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John Casmon launched Casmon Capital Group to help busy professionals invest in real estate without taking on a second job. We've helped families invest in close to $90M in multifamily apartments to create passive income and generational wealth. John hosts the Target Market Insights: Multifamily + Marketing podcast and is the co-founder of the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit. As a former marketing executive, John oversaw marketing campaigns for General Motors, PepsiCo, and MillerCoors. His wife, Geetika Casmon, is a finance professional, auditor, and Certified Public Accountant. She has a background in leading financial audits and process improvements in the automotive, manufacturing, and banking industries. In addition, she helps organize the Chicago Multifamily Club monthly meetings. His senior advisor and former Side Hustle City podcast guest is Joe Fairless, controls over $1B in apartment communities across the U.S. He consults hundreds of investors and is the host of the popular show, "Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever." John also runs a podcast that just became the number one multi-family real estate podcast in the country. Target Market Insights is a Multifamily Investing Podcast dedicated to providing the tips you need to be a successful apartment investor. The show focuses on market research, finding deals, attracting capital, branding, and content creation. Each week, John Casmon interviews specialists from brokers, investors, direct mail marketers, social media strategists, and more. John has interviewed social media strategists, Jasmine Star and Melinda Emerson, bestselling authors David Meerman Scott and Robert Bly, and multifamily investors Joe Fairless, Michael Blank, and Neal Bawa. Listen and subscribe for free by simply clicking the “Subscribe” button on Apple Podcastsor the “Follow” button on Spotify.  With two new episodes each week, you will be sure to enhance your multifamily and marketing knowledge to achieve greater success in your business. To help you get started, check out some of the top episodes broken out by topics.John is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, helping everyday professionals invest in apartments in emerging and stable Midwest markets and select parts of the Southeast region. To learn more, download our sample deal or set up a brief exploratory call today. Support the show (
Matt Tibbe started Real Waste Solutions in 2021 to become an innovative leader in Waste Management. He established the most cost effective and environmentally conscious ways in waste and recycling for his clients. Typical clients have several locations that he manages while being one point of contact. Matt joins us to discuss his journey from college to blazing his own trail. He tells us that college isn't for everyone and although he graduated from the University of Cincinnati in Communications he wen't a different path. He realized the importance of business ownership and found a niche in waste management that could make him a millionaire in a few short years.Support the show (
Mike Sipple, Jr. is known for his 20 years of experience at Centennial; a prominent national-boutique executive and talent search firm. He joins us this week to discuss executive recruiting and how leadership has changed in this always-connected world. We also talk about corporate responsibility and how they play a role in the startup ecosystem. Mike explains how smart leaders embrace the entrepreneurial bug in their most innovative employees and how he suggests they nurture and incubate great ideas.In late 2017, Mike and his team launched a new organization to further support their clients. The Talent Magnet Institute® is a global leadership development platform and consultancy – helping leaders and organizations in, “Becoming A Talent Magnet™, a propriety leadership development system, and certification process.Mike also hosts the Talent Magnet Institute podcast, which has been downloaded more than 48,000 times by leaders from 80 different countries.  The Talent Magnet Institute podcast boldly tackles the toughest issues leaders face daily:  from optimizing teams, building inclusive and equitable cultures, and empowering others to the loneliness and fatigue unique to those at the top of the org chart. Leaders and boards turn to Mike for his experience-based insights on hiring, succession planning, strategy alignment, talent development, and how to build a ‘talent magnet’ culture.  Mike is a passionate advocate of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI & B).  He serves on the board of directors for the African-American Chamber of Commerce and has forged partnerships with the Urban League, The Weekly Memo, and other organizations committed to DEI & B. Mike and his wife of 17 years live in Villa Hills, their son Jacob attends Beechwood, and their daughter Abby and Ethan attend River Ridge Elementary. On weekends the Sipple’s can be found around the region on basketball courts or baseball fields.Links: is a $1 – 30 day trial for our listeners and community to Mike's global leadership platformSupport the show (
