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Kristi has all the time in the mornings to watch the news, get her kids off to school and shovel Nigel’s driveway in a snow storm. We talk about her new life where mornings begin at 6:20am instead of 4:00am. We also talk about her days as an NBA sideline reporter, her troubling height difference and why she found herself in some hot water with the Pacers by being innovative during broadcasts. We also find out who called her out during a press conference. Plus we find out what a “handler” is. Finally we find out what Kristi Lee drinks and what is in her medicine cabinet and we break some news about a Love Brothers Reunion and their new uncensored bit.
Born in Minneapolis, raised in Indianapolis, Naomi (needs no last name) Pescovitz is home as the new weekend anchor at WTHR. She talks about growing up in Indy going to North Central, leaving for Northwestern and working in Tucson, Az. We also talked about covering the shooting of Congress Woman Gabrielle Giffords. What it’s like to be first on the scene of a major news story. The uncomfortable “man on the street” interviews with families suffering from tragedies. We lighten the mood up with some talk about pre-Miley twerking, growing up jewish during the Christmas season, and how she loves loves loves food… including Cool Ranch Doritos. *For the record… Naomi doesn’t actually hate Christmas… [Tweet “#ListeningTo @NaomiPescovitz talk about her love of butter on @hammerandnigel”] Audio Subscribe Subscribe via Stitcher Subscribe via TuneIn Subscribe via iTunes Episode Guests Naomi PescovitzWTHR Weekend Anchor Episode Sponsors “…there was this really cute goose and like it was in Evansville…” – Naomi Pescovitz
We delve into nerd culture with Pete Kilmer, Q95 personality and owner of Downtown Comics, and Gregg Nowling, movie prop collector and creator. We talk Marvel Universe, comic books, Indiana Jones, and how one gets started in making replica props for a living (hint, an ex-wife plays a major role in this story and no punches are pulled). We also reveal that Hammer has never seen a single film from a certain major movie franchise centered around Harrison Ford, yet instantly recognizes Pee Wee’s bike from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. We also discuss the many cons that make up our lives these days (Comic Con, Indy Pop Con, Gen Con, and many more cons). Some of Gregg’s replica work Gregg Nowling standing next to his Pee Wee replica Bike Star Wars Torture Droid Indiana Jones Cross of Coronado Indiana Jones Costume (movie props acquired by Gregg) Han Solo Carbonite Replica
The Blue Mare, Heather Lloyd, along with Michelle Freed join the Hammer and Nigel show discussing how they got into blogging, the NFL, switching team allegiances and more. Colts PA announcer, Mike Jansen, also makes an appearance to finish out the show telling the tale of his Bengals Bungle. [Tweet “#ListeningTo @TheBlueMare & @MichelleFreed talk @RayRice27 and the @nfl on @hammerandnigel”] Audio Subscribe Subscribe via Stitcher  Subscribe via TuneIn  Subscribe via iTunes Episode Guests Heather Lloyd ``The Blue Mare``Colts and Pacers Blogger Michelle FreedHumor Writer. Life Stumbler Episode Sponsors “Ted Nugent in for the extra point attempt” – Mike Jansen, Colts PA
Greg Rakestraw, Program Director of 1070 and 107.5 the Fan joins the show to talk about sports, handling internal twitter brawls, and more. Also we learn that Shupes Lawn Care has a feature that makes them head and shoulders among the rest! [Tweet “#ListeningTo @gregrakestraw of @1070thefan about @twitter brawls and #radio on @hammerandnigel”] Audio Subscribe Subscribe via Stitcher  Subscribe via TuneIn  Subscribe via iTunes Episode Guests Greg RakestrawProgram Director at 1070 the Fan Episode Sponsors “Glad to see that your porn work has finally paid off” – Greg Rakestraw
