. She works to develop strategic alliances between industry, regulators and environmental groups to "Save the Seas". This interview was made during the CMA 2016, in Stamford, Connecticut, USA and is the first of 6 made during this maritime trade fair. If you like what you hear, let the world know! Use Twitter, Facebook or the website Thank you for listening!
033 Suzanne Williams, QPM, International, independent kidnap response expert
Sue Williams, QPM, is an international, independent kidnap response expert, who spent 32 years as a civil servant in the Scotland Yard, where she ended as head of the Hostage Crisis Negotiation Unit, prior to starting her own company as an independent consultant.  Sue has been involved in hundreds of hostage situations including piracy attacks and she walks us through the various stages of an attack and how to prepare for the worst before it happens and practise!  Did you know that there is something as awful as fake kidnappers who try and parasitize when they learn about an ongoing hostage situation?!  As a Crisis Management Team, you have to detach yourself from emotions, which isn't easy, but crucial in order to achieve the ultimate goal, to get the people back, sound and safe. There is no greater feeling than to be able to bring back someone to their families, says Sue. Your comments to the content of this episode is more than welcome, either on iTunes or on the website  This episode is supported by The Swedish Club Thank you for listening! 
041 Kathy Metcalf, President and CEO at Chamber of Shipping of America
Kathy Metcalf, President and CEO at Chamber of Shipping of America. Kathy graduated in June 1978 with highest honors from the US Merchant Marine Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation and Nautical Sciences. She spent five years as a deck officer aboard crude oil and product tankers. Kathy became the Director of Maritime Affairs for the Chamber of Shipping of America, a maritime trade association representing US based commercial shipping interests in international, federal and state forums. Her responsibilities in this position included monitoring and development of positions with regards to legislative and regulatory initiatives and advocacy on issues of impact for the members of the Chamber of Shipping, before various organizations including the International Maritime Organization, the US Congress, and federal and state regulatory agencies. In this capacity, she has testified before Congressional committees, federal and state regulatory agencies and has attended numerous sessions of the International Maritime Organization initially as the American shipowner representative on the US delegation to the Marine Environment Protection Committee and the Maritime Safety Committee and currently as the American shipowner representative on the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) delegation. Kathy is also the Chairman of the ICS Environmental Sub-Committee. She took the reins as President & CEO in January 2015. If you like what you hear, be sure to share it with your friends, both IRL and online. You can find the Shipping Podcast on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, besides the website, of course.  
028 Andreas Chrysostomou, Director at the Department of Merchant Shipping, Cyprus
Andreas Chrysostomou is a naval architect who grew up through the ranks and last year was Nomination for IMO as a candidate for the position of Secretary-General at the International Maritime Organisation, IMO. Andreas was not elected in the political game of electing the head of one of the special agencies of the United Nations, UN, but he shares his experiences from taking part in the process. He got the possibility to elaborate on how he sees his dream of governing an international body like that.  Andreas Chrysostomou is not new to the IMO system, in 1999 he was elected as Chairman of the Design and Equipment Subcommittee and 2003 he was elected as Chairman of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) a position he held until 2013. As you will hear, Andreas talks a lot about e-navigation, which is not navigation but everything where navigation gets involved, and he thinks that the shipping industry should embrace the new technology for many reasons. Thank you for listening. If you want to give a shout-out to Andreas, you reach him via his Twitter account @An_Chr or by including the @ShippingPodcast in your tweet ;) 
014 Gerardo A. Borromeo, CEO PTC Holdings
Gerardo A. Borromeo, CEO PTC Holdings, Chairman of InterManager and Vice Chairman International Chamber of Shipping, ICS, is appearing in this the 14th episode of the Shipping Podcast. Gerardo, or Dito to his friends, is passionate about shipping and crewing in particular. PTC Holdings have got 600,000 employees onboard 700 vessels around the globe. Education and training is very important to Dito and he has an interesting view on seamen and their origin. It started with the European seamen going on shore and Shipowners turned to Asia to crew their vessels. Now, when the next continent is raising as the new source for seamen, Africa, and the Asian seamen will go ashore to pursue their maritime careers, what education is then essential? And how to we continue to develop the maritime jobs to be even more attractive?  Listen to Dito Borromeo and get a perspective on crewing, the maritime sector and how he sees his mission to get the Philippines move the world! This episode is brought to you by Stena, an international group of companies involved in many maritime business activities.  Apologies for the sound in this episode, trust you will love the content enough to have indulgence. Have you found our Facebook page? Our Twitter account? Or maybe you prefer the website?  Thank you for listening! Give us a high-five on iTunes if you liked what you hear! 