Justin K. Hite is a visual/concept artist, who has worked in many facets of design ranging from traditional print adverts, mobile & digital, brand and corporate identities, and non-traditional, mixed media forms (music recording and performance, audio/video production, and makeup & special effects).In addition to Co-Founding Complx Creative, Justin also helped found emerging digital agency, Left Field Brands, where he primarily works in Project Management and all things, “design.” Justin is currently training to become a professional indie wrestler, and anticipates the release of his first solo alt-rock album, under the name “Justin Phoenixx.”  You can help support by following any of his social media channels./infowww.justinhite.comjustin@leftfieldbrands.comFB, IG, Twitter@justinphoenixx@complxcreative@hitecreativeSupport the show (
This week on the Side Hustle City podcast we welcome an entertainer and multi-family real estate investor Barri Griffiths, formerly known as Mason Ryan of the WWE. He has been involved in many industries before discovering real estate investing. He started work as an apprentice carpenter and undertaker (yes undertaker!) for his fathers construction and funeral home business, a business that was started by his great grand father, who used to make wheels for Carts that horses would pull and the actual coffins they'd bury people in.Barri was also a huge soccer fan growing up but an injury in the sport took him into the weight room and eventually into the U.K.'s version of the US gladiators. He also set a Guinness book of records record. But the real break came when he signed for the WWE. He went on to wrestle on tv as Mason Ryan, where he wrestled the likes of John Cena, performed on Pay per views, and regularly appeared on Monday night RAW. He is currently performing for Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.Barri has also discovered the art of the real estate side hustle.  Multifamily investing is where he sees his future, along with syndicating deals. Once Barri reached the symbolic market value of 1,000,000 USD in real estate property, he decided to switch gears and focus firmly on buying and selling apartment complexes. He’s also invested passively in a large apartment complex. Barri knows his work ethic and strong will to succeed will make it the next thing he conquers!Barri now hosts the WWRE Podcast and the youtube channel Wrestling With Real Estate, where he interviews people from all aspects of the industry. His goal is to help educate as many people to the amazing benefits of investing in multi-family real estate.Barri founded and oversees all aspects of PG Multifamily, a real estate investment company that focuses on value add multifamily properties. He founded the company to carry on the legacy of his family's construction company that has been in business since 1936.Through his family's history and his own career as a high caliber performer, he knows that there are two key components to success, hard work and honesty. Support the show (
Bethan Roberts joins us this week from a company that is woman-owned and in the beauty industry. Bethan explains how the flexible business model allows her, a wife and mother of three, to earn extra money and be her own boss. She loves how the company sources their ingredients responsibly and it makes her feel good that she can improve the confidence and health of her customers.An explanation of the company in their own wordsOne by one, we are leading a movement to a future where all beauty is clean beauty. We are powered by people, and our collective mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. Formulate, advocate, & educate—that’s our motto for creating products that truly perform while holding ourselves to unparalleled standards of safety. Why? It’s really this simple: beauty should be good for you.If you are interesting in sustainable personal care and want to learn more than this is the podcast episode for you.If you like what you hear and you'd like to reach out to Bethan:Email: the show (
In this episode we welcome two entrepreneurs, Anthony Couch and Michael Schmidt. Anthony founded pink gun after discovering that women do not get the attention they deserve when shopping for a firearm. This is not only a bad way to do business but also an unsafe practice. Education and safety are the most important aspects of responsible ownership and when a user is not properly educated it could lead to accidents. Anthony wanted to approach women gun owners with the respect they deserve and make his business somewhere no question is ignored. Michael Schmidt met Anthony and the two immediately connected on the mission. Michael assists Anthony with his digital strategy and customer insight. This is one side hustle that has quickly turned into a main hustle. With firearm sales on the rise expect to hear more about Pink Gun and the waves they're making in an industry that has traditionally been very male dominated.Support the show (