The guys, and lady, of the band “Picture Yes” stopped by to talk about the happenings on their Summer Tour with Saving Abel. Drunken nights, why it’s good to be nice to cops, Jack Daniels cupcakes, and drunken room service. Despite the drunken events, they get serious about music, other cities, social marketing and Justin’s music video he filmed for Saving Abel (to be released later this month). [Tweet “#ListeningTo the band @PictureYes discussing their recent tour with @SavingAbel on @hammerandnigel”] Audio Subscribe Subscribe via Stitcher  Subscribe via TuneIn  Subscribe via iTunes Episode Guests Picture YesRock Band Episode Sponsors “I had a meth lab, they had a meth lab” – Justin Escue
We have legendary former WTHR anchor Anne Ryder on the show classing up the joint. She talks about the decision to step down from TV news, what she’s been up to since, teaching at IU, interviewing Mother Teresa, Interviewing Oprah, accidentally using the wrong makeup live on TV and more. [Tweet “#ListeningTo @Anneryder13Anne about being a master interviewer on @hammerandnigel”] Audio Subscribe Subscribe via Stitcher  Subscribe via TuneIn  Subscribe via iTunes Episode Guests Anne RyderFormer Anchor on WTHR Episode Sponsors “That’s the nicest rejection letter I’ve ever seen…” – Anne Ryder
Pauly Shore joined the show in what became a first for the Hammer and Nigel show. The interview was uncomfortable, unpredictable and fun, especially when Pauly stepped away from the stage and into the crowd to talk with the people. It’s an interview that can’t be described and must be heard. Once Pauly leaves to head to Cracker’s Comedy Club in Broad Ripple (where he’ll be performing all weekend long, get your tickets now) we talk about what just took place before moving onto Nigel’s pending vasectomy. Nigel hangs with Pauly Shore back in the day
Not two minutes after Jamie Kennedy sits down does Nigel start Fanboying him by pulling out a picture of the two of them from the 2003 Grammy’s press junket. Nigel and Jamie Kennedy at a 2003 Grammy’s Press Junket Jamie digs into his awkward moments meeting Robin Williams and Justin Faustino (Bud Bundy) during his early days in Hollywood. He pulls out an old Al Pacino bit at the request of Nigel and talks about what it took to leave home at the age of 18 and set his sights on becoming an actor. After Jamie heads off for his gig at Crackers Comedy Club in Broad Ripple, where he’ll be there all weekend (August 13 – 15) we are joined by former Colts’ Punter Hunter Smith. He talks about being a player forming a band, working on his new album in a cottage in the woods of southern Indiana. He also makes a great point while taking on the question of why people choose to chastise Tim Tebow for his beliefs, but passover someone like Arian Foster for his. Hunter also sings a song from his new album.
Joined by Ed Wenck, the editor in chief of Nuvo, where talk tales of the spooky with America’s first serial killer and his ties to Indianapolis. We also discuss restaurant marketing controversy for a local east side Cajun eatery, Rob Zombie and more. [Tweet “Listening to @EdWenck from @NUVO_net on @HammerandNigel talk #AmericasFirstSerialKiller and more”] Audio Subscribe Subscribe via Stitcher  Subscribe via TuneIn  Subscribe via iTunes Episode Guests Ed WenckManaging Editor NUVO Episode Sponsors “…and that’s when I realized the women all had Adam’s apples” – Ed Wenck
We begin the show talking about the month of May with Chick McGee and the Just a Mario video where Chick has a whole 1 quick line and is rocking the pornstache back in his early Bob and Tom days. We delve into his podcast Off the Air and the awkward Jeff Garlin interview as well as some of our favorite guests. We talk redskins and the creepy subway sculptures of some of the Skins’ players and what Chick thinks of a name change. We also awkwardly peek into Chick’s bedroom thanks to Nigel. Conor Daly then joins us as we talk about the scary incidents at the track recently with cars flying through the air, his thoughts on his own experience flying an IndyCar as well as what goes into the Month of May as he prepares for the greatest spectacle in racing. He also talks about being a part of a racing family and his dad, legendary Irish racer Derek Daly’s influence. and don’t miss the after-party conversation with Chick and Nigel on Periscope LIVE on #Periscope: podcast after party — Chick McGee (@chickmcgee1) May 15, 2015
