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For the faithful listeners of this show, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been on hiatus for a while.   I started Singing an Octave Higher with the mission to help as many people become great singers as possible. As a part of that mission, I
Vowels are an exceptionally important tool when you’re singing. As a singer, I like to think of vowels as the spaces between consonants (like the “uh” in “Mum”). While you may not be thinking about these open spaces in words, they are incredibl
As a singing teacher, I see the effects of nerves (I call it “Singing Insecurity”) on singing all the time. Whether in a live performance at a sold-out show, or just singing during a voice lesson, singing insecurity affects all singers. The que
I believe that everyone, regardless of their age, should be able to enjoy the art of singing. Admittedly, I’m a little biased in believing that EVERYONE should take voice lessons, no matter their level, so I reached out to Alida Annicchiarico,
The future is NOW and technology is your friend! If you’ve ever considered taking lessons, but are skeptical about learning over Skype, watch my student’s progress in our first Skype lesson together. She’s takes lessons from Nairobi, Kenya.
Singing exercises are just one part of keeping your voice healthy and flexible. I’m often amazed at how simple things like exercise and hydration can make a huge difference. Here are the 3 daily activities you do to keep your voice sounding its
Unfortunately, our time together is brief. Even an hour lesson with some singers is barely enough. Many of my students ask how they can properly warm up before their lesson so they can use the time we DO have most efficiently. Here’s my best ad
You’re super psyched to be taking voice lessons! Your energy is great, you’ve set goals and we’ve begun to work on your voice in lessons. But if you feel like you’ve hit a wall physically and you’re not getting as much out of your practice as y
Many students struggle with memorizing lyrics to a new song they are learning. I’ve been in situations where I have only minutes to learn a new song and I’d like to share two simple tricks that will help you memorize lyrics twice as fast!
So you’ve gotten to the gig early for once but you realize that you forgot to warm up on the way over. Now you’re stuck at the club and the instruments haven’t even arrived yet. How do you warm up? I’ve got you covered.
There are many risks to singing when you’re sick and going to the Doctor early is the best way to avoid them. Here’s what you need to know about singing when you’re sick and some of the first treatments that a Doctor will probably use.
Students ask me all the time “Can anyone learn to sing?”. In most cases, the answer is yes. Barring medical conditions, many people with the proper instruction and technique can learn to sing well. But like we discussed last week, the journey t
Many first time-students ask me how long it takes to sing well. This is one of the age-old questions, because it is incredibly difficult to answer. One would think that it changes for every student. But is that true? Are some people more natura
Everything I do is designed to help the people around me become the best musicians they can be. As a voice teacher, I have students ask me all the time about how they can practice better. As it turns out, good practice is really a science. In t
Have you always wanted to tour but thought you had to be a superstar first? Listen to student Mike Storey share his latest experiences touring Europe and what he’s learned from his time on the road.
Have you ever wondered why some people seem to sing (or play golf, or write novels, or anything difficult) so effortlessly? It turns out that while everyone has different talents, there are also distinct ways in which every person’s brain works
If you are a developing singer, imitating other singers is a no-win game for you. While you may have learned a lot by singing Adele, John Legend and Sam Smith, ultimately your voice is your own and imitating others will probably only lead to vo
Recently I’ve noticed a ton of people asking about how to improve their speaking voice. From working with actors, singers, and even managing accents I’ve noticed how many people are dying to know how to improve their speaking voice. The majorit
Many students have a hard time choosing a song to work on during our time together. Because there are so many songs to choose from, here are my criteria for choosing a song that challenges you. The song must have a variety in melody. It doesn't
Octave Higher Podcast 10 Food and drink can affect the voice on two levels. One is at the vocal fold level, while the second affects the stomach and body as a whole. Food/Drink can affect the vocal folds very quickly and acutely, like smoking o
Octave Higher Podcast 9 Great performance is about sharing the special things that YOU love about a song with OTHERS. And it’s incredibly hard to share the songs you love in an authentic way unless you practice them an insane amount. Unfortunat
Octave Higher Podcast 8 Many of my students come to me with questions about beating nasality. Singing too nasal is a big concern for many professional singers. It CAN be easier to sing with nasality than without due to the higher amount of reso
Octave Higher Podcast 7 In a world where auto tune reigns supreme, there are a few people who are still working to improve their voice. But they need tools to take it to the next step. This video's for you.
Octave Higher Podcast 6 This week, I am truly honored to interview Kevin and Candace Collins of the local Austin funk/soul/blues band Kev Bev and the Woodland Creatures. In addition to being great students, Kevin and Candace are also the lead s
Octave Higher Podcast E5 Normally when you’re belting, you’re adding some strain to the voice in order to get a thicker fuller sound. Of course strain over time is harmful to the voice, so we should start to think about different ways to get th
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