Join us for season 2, episode three of the Side Hustle City podcast. This week we chat with Michael Clos about his passion project Sterling Barrels. He describes it as an outlet for his creativity and a sort of therapeutic retreat from his corporate day job.It also happens that his side hustle has turned into a legit profitable business that will allow him to pay off his home mortgage early. He credits the success of his side hustle to his wife, who gives him space and time to practice his gift.Michael is also someone who was successful before starting Sterling Barrels. He is a professional at a very large company working on process improvement. He discovered what he does at his full-time job every day actually helps tremendously with his side hustle. In the podcast, he discusses how someone can discover the skills they have and use those for a profitable side hustle.This is a very entertaining episode as Micheal is no stranger behind a microphone. He also does stand-up comedy and can lighten up the mood in any room. Check out his Instagram account for his work and some very entertaining videos.Support the show (
This week, Adam and Kyle are joined by Adam's wife Melissa Koehler and her sister Miranda Berens. They recently launched their new online candle business Nostalgwic. The sisters began the business after the loss of their grandmothers and wanting to build something to honor their memory. In this episode they explain how easy it was to overcome the mental barriers of getting a business online. They cover their use of tolls like Square to build a store and Pirate Ship to get affordable rates on shipping.Support the show (
What did we learn from our guests in 2020? What do we have in store for the Side Hustle City podcast in 2021? Adam and Kyle discuss the importance of having a side hustle, especially after a rough year where a job was no guarantee.Support the show (
This week we welcome Joe Stevie who has grown into one of the most successful real estate investors in the Northern Kentucky area. He started from scratch by getting his real estate license and eventually becoming a broker for his own brokerage.In his own words...Sparen Realty, serving the Greater Cincinnati area, is a bespoke concierge realty service to buying and selling properties through market driven data analytics and a deep understanding of clientele needs. We provide realty services for residential, commercial and investment properties as well as acting as a broker for like-kind / 1031 property investments.We’re built on a foundation of deep real estate knowledge. We set our roots over 10 years ago in historic remodeling and rehabilitation, we’ve since had the privilege of remodeling and preserving over 25 historic homes. Our business grew to preservation and renovation of historic properties into both single family and multi-unit luxury urban apartments.Our evolution into a bespoke realty firm has been a perfect complement to our business model and has served our clientele well. We offer both a bespoke concierge service as well as a white gloves service to buying and selling properties. What differentiates us is our deep knowledge in all things real estate. It’s our life.As our founder, I have hands on experience with real estate and properties, their value, economics and construction. We’ve built a real estate portfolio to include rental properties, both single family residential and multi-family apartments. Whether you’re buying or selling a home or investment property our experience puts us in a unique position to help. We have deep technical experience, including all aspects of construction and technical design.Having a renovation and rental business means we understand the market dynamics and what it takes to sell (market readiness), similarly what to look for when buying. Our deep knowledge of the greater Cincinnati commercial property market means we can also broker like-kind / 1031 capital reinvestment. Being a small family business gives us the leverage to be fast and adaptable to better serve our clientele, offering a completely different value proposition.Support the show (
This week we welcome Nice Vissay who identifies himself as a fitness expert for the entrepreneurial community. Him and his team are online coaches helping busy people burn 8-10lbs of fat a month without sacrificing your schedule. Their programs provide the education to make sustainable changes that will last your lifetime. In his own words...I am a fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, and health coach in the Health and Wealth Blueprint so my role is to help my clients continually push towards making healthier, sustainable habits. Building custom nutrition and fitness programs is part of the job but keeping my clients accountable and motivated to stay on track is my biggest responsibility. I chose the health and fitness industry because it was an absolute no brainer for me once I saw the light! I genuinely love working with people and I am extremely passionate about helping others. The