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SMACtalk 44: Smart Cars = Smart Investment? #TeslaModel3

Released Friday, 13th May 2016
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In This Episode
On the day of the Tesla Model 3 “launch” Brian and Daniel sat down and discussed the pros and cons of owning a smart car. Just one week later Tesla reported that reservations for the Model 3 totalled over 325,000, which corresponds to about $14 billion in implied future sales, making it the single biggest one-week launch of any product ever. Are all the people who stood in line and threw 20% down for a car that won’t be available for 18 months (or longer) crazy? Or super smart?
People today are willing to buy something sight unseen. Perhaps a generality but we do it all the time when we buy something from Amazon or eBay. Are we so accepting of this behavior that trust now extends to vehicles and other high dollar items? Early in the conversation, Daniel points out that the fact people are willing to put money down in advance on a $30K car in mixed economic times is a phenomenon. Talk about F.O.M.O.!
What Does the Future Hold for the Connected Car?
Will GMC, Honda, and other car makers be just as technology enabled as Tesla? Will the connected car become more universal? Daniel shares examples from Audi and BMW to highlight that other car makers are including more connected features in their latest models. He ends his thought by asking does the general public want or need a connected car? A car reading emails out loud is not for everyone.

In closing, Tesla has made simplicity extravagant. Giving people what they want and none of the excess packaged in a sleek exterior.  Similar to some of your favorite apps - disruption is the theme. Connected car, smart car, what will the next cool vehicle be dubbed?
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