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#44 Simon Donald Part 2 "Serial Killers Aren’t Funny"

Released Friday, 1st April 2016
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Welcome to Part 2 of Simon Donald. Hope you enjoyed Part 1, Satiscraptory.

I started asking him about the writing process to meet the 8 week deadline of The Viz, his new drinking buddy from Monty Python. & Also the touching & real discussion of his illness.
Buy his new book ‘Him off the Viz’ – worth a read!

Today I interviewed Griff Rhys-Jones, or neighbour Griff to I. That was great. So kind, so insightful and quite raw discussing the passing of Mel Smith, his comedy partner of 16 years.

Email [email protected] for questions for Jon Culshaw, the bad boy impressionist that I watched intently as a child.
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Today, 31st March 2016 has been a dark sad day for the world of comedy. The truly great in every sense of the word, the remarkable genius Ronnie Corbett passed, aged 85. Ronnie from the other half The 2 Ronnie’s et al, forged an incredible comedy career spanning decades which only few comedy Gods get to live. His comedy work is paramount and in the elite section. Legend does not come close to his inspired comedy talent. If you are foolish enough to ask who Ronnie Corbett is then either learn up or give up.
On hearing the news, I called up comedian friend Paul Gannon, a frequent guest on this podcast, and he simply answered “Ronnie”. I said “Yeah! Ronnie’s dead”. Paul was in shock like I was.
Much will and can be said by better wordsmith’s than I, and I am sure you will get to digest a lot of this man. When comedians say ‘The Comedy God’s’ are looking over us, there will be Ronnie chuckling to himself, readjusting his massive glasses and looking over to Ronnie Barker with glee.

Love and respect you so much. I wish I could of shaken your hand upon meeting you and thanking you.

Mr Ronnie Corbett, Rest in Peace and I hope they never stop re-showing your material every Christmas.
I shall now play one of the many famous sketches which really shows the power of The Two Ronnie's especially Ronnie Corbett, himself. The Mastermind Sketch.

Rest in Peace…."Producer".