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We're stopping by to say hello, where's your head at, we miss you, and to let you know limited edition "Sicker Sadder World" t-shirts are now available to purchase until Sept 18th! Go to to order- ALL orders must
In the series finale of "Sicker Sadder World," hosts Brittany & Laura share a pizza, celebrate the graduating class of Lawndale High, experiment with one more ASMR session (audio warning included), lose the thread of what they're talking about
In the first half of the two-part podcast finale, hosts Brittany and Laura discuss "Is It College Yet" in which our Lawndale friends confront the realities of their lives beyond high school. A mistaken marriage proposal, Quinn in the workforce,
The ambitious final episode of the regular series contains sweetness, depth, and some major character development for Daria; when a fridge box triggers a troubling memory, Daria starts to question herself and who her antisocial behavior has mos
When Quinn starts a rumor at school that Daria and Tom had sex, Daria confronts whether her relationship is ready for that level of intimacy. Hosts Brittany and Laura recollect their own clunky introductions to sex, discuss the continually code
Daria, Jodie and Upchuck compete for a scholarship from a racist and sexist corporation, which makes Jane questions Daria's morals. Also for some stupid reason, Jake has a LOT of hot dogs to get off his hands. Meanwhile, hosts Brittany and Laur
Aunt Amy's back! Helen's sister Rita reaches out for help with a family crisis, reuniting their temperamental band of sisters. While weathering the family drama, Daria pushes Tom away but gets closer to Quinn. Hosts Britttany & Laura rank the c
When Jane starts dating a Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Daria wonders if she and Tom are in a rut. Also, Stacy gives us an Oscar-worthy performance. Meanwhile, hosts Brittany and Laura discuss ghosts of straight relationships' past and the magician who
Helen wants Tom to join them for dinner but Daria is worried Tom will wipe the floor with Jake. In a stunning turn of events, Daria's monogamy makes Quinn feel pressured to find a steady boo of her own, leading to the best days of the three Js
A caricature artist's rendering sends the Fashion Club into a self-esteem panic, while Jane sells out her art to help rebuild the Lane family gazebo, a sentimental fixture of their home. Brittany & Laura lavish their listeners with love, ponder
When Principal Li refuses to raise the teacher's salaries, they go on strike. After a creepy substitute teacher gets let go, Daria is the interim teacher of Quinn's English class. Meanwhile, Brittany and Laura talk about the cinematic classic "
Daria makes herself vulnerable to rejection when she submits a story to a literary magazine of high repute, the Fashion Club tries to give back, and Helen plots to keep Tom and her daughter from doing the dirty. Brittany & Laura discuss the sil
Trent and Jane drive a resistant Daria to her 5 year summer camp reunion where they're all surprised to meet a Daria super-fan named Amelia. Even at camp, Quinn is popular per usual, and everyone is terrorized by Skip, the nostalgia tyrant. Hos
After a nasty fall down a staircase, Sandy gains a negligible amount of weight, disqualifying her as president of the Fashion Club. Daria and Jane place bets on the Club's fate, while Brittany and Laura side-eye this episode's many problems, th
Tom forgets his anniversary with Daria which makes her question her needs. Jake starts his job at BuzzDome, an internet start-up (kill me). Hosts Brittany and Laura share their love language, Laura's throat monster reappears and Brittany relive
Tom forgets his anniversary with Daria which makes her question her needs. Jake starts his job at BuzzDome, an internet start-up (kill me). Hosts Brittany and Laura share their love language, Laura's throat monster reappears and Brittany relive
When Principal Li goes off the rails selling out Lawndale High to a soda company, Daria must overcome her own comfortable complacency to do something about it. Things seem back to normal between Jane and Daria as Brittany and Laura discuss the
Is Jane into Alison? Are Tom and Daria going to break up? Is Quinn falling for David? Brittany and Laura get far too stoned and try to find the strength to keep on track. Also, surprise guest appearance from Brittany's girlfriend who they dragg
Between Seasons 4 and 5, the angels from above gave us the full-length feature film "Is It Fall Yet?" Our favorite Lawndale kids are out of school for the summer: Daria is running a kid's camp with Mr. O'Neill, Kevin and Brittany are (bad) life
In the series' most dramatic finale yet, the building tension in the love triangle between Daria, Jane, and Tom comes to a head. Hosts Brittany & Laura, strap in, strap on, and make sweet love to this episode by exhaustively processing an episo
When Jake sets their kitchen on fire, the Morgendorffers have to stay at a hotel for the next two weeks. Meanwhile, tension between Daria, Jane and Tom gets EVEN MORE TENSE. Tense tension, I say! Hosts Brittany and Laura try to conclude that Tr
Quinn has a guardian angel and Brittany's dad and step-mom throw a party to celebrate her C- grade average. Laura & Brittany experience a spooky number of synchronicities and talk about the times Ali Larter and St. Vincent flirted with them in
Sandi, Trent and Jane recount the urban legends that still haunt Lawndale. Meanwhile, Brittany fails to remember the plot points of horror film "Urban Legend", Laura talks about her Disney kink, and they both recall their childhood horror stori
The Lawndale regulars find themselves wandering the purgatory of a big box grocery store. Laura recalls a role-playing game she was once forced to perform in a Costco and Brittany gets a mean craving for mall-bought BBQ.
The family heads to a Spa for the Soul and has a major breakthrough. Meanwhile Brittany and Laura are on the case of the missing milk carton children.
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