Indianapolis Country Musician Corey Cox stopped by to debut a couple of new songs, including the soon to be Mega Hit “Wake Up Drunk”. He talked about putting together a music video, life on the road, country music fans, getting it done outside of Nashville and more. [Tweet “#Listeningto @coreycoxmusic playing his new song #WakeUpDrunk live on @hammerandnigel”] Audio Subscribe Subscribe via Stitcher  Subscribe via TuneIn  Subscribe via iTunes Episode Guests Corey CoxCountry Musician Episode Sponsors “If we could do execution by hurricane, I would put that on my bucket list” – Mike Wilson
Tom Sutton, outspoken owner of Coaches Tavern, joins us to talk about the issues of the day. We talk about why $15/hour for fast food employees is a bad idea, gay marriage is back on, ISIS, the Fappening, bar stories and more. Nigel is missing once again and ProducerBS has a BS moment with a team he loves…Mariana Riveraz? You own his damn jersey! [Tweet “#ListeningTo #TomSutton owner of @CoachesTavern with straight talk about the @nfl on @hammerandnigel”] Audio Subscribe Subscribe via Stitcher  Subscribe via TuneIn  Subscribe via iTunes Episode Guests Tom SuttonOwner at Coaches Tavern Episode Sponsors “If you take a molly you get four games, if you punch a Molly you get two games” – Hammer
On a night where Adam Ritz is filling in for Hammer we start off talking to Tom Sutton, owner and proprietor of Coaches Tavern, about the death of Scott Weiland and his final hours. We then bring on Pete Kilmer in a reunion of X103 late 90s to early 2000s talent to continue the subject and ask the tough questions about drug addiction, their experiences back stage at many concerts and more. We then take on a happier tone as we begin discussions about Star Wars the Force Awakens, Batman vs Superman and more.  
Terri Stacy comes on the Hammer and Nigel show and talks about her life in radio. We begin by discussing her competitive eating as we prepare for her Coaches’ Tavern Chicken Quesadilla 90 second eating challenge. We talk about the Hammer and Nigel challenge where the last person to lose 25lbs will do the show in a dress, just like Tommy Tremaine so many episodes ago. Once the Quesadilla challenge is over, we switch topics to Terri’s Indianapolis Woman magazine cover where it appears she’s naked in the tub. We talk about being on air during 9/11 and covering the big news topics throughout the years. She discusses her rise from receptionist to long time on air talent at WIBC. The move to Emmis and how they chose the building site on the Circle. We talk about our first memories of when we fell in love with Downtown Indianapolis. Hammer attempts to send Terri her first dick pic and the worst thing a listener has done while Terri Stacy was working at Emmis.
Josh Springer, inventor of Bottoms up Beer, and innovator with one of the greatest stories of all time on the Hammer and Nigel Show, makes a return visit to the Hammer and Nigel show and this time he’s bringing dad (Alan Springer). They discuss the intricacies of learning about your son looking at federal jail time, the failures and flights of fancy that plagued Josh before coming up with an idea that stuck and how genetics play a roll in the entrepreneurial spirit. We also discuss how many times Josh and Bottoms Up Beer were from failure and that both Alan and Nigel’s own dad share similar circumstances… it’s part of being a business owner and growth as a business. At the end we dive into the difference between masturbation and procrastination. Broadcast Table with Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser
Nikki Reed, a frequent guest and co-host to the show brought her boyfriend, Bottoms Up creator, Josh Springer along who stole the show with his story on the inspiration of Bottoms Up Beer. You’ve seen the YouTube videos, the cleverness that is filling the beer up from the bottom of the cup. Hear the true unedited version of how Josh came up with it (it is the funniest entrepreneurial story you will ever hear). Find out where it is headed next and why we fully support this dream (it is, after all aligned with our core values of drinking beer and enjoying life). AudioSubscribeShareEpisode Sponsors Stuff Stuff Stuff
