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After 25 years of insomnia I can now fall asleep and sleep through the night thanks to Sleep With Me.
Best podcast ever.......I can't wait to get to bed & listen to the creaky dulcet tones. Have been recommending to all my family.
The first 2 episodes I listened to I was thinking, "Whaaaa?" and heard the story until the end. The 3rd episode I fell asleep, missing most of the story. This just brought me back for more. I have had trouble sleeping for 2 decades, and this podcast has worked for me! I think if you fall asleep to his voice once, you are more likely to do it again, and again, and again.
I have trouble sleeping - stress & physical pain from a back injury - Sleep with Me is helps me fall asleep, and stay asleep. The stories are just interesting enough that you are entertained, but boring enough that you are gently guided to a slumber. Since finding the show I have slept better and longer at night. Highly recommended to become a Patreon, the show's value is worth it!
This podcast is significant for its unique method and effectiveness as a master storyteller lets us drift into sleep.
Absolutely adore this podcast. It has helped with my insomnia so much!! Total life-changer!
The Sleep With Me Podcast by Dearest Scooter is great, relaxing, distracting fun! You turn it on, Scoots begins to ramble and charm...then a fun story kicks in and you start to follow along- but only for a while. Then you....are.....out....ZZZzzzzzz. It's the BEST!!!
I have a circadian rhythm disorder and suffer from sleep-related trauma due to a home invasion. I lluve alone, so it can be hard to feel safe enough to fall asleep when I'm lying there listening to evry sound in the dark. This podcast has been a vital part of my strategy to reclaim my peace at night. I imagine Scooter as a funny, kind uncle by my bedside. His approach takes the pressure off when I'm worried about not falling asleep, because he always says he'll just be there telling a story and I can listen or not. His stories are just entertaining enough to take my mind off of my fears, but just meandering enough to ease my mind into the randomness of dreams. In fact. I keep the podcast on all night long, so that he's there to lull me back to sleep if I wake up during the night. He's a t...
I love this podcast -- it helps me to feel at ease before bed and I fall right asleep! I feel like someone is there for me when I listen to these episodes.
I have found no better cure for insomnia than the SWM podcast - it is better than meditation, medication, etc. The podcast works because of the extraordinary amount of effort that Drew puts into it - it is full of kindness and humor, and truly creates a safe space for sleep and self-care. His active imagination and expansive vocabulary allow him to hit the "sweet spot" - entertaining enough to distract your monkey brain but not exciting enough to keep you awake. Plus, the podcast comes with a supportive and hilarious Facebook community. I cannot overstate my gratitude for this podcast, and gladly contribute to it through Patreon.
Absolutely love the 'on location' podcasts. This one was so engrossing it almost kept me awake...but not quite. I have listened many times to get the whole story
I listen to this podcast every night, but this particular episode is my favorite. I’ve fallen asleep to it 10+ times! I love the way that Scoots talks to the insects with such respect and gives them such awesome names. The highlight is when he throws out the badass name of DJ Echo Bass. I love it!! If you want to single out one episode that truly showcases what the Sleep With Me podcast is all about, THIS is it.
I listen to this podcast a lot to help me fall asleep. It works very well, but I can only use certain episodes. The ones that have too much story and too many voices don't work. My faves are the TNG episodes and the rambling stories Scooter tells about his life. Keep it up, Scooter!
For me, the steady drone of a voice is surprisingly calming while providing a buffer for ambient noises that would otherwise disturb my sleep. The sly, quiet humor is always welcome as well.
Refreshing lives, night after night.
Best thing that happening to my sleep routine in years
Gets me to sleep every single night.
Even though it hardly seems possible that a mere podcast can help you with your perhaps longstanding sleep woes, the ever-charming Sleep With Me actually has helped folks of all stripes make it through the "deep dark night." Well worth giving a try for a few nights, and to all a good night!
I've been using this podcast for over a year now to help me fall asleep. The stories help my mind settle down so I can drift off. At this point, my mind associates Drews voice with sleep and I barely make it through the intro - that's a wonderful thing!!!
Puts me to sleep every time I listen! Fantastic!
This show has helped me so much in getting to sleep. I would toss and turn for hours, or wake up in the middle of the night and be unable to get back to sleep. This has changed my life. If you have trouble falling to sleep too, this is highly recommended.