007 Håkan Svensson, CEO and Owner of Aston Harald
Håkan Svensson is a shipping entrepreneur. He grew up in the shipping industry as his father worked for Kamewa and moved to Singapore with his family when Håkan was a young boy.  Shipping propellers has been dominating Håkans life at least for the last 14 years, when he and his father bought the bankrupt's estate of Bergs Propulsion and developed it into a thriving business with a 25 % market share.  Håkan shares his view on what it means to be a business owner, an innovator and a manager of a shipping supply company on the global arena. He explains the huge consolidation going on among the maritime engine manufacturers, what it means for the shipping industry to be a part of the connected society and how that will attract young people to the industry. Håkan describes the 2008 financial crisis as "walking the plank and not knowing how far you will fall at the end of it, 2 meters or 2 kilometres", and how his father was the anchor with courage and patience to wait for the upturn. Håkans' call to the entire shipping industry is to be cooler! He practice what he preaches and is now totally into sailing, where he is promoting his carbon fibre factory through his company’s' acquisition of the World Match Racing Tour (WMRT) and the manufacturing of the M32 racing catamaran and the organisation of the M32 Series.  If you like the episode with Håkan Svensson, please give us a review on iTunes; that would really be helpful on our way to the top-ten-list with the Shipping Podcast. 
119  Birgitte Ringstad Vartdal, CEO Golden Ocean Management AS
Meet Birgitte Ringstad Vartdal, CEO of Golden Ocean Management AS in Oslo. Birgitte is one of the #WomeninShipping that is more often interviewed by the trade press than others, that comes with the task of being the CEO of a listed company. In spite of that, Birgitte doesn't see herself as a role model even though she understands that others do that. We talk about her background and what she thinks about the future and she gives good advice to young people who just started in the maritime industry. I think it was a treat to be able to sit down with Birgitte and chat about the topics at the top of my mind, what do you think?  We are referring to the episode with Pia Meling in our chat, that is number 107 and you find it here.  Birgitte is the 57th female guest in the Shipping Podcast, how did you like the 119th episode? Give me a shout-out, I am @lenagothberg in most channels, or comment on the website  Thank you for listening! Lena 
122 Frederick J. Kenney, Director, Legal and External Affairs, IMO
When visiting the IMO during the Day of the Seafarer in June, I had the opportunity to sit down with a few people at the IMO to discuss the organisation and where it is headed. In episode 122 you will hear  Frederick J. Kenney, Director, Legal and External Affairs talking about the International Maritime Organization.  If you are interested in the Adopt a Ship programme or the IMO Goodwill Maritime Ambassador scheme or the Greenwich Maritime Museum here are the links.  I sum up my impressions from the London International Shipping Week 2019 at the end of this episode. Where you there? What do you think? Please let me know, I am @lenagothberg in most channels or drop me a line at  Thank you for listening. Lena 
035 Kate D Adamson, Blue Futurist, Futurenautics
Kate D Adamson is a Blue Futurist and thought-leader in the maritime space, she the founder of Futurenautics, an author, novelist, conference chair and keynote speaker. Alongside her work as keynote speaker, Kate is an accomplished and frequently requested conference MC, roundtable anchor, and has presented both for TV and Radio. Some of her most requested topics include: – Future of transport and logistics, drones, autonomous vehicles, impacts on business and consumers. – Regulatory, Legal and Insurance challenges, the Bureaucratic Singularity in a digital age – Manufacturing 3.0/Industry 4.0, 3-D & 4-D Printing, nearshoring/next shoring, changing trade flows and consumer demand.   Thank you listening to the 35th episode of the Shipping Podcast! If you like it share it!
013 Per Stefenson, Naval architect, Marine standard advisor, Stena Teknik AB
Per Stefenson is the naval architect responsible for the conversion of the STENA GERMANICA to methanol. This project is one of the answers to the SECA rules which has become a talking point all over the world.  Per is mentioning the Methanol Institute as one of their partners when developing this first ever conversion of a ship engine from diesel to methanol. He also praises Wärtsilä and Lloyd's Register for their co-operation, not to mention Port of Gothenburg and Port of Kiel.  The big project of converting STENA GERMANICA started after the tests were done on the STENA SCANRAIL, which was the testing vessel for the SPIRETH project.  Methanol as an alternative fuel is partly funded by the EU Commission through the Motorways of the Sea and the Pilot Methanol on the Zero Vision Tool platform.  The shipping industry is getting more and more energy efficient, improving the image as the most environmentally friendly mode of transport. If you want more people to know about this, please share the Shipping Podcast.   
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