Kelly Miller, of the band Twin Peaks, stops by Coaches Tavern and immediately things go awry. We talk about the Ray Rice issues, what Kelly really wants in a man (Black Marcus might have just what she needs) and more. [Tweet “#ListeningTo #KellyMiller of the band #TwinPeaksIndy bring the show to a hault on the @hammerandnigel”] Audio Subscribe Subscribe via Stitcher  Subscribe via TuneIn  Subscribe via iTunes Episode Guests Kelly MillerSinger of the band Twin Peaks Indy Episode Sponsors “I’ll stay for a hot pocket as long as he’s got a big dick…” – Kelly Miller
Sean Copeland of “The BeeHive”, otherwise known as B105.7, stops by to talk about his journey from state to state playing up the hits. We also talk about his stint on K-LOVE, a christian radio station and how he got his start in christian radio and the dos and don’ts of that format. We also talk Ferguson, the Chiefs, Colts and more. [Tweet “#ListeningTo @b1057sean talk about his stint as the first #ChristianShockJock on @hammerandnigel”] Audio Subscribe Subscribe via Stitcher Subscribe via TuneIn Subscribe via iTunes Episode Guests Sean CopelandB105.7 Personality Episode Sponsors “…in Kansas City I developed a love for barbecue and the Chiefs. I lived in Ohio I developed a love for Skyline Chili. In St. Louis, I developed a love for police brutality…” – Sean Copeland
Producer Kyle (last name excluded because we all know BS couldn’t pronounce it, let alone spell it, anyway) from 1070 the Fan and the guy who practically runs the Dan Dakich show came on to talk about his boxing days, whether he could kick Dan Dakich’s ass, twitter feuds, working your way up through radio and more. [Tweet “#ListeningTo @ProducerKyle from @1070thefan talking #FrozenTShirtContests @hammerandnigel”] Audio Subscribe Subscribe via Stitcher  Subscribe via TuneIn  Subscribe via iTunes Episode Guests Producer KyleProducer of the Dan Dakich Show Episode Sponsors “People were about to riot, people were picking up chairs…” – Producer Kyle
Tammy Lively joins the Hammer and Nigel show on Hammer’s Birthday… of course no birthday celebration would be complete without Nigel missing. Black Marcus fills in as co-host as we talk about Vegas, college football, NFL, radio, AIDS, and more Vegas. Oh and we discuss the Hip Hugger… everyone’s favorite Kokomo Strip Club. [Tweet “#ListeningTo @tammylively from @WFMS talk #Vegas and the #HipHugger on @hammerandnigel”] Audio Subscribe Subscribe via Stitcher  Subscribe via TuneIn  Subscribe via iTunes Episode Guests Tammy LivelyWFMS On Air Personality Episode Sponsors “We ran you out on a rail [Producer] BS” – Tammy Lively
Matt Bell, spokesperson for Big Red Liquors comes on to discuss Drizly, Indianapolis’ new app for alcohol delivery. We discuss the concerns, liquor law in the state of Indiana, why their app is responsible, how you can sign up to get that tasty sweet alcohol delivered to your house or business at the touch of an app. [Tweet “#TalkingTo @mp_bell with @bigredliquors about beer delivery with a touch of an app @DrizlyIndy on @hammerandnigel”] Audio Subscribe Subscribe via Stitcher  Subscribe via TuneIn  Subscribe via iTunes Episode Guests Matt BellFounder of Catalyst Public Relations Group Episode Sponsors “…if Hammer is not wearing pants, you are to refuse him delivery” – Matt Bell
Program Director David Wood and News Director Mike Wilson join us from the legendary Indianapolis news station WIBC 93.1 FM. Only Hammer and Nigel can take such notable guests and start us off in the toilet. We talk bathroom etiquette, Nickelback, politics and take you inside the inner workings of radio. [Tweet “Listening to toilet talk with @93wibc news director @WIBC_MikeWilson and program director David Wood @hammerandnigel”] Audio Subscribe Subscribe via Stitcher  Subscribe via TuneIn  Subscribe via iTunes Episode Guests David WoodProgram Director at WIBC Mike WilsonNews Director at WIBC Episode Sponsors “If we could do execution by hurricane, I would put that on my bucket list” – Mike Wilson
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