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Social Selling Made Simple

A weekly Business podcast featuring Marki Lemons-Rhyal
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As real estate professionals who spend A LOT of time having conversations and building relationships, there’s no way we can remember all the details we accumulate without a little extra help. So is there a simple way to keep track of everyone w
As an independent broker operating in a market dominated by the Zillows of the world, it can feel like we’re going to be driven out of business at any second. The truth is, we can still own a slice of the market without the big budgets of well-
Now more than ever, our jobs require us to be on camera and present ourselves in the virtual world.    If you’re going to have your camera on, then you better be strategic about how you’re showing up - no resting b**** face, and no disorderly b
As real estate agents using social media to expand our reach, we’re basically choosing to be public figures, and as our profiles rise, we might have to shift our expectation of privacy.    We are our own broadcasters in the name of real estate,
Contrary to popular belief, TikTok isn’t just a platform for dance videos and funny hacks - it’s a massive marketing vehicle, with personality, familiarity, and relatability baked into it. It’s the perfect marketing channel for Realtors!   We k
The path to inaction is paved in excuses and procrastination. If we want to achieve anything in our lives, we only have to decide between making progress and continuing to make excuses. How do you choose the path that leads to your dreams?   We
Uber, Tesla, and Canva are successful businesses with one thing in common - they all run referral programs, and grow their customer base through the people that already do business with them.    Real estate agents, on the other hand, have a ton
In today’s listing scarce market, real estate investors hold the key to more property, more deals, and more income. Surprisingly, very few agents ever engage with investors. Most of us treat them as competitors, instead of allies in a challengi
The faith of a mustard seed, the mentality of a dope fiend, a solid plan to hit the ground running - this is how we combat the fear that makes us question our capabilities.    Fear will always be present in the entrepreneurial journey, but we c
In a distressed market, the agents who do well center their marketing on being a helpful resource and an ally during hard times. The only challenge is, the markers of a distressed property market are unlike anything we’ve seen before, so we mig
The status quo in real estate dictates that agents get leads, and LOs have to ask, compete, and cold call for that business - but what if you could flip that and create the ultimate win-win by partnering up?    Agents and LOs are perfectly posi
Whether we’re in real estate, education, or any other industry - our ability to succeed is directly connected to the tools we have, and the practices we put in place.    Journaling is one of the more powerful practices that allow us to reflect,
How are agents and investors generating thousands of motivated seller leads in a low inventory market, without direct mail or cold calling? Now more than ever, the focus of our seller lead generation needs to be quality over quantity, especiall
Are we in a low inventory market where it’s impossible to get listings, or are we just in a market that requires a different approach?    Agents who are complaining about a lack of inventory in the market are buying into a false perception and
In a rapidly evolving marketplace, agents who define themselves by their job title, and not by value risk getting left in the dust. Seeing the market through the lens of a traditional transaction will make us irrelevant, fast.    To stay ahead,
Many real estate agents believe that they have to be open 24/7 in order to be successful in our profession.    They’ve bought into the lie that building a competitive business requires agents to give up all their time. This doesn’t have to be t
Entrepreneurship comes with crushing lows that can wreak havoc on our mindset and destroy our momentum - if we let them.    The hardest moments of this journey are the failures, but those challenges can be the greatest teachers, not just for ou
Successful marketers don’t have to tell us what they’re doing. The results they get in business are evidence of a foundation of value, systems and intention.    In real estate, it’s so easy to get bogged down by distractions, inefficiency and a
Real estate teams are a powerful vehicle for growth and success, but they still remain heavily misunderstood and underutilized by agents who desperately need the structure and freedom they provide.    In order to build a team, it’s critical tha
To build a valuable and successful real estate business, we have to put key pieces in place in our lives and take deliberate actions every day.   We can either build a business that burns us out or gives us freedom and allows us to earn the mos
If you want to succeed in real estate and build a sustainable business, you need to have a powerful marketing system. We need a repeatable and scalable process that helps us generate leads.    We’re in the real estate business and whether we wa
Sales and networking require us to effectively communicate with strangers. In those situations, many agents struggle to separate themselves from the crowd, and fall into the trap of simply being seen as a commodity.    We all have things that m
One of the most important marketing fundamentals we need to make a reality in our own lives and businesses is finding and dominating a niche. When we create our own lane, we’re able to have a clearer message, stand out more, understand our clie
When it comes to marketing, we’re often so focused on the individual aspects that we overlook how all the pieces fit together to create a memorable customer experience.    By focusing on the whole customer experience, we can create joy, build l
If we want to be more effective at marketing and social selling, we have to get better at leveraging the devices in the palms of our hands. We have to approach everything we do from the angle of finding solutions. Every pain point in our busine
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