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In the Season 1 finale, Mallie & Dustin take a look at a movie filled with death, drugs, and destruction, and that's just in the first 15 minutes. It's the 1983 classic Scarface, directed by Brian De Palma. Hear our thoughts on the film as well
There have been some really incredible, inventive, and thought-provoking time travel films throughout cinema history. This one, not so much. But it is rife with pedophilia, drug abuse, and laughter at the expense of amputees - all made to seem
Probably the most polarizing film we've reviewed to date, 2013's Only God Forgives, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, has left a lot of people scratching their heads as to what exactly the film is about. We've got you covered, and we explain th
In another case of 'we really need a female perspective on our show for episodes like this', Dustin & Mallie look back at 2014's Gone Girl, directed by David Fincher, and try to find the brightside of (spoilers) your spouse faking their own dea
Mallie & Dustin dive deep into the depressing world of addiction with 2011's Shame, directed by Steve McQueen. And it gets weird. Sex isn't the only thing taboo about this movie. Hear what we have to say about it.Shame stars Michael Fassbender,
We're not above kicking a bad movie while it's down, and this week is no exception. Everyone and their mom has a podcast talking about the 2006 remake The Wicker Man, directed by Neil LaBute, but Dustin & Mallie try to play Devil's advocate and
For the very first time, Dustin and Mallie tackle a film that's still in theaters. Crazy, right?! While it may not be so apparent on the surface, 2016's La La Land, directed by Damien Chazelle, is certainly a qualifier for SLP.La La Land stars
It's a coke-fueled adrenaline thrill ride with an ensemble cast that'll make you want to jizz on a $12,000 calfskin jacket. This week Dustin & Mallie dive into the infinitely quotable 2006 film Smokin' Aces, directed by "Smokin'" Joe Carnahan.S
The sequel that dared to be darker also had a pretty downer ending that can often be overlooked by the sheer amount of twists and action that take place in the last act. But 1980's Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back, directed by Irv
We like to have a lot of fun on our show, but sometimes a movie just doesn't lend itself for a lot of joy; this is one of those cases, and it may be the most difficult challenge we've set up for ourselves so far. It's a chilling (fictitious) re
"In Bruges?! The Bahamas, maybe. Why [email protected]#ing Bruges?!" asks Colin Farrell as the character Ray. Mallie and Dustin will try to find out why, in fact, "[email protected]#$ing Bruges", in the 2008 film In Bruges, directed by Martin McDonagh.In Bruges stars Colin
An American Werewolf in London is a movie. John Landis directed it. Dustin & Mallie think it may be the prototype that started the horror-comedy, tongue in cheek genre all the way back in 1981. Tune in to hear our silver lining for this classic
Look, we're not really sure what this movie means either, but we have some ideas. Also, spoiler alert if you have arachnophobia. Tune in and hear what we have to say about 2013's Enemy, directed by Denis Villeneuve.Enemy stars Jake Gyllenhaal,
We're one day away from the 2016 presidential election, so what better way to celebrate America and her history then by talking about a skinhead led/racist fueled violent drama piece from 1998? It's American History X, directed by Tony Kaye.Ame
It's finally here! Wrapping up our October spooky spectacular 5 part series with a truly cult classic film that's polarized the fan base of an entire franchise. It's the outlier of the Halloween franchise: 1982's Halloween III: Season of the Wi
Doesn't get much darker than the (spoiler alert) literal end of the world. But Mallie & Dustin will do their best to find a silver lining by the end of 2012's The Cabin in the Woods, directed by Drew Goddard.The Cabin in the Woods stars Chris H
It's topped the list of "most [email protected]#ked up endings" for a lot of people, and from Dustin & Mallie, you'll get no argument. It's 2007's The Mist, directed by Frank Darabont, long time collaborator of the master of horror himself Stephen King.The Mi
"Because you were home" is probably the most "WTF?!" response to the question of why a horror movie happens to its victims. We're talking of course about 2008's The Strangers, directed by Bryan Bertino. It's part two of our five part horror fes
It's the first of our five part spooky extravaganza! Every Monday of the month of October we'll be reviewing a horror movie with an especially messed up ending. And today's episode is no exception. It's 2009's Drag Me to Hell, directed by Sam R
Oh, boy. This one is the whole reason why Mallie & Dustin started this show. It's one of the most grim movies they've reviewed so far. It's going to get really emotional, so strap in and get ready; it's 2010's Buried, directed by Rodrigo Cortés
Dustin & Mallie are shifting gears from prisons to pedophiles with this week's episode; it's 2005's Hard Candy, directed by David Slade, and it's not your typical cat and mouse kind of movie. In fact, the less you know about it up front, the be
Last week Dustin & Mallie posited the idea that it doesn't get much more downer than the end of the world, but this week, they may have gotten even darker with 2010's Dog Pound, directed by Kim Chapiron. It certainly has its upbeat and fun mome
Does it get much bleaker than the literal end of the world? Probably not, but Mallie & Dustin are still going to try and find a silver lining to 2003's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines anyway. Directed by Jonathan Mostow, the fact that the ne
The beautifully captured story of two people innocently falling in love only to fall apart in the most devastating way imaginable; who thought this okay to make into a movie?! Apparently director Derek Cianfrance did when he made 2010's Blue Va
Last week, Dustin & Mallie found the silver lining in one of the most depressing dramatic films ever. This time, they tried it with the complete opposite: an anti-action action movie. Tim Burton's "re-imainging" of Planet of the Apes (2001). An
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