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In the immortal words of the great Kenny Rogers:You've got to know when to hold 'emKnow when to fold 'emKnow when to walk awayAnd know when to runYou never count your moneyWhen you're sittin' at the tableThere'll be time enough for countin'When
No fanfare- It just keeps happening.I'm scared.And I'm tired.So glad it wasn't caught on video.I can't watch one more.Support this podcast at —
Operation Vulgar Betrayal was the codename the FBI hid behind while conducting surveillance in Bridgeview, Illinois, beginning in the 80s. The crime? Terrorism. The accused? The FBI.Please watch "The Feeling of Being Watched" a documentary b
Daniel Wilkey is a 26-year-old former deputy of the Hamilton County Sherriff's Department in Tennessee- FORMER because he's facing a litany of charges, including forced baptism!Music:Purple Planet MusicSummer In ParadiseLet me know your thought
No music, no call to action, just RAGE!!!This news is HUGE, if true- The worst kind of assault is being alleged against a private detention center. Major news outlets are reporting that DHS is investigating a detention center in Ocilla, GA, fo
In early 20th century France, two young sisters capture the attention of the entire country after participating in a heinous double murder.  Did the women suffer from undiagnosed mental illnesses or were they simply sick and tired of being sick
This week we discuss a case out of Australia. This is the first in a series of "Sinister Siblings"! Promo: State Of Fear PodcastSinister Saturdays:1pm- Planet MusicPalpitationsCheck out Af
Hey all!Just wanted to share an excerpt from my first Patreon exclusive episode. I'm breaking down "Don't F*ck With Cats" episode by episode. If you'd like to hear the full episode consider becoming a patron! Tiers start at $3, and there are o
Audio from Sinister Silhouettes LIVE 7/7!I discussed CONSPIRACIES- including the newest one to hit the web. The Wayfair Conspiracy!Join me LIVE on Saturdays at 1pm as I chat a range of topics that relate to true crime, conspiracy, and a sprink
Thanks to this week's sponsor: True Crime Podcast from Indie Drop-in!Check them out at the following link: me everywhere: a
This is the audio from the 6/27 episode of Sinister Silhouettes LIVE. Join me every Saturday at 1pm CST to discuss current true-crime stories and more. I'm on and become a Patro
I'm still on a break, but thought you all might be interested in hearing the audio from Sinister Silhouettes LIVE. I'm joined by Mark (who I mistakenly called Matt one million times) and Eileen from CrimeLapse Podcast. If you would like to watc
September 22, 2006, started like any other Friday at Pocatello High School.  Kids were scurrying to classes while making plans for the weekend.  Cassie Stoddart was at her locker when her friends Torrie Adamcik and Brian Draper showed up at her
As podcasters, we have a platform and duty to speak up and call out injustice. and amplify the voices of black podcasters that deserve more recognition. Racism is prevalent in all industries; the media who under-report on black victims to the j
We have discussed the problem ad nausea. Today is about offering solutions. We are at a crossroads- the public has overwhelmingly signaled that WE WANT CHANGE! The old system of racism and profiling is old news. It's one thing to desire equa
(Drunken Rant) What can we do while black? We can’t eat ice cream in our home, play video games IN OUR HOMES, drive, exercise, shop, buy skittles, listen to music, go to work- what the fuck is safe to do while black?  I’ve got a son, several ne
  It was November 18, 1993, in St. Ann, Missouri. Angie Housman was nine-years-old.  Like every day, she was excited to get home when she hopped off the bus after school.  She lived about 5 minutes from the bus stop.  Some days, she would run j
Well, today’s story is kind of similar to that feeling of familiarity with a rising star. Set in the 1960s, the journey begins at a time of civil unrest in the United States. The Black population, mostly descendants of slaves, continued to face
 Today I’m going to tell you about the weirdest story that Gary, IN has to offer.  This situation made international news and even had a documentary to cover the case.  To make things even more interesting, I knew the family this shocking story
Earl Van Best Jr. was 27 years old when he met Judy Chandler, 13  at the time. It was October 1961 and they were in front of an ice cream shop in San Francisco.  He became fixated on the teen, but Van Best knew he was far too old to be trying t
Jennifer Kocsis loved karaoke. Friends say she would go to sing it anywhere, anytime.On Saturday morning, not long after 1 a.m., she sang a duet with a longtime friend. It was Kenny Rogers, "Don't Fall in Love with a Dreamer."It was the last so
This week I would like to discuss True Crime stories that have been dominating the headlines. Most of us have opinions on these cases, but my goal today is to review what we KNOW so far. Just like every other case I break down, I will share my
Tidings and salutations, bibliophiles!  Welcome back to True Crime: By The Book.  I’m the Librarian, Tasha Pierce. Today we’re going to learn about presa canarios, cults of personality, and unfortunately, murder.  Before I get into Red Zone by
Oxygen released a full length documentary that explores the child sexual abuse accusations that are plaguing the Jehovah’s Witness organization. I have been following the allegations for a number of years, so this is hardly a new issue, but it
Throughout the series, we hear excerpts from conversations that disgraced NFL start Aaron Hernandez had with the people closest to him.  Of course, being a guest of any prison comes with a total lack of privacy. The calls in and out are record
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