health and fitness world gives me that chance to help people build better and healthier lifestyles, achieve goals never thought achievable, and increase overall happiness. I am constantly rewarded by seeing my client’s progression and that really motivates me. I have unwavering optimism and I have been told I am a “hype man” so this position is very enjoyable for me. The aspect I want people to get most out of this program is that accountability and prioritization pay off. Making life changes does not happen overnight. It takes persistence, blasting through the daily challenges and relishing the big and small successes we obtain. My favorite phrase to hear from clients are, “I never thought I could.” Even when said lightly, I find it powerful. When that realization hits people and they understand they are getting mentally and physically stronger, when they are more confident in other parts of life, it has an emotional impact on me.My experience consists of 7+ years of personal training. I have worked with clients from coaching Crossfit athletes, increasing athletes skill levels sport specifically, senior citizens, clients wheelchair bound, Parkinson’s patients, Marines, Army, and everybody in between. I specialize in building lean muscle mass and burning fat creating a more athletic looking physique.Certifications I have gotten: AFAA CPT CertificationNFTA CPT CertificationFunctional Nutrition and Metabolism Science Specialization Support the show (
Corbin Brown joins us this week on the Side Hustle Cincinnati podcast to discuss starting a lawn care side hustle. He has a full time job but hedges that with a small business that he started cutting grass for neighbors. He explains how anyone can do this with just a small investment in equipment and some good old work ethic. It's also a great business to have during a recession or a slowdown in your career since people always need lawn care. Listen today and learn more.Support the show (
Kam Zainabadi’s interest in real estate started around 2008 when he finished his residency training and started working as a medical doctor. This, as we all know, coincided with the financial crisis which lead to the housing crash. Knowing that this is an opportunity of a lifetime, he started buying distressed single-family properties and renting them. He soon learned about the tremendous power of leverage and how he can use it to secure large amounts of assets with small amounts of money down. As the market recovered, he converted many of the single-family holdings into multi-family units throughout Southern California, via 1031 Exchange. 1031 Exchange was another tax-protected modality that he used to increase his net assets held. His interest in real estate also branched out into angel investing in tech startups. He has invested in over 5 startups. At the same time, through his network of investors, he got introduced to real estate syndications. He invested in several syndicated deals and has continued to look for more opportunities. He also became interested in real estate crowdfunding which combined his interest in technology and real estate. However, having invested in several crowdfunding platforms, he found many shortcomings in the structure of the deals. This prompted him to bring a team together to create Park Place Investment. The mission of PPI is to democratize real estate crowdfunding by removing barriers that traditional syndications have into entering real estate crowdfunding. Support the show (
We are extremely excited to bring you part one of our conversation with Joe Fairless. We will let him explain what he does in his own words.Personally - I believe in doing what I say I'm going to do then a little extra. I know how important it is to be proud of who I am when nobody is looking so I act accordingly. And I'm aware of how little time we really have on earth together so I give back as much as I can (but understand there's always room to do more). Professionally - I co-founded a company that buys apt buildings and has approx $1B in assets under management. Host the world's longest-running daily real estate podcast (Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever) and co-authored Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book. Specialties: real estate investing, business modeling, adding tremendous value to accredited investors and clients, brand building, start-ups, career consulting, writing, word-of-mouth programs, teaching, public speaking, and big ideas that make things happen. Links:Ashcroft Capital, LLCwww.ashcroftcapital.comWe control over $1,000,000,000 in real estate. We purchase apartment communities in emerging markets with accredited investors. We provide solid, turnkey investment opportunities to our investors who receive monthly cash-flow returns and significant cash payouts when properties are sold. Best Ever Real Estate,000,000+ downloads and over 550+ 5-star reviews. Guests include Barbara Corcoran and Robert Kiyosaki, Emmitt Smith, Tony Hawk, Jillian Michaels and many more.www.apartmentsyndication.comPrivate membership community dedicated to achieving monthly cash flow and long-term wealth through apartment syndication. Support the show (
