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A columnist for the L.A. Times wrote last week about the distress of responding to neighbors who volunteered to plow the snow from her driveway because they’re “Trumpites.” We are to show kindness because Christ died for us while we were still sinners. 5) House Democrats ignore Constitution with impeachment proceedings; 4) Examples of irrational hatred for Christ and Christians; 3) Bitcoin surges as Tesla (and maybe Apple) invests billions into cryptocurrency; 2) Hacker tries to poison Florida town’s water supply; 1) Tampa Bay linebackers thank God for Super Bowl victory.
TIME published an important article last week titled “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election” that reveals more than the magazine probably intended. 5) TIME article reveals coordinated effort behind the scenes to influence outcome of presidential election; 4) Sen. Leahy to serve as judge and juror in impeachment trial; 3) Greta Thunberg tweets link to “toolkit” to support farmer’s protest in India, prompts police investigation; 2) Facebook cuts deal to essentially prop up corporate media in UK; 1) Happy cows in Dorset treated to “herd rock” concert.
5) Tonight’s presidential debate features new rule, mute buttons; 4) Saga of Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop takes dark turn; 3) National media shows literally no interest in new Center for Countering Human Trafficking; 2) Department of Justice files antitrust lawsuit against Google; 1) Rapper 50 Cent endorses Trump because Biden’s tax plan would turn him into 20 Cent.
President Biden is withholding $150 million in aid to Ukraine approved by Congress until Kiev makes reforms Biden wants. This is exactly what President Trump was wrongly accused of that led to his first impeachment. 5) Ukraine backs down from confrontation with Russia over Donbass; 4) Texas, Missouri sue White House to reinstate “Remain in Mexico” policy for migrants seeking asylum; 3) NCAA announces it will not host championships in states that ban men from competing as women; 2) More Navy ships buzzed by UAPs (UFOs); 1) Ewe head-butts “drone dog” trying to shepherd her lambs.
A lawsuit filed by Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) may prove to be an unexpected boon to Donald Trump, giving him a chance to claim vindication in court just in time for the 2024 presidential campaign. 5) There may be more illegal border crossings from Mexico this year than in the last three years combined; 4) Eric Swalwell unintentionally gives Trump his day in court; 3) Queen Elizabeth’s shrewd response to Meghan and Harry’s charges of royal racism; 2) Scientists detect massive space hurricane over North Pole; 1) Researchers fool AI with Sharpie and Post-it Note.
Pope Francis will hold an inter-religion prayer service next week with Muslims, Yazidis, Mandaean-Sabaean, and other Iraqi religious minorities at the Great Ziggurat of Ur—a temple to the ancient moon-god of Sumer, Nanna. 5) SCOTUS punts on American election integrity; 4) Congress prepares to print another couple of trillion; 3) Canada declares China’s treatment of Uighurs a genocide over PM Trudeau’s objection; 2) New website offers interactive map for parents and students to track which universities teach Critical Race Theory; 1) Pope to host inter-religion prayer gathering at temple of moon-god in Ur.Pope Francis will hold an inter-religion prayer service next week with Muslims, Yazidis, Mandaean-Sabaean, and other Iraqi religious minorities at the Great Ziggurat of Ur—a temple to the ancient moon-god of Sumer, Nanna.  
5) Declassified FBI spreadsheet reveals Steele dossier was media reports on FBI reports on media reports; 4) Portland rioters topple statues of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt; 3) Turkey warns Russia that Armenia must leave occupied Azerbaijan territory; 2) New Orleans archbishop has altar burned after “demonic” sex act by priest and two dominatrices; 1) More mask hypocrisy from the left.
5) Hurricane Delta on track to hit Gulf Coast Friday afternoon; 4) President Trump authorizes declassification of Russiagate docs; 3) New security system scans face for mask before allowing entry; 2) Church of England “forgave” hundreds of pedophiles over more than 75 years, allowed them to continue working with children; 1) Social justice warriors condemning “white people” for excavating 26th Dynasty mummies fail to notice that archaeologists are Egyptian.
