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When traveling the world turns out to be a journey to yourself and empowers to create the life you want to live.

Released Sunday, 28th June 2020
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For the last episode of the this season I thought I wanted to share a story of a dream which is probably considered THE DREAM, like quitting all what is known as normal and starting a new adventure traveling the world. But instead, what I found was even more inspiring.

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Let's open a window to the real jungle in Thailand (Sri Thanu on Koh Phangan. Thailand).
Let's start a Small Talks at midnight with Rachel Thiel, a multidisciplinary designer, traveling the world slowly as a digital nomad.
Rachel will tell us her story, a journey in the journey and her difficulties to transition into the change.
She spent the last 2 years in doing inner work and self development, learning how to feel the things and connecting deeply with the people she met. She also learned that being vulnerable and showing the real you is so rewarding.

What’s blocking us, what’s holding us back?
How much are we ready for deeper conversation? How do we connect with people and how much are we ready to show our vulnerability?
And, what’s make home a home?
And now, time to say goodbye.
What a journey so far!
Here all my contacts also if you have a story to share:

Rachel Thiel is a multidiciplinary designer helping people to set up their brand exactly the way they want their services and products to be perceived to leverage their business and on the other hand she is also creating style concepts for spaces, like cafés and restaurants, CoWorking Spaces or as well events.

Rachel was mentioning ‘Humans (all parts)’ as an amazing documentary about mankind and the big questions in life:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdb4XGVTHkE

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