Our guest this week is King Phinyathanabat. She helps entrepreneurs build their online business from scratch in 15 days. Even if they don’t have any experience or if they are not tech savvy. King had been working full-time as a software engineer since 2010 but at the same time,  searched for ways to earn extra income or do side hustles. Eventually, she found a simple but perfect business model that became a true passive business that allowed her to travel anywhere and still make money.She calls it "the love of her life".It’s called “Affiliate Marketing”!! The key to this business is partnering with the right programs!!She tells us about it on the podcast but gave us her list below for you to follow.Step 1 : Get a Domain Name I tried different brand and found that NameCheap is the cheapest and most affordable one. You could get it for less than $5/yr Click Here to try it Yourself! Step 2 : Get Place to host your Affiliate Links I recommend ClickFunnels because they have a 30 days Challenge that will help you build your first Sale Funnel. And you need to learn this “High Income Skill” not ONLY to be success in this business BUT it will help you save time since I have a completely DONE “CODE” that you can copy it over. Click Here to try it Yourself! Step 3 : Get Auto Responder (Email List) to generate auto emails to your subscribers I recommend Aweber because it’s easy to use for beginners and easy to integrated with ClickFunnels. Click Here to try it Yourself! Step 4 : Get Video Editor You will need this to help you grow your traffic on YouTube or on any social media platform. I recommend Filmora because it’s easy to use for beginners with no Tech experience. Click Here to try it Yourself! Step 5 : Get Your Online Business Built in 15days! Self-Education is a must!! To become a successful in this business, you need a system that will help you build a profitable business step by step. Also, have someone there to help you in that 15days! Build Your Online Business Now! Support the show (
Born and bred in the great state of Ohio, a Cincinnati native, Cisol Hogan shares a real estate investor hustler mentality much like the city he grew up in. When he’s not out working to renovate his next real estate deal, he enjoys spending time away with his family outdoors. As CEO, he has earned the respect of his peers not just for his strategic personality, but for his authenticity, integrity, and drive as a business leader. In a few short years, his portfolio includes founding two real estate investment companies, Sarasota Ventures LLC, SSZ Properties LLC, and co-founder of the SAAS company Vanda.Cisol started Renozee with Lamar Harris and Vimal Patel after the need to find quality contractors for his rentals. Renozee was built to enable both real estate investors and independent contractors to achieve the common goal of having a successful investment property renovation. In support of this common goal, we’ve created Renozee, a mobile app that allows investors to post-renovation projects and contractors to bid directly on those projects in real-time.It doesn't matter whether you are a new investor or a savvy veteran; one of the biggest challenges of real estate investing can be finding qualified contractors to collect bids from as well as managing contractor payment disbursements. Since repairs and renovations are an inevitable part of actively investing in real estate, it's important to know how to best manage finding the right contractors to ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget. That’s where Renozee fits in. Renozee saves you time by obtaining bids from qualified contractors and helps you to stay on budget by providing you with multiple bids, often at discounted prices. In this episode, Cisol also discusses some of the pitfalls as an investor and shares helpful tips and encouragement.Support the show (
Our guest for this episode is Justin Esgar. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Rhode Island and over 15 years of industry experience under his belt, Justin has combined his eclectic tech interests under the Virtua Consulting Group umbrella. Taking the lead is Virtua Computers, an Apple-certified consultancy he founded in 2008 that has grown into one of the top-ranked Apple consultants in New York City. Virtua specializes in helping small- and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations analyze, design, and install technology solutions. The software development group Virtua XYZ brings together Justin’s various programming projects, including the Your Computer Inventory service for IT consultants. Finally, Justin organizes and cheerleads for the business-focused ACES Conference and associated online community.Support the show (