An important study by researchers at the Salk Institute published last Friday is a reminder that we don’t know as much about SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, and the experimental vaccines as we’ve been told. 5) New Salk Institute discovery leads to questions about COVID vaccines; 4) Biden pushes $6 trillion spending plan as record 34% of household income in US comes from government; 3) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fails in fourth attempt to form government; 2) Government UFO report may highlight huge intelligence failing; 1) America has become a silly nation.
Innovation in science and technology isn’t evil, but it’s a powerful lure that draws humanity back to the false promise of the serpent in Eden: Ye shall be as gods. Join us in Israel this fall! For details on the 2021 SkyWatchTV Israel Tour, visit
Prayer could become illegal under a new law under consideration in the UK that would ban “conversion therapy.” 5) Benjamin Netanyahu returns mandate to form government to Israel’s President Rivlin; 4) Biden pushing $6 trillion spending plan; 3) NASA runs simulation of massive asteroid strike, finds there is no way to prevent it with current technology; 2) UK lawmakers debate legislation to outlaw “conversion therapy”; 1) University of Texas to create alternate marching band for students who refuse to play “The Eyes of Texas.”
Researchers at the Salk Institute published new research Friday that confirms COVID-19 is a vascular disease, attacking the circulatory system, and that the spike protein on the virus plays a a key role in causing illness. 5) New Salk Institute discovery leads to questions about COVID vaccines; 4) Political fight over Critical Race Theory in schools; 3) States debate allowing students to compete in athletics according to self-declared gender identity; 2) Prominent Jerusalem rabbi critical of Lag B’omer celebrations at Mount Meron; 1) Study finds 20% of EV owners in California switch back to gas.
Dr. Michael Heiser returns for a fourth and final day and offers an AMAZING revelation about a mysterious woman called 'Wisdom' who turns up both in the Bible and in the Book of Enoch! Who is she and WHAT IS SHE DOING!? FREE! THE HARDBACK BOOK OF ENOCH PLUS MORE FREE MERCHANDISE WITH THE NEW BOOK HERE!
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Monday that he’s willing to let Naftali Bennett of the Yamina party take the first turn in a power-sharing arrangement, but it’s not certain that Bennett is ready to agree. 5) Biden’s Secretary of State tells CBS that “withdrawing troops” from Afghanistan doesn’t mean we’re leaving; 4) Netanyahu willing to share power to avoid fifth election; 3) Government UFO report may highlight huge intelligence failing; 2) Member of Finland’s parliament faces six years in prison for sharing Christian views on marriage and sexuality; 1) Woke backlash over Snow White ride at Disneyland.
A record 34% of household income in the US is now in the form of transfer payments from the government such as welfare and food aid. The combination of a devalued dollar and crushing debt will destroy the middle class. 5) France to prosecute retired generals who signed open letter warning of civil war over Islamification of France; 4) Record 34% of household income in US now comes from government; 3) Food prices begin to surge; 2) Dozens killed in tragedy at religious festival in Israel; 1) Menthol cigarettes are racist.
Research for other projects leads us into unexpected territory this week--imposters who may masquerade as the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11. We explore the strange connections between St. George, the patron saint of England, and mythical/supernatural characters “Green George,” the Green Man, Osiris, Kronos, and al-Khidr (or al-Khadir), a revered figure in Islam who is sometimes equated with the prophet Elijah, who we believe will be one of the two witnesses of Revelation 11. Join us in Israel this fall! For details on the 2021 SkyWatchTV Israel Tour, visit
Students at UCLA claimed during a recent debate on Critical Race Theory that automatic soap dispensers are racist because they force users to display their palms—the lightest colored part of their skin. (The dispensers “see” users with infrared, not optical, sensors.) 5) Biden’s “Build Back Better” a radical agenda to remake America; 4) Plans to add states, Supreme Court justices designed to cement Democrats as the only party with power; 3) Persian Gulf incidents highlight growing tensions; 2) Open letter from retired French generals indicates rise of nationalism across Europe; 1) Critical Race Theory finally facing challenges in court.
