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Do you have a clear set of goals for your business each year? Or a systematic way of orienting your business toward your goals each quarter?I’m a huge fan of annual, quarterly, weekly and daily planning to maximize the time you spend each day o
How much risk are you willing to take?For some, the idea of taking a giant leap of faith is exhilarating. For others, the idea instantly makes them queasy. Where you land on that continuum will change depending on the greater circumstances of y
Everyone wants to find their one perfect square inch of the market where they can go a mile deep, do good work, and make good money.You could chase what you think the market wants and jump into a niche that seems hot right now.You could choose
Whenever people ask me how I built a business with my husband, they usually add, with an eye roll, “because I could never do that with my partner.” And I always kind of laugh and say, “Lots of therapy.”Which is the truth in many ways. Though it
What really goes into building your platform?   Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or another site, building an audience for your business through social media presence can be a key piece of marketing your business.   Actually getting t
What are you willing to do to get to what you really want?And how many times are you willing to hit a wall in the process of achieving it?You need clarity about what you want, but you also need to get clear on your expectations for the results
Growth is challenging because growth requires change. And many of us are stuck in our ways and we don’t even know it. Which is why it can be so helpful to have other people ask you questions that will push you out of your comfort zone. In a coa
When was the last time you visualized the details of what you want from your business and your life? Did you have a clear, specific picture of what that actually looks like? Not just the money or a title or recognition, but what it looks like d
Letting go is hard. It hurts when it’s time to retire something you worked really hard on and that you’re proud of, especially when it’s working. But sometimes you have to let go of things that are good to make room for something great. Those g
There is so much talk about story. What’s your story? You need to have a good story for your brand. Blah, blah, blah. I think a lot of people don’t actually understand what “story” really means and how to use it to build your brand. So toda
What if you reimagined the norms of your industry? Said no to the conventions that don’t work for you and worse, kept your business from being profitable? People will say it can’t be done, that the industry model exists for a reason, you’ll nev
What do you want your business to look like?   What would it take to stop playing defense and start getting into offense?   When you’re operating in default mode, relying solely on referrals, you’re operating from a defensive position. You need
How’s your messaging?   If you’re struggling with marketing your business and every time you sit down to write copy–any copy–feels like an epic slog because you don’t know what to say, you’ve got a messaging issue.   Everyone wants their market
SEO can easily become a massive distraction for the small service lifestyle business owner.   Yes, it has value, but with changing algorithms and conflicting advice and best practices out there, figuring out when and how to spend your time and
If effortless passive income were possible, you’d be on a beach somewhere with a margarita right now, or whatever your fantasy vacation looks like.   But passive income takes a lot of effort up front. You have to build an audience, the course,
Do you know what you really want from your business? It’s not enough to say “I want more money,” or “I want to scale.” What is your life going to look like when you get there?   What role do you want to play? What do you want to do every day? C
Pricing conveys value. If a potential client is wondering if they’re going to get bombarded with upgrade offers once they sign up, they won’t sign up. Being underpriced can and does hurt you.   When your price reflects the value of the service
How do you feel about your sales process? How do you want to feel about it? Could it even be something you enjoy?   So many people say they don’t want to be sales-y. They don’t want to be pushy. It doesn’t come naturally, etc. etc. But you do,
How do you feel about your sales process? How do you want to feel about it? Could it even be something you enjoy?   So many people say they don’t want to be sales-y. They don’t want to be pushy. It doesn’t come naturally, etc. etc. But you do,
A lot of us are scared to share our best stuff because then we think people won’t hire us or pay us for it. But why would we want to hide our best stuff behind a paywall? Yes, some of your audience will take your expertise and go the DIY route
Are you evolving in your business? With your industry?   Or are you fighting it, scared to take the steps you need to take to build the business you know you want?   Sometimes it’s learning new skills, sometimes it’s learning new softwares.   I
Where are your blind spots?   Is there something you love doing anyway that could make you a few extra dollars with minimal setup or maintenance costs? Can you leverage your audience to support your passion project or side hustle?   I tend not
  What have you overcomplicated in your business recently?   Are you trying to solve problems by adding more to your plate rather than taking something off?   It’s not just you. There’s a human tendency to add and look for more things to do whe
Entrepreneurs can be a pretty Type A bunch. But what if letting go–even just a little–lets in your next big thing?   Are there opportunities right in front of you that you don’t dare explore?   Sometimes we, and I definitely mean me too, can b
From burned out to noped out, was there a moment that made you realize you’d had enough?   Today, we're going to talk to Kia Abrera about her journey from burnt out, working until four in the morning at her high level agency job to finally call
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