O'Keeffe PR develops integrated content strategies to help clients produce and share the right content, for the right audiences, on the right channels. This creates a seamless experience for people to interact and connect with your brand.No matter what your business, even if a side hustle, you can become a successful marketer and grow your business. Dan tells you how in this episode.More about Dan's businessO'Keeffe PR is a public relations and content marketing agency located in Cincinnati. We specialize in helping our clients tell the right story, on the right channel, to the right audience, at the right time.Founded nearly two decades ago in Cincinnati, Ohio by Dan O’Keeffe, we bring together a collaborative team culture with a client-first attitude. Unlike large agencies, we partner with our clients on a personal level to drive the best outcomes through digital marketing, public relations, and content marketing. We work to become a seamless extension of each team and make our clients look like rockstars.As a digital PR agency, we have more channels in our toolbox. This gives us the ability to get our clients exposure across both owned and earned channels. From media placements to social media engagement, we deliver outcomes that extend beyond the limitations of traditional PR methods.We specialize in both B2C and B2B outreach with clients ranging from technical organizations to nonprofits to restaurants and bars. We’ve helped our clients launch new product lines, open new locations, and fine-tune their existing strategies. With the right mix of outreach, we can drive awareness and create opportunities for your prospects to convert.Earned media is often a one-way conversation in which key messages are presented for consumption by core audiences. By adding owned media, we also create two-way conversations and authentic dialogue.Our aim is to be the best partner in storytelling by providing best-in-class strategy and services to our clients.Support the show (
Alex is currently active in real estate and other businesses. He loves what real estate has to offer and feels he's in a great city for investing. Alex discusses how he came from humble beginnings to owning a successful landscaping business. He then started a home improvement company. He wasn't done after that because he partnered with a friend familiar with the auto industry and now they have a used car lot. Alex is all about hustling, trying and even failing if necessary. He's not afraid to get started and try new things like many of the entrepreneurs we interview.Support the show (
Often referred to as “The Entrepreneur’s Best Friend”, Greg has spent the past 15 years coaching thousands of entrepreneurs like yourself to raise capital, market their businesses, and ring the cash register.At the age of 21 he was the youngest owner of a full-service investment bank in the history of the United States.  Since then he has been directly involved in over $100 million in financing, dozens of IPO’s and mergers & acquisitions for early stage and start up companies.He has over 35 years of experience in corporate finance, capital formation, executive level management, mergers & acquisitions, software development, licensing & distribution, and sales & marketing.As a self-declared “digital marketing guru”, Greg has generated millions of dollars in revenue using the exact strategies he teaches in seminars and keynotes across the country. These days, he’s on a mission to help celebrities & influencers accelerate their business growth, increase their revenues, and build “brand equity” through e-commerce and online digital marketing.Now as the CEO of Launch Cart he’s on a mission to make eCommerce, product sourcing, and fulfillment simple, and affordable for entrepreneurs & merchants worldwide.Launch Cart is a tech company creating a better, faster, higher converting eCommerce platform, using a FREEmium go to market strategy, with an integrated Ready-to-Sell B2B Marketplace that will lower the barrier of entry worldwide for tens of millions of entrepreneurs to build an online eCommerce business.Launch Cart also offers an "Built For You" eCommerce service and 360 managed eCommerce services for Celebrities, Influencer's & Brands. Greg explains on this podcast how you can get started selling online and some of the tools and tactics he finds effective.Support the show (
Join us for episode five of the Side Hustle City podcast with our guest Chef Mavis Linnemann-Clark. She refers to herself as the Fearless Leader & Executive Chef of The Delish Dish Catering & Events and Made by Mavis Artisan Jams. Her story as an entrepreneur in a very competitive space will inspire anyone looking to jump into a side hustle in food.Chef Mavis founded The Delish Dish to bring her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for fresh, global flavors and international cuisine to the Cincinnati and the Northern Kentucky area. The Delish Dish specializes in: private dinner parties, social events catering, and corporate events. On the episode Mavis discusses the challenges of being a busy mom and business owner. She explains how she started and the process she went through finding the right staff and delegating tasks.We'd love for you to download and enjoy another inspiring and informative episode today.Support the show (