What started as a review of the biggest changes in science and tech over the last decade morphed into a discussion of how mobile tech, artificial intelligence, and gene editing could lead to the fulfillment of end times prophecy. Join us in Israel this fall! For details on the 2021 SkyWatchTV Israel Tour, visit
President Biden rolled out his $1.8 trillion expansion of the American “social safety net” Wednesday night, but Democrats in high-tax states want Biden to repeal Trump’s State And Local Tax (SALT) deduction cap, which mainly benefits households earning more than $500,000 a year. 5) Biden announces second part of his “Build Back Better” plan; 4) Abbas vows to delay elections until Jerusalem Arabs can vote—but he’s really worried about Hamas; 3) Parents in Texas’ top school district rebel against racist “anti-racist” program; 2) Google testing new method for tracking you across the web; 1) Toronto soccer team training in Florida surprised by uninvited guest with scales and four legs.
A group of retired generals in France have called for a military takeover if French President Emanuel Macron doesn’t stop the “disintegration” of the country by Islamists. 5) Restaurants struggle to hire staff because of generous unemployment benefits; 4) 500 “scientists of concern” being watched by NIH over ties to China; 3) Retired French generals warn of civil war if Islamists are allowed to continue “disintegrating” the country; 2) Several incidents Tuesday in Persian Gulf between Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel and U.S.; 1) Democrats blame Trump for loss of congressional seats after 2020 census.
Did you know that the disciples of Jesus and the writers of the New Testament honored the Book of Enoch and even expected Jesus to fulfill what was written in this ancient work? AND THEN HE DID! FREE! THE HARDBACK BOOK OF ENOCH PLUS MORE FREE MERCHANDISE WITH THE NEW BOOK HERE! Dr. Michael Heiser's highly anticipated VOLUME TWO of "A Companion to the Book of Enoch: A Reader’s Commentary is finally available to help students of the Bible understand and appreciate this important and influential ancient book. The first volume covered 1 Enoch 1-36, the Book of the Watchers. This second volume explores 1 Enoch 37-71, the Book of the Parables of Enoch.
Joe Biden’s emissions targets to fight climate change would mean shutting down 11 fossil-fuel power plants a month for the next 14 years. And John Kerry wants to remove carbon dioxide—plant food—from the air. 5) Shadowy company takes control of huge chunk of Internet; 4) Biden’s climate goals would limit you to one burger per month; 3) Liberal journalist rips media for spreading lie about death of Capitol Police officer; 2) Australian researchers create “model” human embryos; 1) Virginia to eliminate advanced math classes in the name of “equity.”
Dr. Thomas Horn describes what is happening at the Vatican and among its top theologians in preparation of so-called DISCLOSURE and a coming great deception!
A bill to make “Washington Douglass Commonwealth” the 51st state passed the House last week and goes to the Senate. If passed, this would add another representative and two more senators—presumably Democrats—to Congress. 5) DC statehood bill passes house, packing Supreme Court next; 4) Biden administration rolls back Trump restrictions on research with aborted fetal tissue; 3) 100 injured in Jerusalem riots; 2) New app allows occultists develop sigils on the web; 1) Chicago police may soon have to get supervisor permission to chase suspects on foot.
This week, we explain why we think Moses and Elijah are the prophesied Two Witnesses of Revelation 11. We dig a little deeper into the Balaam Inscription that we discussed last week, and we highlight the connections between the Plains of Moab, Mount Hermon, and ancient Sodom, along with a prophecy from the Book of Malachi, that point to Elijah and Moses as the two dynamic prophets of the end times. Join us in Israel this fall! For details on the 2021 SkyWatchTV Israel Tour, visit
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