Twitter Marketing: Creative Ways to Connect With Your Audience

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Wondering how Twitter engagement can help your business? Looking for tips on sharing authentic tweets and conversations with prospects?

To explore creative ways to interact with your Twitter fans, I interview Dan Knowlton.
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The Social Media Marketing podcast is designed to help busy marketers, business owners, and creators discover what works with social media marketing.

In this episode, I interview Dan Knowlton, a creative marketer, speaker, and trainer. He co-founded KPS Digital Marketing, an agency that specializes in social and video marketing.

Dan explains why he stopped using Twitter automation tools and how other tools help marketers engage with fans more effectively.

You'll also discover tips for starting conversations and building relationships on Twitter.

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Here are some of the things you'll discover in this show:
Twitter Marketing
Dan's Story
About 5 years ago, Dan became interested in marketing while studying business management and marketing at the University of Brighton in the UK. However, he didn't take any of the digital or social media marketing classes. His coursework and early work experience focused on traditional marketing.

After graduation, Dan worked for a big company in London as part of a program for new graduates. The company trained him to run a branch as if it were his own business so he learned about sales, customer service, managing a team, team building, communication, and so on. However, the job was like running a business without the perks of running your own business, so he quit.

Dan moved back in with his parents, and then traveled around Thailand and pursued his interest in online marketing. He began by learning about the topic from sources like Social Media Examiner, Content Marketing Institute, and Digital Marketer. After following a tutorial by Matthew Barby about growing a social media following, Dan was excited to see his Twitter following grow.

Dan continued to get good results for himself and his dad's company, so he set up a digital marketing agency with his dad and his brother. They wanted to help bigger companies with their online marketing, too. They now work with global brands running creative campaigns with video content and social media marketing, and the agency is growing.

Listen to the show to hear Dan share more about his early success growing a social media following.
Advantages of Twitter Marketing
To understand the benefits of Twitter marketing, marketers should think about the ways in which Twitter is the go-to platform and how their marketing can fulfill the needs of people who use it.

For starters, Twitter is a place to discuss live events. With the event hashtag, you don't even need to attend the event to join the conversation. People also go to Twitter to learn about breaking news.

Twitter is unique because you can follow or have conversations with high-profile people and celebrities. Compared to LinkedIn or Facebook, Twitter makes high-profile people seem accessible. People who would never answer your email might respond to you on Twitter because they're in a different mindset when they use Twitter.

Marketers can use the conversational nature of Twitter for customer service and networking. To illustrate, Buffer and Mailchimp use Twitter to provide empathetic customer service and instant solutions to people's problems. Tweets can provide much better service than a voicemail menu or a website form, and simultaneously show how supportive your business is.

For online networking, Twitter chats are the perfect place to meet and engage with people online. Twitter is also a great place to continue conversations and build relationships that begin at online events.

When you look at all of the ways Twitter can help marketers, you can see it's the perfect platform for middle-of-funnel acti...