This week we welcome Brit Fitzpatrick and Abby Ober from Blue North. They love to help support entrepreneurs, creators, and builders in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati region. If you can build it here you can build it anywhere. No matter what part of the country you are in, the information they share in this episode will help.Northern Kentucky (NKY) is a place where the roll-up- your-sleeves, chip-on-your-shoulder kinds of people find the opportunity to make their mark. Brit and Abby help people with grit, great ideas, and grand visions navigate the hectic realities of the business world in a collaborative effort to create a region that’s obsessed with furthering the quality of life for everyone. Very similar to the mission of this podcast.They love to tip the scales in favor of brilliant, hard-working folks looking to create and grow businesses in Northern Kentucky but would love to share information that helps anyone. They serve as the “thread” for the regional ecosystem by building a close-knit community that provides entrepreneurs with outsized connectivity to mission-critical resources and reduced barriers to opportunity. There is probably a group like Blue North somewhere in your region as well.We hope you enjoy this episode and take away some action items that get you going on your startup today.AdamSupport the show (
Ash is always looking to purchase commercial property and businesses. He has a proven record of turning around all types of Real Estate. He is not part of a company or a fund, he invest his own capital to acquire commercial real estate and invest in small businesses. Ash and our host Kyle both invested in one of our other host Adam's businesses. Ash is the real deal and built his portfolio up right here in the Midwest.  This episode is amazing as Ash goes through how he went from nothing to over $20M in transactions. His portfolio is primarily made up of strip malls and he explains why. Ash has built a niche in the industry looking for underutilized properties he can reposition. He has an eye for potential and an optimism in the communities he invests. Not only is Ash making money but he is also providing valuable space for Mom & Pop operations that keep neighborhoods thriving. He explains in detail how he does it and what you can do to get started.  None of this is impossible as we bring people like Ash to you who have accomplished great things despite many setbacks. We hope you enjoy this episode and please subscribe to this podcast.Support the show (
This week we feature a friend and Founder of a successful business with over $11 Million of revenue and growing. Brian Burke is Chief Mac Man of (SYM), the world’s most trusted and highest rated Apple trade-in company. SYM has paid out $34M+ and has helped over 100,000 customers.We chat about how he got started on his side hustle and how he turned that into his main hustle. So much to cover in under two hours but we did it. There's a lot of value in this conversation and we hope it sparks something in you.Brian loves helping individuals and organizations stay up to date on their Apple products. As a lifelong learner, Brian has become a Sommelier, an Apple Certified Mac Technician, a Notary Public, an Ordained Minister, and a Certified Scuba Diver.Brian is passionate about empowering underprivileged students through gifting Apple technology. He believes gifting them a Mac can truly change their lives, their outlook on the world, and their future job prospects.Brian has been featured in many publications and won numerous awards. We are proud to have him as a guest discussing his success and how you can start your side hustle.USA Today: (SYM) was featured in Entrepreneur for how to boost productivity and upgrade your Apple technology! News: Inc. 5000 Award as the #2263 Fastest Growing Private Company in the has been recognized by Inc. 5000 as the #2263 Fastest Growing Private Company in the United States for 2020! Also recognized as #110 fastest growing in the Midwest! Courier’s 2020 Fast 55 Fastest-Growing Private was recognized as #24 of the Business Courier’s 2020 55 fastest-growing private companies in Greater Cincinnati.-EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2019 FinalistBrian was recognized as a Finalist for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2019 program. -Business Courier’s 2019 Fast 55 Fastest-Growing Private was recognized as #12 of the Business Courier’s 2019 55 fastest-growing private companies in Greater Cincinnati.-2019 Inc. 5000 Award as the #2654 Fastest Growing Private Company in the has been recognized by Inc. 5000 as the #2654 Fastest Growing Private Company in the United States for 2019! Business Courier Forty Under 40 class of 2016This award recognizes forty young professionals in the Tri-State who have reached major milestones in their careers and also made significant contributions to the community.-2015 Inc. 5000 Award as the #2793 Fastest Growing Private Company in the USSupport the show (
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