ACT I ~ Australia's Own Ronnie Biggs ~

An episode of the Silent Waves podcast

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Raquel O’Brien is tormented by secrets.

She begins her journey of exposing her family’s shared past by first uncovering the forces that brought her parents, Elizabeth and Ralph, together.

When Elizabeth discovers her family are fugitives, Ralph’s character is put into question.

Trigger warning: sexual assault


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Beyond Blue

Call: 1300 22 4636

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ASRC - Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Call: 03 9326 6066


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Raquel O'Brien

Co-creator, Host, producer


Georgina Savage

Co-creator, executive producer, editor


Produced in partnership with Nearly


IAMMXO From Alt Music Group

Music production


Lloyd Richards & Charlie Vonarx

Sound design assistance


Stacy Gougoulis

Graphic design

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32 mins


Tuesday, July 3rd 2018